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Highlights from side loaded book

Kobo doesn't carry a bunch of theological books so if I bought a Kobo, I'd need to buy some from other sites and side-load them. Is there a way to get highlights off the kobo to copy and paste into writing projects? (google took me to, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore)
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How to prevent replacement of cover.jpg in kepubs when sending to Kobo e-reader?

Hi, I have pre-converted all my epubs to the kepub format with a small generated cover image, to prevent wasted space in my library. My hope was that when I would send the book from my calibre library to my device, this kepub file would simply be copied from my calibre library and renamed to kepub.epub. This does not appear to be the case because, if I add another cover in my calibre library after the conversion, this new cover is inserted into the kepub.epub file that is transferred to my Kobo...
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Windows won't recognize Kobo

I have a Kobo Aura. I cannot get it Windows to recognize my Kobo on either my laptop (Windows 10) or my husband's desktop (windows 7). The kobo knows when it is plugged in, I press "connect to computer" then I get an error message from Windows 10 telling me usb device not recognized , the last usb device I connected malfunctioned. It has worked in the past intermittently for me. What I've tried tonight: - tried multiple cables, including my husband's Kobo cable (his Kobo works fine BTW and is r...
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Clara HD Mediocre user experience with new Clara HD

Just got a Clara HD this week. Nice device: great size and weight, easy to setup, gorgeous screen, super easy to side-load all books from my Calibre library, and also love the Overdrive/library integration. But...I've noticed 2 significant issues impacting the usability. Lagging and slow performance on some operations. Example: you click a link to a distant location in a good-sized book like Shakespeare's complete works. Or open a good-sized book. It takes unacceptably long--sometimes 5 ...
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magnetic micro usb adapter charger

Has anyone outfitted their kobo's with a micro usb magnetic adapter charger? Since we're constantly plugging them in to charge or download books I would think this would save the micro usb port from wear. So does anyone recommend any particular ones? What's the difference between a gen2 and gen3 netdot 3rd generation etc... - I'm unfamiliar with the naming conventions - which one should a kobo use?
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Is it possible to have a pocket shorcut on the new home screen?

Hi, I find it extremely inconvenient to open pocket with the new home screen. You need to open the menu and then tap "my articles". So, is it possible to replace some parts of the home screen with a shortcut of pocket? e.g., when tapping "shop kobo" or "wishlist" on the bottome of the screen, it will jump to pocket articles.:help:
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All Books Flipped to Unread (Kobo H2O v2

Last night I went to My Books on my H2O v2 and all the books on it were now marked Unread even though there were probably 80 or 90 on it previously marked Read. Maybe it doesn't seem like a big thing but I know there are a lot of those books I won't necessarily remember reading and will have to start reading again to jog my memory. There are a couple hundred books on the Reader. Running latest firmware. At least 95% were from Kobo with the remainder sideloaded or from Google Play. Any though...
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Question about zoom mode?

I'm reading on CBZ format, then I pinch to do to the zoom mode. When I touch on the right side, it'll move to the next page. How can I do to move to the next part of the page, not next page?
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kobo not recognized

Hi, My Kobo Glo HD charges just fine over usb as do my other usb devices. However as of today, my kobo fails to be detected my Calibre. any suggestions?
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Aura E2 Kobo stuck on sleep screen

hello kobo users, I have a huge problem. I have my e2 left sleep mode for around 1-2 weeks. Now when i try to switch it on no response, tried charging with computer no response, tried wall charger for more than almost a day no response,tried hard reset no response. Not even the light ups. The last thing that I used was Koreader before it went to sleep. Both device and Koreader were up to date. Any suggestions?
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Aura ONE format on device

Hi, This is probably simple, but its been a couple of years and I had to reinstall windows and lost my setup. On the reader I see: Title series - series# Author By following I was able to add a new book and it went into the correct series (collection) However it appears as Title Author Been trying for ages making changes ejecting the device checking rinse and repeat, but cannot seem to get it to work Can someone please tell me the...
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Sleep timer like the ipod sleep timer

Please forgive me if this has been treated elsewhere, but I can't find it. Does anyone know if there is a sleep timer for the Kobo reader like the ipod sleep timer? I don't mean the timer that sets the reader to sleep after x numer of minutes not being used, rather, that it goes to sleep or shuts down after x number of minutes of actual reading. Does this make sense? On the ipod, for example, I can set it to shut down after x minutes of use. For the Kobo it would be great especially for those o...
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Does Kobo has Panel View?

Since I used Kindle Paperwhite, I really love the feature Panel View when reading a manga book. Does Kobo has a same feature like this when reading CBR/CBZ file?
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When I sideload books, I just drag and drop epub's or pdf's directly into the main directory - never use Calibre, never use adobe additions for sideloading. My sideloading way works fine but is that the way it's supposed to be done? or is it supposed to be dropped into another folder?
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USB C to reversible USB-Micro?

I know USB C is a reversible connector... but does anyone know of a USB C cable that has a reversible USB Micro? I'm trying to eliminate as many adapters as possible. Thanks! John
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Forma New Forma, a few questions

Just purchased a Forma and have a few technical questions about it. Firstly, in landscape mode, all touch buttons seem to not work correctly and are off. I saw someone post about it and was curious if a workaround existed or if I have to return the device. Secondly, I downloaded my own books onto the Forma and cannot seem to make bookmarks on them - am I missing something? Kobo support answered the above questions with Restart / Factory restore the device (which didn't work) and "only official ...
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Aura ONE Why Kobo does not give the possibility to enable a white text on black background?

Hi, My question is simple: it is Why and not How. I know there is some possibilities to have white text on black background. What I want is an official option, I mean a solution where you don't have to modify the code of the software...I am not a geek and I don't want to take any risk with my beloved e-book! I don't think it is a technical issue or a copywriter problem.
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Disable fast page flip

Can somebody remind me if there’s a way to disable fast page flip? I seem to remember reading about a config file option but I can’t find any mention of it. Thanks!
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Display double page for manga on Forma

Hi everyone. I have recently received my Kobo Forma 32gb and managed to get .cbr manga from some source. The quality is pretty good and I'm using Calibre to manage and convert my eBooks. I mostly read manga and I bought an ereader considering the save I could make on long term use. I'm satisfied for the moment but I have an issue, indeed as manga lover I love to spend time looking drawing and it is often than Mangakas draw on double page that you can easily read on a paper-based Manga. What's...
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Aura H2O2 Different times remaining?

I never rely on these estimates, but I often check them for my own amusement. The last dozen or so books I've read, the "Reading Stats" page has tended to grossly overestimate "time to go", commonly telling me I have 2 hours to go when I've reached 80% in 1 hour. With my current book, though, it's doing the opposite - telling me I have 1 hour to go when it's taken me 3.4 hours to get to 39% (that time count is accurate). This made me check the stats at the bottom of the current page, and they'...
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Read Pocket articles protected by Paywall?

Hello, I subscribe to several paid information sites, protected by paywall. I wish I could read these articles on my Kobo. Unfortunately, Pocket does not allow access to the articles protected by Paywall on my Kobo ... Would you have a solution? Thank you so much!
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Firmware feature that starts up in book?

I've had my Glo for quite some years now, since around early 2013, if I recall. But the lack of one feature that has always bugged me is that the device doesn't simply return to the page where you left off, in the book where you left off when you last shut the device down... Yes, I shut it down to save power and having to cycle the battery more often. This seems a rather obvious feature, or at least like it'd make a lovely option on startup. In fact, I think it may have been one of the firs...
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Forma Access Amazon store for Kobo Forma

I prefer the UI and features of Kobo rather than the Kindle. It seems more sensible/logical to me. So, I am about to buy the Forma . Unfortunately, the Kobo Store seems poor is some areas. For example, only 13 books by Andrew Wareham were listed at Kobo, whereas, there are 55 at Amazon, and of these the same 13 are about 40% cheaper. It is a similar story for books by Philip K Allan and by David Donachie. Of course, books by many authors would be equally available and similarly priced. It woul...
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Dictionary of foreign words

Hi folks, in my opinion the findings in the dictionaries installed in my Kobo Aura One are very poor. This is at least to say for what I get in German. I do not mean translations from one language to another - e.g. En-Ge - I mean findings related to the meaning of words one does not know (you put your finger on the unknown word and the Kobo software is searching in the installed pre-selected dictionary whether there is an explanation for the highlighted word. For most of the words to which I wo...
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Touch kobo firmware - best one?

Ok, I've been away for quite a while. I have been using Kobo firmware 3.11.0 (dec 16, 2014) for pretty much ever since I updated the kobo touch when I got it and never updated since. Haven't had much of any issues except once in a while the cover would get stuck on one title when reading other epubs (all have been sideloaded). Should I upgrade to the newest firmware? Are there particular firmware versions I should stay away from? What is the best (maybe most stable) firmware version? ...
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Aura One Special Edition - Green Light

Hey all, Long time lurker on the forums, lots of good details helping me decide on what readers to get. After using various Kindles for several years, I decided to give Kobo a try, and purchased a Aura One Special edition in December of 2017. I have enjoyed using it over the post year, although there were some small issues with screen uniformity, I was resigned that nothing was perfect. However, over the past few days the screen has been flickering, and now it has turned a solid green. Kobo sup...
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Glo HD problems with device

Problem with my Glo hd. Whenever I charge it, I lose book place. Say i'm at page 700 of a 1500 page book, after the charge it reverts back to page 1. Also happens to all books on device. also happens when I change to another book. I have reverted back to factory settings and updated
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Clara HD Koreader réduit l'autonomie

Bonjour à tous ! Je possède depuis 2 mois une liseuse kobo Clara HD. Je ne suis pas satisfait de Nickel, aussi ai-je installé Koréader dont je serait pleinement satisfait s'il ne réduisait l'autonomie de ma liseuse à 5 jours seulement au lieu de 21 jours avex Nikel. La désactivation du rétroéclairage ne change rien à ce problème. Que faut-il faire pour augmenter l'autonomie de Koreader ? Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.
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Clara HD Greek fonts can not be changed

Hi, dear friends and Happy New Year. I recently bought my new Kobo Clara HD and I am very satisfied. My only problem has to do with the greek fonts. They appear only in one type, and properly. Fortunately, they can be enlarged but they seem a bit "pale". Furthermore, it is impossible to change the font or to increase the weight. I installed other types of Greek fonts with no result. Thanks in advance for any suggestion
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Kobo disable sync

I know I can disable sync for shelves but can I disable it for books? So it doesn't sync purchased books as I just wanna sideload. I have a database with my sideloaded books and some purchased books but if I could remove the purchased books that be great as I don't wanna see them in all books and be able to download them.
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