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Are backpackers really less valuable to New Zealand than those with more money | Anthony Gardiner

‘Value over volume’ doesn’t take into account the benefits of young tourists, which includes working while they’re here Kiwis have a long history of welcoming guests and sharing what we love about our country. So it was perhaps no surprise that recent comments from New Zealand’s new minister of tourism, Stuart Nash, have elicited such passionate debate amongst locals and the industry.Speaking at a summit hosted by the Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Nash said the future of the New Zealand tourism ind...
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Revealed: NZ's top brands for customer experience

AA Insurance has topped an annual rundown of the best brands for customer experience, according to Kiwis.The Kantar Customer Leadership index, a culmination of a survey of more than 2,000 New Zealanders, annually ranks brands according... [Author: [email protected]]
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New Zealanders coming home for Christmas warned quarantine hotels may be full

Military says Kiwis will be disappointed if they haven’t prebooked a place as hotels approach capacityNew Zealand’s quarantine hotels are approaching capacity as the military warns there may not be room to house Kiwis planning to return home for Christmas.Some 65,000 people have passed through New Zealand’s quarantine hotels since the borders closed in mid-March. Despite the facilities generally being four- and five-star establishments, there have been multiple escape attempts from them, and the...
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New Zealanders urged to be vigilant on long weekend as Covid app use falls

Use of contact tracing app has dropped ahead of three-day holiday weekend being seen as ‘rehearsal’ for ChristmasCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAs New Zealanders prepare for holiday long weekend the government is imploring Kiwis to remain vigilant in the face of Covid-19 after an infected man walked into a popular Auckland pub last week.The Labour weekend is spent by many travelling to holiday hotspots around the country. However, with the use of the government’s Cov...
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Covid 19: Survey reveals 1 in 4 Kiwis plan to upskill for post-Covid work

Kiwis are boosting their employability more than ever before with 1 in 4 planning to upskill in the next six to 12 months, according to a new study.A recent survey by financial comparison site Finder found 25 per cent of respondents... [Author: [email protected]]
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This $103,190 tiny home on wheels was a true product of the pandemic after the company pivoted during lockdown — see inside the 'Dark Horse'

The Dark Horse tiny home. Build Tiny Build Tiny unveiled its latest tiny home on wheels: the $103,190 Dark Horse, which was designed and constructed during the pandemic. The single-level Dark Horse has a bedroom, living room, kitchen with a breakfast bar, and a dual-purpose laundry and bathroom. The conception of the Dark Horse came when two of Build Tiny's customers backed out of projects amid the pandemic, leaving the team of builders with a gap in their schedule. Visit Business Insider'...
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NZ election 2020: Jacinda Ardern thanks New Zealand amid Labour landslide – live results

Judith Collins concedes as results show Labour on track for a large majority. Follow live: Full report: Ardern’s Labour Party set for victoryMore than 1.9 million people voted earlyWhen will we know who has wonNew Zealand’s MMP electoral system: what is it and how does it work 11.24am BST 95% of votes counted, Labour's thumping (projected) lead still very much in place: 11.21am BST Australia Labor Leader Anthony Albanese has congratulated Ardern: Kiwis have vot...
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Can Jacinda Ardern’s Landslide Re-Election Convert Stardom into Concrete Reform?

As a Kiwi overseas you soon get used to the questions. From trendy Colombian nightclubs, to dingy departure lounges of East African airports and bustling Turkish bazaars, as soon as people hear you’re from New Zealand, they’re eager to share their unbridled enthusiasm for Jacinda Ardern.“We are so grateful for what she did for the Muslim community,” one middle-aged Somalian construction worker told The Daily Beast while sipping coffee in an open-air market in Djibouti. Her celebrity truly reache...
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America's COVID response was always doomed to fail

People protest at Washington's capitol building against the state's extended stay-at-home order on April 19, 2020. Reuters/Lindsey Wasson The US response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster compared to other nations. This is because our political system values economic output over all other considerations, including public health. Leaders in other countries, like New Zealand, have shown how to prioritize public health and have been politically rewarded. But given our syste...
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New Zealand euthanasia vote: polls point to 'yes' amid campaign of fear and doubt

The ‘yes’ campaign has Jacinda Ardern’s support but opponents say they believe New Zealand’s most vulnerable will be at riskOn Saturday, New Zealanders will be asked to vote yes or no on whether Kiwis enduring “unbearable suffering that cannot be eased” have a legal right to end their life.For Matt Vickers, the former husband of lawyer and euthanasia campaigner Lecretia Seales, the vote can’t come soon enough. Continue reading...
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Scott Morrison says New Zealand travellers will be able to visit 'very soon'

The PM reveals Kiwis won’t need to complete a two-week quarantine as Victoria records two more deaths and 15 new Covid casesFollow our coronavirus live blogFull Australian Covid stats; Covid restrictions state by stateNSW cases map; Vic cases mapSign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus emailThe prime minister, Scott Morrison, says Australia will open its border with New Zealand “very soon”.Morrison told Adelaide radio station 5AA on Thursday that Kiwis will soon be allowed to fly into Austra...
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'Can I really do this?' New Zealand's Ashley Bloomfield reveals self-doubts at height of Covid

Much-lauded health director reveals the mental health toll of leading the medical response to the pandemicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne of the key architects behind New Zealand’s successful management of the coronavirus has revealed he suffered imposter syndrome, anxiety and self-doubt during the peak of the crisis.Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the director general of health, won the hearts and minds of Kiwis for his cool, calm leadership during lockdown, fronting daily...
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Kiwibank to pay out $5.2m to 48,000 Kiwis after 'system failure'

Kiwibank is to pay out $5.2 million to over 48,000 home loan borrowers after it reached a settlement agreement with the Commerce Commission over a self-reported system failure.The commission said in a statement it had reached an... [Author: [email protected]]
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Wealth tax 'a bottom line' for a Greens-Labour Government: Genter

A fracture has been riven into the Greens-Labour Party relationship after the Greens demanded a wealth tax be part of any future coalition government agreement.The Greens' election policies include a plan to make Kiwis with a net-worth... [Author: [email protected]]
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Election 2020: Wealth tax 'a bottom line' for a Greens-Labour Government

A fracture has been riven into the Greens-Labour Party relationship after the Greens demanded a wealth tax be part of any future coalition government agreement.The Greens' election policies include a plan to make Kiwis with a net... [Author: [email protected]]
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Warning as Kiwis 'targeted on a grand scale' by Chinese big data firm

The Deputy Prime Minister is warning that "malicious actors" are exploiting Kiwis' private information after his daughter was targeted and tracked by a firm with ties to China's military.The families of Winston Peters and other... [Author: [email protected]]
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I have lost much of my childhood fluency in te reo Māori – we must fight for its survival | Leigh-Marama McLachlan

New Zealand’s national language week will have little or no impact on most Kiwis, but we must protect te reo as a national treasureI can already feel my heart begin to race when I know I am expected to speak te reo Māori, the Indigenous tongue of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Where I am from, people know me as this confident, fluent speaker of the Māori language. But here I am today, sweaty-palmed at the mere thought of saying a simple greeting and introduction in my mother tongue.It is a far cry from ...
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Kiwis withdraw $766 million from ANZ's Bonus Bond scheme

Around 60,000 Kiwis have withdrawn a total of $766 million from Bonus Bonds since August 26 when ANZ announced it would stop taking new investments and wind up the scheme.The average amount taken out so far is $12,767, but the vast... [Author: [email protected]]
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New Zealand Herald and NZME readership soars during Covid-19 crisis - Nielsen data

Readership of the New Zealand Herald has soared during the Covid-19 outbreak as Kiwis flock to trusted sources of information on the pandemic.The number of Kiwis reading the Herald newspaper each day has skyrocketed to 546,000 in... [Author: [email protected]]
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#NZhellhole: how Kiwis are hitting back at Trump's Covid taunts

In August the US president said New Zealand was seeing a ‘big surge’ in cases, but it only reminded people of how well they had doneFollowing comments by Donald Trump that New Zealand was dealing with a “big surge” of new Covid-19 cases, Kiwis have snapped back with some light social media trolling under the hashtag #NZhellhole, which has trended at number two on New Zealand Twitter. When did this all start? Continue reading...
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Netsafe: Your News Bulletin

Your News Bulletin. A campaign for Netsafe, created to help tackle the big issue of misinformation and fake news. Based on the latest research by Netsafe, 52% of Kiwis admit they have fallen for fake news, mostly due to misleading articles or headlines. The campaign aims to educate Kiwis on how to better spot fake news, and to think critically before sharing it. Our strategy: beat fake news by playing it at its own game. Using satire (and well, fake news) we aim to capture att...
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'Sobering reading': New study reveals TVNZ has been overtaken as Kiwis' favourite platform

A new study of Kiwi audiences and news consumption habits in 2020 contains "sobering" findings for the local media industry - with YouTube, Netflix and Facebook overtaking most local platforms in popularity. NZ On Air's Where Are... [Author: [email protected]]
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Sirma Karapeeva: Why it's critical for NZ to reject protectionism

COMMENT: New Zealand relies on stable and predictable market access to support the livelihoods of thousands of Kiwis so it's critical in these uncertain times that we reject protectionism, uphold our ambitions to liberalise trade... [Author: [email protected]]
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Thank you, Donald Trump – in New Zealand we are grateful for any kind of attention | Steve Braunias

Trump saying New Zealand not once but twice in the same sentence is good cause to give everyone the day offOne of the great and enduring thrills of New Zealand life is when someone notices that we exist. We cling to Rudyard Kipling’s 1891 observation of our far-fetched archipelago as “last and loveliest”, a remote southern star, two vague, misty islands on the edge of the world – but every now and then, distance looks our way, and says our name out loud.“New Zealand, you see what’s going on in N...
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New Zealand Marks 100 Days of No Covid-19 Community Spread

Axios reports: New Zealand has now gone 100 days with no detected community spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health confirmed in an emailed statement Sunday afternoon local time... Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been widely praised for her leadership that saw New Zealand lock down hard for several weeks before all domestic restrictions were lifted in June... New Zealand has 23 active coronavirus cases. All are NZ residents newly returned from abroad, who are staying in managed isolation ...
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The World’s New Favorite Refugee Writer Tries To Get Comfortable With Freedom And Fame

Far from his native Kurdish village, escaped from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, now released from the Australian internment camp in Papua New Guinea where he wrote his award-winning No Friend but the Mountains on a cell phone, Behrouz Boochani has received asylum in New Zealand and is settled in safe, pretty, tranquil Christchurch, where most Kiwis seem thrilled to have him. It’s driving him a little nuts. – The New York Times Magazine
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Seven in 10 Kiwis want a green Covid-19 recovery - survey

Seven out of 10 Kiwis are keen for New Zealand's economic recovery from Covid-19 to be a green one, a new snapshot shows.The Massey University-led survey, which polled more than 1000 Kiwis during lockdown, explored the links people... [Author: [email protected]]
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McDonald's: The Kiwiburger Song 2020

Kiwis have changed a lot in the last 30 years. It was time to change the song.
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The sun is setting on unsustainable long-haul, short-stay tourism — regional travel bubbles are the future

Unprecedented border closures and the domestic lockdown have paralysed New Zealand's $40.9 billion a year tourism industry. In the process, the vulnerability of the sector to external shocks and the tenuous nature of tourism employment have been exposed. While New Zealand's handling of the pandemic has been hailed as a global masterclass, and the prospect of travel bubbles promoted as a way to restart the tourism economy and save jobs, it is clear there is no quick fix.The inherent dangers of re...
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Discharged without conviction: Judge clears Pie Face NZ franchise owners of tax evasion

Selling pies to Kiwis — what could go wrong?Quite a lot, it turns out.In 2013, Otago businessmen Julian Field and Jared Palmer took on the New Zealand licence for Australian franchise Pie Face, with big plans.The duo hoped to... [Author: [email protected]]
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