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Leftover files after delete

What files are left after an eBook is deleted using the delete function on the Kobo? I know Kindles can end up with a lot of files and directories left over. I'm hoping Kobo doesn't do something similar.
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Page Slider jumps around when I try and drag to a location in a kepub.

Kepub was created with KoboTouchExtended. When I invoke the page slider navigation interface, I can drag the slider to the right, say, but it won't remain where I release my finger, it jumps back to the left. It seems this only happens on this one kepub — how best to troubleshoot this behaviour?
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Firmware 4.24.15672

Firmware 4.24.15672 has been released. Automatically posted by kfwproxy.
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Why can't I annotate books I load via Calibre?

Hi all, I'm coming up short in trying to self-diagnose this problem: annotations and notes for any book that I load to my device via Calibre will not save. I can highlight text and create notes (i.e. the device appears to allow me to go through the motions of creating highlights/annotations), but when I go to view the annotations from the device, there's nothing there. If I go back to a page I've created a highlight on, *most* of the time the highlight is gone, although it looks like highlight...
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Clara HD "Hidden" feature I was not aware of

Coincidentally I found a "new" feature, which I seemed to have overlooked for a long time. It is nowhere described, so I might have an excuse. On my Home-screen, I was always surprised to find some random set of collections (screen middle, right side). I discovered that you can actually choose yourself which collection is displayed. Go to TAB My Books, TAB Collections, and choose some collection to your liking, return to your Home-screen via TAB Home and presto, the chosen collection is now v...
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Clara HD Unknown Homescreen symbol

I recently used the online Kobo Manual pages and encountered some, to me, unknown "bell" symbol. It does not appear on my Kobo Clara, so can anybody enlight me? Attached Thumbnails  
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Transferring books from Kobo Aura H2O to Kobo Libra H20

I currently have a Kobo Aura H20. The charging port is being temperamental so I am considering buying the Kobo Libra H2O just to stop my fustrations. I use Calibre to transfer and organise my books on my reader. Is there a way that I can transfer everything that is already set up on my current ereader to the new one? I'm wanting to ideally transfer not only the books, but their collection details, whether they're read/unread, reading statistics etc. Basically, I'm hoping to "pick up where I ...
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Clara HD Logo Fnac (encore!)

Bonjour à tout le monde, Je reprends ici un thème déjà souvent abordé dans le passé et je m'en excuse. C'est l'horrible Logo Fnac! Comme beaucoup d'autres je l'ai éliminé enchangeant l'affiliation de mon Kobo en remplaçant "Fnac" par "Kobo" dans le menu "affiliate.conf". Avant de quitter le menu, je fais "sauvegarder" la modification dans (l'application que j'utilise sur mon Mac pour modifier l'affiliation). Mais voilà, souvent après avoir laissé mon Kobo sans m'en servir pendant un...
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Libra H20 - Questions

I am still pretty new to e-readers, having only fairly recently (2 years actually, time flies) bought my first Kindle Paperwhite 4, which unfortunately I hate reading from unless using fairly bright background light, I blame this mainly on the flush glass? covered screen, as my partner has a Paperwhite 3 which is magnitudes better in dim light and also has a nicer warm backlight vs the cold and bluish PW4. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Kobo but have a few questions I would love some of...
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Libra H2O - Questions

I am still pretty new to e-readers, having only fairly recently (2 years actually, time flies) bought my first Kindle Paperwhite 4, which unfortunately I hate reading from unless using fairly bright background light, I blame this mainly on the flush glass? covered screen, as my partner has a Paperwhite 3 which is magnitudes better in dim light and also has a nicer warm backlight vs the cold and bluish PW4. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Kobo but have a few questions I would love some o...
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Aura HD Kobo sometimes stops saving reading position

When going back to the main menu after reading, sometimes my Kobo Aura HD (unmodded) fails to save the current reading position. When it happens, it seems to happen for every book. Rebooting the Kobo always fixes the issue. I've noticed this more and more recently, although I'm not sure if it's the recent firmware updates or the age of my Kobo. I had Windows run an error check on the drive but it came up clean. Does anybody else have this issue, or any solutions to it? :thanks:
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Clara HD Camping/outdoor usage and cold

Morning all. Reporting to you from a break in my camping trip, where I've had really crazy experiences with my Clara. I've had it about a year, love the thing, and at home it maintains an insane charge forever (I keep light on at 2% for reading at night in the dark). I recently charged it to 100%, then took it camping. Temps dropped to 45 - turned it on to read (it was in my bag, in a pouch) and it was at 3%, and the time was totally off! I then read a little inside the sleeping bag, it war...
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Kobo Plus

Has anyone tried to get Kobo Plus from outside canada?
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I need a Kobo Nia SD image

Hi everybody! I just wiped my Kobo Nia internal sd card because i'm an idiot. I can't find an image anywhere, could please somebody send me one? Thanks. fml
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It's funny, cos it's true

Twice this week I've had ABYSMAL service from the Kobo Store CS team - and I use that word avisedly, despite the fact that even on a GOOD day Kobo's CS only dreams of aspiring to mehdiocrity. Inaccurate, contradictory and plain WRONG responses, and in one case a CS rep who terminated the conversation before I had a chance to reply to a blatantly incorrect assertion he's just made. After two of such incidents, two days apart, it occurred to me that I had NOT received the "Kobo Customer Satisfact...
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Forma or Libra

So, my Kobo Aura One's screen just went bad yesterday. I've had it for 4 years and have loved it. I love the large screen size, especially. I am looking for a replacement and trying to decide on the Forma or the Libra. I see the Libra is newer and from what I can tell in the forum, perhaps slightly better quality. But, it would mean downgrading my screen size. I like the larger screen, because it gives more real estate for bumping up my font size so that I can read at night without my glasses...
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"Mirroring" the system on Kobo Clara

Hey, I just bought a Kobo Clara HD eReader from AliExpress, and they sent a defective device. Since the first time I turned it on it has problems. Most of the times it gets stuck in the process of turning on, and so i have to shut it down by pressing 10 sec on the power button, and try again. I got lucky a couple of times, but then i tried to update the firmware, and in the middle of copying the files from the PC, the device got disconnected (bcs it got stuck again), and since then I have even ...
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Upgrade to Libra

I've had my Kobo Glo original since 2012, and felt the time had come for an upgrade. I've pulled the trigger on a new Libra, should be picking it up tomorrow. Looking forward to having the night time orange light. Will be scouring the forum for the best add-ons available, I already use Calibre. 😊📖 Sent from my Power 3 using Tapatalk
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Can one disable the auto rotation on Kobo Forma?

Hello all, is it possible to completely disable the auto rotation on the Forma? How? I know that one can disable landscape vs. portrait. But when I did that portrait still sometimes rotated upside down. I do not want ANY rotation after locking in portrait - can that be done? How? Thank you for any suggestions.
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Glo How to revive my 2014 Kobo Glo?

:(:(:( Trying my luck to see if anyone here knows how to revive my 2014 Kobo Glo.Last night (in the dark), I inadvertently pressed some buttons on the Glo and it went into RESET mode. (Doh!) It showed the "RESTORING..." message before ending up prompting me to plug in my Kobo Glo into the computer for setup. My USB port is dead so I can't plug in, so I turn to WIRELESS setup instead. (I mean it's dead for data connections but charging is fine.) Kobo Glo scans and finds my wifi. Kobo Glo connect...
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Calibre KoboShelves data not transferring to Kobo

I've just noticed that all the books I've sideloaded onto my Kobo over the last few weeks have come across without any collection settings attached to them. I always update the KoboShelves in Calibre before transferring, but none of these new books show as having any collections assigned to them once they land in Kobo. Calibre is 4.23, Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 has firmware 4.23.15548. The only thing that stands out to me as unusual is that I replaced my laptop in mid-August so it is a new instal...
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Libra Kepub fast page turn stuck?

I decided to start another re-read of Buss's translation of Monte Cristo. I bought it on my Kindle several years ago, and read the Calibre-converted kepub on my H2O2 without incident. Today, I decided to skip through the introduction, foreword etc, taking advantage of the kepub fast page turn. Except, it got stuck. The Libra raced through the book and did not respond to either screen touches or button presses. I only stopped it by pressing the power button. When I turned it back on, I found th...
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Libra Reading Life Activity Awards

I'm never going to get all 20 because I don't have a Facebook account, but two of the awards puzzle me: One says "login to your Kobo account, or create one", which seems odd given that if I weren't logged in to my account my purchased books would not be showing up. The other puzzle is the "witching hour" award. I never got this one on my H2O2 either, despite reading often between 23:30 and 01:30 - exactly when is the "award-winning" time?
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Manage Kobo reader without laptop???

Hi, guys. My iMac broke and l’m thinking on buying an iPad. But, what about my Kobo? Can I update the firmware? Can I manage the books? Can I manage it computer-less? I guess the answer is not, but I need your assistance. Thanks in advance.
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Wifi error with AH2O2 and Mini

I have recently been trying to connect to a wifi network that apparently uses something called PEAP and MSChapV2. I keep getting a message saying: Could not connect to "blah". Help!
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How to sync (2-way) annotations between computer and Kobo for DRM-protected ebooks

Like several students, I'm finding myself having to do online classes this year at university, and another side effect has been limited physical availability of required books or long delays for shipping from the academic bookstores. My books exist in DRM-protected epub or PDF format, which is great, since I try to limit my physical book collection these days anyways. I have a Kobo Glo HD and thought I could conveniently read and review my class readings on either my Kobo or computer (Mac) depe...
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Libra Am I allowed to do this?

I hope this isn't breaking any rules or social shibboleths, but I don't have either a complaint or a question. I don't want get into to trouble for deviating from the norm, but I just want to say, my brand new Libra ROCKS! :thumbsup::2thumbsup :D:D
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Aura CBR not recognized?

Hello, I got another question, folks in here are quite helpful so maybe you'll be able to sort this out for me. I got 3 Kobos at my home, a Mini, an Aura and an Aura One. I tried ultimate manga reader on the Aura One and some CBR for my daughter, it works perfectly fine. However, when I want to put the same CBR on the "normal" Aura (not One), some are recognized, other not. I can see them on the device (I see the files), but I don't see them in the library (or book browser or whatever it is call...
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What color is your Kobo Glo HD screen?

Hi! I have two Kobo Glo HD's and they're very different. One is very white and one is yellowish, as in the white one is 100% white (like really clean paper, almost RGB 255|255|255; and the other one, - slightly yellow, 249|248|236. Here's a picture comparing those two colors: I also asked my mom and dad to confirm that I'm not crazy and they said, indeed they're very different. Dad called it as "this one is LED, and this one is incandescent". So, which colour is your Kobo Glo HD? EDIT: (I didn...
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No new model in 2020?

We're in September and we only got the Nia... Is it a safe assumption that we're not getting a new model in 2020? I was waiting to change my Aura One, it looks like the Forma 2018 is the only option right? Thanks!
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