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Podcast: Self-Care for Your Mental Health

 Self-care is important for everyone, but our hosts feel it is extra important for people managing mental illnesses and other mental health issues. It stands to reason that, if you don’t take care of yourself, then the symptoms of an illness will have an easier time making our lives miserable. In this episode, our hosts discuss what self-care is, what self-care isn’t, and what they personally do to care for themselves. Listen now!   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “Would it be self-c...
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REVIEW: Kit Kat Cones

What are Kit Kat Cones? Entering into the frozen treat category just in time for the warmer weather, these Kit Kat-themed Drumsticks offer vanilla frozen dairy dessert with a chocolatey coating and a fudge core placed atop a crispy sugar cone. How are they? Despite being as enjoyable as any other Drumstick flavor, I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by these. Although each component was good and made a tasty dessert when combined, none were able to capture the experience of eating ...
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How Artists Can Drive Brand Partnerships

With such a high volume of new music constantly being released, artists and their music have a difficult time breaking through and getting traction among listeners. That said, the upheaval and transformation of the traditional music industry has given the scrappy do-it-yourselfers a chance to succeed with the help of brand partnerships. ________________________ Guest post by Maxwell Zotz, director of brand partnerships and artists relations, MAX With upward of seven million new tr...
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QUICK REVIEW: Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Strawberry Maple (Japan)

What is Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Strawberry Maple? While in Tokyo recently, I made a stop at the Kit Kat Chocolatory store & café and brought home some goodies. Kit Kat, the king of novelty-flavored candy bars, has rolled out a Strawberry Maple variety for their Chocolatory retail outlets in Japan. How is it? These Kit Kats have a strong, pleasant, but artificial, strawberry aroma. Like a bowl of Frankenberry doused in Strawberry Quik. No trace of maple yet. Strawberry was definitely ...
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QUICK REVIEW: Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Butter (Japan)

What is Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Butter? While in Tokyo recently, I made a stop at the Kit Kat Chocolatory store & café and brought home some goodies. Now, there’s always one errant flavor in the group that everyone raises an eyebrow at and this is it: butter. I’ll let the Google translation of the text inside the box describe them: “I kneaded butter powder between the layers of the wafers, making full use of the sweetness of chocolate, I finished it tastefully to feel the richness of bu...
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CPG Roundup: Coke x Uber, Pillsbury, Kellogg’s, Chobani, Pringle’s and Kit Kat

Welcome to brandchannel’s first CPG Roundup, a recurring column that will highlight news, developments and trends in the marketing and advertising of foods, beverages, health and beauty products and the range of packaged goods. In today’s edition, we look at a Yule-themed advertising mashup between Coca-Cola and Uber, Pillsbury’s reach efforts around Christmas, Philadelphia’s clever double-dipping campaign, Chobani’s new yogurts for kids, Super Bowl advertising news, Kellogg’s potential big new...
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QUICK REVIEW: Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby (Japan)

What is the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby? While in Tokyo recently, I made a stop at the Kit Kat Chocolatory store & café and brought home some goodies. Ruby Kit Kats are a new type of chocolate made from unfermented cocoa beans (regular chocolate is fermented). There’s no coloring added, so the dusty mauve tint is the natural shade of the cocoa beans. How is it? Ruby Kit Kats smell like white chocolate and taste like a blueberry or blackberry-flavored white chocolate. There’s a promine...
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A Week In New York City On A $75,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Calling all entrepreneurs: We want to hear from you! If you’re a freelancer or self-employed, we’d love to feature your Money Diary. Submit here.Today: an associate manager working in live entertainment who makes $75,000 per year and spends some of her money...
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Happy Halloween! Why Does Kit Kat have Japanese Sign Language on its wrappers?

One of my students showed me a photo of a special Halloween Japanese Kit Kat candy bar with spooky characters doing Japanese Sign Language (JSL) on the wrapper. What? Why? What's going on? So I had to investigate (and buy some of those Kit Kats...) Kit Kat is popular in Japan because of its many (glocalized) flavors: Green Tea Flavor, Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Vinegar, Sweet Potato, Wasabi, Sakura, Choco Banana to name a few. For more of this see the recent "In Japan, the Kit Kat Isn’t Just...
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QUICK REVIEW: Kit Kat Snack Mix

What is the Kit Kat Snack Mix? The latest in the lineup of snack mixes from The Hershey Company; the Kit Kit Snack Mix contains pretzel balls, chocolate wafer bites, honey roasted almonds and of course, Kit Kat minis. How is it? Quite tasty! I’ve tried just about all the snack mixes in the Hershey’s family, including M&M’s, Reese’s, Almond Joy, and regular Hershey’s (and there’s also a Take 5 version). Those all contain plain peanuts or plain almonds, but this one features honey roasted al...
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08.04.2018Today was our return journey to Mumbai. Our flight was Malaysian Airlines. Osaka to Malaysia and Malissia to Mumbai. The bus dropped us at Osaka Airport. We did lot of shopping. Shopping was of Kit Kat various flavors and Sake. Then at Malays
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Kit-Kat Filler

The chocolate between the wafers of a Kit-Kat bar isn’t the same chocolate used on the exterior of the bars—it’s made from mashed up Kit-Kat bars that failed their quality checks because of exterior air bubbles, off-center wafers, other imperfections, or simply not being shiny enough.
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European Union: The (Kit)Kat Is Out Of The Bag: CJEU Issues Its Anticipated Ruling In Long-Running Trade Mark Saga - Dehns

After a number of setbacks (not least in the United Kingdom) in its ambition to hold a valid EU trade mark registration for the shape of its four-finger Kit Kat chocolate ba
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Inside the Fight to Trademark Candy Shapes in America

We’ll never know precisely who discovered either chocolate or geometry. When it comes to putting them together, however, the titans of Big Candy have been squabbling over the rights to specific shapes for decades. The shape wars were on prime display in July when Nestlé lost its latest appeal in the European Union to restore…
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Kit Kat case: The food and drinks with trademarked shapes

Kit Kat was unsuccessful in trademarking its shape, but other cases have had happier endings.
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Kit Kat case: No break for Nestlé in trademark row

After a 16-year saga, Europe tells Nestlé that it cannot own the design of four-finger bars.
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South Africa: Chocolate Bar Brawls - ENSafrica

Over the past few years, we've reported on a number of legal battles involving chocolate bars such as Kit Kat and Toblerone.
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Deceptively Simple and Beautiful New Print Ads for Nestle's KitKat

Today's world is fast. How we live, how we work, how we play and consume time is fast, and it is busy.But thanks to KitKat no matter how fast the world around us might be, we can always make time to stop, and take a break every now and again. The campaign captures an individual’s moment, managing to take a break even within the speeding timeline of everyday occurrences.Different situations, varied walks of life, a diverse pool of people within the deceptively simple executions, mean the audience...
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Today's world is fast. How we live, how we work, how we play and consume time is fast, and it is busy.But thanks to KitKat no matter how fast the world around us might be, we can always make time to stop, and take a break every now and again. The campaign captures an individual’s moment, managing to take a break even within the speeding timeline of everyday occurrences.Different situations, varied walks of life, a diverse pool of people within the deceptively simple executions, mean the audience...
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Kit Kat gives delayed passengers a free break

No one enjoys having a delayed flight. It straight up stinks. But what doesn't stink is when Kit Kat set ups a vending machine that gives out free candy to help sweeten the otherwise annoying experience. Activated in Sao Paolo, all consumers had to do was scan their boarding pass with the machine's scanner and if their flight's status was delayed, they were rewarded with a tasty break. [Author: a_blodder]
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Good Translation/Bad Translation

-Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash Name Development When you finally identify a name for your business, product or service, you must conduct proper due diligence to ensure that you have a legal right to use the name. Trademark searches are mandatory and I’d strongly recommend talking to a great trademark attorney. A little upfront time and money can save you a ton of heartache and cash at a later point (if, for example, the name you decide to use is challenged by someone who is already using a sim...
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REVIEW: Hershey’s Flavor of California Chocolate Covered Strawberry Kit Kat

When I ask you to associate one food with California, what comes to mind? Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know. Wine? Fish tacos? I’ve only been to Southern California once and it was a culinary melting pot. With that ignorance, I decided to roll with Hershey’s “Flavor of California” – the chocolate covered strawberry. Yeah, strawberries, fine, that makes sense. Delicious California strawberries – the number one food I associate with California. Everybody loves sweet California strawberries! ...
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April linkfest

You know how Google names its Android versions after sweets like Kit Kat and Marshmallow? Well, writes Justin Pot, Microsoft should name its updates after dogs. (How to Geek) *   Speaking of Kit Kat, the brand is hugely popular in Japan, in part because “Kit Kat” translates to “You will surely win.” (Fortune; h/t MJF) * A century ago, dozens of American girls were named Milady because of the success of a new product: the Milady Décolleté Gillette safety razor, developed to remove underar...
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Is Android Popsicle next?

Barring any sort of major shakeup at Google’s mobile division, there are two things we know for sure about the next Android’s name: it will start with the letter “P” and it will be a dessert food. That already narrows things down quite a bit — you’ve got pudding, pecan pie, peanut brittle… Then, of course, there’s Popsicle — a fact the company might well be alluding to in its new Spring Wallpaper Collection. 9to5Google noted a colorful array of frozen confections in amongst the selections. G...
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Why AI on a chip is the start of the next IT explosion

It’s game on in the AI-on-a-chip race. Alongside Nvidia’s successes turning Graphics Processing Units into massively performant compute devices (culminating in last year’s release of the ‘Volta’ V100 GPU), we have ARM releasing its ‘Project Trillium’ machine learning processor on Valentine’s Day and Intel making noises around bringing the fruits of its Nervana acquisition to market, currently at sample stage. Microsoft with Catapult, Google with its TPU — if you haven’t got some silicon AI going...
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REVIEW: Kit Kat Ice Cream

As I snagged the very last container of Kit Kat Ice Cream at my local grocery store the previous weekend (was this a sign that everyone loves the ice cream?), I couldn’t get this scene from The Office out of my head. In fact, I still can’t. All pop culture references aside, let’s cut to the chase. Thank you, Kit Kat Ice Cream, for being an amazing treat. I’ve always liked Kit Kat bars since they seem a little bit lighter and I can eat one and be perfectly satisfied. With this ice cream, I wasn’...
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Chance The Rapper and 5 Core Functions On Influence & Persuasion

In this piece Zach Fuller pf MIDiA explores how the five core functions of influence and persuasion, as explored in Robert Cialdini's new book can be seen to manifest in the world of content commerce in the music industry. ____________________________ Guest post by Zach Fuller of Midia Regular readers of MIDiA’s blog may have noticed by now that articles are often influenced by what the analyst is reading at that given moment. In the past year alone, this has seen us draw analogies...
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Japan has way more interesting Kit Kat flavors than rest of world

Jonathan Kaiman, the Beijing Bureau chief of The Los Angeles Times, reported on the history of how different flavor Kit Kat bars infiltrated Japan. The country is home to an estimated 300 flavors (sake, cherry blossom, French salt, melon, "college tater," wasabi...) that began to transform the traditional chocolate covered wafer into unusual, yet supposedly satisfying snacks in the 1990s. Thanks to a marketing campaign to diversify souvenir shops in Hokkaido, the candy bar has been released in...
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The 2017 Halloween Candy Hierarchy: Definitely Not Fake News

Click to view the below full-size; or download as a (4MB) for detailed scrutiny; or proceed for the plain text, abstract and analysis... Note that data for this 2017 survey, like all good science, is transparent, open, and available for further analysis. This includes access data from previous candy hierarchies (for, you know, longitudinal studies). Here’s the link, and we invite you to tag public remarks with #statscandy so we can find your awesome analyses. The Candy Hierarchy ...
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Taco Bell rolls out Kit Kat-stuffed quesadilla (Thanks to Le Petomane)
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