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Forma On-Screen Keyboard Leaves Used Keys Highlighted

Both our Formas are now leaving the keys on the on-screen keyboard highlighted after typing on them. I'm pretty sure this wasn't happening a couple of days ago. Is anyone else seeing this? I'd think it happened with a firmware update. But, according to Settings > Device Information, the Software Version is 4.26.16704 and is dated back in February. Could this be simply ghosting? Both our keyboards are set to refresh the screen every chapter. But, I don't know if changing that would help wi...
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Forma Logged Out of Overdrive, Wouldn't Log Back On

Just passing this on for anyone else running into it. My wife went to search OverDrive on her new Forma for a book to read and it wouldn't give her the option. Checking Settings > OverDrive, we found that it had logged her out. When we tried to log her back in to OverDrive, it refused. It just kept cycling back to the OverDrive login screen. She could get to the library's Libby stuff just fine. But, the Forma just refused to let her sign in. Searching around here, it looked like the only ...
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How get Warranty service for Kobo Clara HD

Bought Kobo Clara HD on 4/21/21. Item is now completely unresponsive to power button or charging. Their US Warranty document lists to request warranty service from. Attempting to connect to this site always returns Quote: Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at As other kobo sites are freely available I'm wondering if there is a mispr...
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Clara HD Upgrading SD Card Memory Issues

I'm trying to replace the 8GB SD Card in my Clara with a SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD Card. Opening up the Clara and swapping cards was easy, but I've run into two issues that I'm sure somebody has already encountered before, but my searching so far hasn't revealed the magical forum post. I'm using a Mac. Yes, I know many of you will say, "Ah, I see what your problem is." Haha in advance. I used "dd if=/dev/diskx of=copy-image-on-harddrive.dmg" to clone the Clara SD card. Then I used "dd if=copy-im...
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Glo HD Kobo Glo HD Image File needed

Trying to extend my Glo HD memory I accidentally erased the original SD card. Is it possible to find somewhere a disk image for my Kobo Glo HD? Thank you very much
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Kobo Clara HD stuck in "restoring" loop

I have a Kobo Clara HD stuck in a "restoring" loop. I tried to do a hard reset (after charging for 2 hours) and no luck. I also tried the "MICRO SD CARD FIRMWARE FIX" from this thread and using the latest Kobo Mark 7 firmware from the MobileRead wiki and no dice, same "restoring" loop. If a kind soul could share an sdcard image from a Kobo Clara HD so I could reimage the entire card, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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The Elipsa has shipped

I just received shipment notification from Kobo. This is a nice surprise! :yahoo:
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Clara HD $25 off

In Canada at least the Clara is on sale for $125. See Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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Forma Would you still buy a Forma?

Hi, I have a Kobo Libra H20. I love e-reading now. I was thinking of getting a Forma, a bigger screen and flush bezels but an older machine and more expensive. (I have seen it for £199) Should I wait for an updated Forma?
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Forma Kobo sometimes freezes while reading

I have a recurring problem with my device. I actually used to have the same problem with my Nook, so I doubt it's Kobo-specific. The software version is 4.19.14123 (bf36b8c11a, 12/10/19) which is a bit older than I expected. (I updated Kobo, but it turns out I only updated Kobo Desktop.) I doubt the software version is the issue, due to running into the same problem with two separate Nooks. (But if that's the case, how do I update? The wi-fi is always off to conserve power.) While reading any ...
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Problems on detecting Kobo Libra H20 on Macbook pro 2020

Hi you all, I have already called the assistance number of Kobo, and Apple too - and they suggest me to call the other part, obviously. Then this is a desperate test to see if someone else solved in another way my problem. I have bought a Macbook pro 2020. And I recently bought also a Libra H20. With an adaptors, I am able to charge the Kobo but not to "see it" as device, in any way possible. I changed several adaptors but none of them made my Kobo be detected. I tried to download Kobo App. ...
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Mini Kobo Mini best Hack/Mod

Hi all, I'm new of the forum and I hope this is the right section. I have a Kobo mini and I want to know the best mod/hack I can find for this device. (I sow the kobo-nightmode searching on internet). The most important thing for me is "speed". I want a decent expirience when I use my e-reader. Thank you and sorry for my english; I'm not a native speaker :thanks:
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clara hd plantée

Bonjour! Après une réinitialisation de ma kobo clara hd j'ai tenté de réinstaller ksm et koreader mais lécran reste blanc en permanence. j'ai alors retiré la micro sd por la lire directement dans mon ordinateur et tenter de désinstaller manuennement. Mais sans résultat. Je pense que le contenu du dossier KOBOeReader/.kobo est corrompu ou qu'un fichier ou dossier a été effacé par erreur. avant, j'avais plusieurs fois installé et désinstalle ksm ou kfmon. c'est la première fois que ça rate. L...
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In praise of Kobo

Odd little thread, but the folks in my life would probably just wonder when I'm going to stop rattling on about ereaders :rolleyes: I recently made the switch from Kindle Oasis to Kobo Forma, and I am blown away by how brilliant the Forma is! It links to my book club account at a local book retailer, I can use Overdrive and Pocket, it reads so many more formats without needing to convert them first (so now I only need to convert books from Amazon, not everywhere-but-Amazon!), it automatically so...
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Forma Does the Forma Automatically Do Hyphens?

Since I just came from a Kindle, I've been using the Hyphenate This! plugin to get hyphens in my AZW3 books. I see that the KoboTouchExtended (KTE) driver also has an option to Hyphenate Files. Before I look into disabling Hyphenate This and enabling the KTE version, does the Forma, itself, automatically do its own hyphenating? Or, is one of these tools needed?
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(Libra/Clara) Basic touchscreen question

I'm looking to get a new eReader and currently the two main contenders are the Libra H20 or Clara HD. I'm not entirely set on this and I might make a post in the 'Which one should I buy?' forum at some point, but anyways, I have a pretty basic question about these Kobos. The Libra's on sale right now, and I need some way to keep myself occupied during an upcoming family road trip, so this seems like a good time to ask. I feel like I might already know the answer, but I want to make sure, since...
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Kobo & planned obsolescence

Hi all, I have a Kobo Mini which I always used with great pleasure. It's an awesome little device with great battery life that I bring and use wherever I go. Recently however I got a good deal on a Kobo Aura, which means I could give the Mini to my mom as her first e-reader. I gave it a factory reset (restore to initial settings from the menu), and that is when the problems started... Even though I have always kept the firmware up-to-date (including this mandatory update in February 2019), the...
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Forma Any Way to Make "List" View an Actual List?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask (just to be sure). My Forma can show my books in either List View or Cover View. Cover View is pretty much as expected. But, List View is giving me issues: 1. It still shows the cover. It's a small thumbnail, so it's not really a space problem width-wise. But, height-wise, it really restricts how many books can be "listed" on the page. Also, it's too small for my old eyes to really see. 2. The right half (almost) of the li...
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Glo HD fails to resume intermittently

Hi! I stil have my Kobo Glo HD (on which I tested, coded and deployed wallabako, for those who know about that project ;), but it's showing signs of age. The device is now about 6 years old, if my count is right, and while that's a respectable age for a computing device, I still have high hopes that I can keep using it for another 6. ;) The problem I'm having is that it seems to have trouble returning from sleep. At first, I couldn't quite figure out what the problem was: it would just seem to...
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Kobo Libra H2O on sale in US ($20 off)

The Kobo Libra H2O is currently on sale for $20 off in the Kobo store as well as at several other retailers I saw (Walmart, Amazon). I'm in the US so I don't know if it's on sale in other territories.
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Exporting list of authors from KoboReader.sqlite

What's the easiest way to do this? I have ~ 2000 books on my device, would like to get a list of all authors.
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Desktop App Where are Kobo books on my PC ?

Sorry for a very basic question. I am expecting the delivery or my first reader, a Kobo Libra H2O. I have downloaded the Kobo Desktop program on my PC, created a Kobo account, "bought" a free Kobo book, and started kicking the tyres to get a feel of the environment. I'm able to read this book on my PC, through Kobo Desktop. However, I don't understand where it is. Am I reading it online, on Kobo's site ? Can I download it on my PC ? I have searched for the relevant epub file on my computer,...
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Clara HD Does the new Clara HD have a MicroSD card slot?

I am thinking about getting a Clara HD to put some Manga books in it. Don't think 8GB memory would be enough. But I've heard that Rakuten "put a stop to its expandable memory hence there is no Micro SD slot on the Clara HD." I am not sure if he means the inside card slot or not. Can anyone who bought a Clara HD recently confirm this? Thanks.
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After trying my luck by buying another $50 gift card to see if I got another 1000 bonus points (I didn't), I decided to to check with Kobo support to get clarity on why not. I waded through the help menu and after exhausting the usual obfuscatory options, I was STUNNED to discover that there's a listing of ACTUAL PHONE NUMBERS TO CALL!:eek::eek: Clearing up my issue by talking with someone was almost worth the disappointment of not getting a "free" 1000 points. Here are the Anglophone countri...
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Search for a word in library

Hi all. I'm a new user of Forma, have a noob question. How can I search for a word across all the books in my library? My books are sideloaded through calibre. On Oasis, after it finishes indexing new books, I can search from home page for a word and it will show the books that contain it. On Forma the same search only shows books where the word is in the name of the book. But it doesn't search inside the books. For example, I search for "baseball", I only get the list of books with names cont...
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Firmware 4.28.17623

Firmware 4.28.17623 has been released. Automatically posted by kfwproxy.
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OverDrive on Kobo: Any Way to Filter Genres/Recents?

I must be missing something regarding using OverDrive on my Kobo Forma. I can get it to show my Holds, so borrowing an already found book is no problem. But, I can't seem to find any way to find OverDrive books of a particular genre that are new (perhaps a week) to the library. I guess I'm used to browsing my library's new books of the genres I'm interested in on Libby. On my Forma, if I go to Discover > OverDrive, I see "Your Holds," "Just Added eBooks" (which appears to be all ebooks added...
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Libra Two Font Settings (by language)

So, the only thing I don't like about my new Kobo Libra H2O is there are no font size presets to switch between, like my old paperwhite. I read in English and Japanese on my ereader, and I need the Japanese font size to be a lot bigger than the English font size, but would rather prefer them to be uniform between all Japanese books and all English books... Any ideas on how I can do this? I wouldn't mind if there was a number value for size, but it doesn't seem like there is (e.g. just remember...
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Request Swedish-English dictionary

Hello everyone! Has anyone succeded with an Swedish-English dictionary on Kobo? I've tried a few times to convert a Stardict formatted dictionary with Penelope, no luck there. The Swedish dictionary in the Mobileread dictionary thread is in fact German, no luck there either.:help:
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Touch Reading books on Micro SD card

I've had my Kobo Touch for years and I recently wanted for the first time to read books on a Micro SD card. I copied a set of non-DRM books from my laptop and checked the card was okay with them. Then I turned off my Touch, inserted the card and turned it on. But there seemed to be no way to access the card. I chatted with Kobo Help and they told me "ok, but ashamedly the eReader can only read books added with the kobo store or ADE, not books directly added to the SD card" and "ok, then I do s...
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