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Forma Trouble with cbz files

Hi there, I recently bought the Kobo Forma so I could save space from manga/comics. I've been trying to import a .cbz file from Calibre to my Forma and there doesn't seem to be any errors until I eject the Forma. It will show a loading screen that reads "importing content", it will jump to 6% and then it seems to crash and go to the home screen. When I try to find the manga in my library it isn't there, only my one .epub book I imported to see if the problem was with importing. I've tried dele...
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What cover do you recommend for my new Forma?

My dear mom just gifted me with a Forma. (It's still not in my hands.) This will be my first ereader ever. What cover/case do you recommend? I see some cases with origami folding, which, I believe, lets you put it on a table in either portrait or landscape orientation, hands-free. What I want in a case, firstly, is that it protects the screen when it's in my backpack/bag. I don't know how important the awake/sleep mode of the original Kobo-branded cover is for me, as I've never had one. :)...
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Kobo Aura One Collections

Hi, this is my first post so apologies for any mistakes or lack of protocol etc. I have about a hundred books on my Aura One of which 60 are a collection of George Simenon's Maigret books. I would like to know if there is any way that I can hide them from my general book list and only "see" them when I click on the Maigret Collection. When I go to My Books they are all there mixed in with all my other books and, as I am about to load another 50 books (non-Maigret) before I set off on my travels...
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Aura H2O Screen somehow got broken? Need guidance fixing it!

Hey everyone! A sad thing happened yesterday: I was turning my Kobo Aura H2O on - everything seemed fine, the display seemed okay - and then the screen split! A big white strip separated the screen: the bottom half worked fine while the top half is frozen as if the screen was powered off or asleep. I went to the FNAC Clinic today, hoping for a fix, but I was told that there was nothing they could do; not only would the fix imply a new Kobo H2O - which they don't have anymore, it was discontinu...
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Glo Kobo Glo N613 - Faulty battery symptoms and battery retrofit/replacement

Hello all, I have been a kobo glo user for about 5 years and have been happy with it. So recently I bought a second hand kobo glo for my wife on ebay, which according the dishonest seller was "working perfectly". Once I received the item I charged it for a few hours and began the syncing or updating to the latest firmware. I first tried updating it using wireless, however, whether it was connected to power or not, it would soon freeze, say at 10% of downloading, and would not turn back on unl...
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"Previous location" gone after update?

Hi, I was wondering if I can get back to previous page after I click on footnote for example, that takes me to end of the book, and then back to previous page? After last update instead of "previous location", now its "home" and obviously it takes me to the je home page witch is annoying. Any way to fix this?
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WiFi off slows down getting back to home screen

I have the wifi off most of the time, and kind of didnt notice any difference in performance for quite long time.Up untill yesterday. With wifi off, getting back from a book/comic takes about 3-5 seconds, but when turning wifi on and the reader does its sync(automatic sync is off), returning to home screen is instant.Even if i turn off wifi after the sync, it continues to be instant for few more hours, and then it slows down again(i suppose when its time to sync again but no connection is avail...
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One-Click Benchmark (for flash/mmc/sdcards)

Hi, 'ocbench' benchmarks the internal flashrom/sd card/mmc or the external sd card if one is present and writes the results to a file on your KOBOeReader partition or sdcard. please share your results in this thread :2thumbsup benchmarking device: 1. download or copy the KoboRoot.tgz onto the KOBOeReader/.kobo folder. 2. unplug the device and allow it to update and reboot. !IMPORTANT!: after the device reboots the benchmark will start. the root partition is made read-only during benchmarki...
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Aura ONE Kobo Aura One sluggishness fixed

Sharing my fix for the benefit of other users: I've had a Kobo Aura One since several months after they were first released. Very happy with it in the beginning. UI responsiveness was a reasonable (not "laptop fast", but under a second in most cases for the interface, and usually less for page turns - not bad for what I regarded as an embedded system similar to an MP3 player). I almost always use it with WiFi turned off for more battery length, turning it on only for purchasing new books (and...
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N905 Original (Touch)

With the recent FW 4.12.12111 (End 2018) on the N905 there seems little point to the Home button. Can it do "Next Page" instead somehow? I take it there is no "sleep cover" mode, only the power slide sleeps or powers off? P.S. The added line in the conf file for landsscape does work.
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Sakkal Kitab font(arabic font)

Hi! I'm using a Kobo forma device, but lately I noticed a very nice font on my girlfriends kindle paperwhite, which is called Sakkal Kitab (Sakkal book). I have search a lot but unfortunately couldn't find the font on internet. Is there a way to extract this font from the kindle device? Appreciate any help
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Aura H2O My battery is draining way too fast

Hey folks, So, I've got the latest o-t-a firmware release (12.12.12111) and lately I've been seeing odd things. To be perfectly honest, it might just be because my reader is old-ish. I got my H2O back in April 2015 to replace a busted Aura HD. In that time my Kobo has been well-used, to say the least. But today, for example... I left the H2O plugged in all weekend (not a normal occurence, but I was busy doing other things.) I took it with me on my morning commute and by the time I reached wor...
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how much snappier/faster is Forma vs 1st Aura H2O?

How much snappier is the forma vs aura h2o gen1? I ask because I have some hands-on time with a gen1 aura h2o, and it feels a bit slow during page turns
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Kobo Aura Two?

Is it crazy to be waiting for a Kobo Aura Two, or Kobo Aura One 2?
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Aura H2O Calibre failed to load complete book onto reader

I just ran into a problem for the first time. I successfully downloaded a book onto Calibre. The book has 402 pages. I can open up and read the complete book in Calibre. The problem occurred when I transferred the book from Calibre onto my Kobo Aura H2o reader. Only the first 72 pages of the book transferred. I have completely removed and re-added the book. I have done a reboot of the reader. This is the first time this has happened. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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kobo aura dictionary

hello. im typing this on my phone and i am old so neednto be brief. some books dont let me access the dictionary. i do have several formats though. mobi, pdf, epub. does th3 format matter. also, what is th3 best format for kobo. thankyou
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Clara HD Protective film

Hi, did anybody try to remove a protective film (not the one that comes with the device, but one purchased separately and applied later to protect the touch screen) from the screen yet? I don't have any issues removing film or glass from cell phones, but considering the frame surrounding the touch screen on e-reader and considering how fragile the e-ink screen is, I am not sure it's gonna be easy removing a thin film from there. Any experiences with this, pls? Thanks in advance :) PH
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Change country for Kobo reader

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well :) I recently got a Kobo Clara HD bought in Australia. I am originally from Italy and wanted to buy a couple of books in italian, but it looks like I can't: at the moment of check out it says the books are not available if bought from Australia. Any idea how to fix this? Any account setting I can change? Thank you in advance for your help. Andrea
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Aura H2O strange issues

I have a aura H20 that did some strange things. It stopped responding and is now stuck on a screen that says "water on your screen" and there is no response by touch or anything else. it restarts, but does not charge. works pluged in but not recognised by windows. I added an upgrade to the .kobo dic and plugged card back in to kobo. turned it on and it did the upgrade but its still stuck on the water screen. Does this need new image or is the screen shot? This is a new screen. Ideas?
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CBZ Images Auto Rotating

I am using CBZ for my manga on my Kobo Forma. For the dual page spreads I have the two pages combined and rotated 90 degrees followed by the two pages normally. When I view the image on my PC the two page spread is correct and is sideways. I zip the folder contents and rename it to .CBZ and put it in my Calibre library and sync to my Kobo Forma. I do not have the images going through and utility to make the CBZ file and Calibre is not converting the format. When I get to the two page spread on...
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Kobo Forma. Does its screen update after dictionary use?

I own Kindle Paperwhite 1. It's set to update screen on every page turn, but when I use dictionary, only part of the screen that was covered by dictionary popup gets updated and remaining text is slightly faded. I read in tiny and thin font, and it bugs me a lot. Does Kobo Forma have the same problem?
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What's the problem with sharing kobo image files ?

Hi, What's the problem with sharing kobo image files ? afaict everything except Nickel is free software and Nickel is in the update files anyway. What am i missing here ?
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Aura Lots of ghosting text after only 10 page turns

Hi, i get excessive ghosting after only 10 page turns. I have my kobo aura set to refresh the whole page after only 4 turns, but i've seen some posts of people going all the way up to 99 page turns without problems. Could this be a faulty screen? or maybe i'm missing some specific config parameter to achieve those 99 page turn (i'm happy with less than that hehehe) I'm attaching some sample pictures i took of my reader after 1 and 10 page turns, for comparison. This happens with an without t...
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Does kobo clara support host usb in hardware?

Hi, I am investigating if the clara can support host usb. It supports client usb well. The kernel appears to have all the necessary software configured in. However there is no voltage being output from the OTG cable, and there are several "dummy regulator" usb messages being emitted by dmesg at boot. I am assuming that host OTG USB is not possible due to hardware limitations. However my hardware might be faulty...
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How to let websites identify kobo browser as "mobile" instead of "PC"?

eg, when i open with the build-in browser, it only shows a PC version of the webpage, no matter how i zoom in/out it. And sadly the url of both the mobile and pc version of are indentical. So, are there any ways to change the UA of the browser, so the servers would identify it as a mobile phone?
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Kobo Discontinues Support for Older Kobos

I just received this notice on Feb 28. I'm annoyed, not that they are discontinuing support but that they didn't bother to give any warning so that I could download stuff to this older ereader before being cut off. We have important news for you regarding your Kobo Wireless eReader. Part of our commitment to providing the best possible reading experience means keeping up with the latest advances in eReader technology and internet security protocols. With this in mind, we will need to discontin...
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Does Forma become slower in managing its stored library with more ePubs in storage

I'm considering getting a Kobo Forma, maybe just the smaller, 8GB version. Can anyone tell me if managing your libary of books on your internal storage slows down the more ePubs you have? What, for instance, is the difference in speed, when viewing your library, between having 100 ePubs (let's say it's 100MB) versus 8,000 (let's say that's maxing out the 8GM storage)?
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I’m tired of the weight that my case is adding to my KA1. It’s a super light case too. I’m thinking of just using a sleeve for storage and using a pop-socket on the back for one handed reading. Anyone do this successfully before?
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Aura Edition 2 Question

I have a KA1 which I love but my 8 year old son has hi-jacked it. I have the opportunity to buy a used (used only once) Aura Edition 2 for him for $70 CAD ( has them for $129.99 CAD). This will connect to overdrive via WiFi right? Any reason why I would not want to pick this up for him? I’ve not owned this version before. I went from the Touch to the Glow to the KA1 so I know nothing about the Aura Edition 2.
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Shopping again

As usual as older devices die or get shuffled around Im now looking for a new reader. Currently have an Aura One and a Glo. Both are getting handed down to other readers in the family and I will be getting one for myself. I notice there is both an Auora One Limited edition now as well as the Forma. My only concern is the larger screen size. When you are approaching the size of an Ipad then I end up lugging around more devices and cables that I care to. No not debating tablets vs readers. I muc...
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