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Kevin Durant picks a headphone company -- and it's based in New York - CNET (cnet)

The NBA star has taken an equity stake in New York-based audio brand Master & Dynamic. Read into that what you will, Knicks fans. [Author: David Carnoy]
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Richard Jefferson is having none of this 'Zion could return to Duke' nonsense

The New Orleans Pelicans unexpectedly won the No. 1 pick in the draft — sending New York Knicks fans to tears — and the rights to draft Duke superstar Zion Williamson. The Pelicans had a six percent shot at winning the lottery, lower odds than the Knicks and Chicago Bulls. The Knicks were reportedly Williamson's preferred landing spot and so much was made of his reaction to the lottery results.
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Curry family piles on Knicks, reminds everyone why they didn't want Steph to go to Warriors

It seems that everyone’s trolling Knicks after they failed to land the No. 1 pick in Wednesday’s draft lottery. Even those who don’t mean to.
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Stephen A. Smith went off after the Knicks didn't win the draft lottery

ESPN commentator and New York Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith is reportedly on track to make up to $10 million, and he is worth every single penny. Because when moments such as the Knicks losing out on Zion Williamson and the No. 1 overall selection happen, this man provides us with television gold. Stephen A. Smith is livid after the Knicks did not receive the top overall pick in the NBA draft.
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How potential Knicks' package for Anthony Davis could compare to what Celtics, Lakers offer

Only Pelicans executive VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin - and maybe a select few others close to him - knows exactly what New Orleans wants in a potential Anthony Davis trade. Griffin reiterated on Tuesday that he's committed to trying to keep Davis in New Orleans. Landing the No. 1 overall pick in June gives him another potential selling point for Davis, but the smart money says he will still want to leave New Orleans.
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On Pro Basketball: Losing the Lottery Might Be the Least of the Knicks’ Problems

The promise of Zion Williamson was ejected from Madison Square Garden, a reminder of how difficult it will be for the Knicks to return to the center of the N.B.A. universe.
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NBA mock draft: Why the Knicks aren't doomed after losing Zion lottery

SportsPulse: Scott Gleeson breaks down USA TODAY Sports' latest NBA mock draft and how teams will rebound after missing out on top prospect Zion Williamson.
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NBA mock draft: Why the Knicks aren't doomed after losing Zion lottery

SportsPulse: Scott Gleeson on USA TODAY's NBA mock draft and how teams will rebound after missing out on basketball prodigy Zion Williamson.            [Author: USA TODAY Sports]
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New York Daily News trolls Knicks' lottery failure with hilariously perfect Zion backpage

Tuesday night was not a good night to be a New York Knicks fan. The Knicks had a 14 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick — and Zion Williamson along with it — and ended up with the No. 3 pick instead. With the opening of one giant novelty envelope, all the Zion-related possibilities were snapped out of existence forever. Knicks fans mourned, as they were entitled to do.
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Pelicans coach takes shot at Knicks, fellow tankers; GM believes Anthony Davis could stay

Alvin Gentry couldn't contain his emotions as New Orleans won the NBA draft lottery and the right to sign Zion Williamson.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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NBA Twitter was on fire after the Knicks fell in the lottery and Pelicans won

Twitter was set ablaze as the results of the NBA draft lottery were revealed on ESPN on Tuesday.
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Lakers get lucky, vault to No. 4 pick in NBA Draft Lottery

At least on Tuesday night, it was better to be lucky than good. Entering the draft lottery in Chicago with just the 11th-best odds at a top-four pick (9.4 percent), the ping pong balls favored the Lakers, vaulting them to the fourth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. After a disappointing 37-45 season in the first season of the LeBron James era, the Lakers’ pick represents a valuable asset – and potentially a promising star – for a franchise that has struggled for the past six seasons. The Lake...
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NBA rumors: Kevin Durant to Knicks '100 percent done,' veteran player says

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant to Knicks '100 percent done,' veteran player says originally appeared on Every day now it seems we go back and forth with the Kevin Durant free-agency rumors. He's staying with the Warriors. He's going to New York.
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Would the Knicks consider trading Zion Williamson if they land the top pick?

The NBA draft lottery is nearly upon us, and all eyes are on Duke phenom Zion Williamson. Whichever team gets the No. 1 pick will almost certainly pick him, and it could change the entire direction of a franchise. You would assume that Zion would change a franchise by just playing for them, but apparently that's not the only option on the table.
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Reports: If Knicks get No. 1 pick, they'd try to trade it for Anthony Davis

But for New York, Anthony Davis – not Williamson – might be the real prize. Stadium: Shams Charania: I'm told, if the Knicks get that number one overall pick, they would then shift their focus toward a potential deal for Anthony Davis. Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News: Considering contract status – Williamson set to begin a four-year rookie-scale deal then hit restricted free agency, Davis only one season from unrestricted free agency – the No.
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NBA rumors: Knicks will shift focus to Anthony Davis trade if they win lottery

NBA rumors: Knicks will shift focus to Anthony Davis trade if they win lottery originally appeared on New York Knicks fans are very excited right now. The franchise is hoping to lure one or two of the marquee NBA free agents expected to hit the open market this summer, and the two names most often linked to New York in rumors are Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving. The Knicks also have a large stake in Tuesday night's N...
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Getting Zion would shake Big Apple to its core

Winning the Zion Williamson Sweepstakes could make the Knicks relevant again, or the lottery could be another gut punch for the downtrodden franchise.
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Was Loss to Warriors Houston’s Last Chance at a Title?

When the Houston Rockets got ready for game six of their Western Conference semifinal series with the Golden State Warriors, their goal was to extend the series to seven games against an injured and struggling Warriors team. But the Rockets turned in a puzzling performance, not only getting eliminated from this postseason, but raising questions as to whether or not Houston will ever have a chance to get to the Finals as currently constructed. Everything was looking like it would work out for t...
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Against long odds, Lakers could get a boost from a draft lottery bounce

For the past season, the Lakers and luck have been poor bedfellows. When it comes to injuries, fate has been disproportionally unkind: from groin tears to broken hands to sprained ankles to pneumonia and even a blood clot. The Lakers were hit hard on their way to a second-half slide in which they finished 17-31 after LeBron James’ injury on Christmas day. If the same strings that guide such misfortunes also have some influence on the thousand ping-pong balls that will be bouncing in the NBA Draf...
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In the N.B.A. Lottery, the Knicks Will Take Their 14 Percent Shot at Zion Williamson

Under the previous lottery system, the Knicks — by finishing with the league’s worst record — would have had a 25 percent chance at getting the Duke star.
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Knicks Legends Earl Monroe and Rod Strickland kick off Budweiser Draught Lottery

Photo Credit: Noam Galai / Getty Images for Budweiser To mark the tip-off of the Budweiser Draught Lottery - Free Bud for New Yorkers, With the Bounce of a Ball, New York Knicks legends Earl Monroe and Rod Strickland helped deliver the first Budweiser Draught Lottery Machine earlier this week in Midtown.The Budweiser Draught Lottery is a city-wide beer lottery giveaway event that gives New Yorkers a chance to score a Budweiser on Tuesday, May 14 – the same day as the highly-anticipated NB...
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NBA rumors: Only Kevin Durant 'changing his mind' can derail Knicks' plans

NBA rumors: Only Kevin Durant 'changing his mind' can derail Knicks plans originally appeared on Kevin Durant is still a member of the Golden State Warriors. But most national pundits are getting ready for Durant's introductory press conference with the New York Knicks this summer. At this point, everyone expects Durant and Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving to decline their player options and join forces on the Knicks.
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Summer of Kevin Durant: How he changes NBA title odds

Kevin Durant may shift the landscape of the NBA this offseason. Would he go to the Knicks? Lakers? Here's how he shifts the odds for five likely destinations.
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Latest on pending free agent Kyrie Irving: All-Star 'discussing' Lakers with people

Celtics star Kyrie Irving can be a free agent after the season, and the idea that he could team up with fellow free agent Kevin Durant on the Knicks this summer has picked up steam since the Kristaps Porzingis trade cleared two max slots for New York. Simmons admits he does not know if it is true, but Irving being linked to the Lakers has gained some steam in recent days.
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With Tyronn Lue out, Lakers turn to new batch of coaching candidates

Now what? After a long search that seemed to be headed toward a predictable outcome, talks between the Lakers and Tyronn Lue reportedly broke down on Wednesday, leading both sides to walk away from bringing the championship-winning coach to Los Angeles. In Lue, the Lakers gave up on both the most successful coach in their search as well as the one who knows LeBron James the most intimately. With a reset, the Lakers are expected to keep Miami Heat assistant Juwan Howard in consideration, but othe...
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New No. 1? Knicks sending Ewing to draft lottery, Ayton to rep Suns

Patrick Ewing, the No. 1 pick in the 1985 NBA Draft, will represent the New York Knicks at the 2019 NBA Draft lottery at the Hilton Chicago next Tuesday. The Knicks have drafted first only twice since 1965, including selecting Ewing out of Georgetown in a top 10 that also included Chris Mullin (seventh, Golden State Warriors), Detlef Schrempf (eighth, Dallas Mavericks) and Charles Oakley (ninth, Cleveland Cavaliers).
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Read and React: Are KD and Kyrie really up to saving the Knicks?

There's no doubt New York Knicks fans are a thirsty bunch. KD and Kyrie make the Knicks instantly relevant and they tip the NBA's balance of power back toward the Eastern Conference for the first time in a generation. Irving might be playing in his final game with the Celtics in tonight's Game 5 against Milwaukee and his time in Boston hasn't been great.
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Vegas has a new favorite to land Kyrie Irving, and it isn't the Knicks or Celtics

Oddly enough, the sportsbook at Caesars Palace doesn't see any of those as the most likely options. Brooklyn Nets favored to land Kyrie Irving Yes, the Brooklyn Nets are apparently the favorites to land Kyrie Irving after an ascendant season built around young talent. Trailing behind the Nets are the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers, with the Los Angeles Clippers coming in fifth.
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Latest NBA odds to sign Kyrie Irving aren't a great look for Celtics

The Boston Celtics' season hasn't ended yet, but sportsbooks already are preparing for the fallout. Bleacher Report on Tuesday shared Caesars' odds for which team will sign Kyrie Irving when he hits free agency on July 1. The Knicks have been rumored as a potential destination for Irving for some time, as he grew up in nearby West Orange, N.J., and is close friends with Kevin Durant, who reportedly could consider New York this offseason, as well.
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A guy kept chanting 'New York Knicks!' at Kevin Durant during Game 4 and fans loved it

Right now, Kevin Durant is trying to lead the Warriors to a third straight championship. Next year? Well, he could be playing for the Knicks.            [Author: For The Win]
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