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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Kitchen

In our new weekly series called 10 Things Nobody Tells You, we unpack remodeling basics that first-timers might not know… and reveal a few things even seasoned renovators might find surprising. In this week’s installment, we’re tackling one of the biggest projects homeowners might face: the kitchen remodel. Here are 10 things to consider, down to the outlets. Above: Photograph by Matthew Williams and styling by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista, from A Luminous, Euro-Style Row House in Washington, D...
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Artisan Revere’s Chef Knife

Ultra-thin and resilient, this knife hit Kickstarter today Most chef’s knives boast weight and a menacing blade. Wielding one, with any sort of precise skill, can be a daunting task. There are plenty of low-level options with less weight and a less intense blade, but they often don’t last—or they aren’t aesthetically appealing. But Artisan Revere‘s chef knife, which hits Kickstarter today, is a lightweight …
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Turn On with Buster + Punch Hardware

Buster + Punch Hardware gives kitchens and baths a lot more attitude with a new collection of solid metal handles and cabinet pulls. Buster + Punch, the London-based fashion and design brand, always thinks outside the box. With an edgy, rock ’n roll aesthetic and signature, diamond-cut knurling pattern, Buster + Punch Hardware offers handles, pulls, and accessories that are truly unique. While the options can be seen as uncompromisingly modern, Buster + Punch Hardware are available in finishes...
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6 Countertop Smart Ovens That Will Change the Way You Cook

Even we can admit it: Ovens are not the most exciting topic. But smart ovens? Now this workhorse household appliance sounds glamorous and intriguing: “Let me preheat my smart oven while you park the Tesla” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? All kidding aside, the market seems to be exploding with cooking gadgets that take the guesswork out of roasting, let you control the temperature from your phone, and even claim to replace all your countertop appliances. Here are a few we’ve seen: Abo...
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LIXIL Unveils New Kitchen and Bath Innovations at KBIS 2019

During this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, LIXIL revealed new kitchen and bath innovations for 2019, including introductions to its American Standard, Grohe, and DXV brands. Highlights include the SpaLet bidet toilet that combines luxury with wellness and features duel-adjustable, self-cleaning nozzles; the DXV Aqua Moment Drop-In Airbath with Waterfall that evokes a Japanese hot spring, but is available in the comfort of your own home; and the Grohe GrohTherm Smart Control...
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Report from Sweden: Introducing Arket (the Next Muji?)

I’m just back from a cold, dark, magical New Years week in Stockholm. What to do when it’s 28 degrees out and there are there’s just about six hours of sunlight? Do as the Swedes do: bundle up, go for a brisk walk, then hunker down inside and implement the Swedish knack for brightening the home in midwinter. Among the lagom ideas I’m taking back with me: candles on every surface to combat the January dark, remembering what it’s like to be quiet (no incessant background music in restaurants; calm...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 14 Gifts for the Zero Waster

Here at Remodelista, none of us can claim to be leading a truly zero-waste life. But it’s our goal. We all try to consume consciously—to favor natural, sustainable materials over plastics, avoid single-use disposables, and curb excess trash. To that end, these well-designed finds, large and small, are for the people on your list who are committed to the movement—and for those looking for a way in. Pantry Makeover Above: In addition to offering shopping and pantry kits, Wiebke Liu of Blissha...
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Salt and Pepper Shakers

These minimal salt and pepper shakers from Vipp are some of the best minimal accessories for any table or counter. Their audible grinding, an intentional design attribute, is inspired by the sound of a Franz Jäger safe. The ceramic grinder inside is durable, long-lasting and consistent—providing an ideal coarseness time after time. Price is in Danish krone.
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Eat, Drink + Be Merry

Presents for kitchen rookies, expert cooks, and those who burn toast Whether it’s a kitchen innovation, guide to restaurant design, incredible wine, whiskey with a story or finding a really tasty snack, food and booze encompasses discovery and joy. In our Eat, Drink + Be Merry Gift Guide, we’re celebrating the adventure of it all with our favorite treats, drinks, kitchen tools, cookbooks and more. …
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The Nacho Grater

Between its pyramid shape and glossy golden color, this grater from W&P is certainly a bold kitchen accessory. Thankfully, it’s also functional—with an inverse pyramid handle and four shredding options. Made from plated stainless steel, it’s (of course) food safe, but should be washed by hand.
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10 Easy Pieces: Editors’ Favorite Hand-Operated Kitchen Tools

There’s a class of kitchen gadgets that are so souped-up, overcomplicated, and employ an excess of tech, that leave you wondering if you’re really cooking at all. Then there’s the old-fashioned, hand-crank-able tools that can get a whole group involved, if you like, and by the time you’re through, you can be certain you’ve really made the ice cream, apple pie, pasta, bread, butter, or mayonnaise yourself. Here, in our editors’ picks edition, are our personal favorite hand-operated kitchen tools....
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Les Touilleurs: A Classic Kitchen Emporium in Montreal

Located in Montreal’s fashionable Outremont neighborhood, Les Touilleurs is a high-end kitchen emporium with a working demonstration kitchen and an impeccably designed interior by Louise Savoie. Owners Sylvain Côté and François Longpré aimed to create a “classic store with big open-pantry displays that evoke true kitchen feelings.” Among the wares: All-Clad and Mauviel pots and pans, hand-carved, beeswax-finished maple spoons and paddles by Quebec artisan Tom Littledeer, and crepe pans from deBu...
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8 Favorites: Pitch-Perfect Iron Tools and Accessories for the Kitchen

In general, we’re not big on orange as a motif for Halloween. But black? That, we can get behind. Here are eight iron accessories and tools for the kitchen that we would be happy to welcome into our homes—any time of the year. Above: Made in Sweden, the Skeppshult Cast-Iron Mortar and Pestle is $85 from March. Above: The hand-forged iron Alice’s Egg Spoon is $250 at Permanent Collection. Read The Legendary Egg Spoon of Alice Waters and Fanny Singer for more on its origins. Above: ...
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Foster French Press

This luxurious French press, designed by Norman Foster and manufactured by Stelton, is made from stainless steel and has a one liter capacity—enough for three cups of coffee. Made with longevity in mind, this piece is sculpturally elegant and functionally simple. This is a stylish way to start your morning—especially if you’re hosting a couple friends or family members.
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Steal This Look: A Glamorous London Kitchen in Marble and Brass

London designer Harriet Anstruther (a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory and author of the design book Reveal: Interior Design as a Reflection of Who We Are) worked with architect Alex Michaelis (a lifelong friend) on her streamlined yet luxe kitchen in an 1840s landmarked London townhouse. Marble? Check. Unlacquered brass? Check. Prouve? Yes. We’ve sourced the essential elements: Photographs by Henry Bourne (husband of Harriet). Above: Unlacquered brass fixtures add warmt...
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FrankOne Vacuum Technology Coffee-Maker

A welcome innovation in a saturated industry, this machine makes cold brew in minutes As cold brew flavors and techniques continue to evolve, many drinkers are opting for it over traditionally brewed coffee—regardless of the weather. For those looking to make their own batches of steeped, strong coffee without the bitterness of traditional processes, the prerequisite is usually patience or purchase—somewhere between eight and 20 …
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Object Lessons: The Autumnal Broom

The broom, enemy of spiders and friend to witches, has been aiding household cleaning since the dawn of domestic history. Initially made of anything on hand, from reeds to corn husks, the broom as we know it has evolved thanks to the early Anglo-Saxons, who turned the craft into an organized trade. Besom squires, as these tradesmen were known, gathered the brushlike twigs of birch trees and bound them with willow wisps around a thicker tree branch, often made of hazel. This gave us the broom ass...
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12 Favorites from the French Scullery

Every time we look behind the scenes in French kitchens, we discover an arsenal of new (and not-so-new) must-haves. Here are a few of the things we’re coveting. Above: The Complete Shovel and Brush, a beautiful broom and no-stoop dustpan combo designed by Mr. & Mrs. Clynk from Andrée Jardin; €79.90. Above: Cloth Knot Bags (or baluchons) are made in France by a textile artist and are an all-purpose alternative to plastic, for carrying and preserving bread, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and m...
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The Ikea Essentials: Editors’ 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools

When it comes to kitchenware, Remodelista editors are known to stockpile a few trusty (and inexpensive) Ikea standbys. Here are our most-reached-for favorites. Above: For no-fail roast chickens, Fan favors the compact  Fantast meat thermometer ; $6.99. Above: Social media manager Kristina keeps the multifunctional 365+ glasses on hand; $3.99 for a set of six. The heat-proof tempered glass and affordability makes them indispensable for cooking prep. Above: Izabella swears by the ...
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Elegant Household Objects from Belgian Designer Marc Merckx

We’re fans of the work of Belgian interior designer Marc Merckx, who worked for Vincent Van Duysen for 15 years and whose inky black pool house we featured on Gardenista last year (see Master Class: A Quietly Luxe Belgian Pool House by Marc Merckx for more). We just learned of the designer’s line of elevated everyday objects, called ICO, made of “solid, natural materials that are pleasing to use and touch,” and which refer back to the “archetypal kitchen” in Merckx’s mind’s eye: Copper and brass...
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10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters

We’ve covered mattress disrupters (see 14 Upstart Mattress Companies), bedding disrupters (see Luxury Linens for Less, Online Edition), and furniture disrupters (see 6 New Upstart Furniture Companies), so perhaps it was only a matter of time before the tabletop/kitchenware category was disrupted. Thanks to the direct-to-consumer sales model, these 10 new companies keep prices down by minimizing overhead costs and eliminating markups. Some are offering bargain-basement type deals, but most of the...
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Beyond the Plastic Drinking Straw: 5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives (Including One Made of Straw)

Can small acts of refusal make a difference? We hope so. For the past few years, we at Remodelista have made an effort to rid our kitchens of plastic, drinking straws no exception. And recently, according to the New York Times, cities like Malibu, Davis, and San Luis Obispo in California as well as Seattle and Miami Beach “have banned or limited the use of plastic straws in restaurants. Advocates say laws aimed at cutting back on the use of plastic straws can help spur more significant behaviora...
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13 German-Made Essentials for the Kitchen

The BMWs and Mercedes of the precision kitchen world, courtesy of the Germans. Here are 13 kitchen essentials we’re coveting, from cooking tools to trashcans: Above: The Famos Vegetable Peeler is $8.95 from Amazon (one of many Remodelista Favorites on Amazon Prime). Above: Stainless steel Kitchen Scissors, made by the 275-year-old J.A. Henckels company, are $59.99. Above: Messermeister Knives are made of carbon steel alloy using the original hot-drop, hammer-forged manufacturing p...
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Shopper’s Diary: Toiro in LA, World’s Best Source for Donabe and More

If you’ve heard of a donabe—a Japanese clay cooking pot that resembles a lidded casserole—that’s probably thanks in part to Naoko Takei Moore, aka Mrs. Donabe, who’s been importing the pots from Japan for more than a decade. In 2007, Takei Moore got her first taste of rice cooked in a Kamado-san—a classic rice donabe—and has never looked back. Born in Tokyo but based in Los Angeles, the food and wine enthusiast began selling donabe in the United States in 2008. To spread the art, Takei Moore tau...
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Object of Desire: Hinoki Japanese Knives

Admired of late: Japanese knives from Hinoki, a year-old Australian brand whose aim is to produce a high-quality, handmade collection of the only 30 kitchen tools that most homes would ever need. Each tool is made by craftspeople using high-quality materials and age-old techniques, to produce objects that “inspire the mind, stimulate the senses, and ultimately enhance the way we live.” Hinoki’s first product is a Japanese chef’s knife, whose blade is made at a family-owned forge in Osaka, Japan,...
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Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

Linear actuators have become increasingly indispensable in making smart homes and the technology like has found its way into making more user-friendly and elegant kitchens. To create more space for a small kitchen, you can build a retractable spice rack from the kitchen top or side of the wall. To save space, the kitchen can be modified to give the kitchen an elegant look while creating more storage space. Creating more space in the kitchen can be used for cooking and bigger working area. ...
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5 Favorites: Sculptural Vintage Wooden Potato Mashers

Last week, inspired by chef David Tanis’s simple, sculptural wooden potato masher in his Lower East Side kitchen, I went down a bit of a wooden potato masher rabbit hole. Turns out, the one-piece, carved design is an old one, originating in the Victorian era and still used in Scotland (where it’s known as a “beetle”). A wooden masher looks stately on the counter, and would also be rather good for muddling citrus for cocktails, tamping down preserved and pickled foods in jars, and macerating berr...
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Drip Dry: 13 Kitchens with Wall-Mounted Dish Racks

Spotted (and admired) lately: kitchens with wall-mounted dish racks. Here are our favorites. Above: A kitchen by Spanish firm Quintana Partners has a simple wooden dish drying rack mounted over the sink. See a roundup of our favorite kitchens by the firm at Kitchen of the Week: Embracing the Old with Quintana Partners. Above: Katrin Arens makes the custom Piattaia (Pallet) Plate Rack; go to Katrin Arens for ordering information. Above: A custom wall-mounted dish rack hangs above a s...
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Object of Desire: A Citrus Squeezer from Sweden

A few weeks ago over dinner a friend asked me to recommend a citrus squeezer. Her criteria: simple, small, and—maybe—ceramic. I couldn’t think of any at the time, but sure enough, a week later I came across a stoneware juicer made in Sweden and promptly sent her the link. She ordered it and has been using it all summer. Now I want one too. Above: The Citrus Squeezer is handmade in Sweden by designer Anna Walde. It’s made of black stoneware clay, giving it the effect of cast iron without the w...
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Steal This Look: A Black-on-Black Staff Kitchen in San Francisco

San Francisco interior designer Nicole Hollis has a knack for black. Her projects around the Bay Area often have a contrasting black and white palette, accented with brass and silver. Hollis’s own design studio follows suit, with one of the more chic staff kitchens we’ve seen. Here we’ve pulled out the key elements of the design. Above: The backsplash is made of Moroccan clay tiles with a custom bleached metal steel wall surround developed with Chris French Metal in Oakland, California. Photo...
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