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Federal Appeals Court Hears Proof Of Citizenship Law That Kobach Touted

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A federal appeals court will hear arguments Monday over the constitutionality of a struck-down Kansas statute that had required people to provide documents proving their U.S. citizenship before they could register to vote. In a case with national implications for voting rights, Kansas faces an uphill battle to resurrect the law once championed by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach , who led President Donald Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission. A three-jud...
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Ross Won’t Disclose What White House Convos He Had About Census Citizenship

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday declined to elaborate on what conversations he may have had with the White House about adding a Census citizenship question —  beyond detailing his previously-known spring 2017 phone call with then-Trump advisor Steve Bannon. House Oversight Democrats sought to grill Ross on any White House conversations, given that his testimony in front of Congress last year suggested he had none. At Thursday’s hearing, Ross said that any hypothetical White House d...
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Ross Denies He Wanted Citizenship Question For Major Voting Rights Change

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denied that he sought to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census in order to change how congressional seats are allocated across the country. Back in mid-2017, then-Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach pitched Ross on adding a citizenship question and a legal status question, so that the count for congressional apportionment would not include certain immigrants. “I have no control over what Kris Kobach or anyone else puts in an email to me,” Ross said, re...
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Voting Rights: House Dems To Seek Answers From Ross On Census Citizenship Question

Another federal judge, this one in California, blocked the Trump administration’s move to add a citizenship question. The injunction handed down by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg Wednesday was broader than the one handed down by a judge in New York earlier this year; Seeborg banned a citizenship question from being added to the census for any reason because it would harm the survey’s accuracy. Whether the question is removed will ultimately be up to the Supreme Court, which has scheduled ar...
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Voting Rights: Texas Officials Face Growing Scrutiny Over List Of Alleged Voter Fraudsters

As the lawsuits against Texas mount for its sloppy handling of a list of 58,000 alleged noncitizen voters, the elections official responsible for putting together the error-ridden list faced a rough confirmation hearing Thursday. David Whitley, who was selected to be Texas Secretary of State, will likely need Democratic votes to be confirmed in the state, which requires a two thirds majority in the state senate. Whitley struggled to answer questions about the accuracy of the list and and the met...
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Voting Rights: Trump DOJ Takes New Position On Oversight Of Texas’ Voting Rules

Texas state officials’ claims that nearly 100,000 noncitizens may have been registered to vote in the state are falling apart, and concerns raised about the state’s methodology have turned out to be valid. After the secretary of state advised county election officials to vet a list of 95,000 alleged noncitizen voters, county after county has found hundreds of duplicates and thousands of people on the list who are actually citizens. One was a naturalized El Paso County elections staffer. While th...
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Judge: Kansas’ Largest County Violated Law By Not Specifying Rejected Ballots

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — A judge has ruled that election officials in Kansas’ largest county violated open records law by refusing to provide names of hundreds of people whose provisional ballots were not counted in last August’s primary. Davis Hammet, president of Loud Light, asked for the names of 898 people whose ballots were thrown out and for justification on why they didn’t count. Johnson County election commissioner Ronnie Metsker rejected Hammet’s request, prompting the American Civi...
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Kansas AG: Sanctions against Kobach settled in voting suit

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas’ attorney general says his office has negotiated an agreement for the secretary of state’s office to pay $20,000 over former Secretary Kris Kobach’s conduct in a federal voting-rights lawsuit. Attorney General Derek Schmidt said Tuesday that the payment will offset attorney fees and expenses incurred by the American Civil Liberties […]
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Kobach Used State’s Money For Court-Ordered Legal Education Course

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach didn’t open his own wallet to  pay for six hours of legal education a federal judge ordered he take due to his “repeated and flagrant violations of discovery and disclosure rules.” Instead, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported Tuesday, Kobach used state funds. A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office confirmed that it paid $359 for an audio version of the legal education course, according to the report. U.S. District Judge Julie Robins...
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Kobach says he’s seriously considering US Senate bid in 2020

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is considering running for the U.S. Senate in 2020. He told The Associated Press on Friday: “I am seriously considering it.” Four-term Republican Sen. Pat Roberts announced earlier this month that he would not seek re-election. Kobach said he does not have a timetable […]
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Kobach’s defeat puts future of voter database in doubt

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — The future of a much-criticized database that checks if voters are illegally registered in multiple states is up in the air after its patron, Kris Kobach, lost the Kansas race for governor and is out of elected office. A spokeswoman for Kobach’s successor as Kansas secretary of state said Friday the […]
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2018 Golden Dukes Winners Announced!

TPM is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th Annual Golden Dukes Awards, which honor the public figures who managed the most corruption, made the craziest comments, and carried out the most craven deeds, all in the spirit of former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the father of the modern political scandal. Our fantastic and witty judges — Jason Linkins, Susie Bright, Erin Ryan, Krang Nelson and Simon Maloy — sifted through all 35 nominees in 7 categories to choose the winners. You can cli...
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The 2018 Golden Dukes Awards Nominees Are Here!

When it comes to scandals, 2018 was a doozy. Between the expansive Russia probe, the near-constant cabinet secretary snafus, and a wild midterm election, it’s hard to keep track of all the muck. And so, as we do every year, we’ve rounded up some of the best instances of corruption, stupidity and craziness for the 12th Annual Golden Duke Awards! The awards are named after former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, as Josh recounted last week. Duke Cunningham revolutionized corruption in his time, an...
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Longtime Dem SOS Hangs On In NH After Backing Trump Voter Fraud Push

A powerful fixture in New Hampshire politics has barely hung on for yet another term in office, surviving fury from his own party for supporting President Trump’s notorious voter fraud commission. New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (D) held off former gubernatorial Colin Van Ostern (D) by a 209 to 205 vote from the combined state house and senate, narrowly winning a 22nd two-year term after a wild floor fight. A second round of voting had to be held after Gardner led by 208 to 207 v...
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We’re Suing the Florida Governor. He Should Not Oversee His Own Election.

A growing number of government officials are misusing their office in egregious ways to try to tilt the electoral playing field in their favor.
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A Blue Wave in Kansas? Don’t Be So Surprised

If the Electoral College is the barometer, this state is deep red. But it’s the only one that has elected three female Democratic governors.
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Kobach Loss Result Of Poor Fundraising, No Campaign: ‘For The Best That He Didn’t Win’

While Kansas Secretary of State would like to blame “God’s will” for his surprising loss to the Democratic candidate in his gubernatorial bid this week, state Republican strategists and people who worked for his primary challenger Gov. Jeff Colyer’s campaign say the fault is more tangible than divine intervention. According to a new report from the Kansas City Star, Kobach was completely uninterested in campaigning and spent more time talking to the media than convincing constituents why they...
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Good News: Democracy Has a Pulse

It will take at least one more election cycle, but the enemies of progress are headed back to history’s basement.
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This Is Us, Halfway Whole

It will take at least one more election cycle, but the enemies of progress are headed back to history’s basement. And democracy has a pulse.
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After Kansas loss, Kobach could join Trump administration

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kris Kobach rode his national reputation as an advocate for tough immigration and voting rules to a job atop President Donald Trump’s short-lived election-fraud commission. But Kansas voters rejected his no-apologies conservatism in this week’s election for governor. Now the Republican’s hard-line, in-your-face approach could help him land his next political […]
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Who Owns the Supreme Court?

The Trump administration is treating it like a wholly owned subsidiary.
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Added Democratic ranks pose threat to Trump governing agenda

By STEVE PEOPLES and JILL COLVIN WASHINGTON — Democrats have regained control of the House from President Donald Trump’s Republican Party in the midterm elections , powered by a suburban revolt that has threatened what’s left of the president’s governing agenda. But the GOP added to its Senate edge and prevailed in some key races for governor Tuesday, beating back the potential of big Democratic gains across the board. The “blue wave” that some had feared from Election Day never fully materializ...
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Democrats seize House while GOP holds Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats seized the House majority from President Donald Trump's Republican Party on Tuesday in a suburban revolt that threatened what's left of the president's governing agenda. But the GOP gained ground in the Senate and preserved key governorships, beating back a "blue wave" that never fully materialized.The mixed verdict in the first nationwide election of Trump's young presidency underscored the limits of his hardline immigration rhetoric in America's ...
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Democrats Oust Walker in Wisconsin and Kobach in Kansas but Fall Short in Florida and Ohio

Overall the Democrats reclaimed six governor’s seats from the G.O.P. including pickups in Michigan and Illinois.
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Republicans Hold Governor’s Posts in Florida and Ohio, but Kobach Loses in Kansas

Ron DeSantis held off a historic bid by Andrew Gillum in Florida, while the Democrat Laura Kelly surprised with a win in Kansas, a heavily conservative state.
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Laura Kelly, a Kansas Democrat, Tops Kobach in Governor’s Race

Ms. Kelly relentlessly tied her opponent, Kris Kobach, to former Gov. Sam Brownback, whose socially conservative policies became very unpopular.
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Democrat Laura Kelly Beats Kobach In Nail-Baiter Race For Kansas Governor

In a resounding victory for advocates of immigration reform and voting rights, Democrat Laura Kelly defeated Kris Kobach in the race to be the next governor of Kansas Tuesday night. NBC News and CNN called the race for Kelly shortly after 10 p.m. ET. The popular state senator defeated the hardline conservative secretary of state and Independent Greg Orman in a nail-biter of a three-way race. The Sunflower State’s gubernatorial contest was one of the nation’s most closely watched. Kelly’s vict...
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Big Result: Kobach Goes Down

Kobach seems to have gone down to defeat in Kansas. Big big deal. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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Monday US briefing: Trump v Obama, Iran sanctions and Kris Kobach

Rouhani says new US sanctions put Iran in ‘war situation’ ... Kobach took donations from white nationalist sympathisers ... Xi Jinping promises greater openness amid US-China trade warGood morning, I’m Tim Walker with today’s headlines. If you’d like to receive this briefing by email, sign up here. Continue reading...
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Kobach hits Democrats on immigration in Missouri GOP rally

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas Republican Kris Kobach is accusing Democrats of suffering from “open borders psychosis” on illegal immigration in appearing at a rally meant to boost his campaign for governor and GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley in Missouri.’ Kobach is the Kansas secretary of state and spoke at a Friday rally in […]
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