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book status

I am using koreader with kobo h2o I have two questions that i don't understand. Firts, I am setting the book status to read, but after this, i don't know how filter in books, only books pending to read, at this moment i have 160 books readed an 20 not readed. in the file explorer i can see the label, but i can't filter by this. and in the sort option is only a sort option by % read (but i set the book to finished book with a 5% read becouse i don't like the book....) and the second questio...
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File Browser - how to multi selections

In KOReader File Browser, when I want to remove some books, I have to select them 1 by 1 and choose to remove. Is there anyway to select multi books to delete them?
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Full refresh before displaying screensaver

Hi, All, does anybody know how to do full screen refresh before displaying screensaver image? When I put my Kobo to sleep, i have last reading page drawing on top of screensaver image (instead of just black color) :( Also what is the automatic sleep timeout? Did not find it in any settings.. Attached Thumbnails  
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I can not access the menu

By changing the settings, I can not enter the menu by pressing anywhere on the screen. I deactivated "touch and slide". How can I modify it or access the menu?
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How to disable tap to turn page in Koreader

Hi all! I've been using Koreader for a while and I'm reading this ebook with lots of footnotes, where each footnote is a link to the end of the book. The problem is when I click on a link and the link is on either side of the page, Koreader doesn't always follow the link. But instead it goes the previous or the next page. So, is there a way to disable the tap to go to next page feature in Koreader so that this won't be a problem? Thanks.
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Top progress bar customization

Hi, All, does anybody know, how to customize the size (and font type and size) of top progress bar (highlighted it in attachment). The main reason I switched to KOReader - it has option to completely disable bottom bar! Hurray for this! :thumbsup: But top bar looks a bit too big a font. I would love to be able to make it 2-3 times smaller.. In old versions there was cr3.ini settings (, but now they do not work at all.. :wall: Does anybody know how to manag...
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KoReader on android background image

Hi, Forgive me if this has been asked before. I have looked and can't find the answer. I have a parchment paper image that I like to use in reading apps as a background. Is it possible set my image as background in koreader? Thanks, Penny
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Bottom right corner tap - advance 1 page?

Hi, all, Does anybody know, how to configure right bottom corner tap to make advance 1 page? (only 10 pages in the settings, few versions ago i was able to do so in settings.lua, but now they stop working) Thanks in advance!
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How to disable WiFi forever?

Dear all, I love KOReader on my two KOBOS, but!! there is a minor issue - i can not figure how to disable WiFi and all network forever on this beautiful reader (not turn on/off, but fully disable, so nothing in this world will enable WiFi on my Kobo)! I feel this useless network is draining my battery... Please help!
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Thing I'd like to see in KOReader

A small thing, but.. Settings for the history display mode can be set in the menu of the file manager - which is very counter-intuitive. History display itself has no drop-down menu, which is counter-intuitive too. I'd like to be able to set lots of properties of the history display, on the menu of the display itself. In fact, that display could be much more general than just history, if we get a say on what to show in what order. My favourite would be: show all documents, sorted as {favourite...
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List view on latest PW/jailbroke/latestest koreader...??

I asked elsewhere, no joy.(but plenty of snark) I number my books, so that they always appear in the proper order. When I open the list of books available, I have picture icons of the books, and it throws the order out of wack. I just want the plain ordinary text list. Where would that be...??? Thanks.
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Translation from English to Portuguese (PT-PT)

Hi there! I've been using KOReader since a week now and I'l already a fan. I read a lot in English and since it is not my native language, I find myself often using the "translation" function that works almost flawlessly. The thing is that KOreader translates the English to Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), and I would very much like it to translate to Portuguese (PT-PT). Is there a way to add this language to the translation languages? BTW, what is the translation service used? Thanks in ...
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KOReader / k2pdfopt integration

I feel that KOReader's integration with k2pdfopt could be improved. When one uses the k2pdfopt app (which is wonderful) by itself, it outputs a PDF where the text is exactly split between pages. But with KOReader's reflow function, the text is never paginated in the same way, which means one often has a line of words that is cut off at the bottom of the screen and then repeated on the next screen, which greatly slows down reading comprehension since one constantly has to re-read the split lines....
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freshly jailbroken PW4 user LOVING KOreader .. but have these questions... :)

Hey team: Jailbroken Paperwhite 4 user here. I'm really enjoying koreader. i think i might just stay in it and rarely go back to the regular kindle interface: But I do have these questions for you folks: 1) When I attempt to export all notes from all books in EVERNOTE I see that it seems to create a new note for each book. What happens if I do an export AGAIN, will it duplicate notes? What happens if I create new notes for a book I've already exported, will it replace it? 2) I was rea...
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How does the KOReader Evernote plugin work?

I can't find a way in KOReader to add any note to a book. The option to "Add Note" when you select a block of text is grayed out. So I assume the Evernote plugin that lets you export notes, must be for exporting existing notes added to a book by Kobo. So I went into a book in Kobo, added a few notes. Then I went back into KOReader, open the same book, and hit Evernote | Export notes. It does create a node for that book in my Evernote account, but there is no content of the individual notes co...
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KOReader sleep mode complete battery drain

I had a rather strange issue happen this morning with my new Clara, which is also running KOReader. I had been reading a book yesterday afternoon in KOReader, with ~95% battery available, and let the reader go into sleep mode with the book still open. Overnight, the battery had drained completely to zero. Is that a known issue, or is it more likely something to do with my hardware and not with KOReader? ETA: I didn't observe this issue prior to installing KOReader, and my settings in the Kob...
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anyway to have read it later service (pocket / instapaper) integration into koreader?

kindle paperwhite 4 user here; hopefully will have a jailbroken kindle by the weekend. anyway to get pocket/instapaper integration / sync to koreader? if so this would be *amazing*... its one of the best features of the kobo that the kindle obviously doesn't support (i know about the services that send you a digest) but would be nice to have a constantly up to date two way sync going; didnt seem to see anything that would do that.
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Cannot open Calibre OPDS server if login is required

I just installed KOReader on a PW3 and PW4: I'm trying to access the Calibre OPDS content server on my LAN. I get the following error message if I have a username/password set. Quote: Cannot get catalog. Server code response 400 Marvin 3 for iOS can access the password protected /opds feed just fine. The Kindle's experimental browser can access the pa...
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Koreader not launching anymore on my kobo after update!

I have Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2 reader, I put some new books on it and when I did it updated to device version 4.12.12111 Now when I click the koreader image in books to launch koreader it just launches the image and NOT koreader, I'm so upset because I did NOT want to update my device. Is it possible to get it working or did they patch it or something so koreader doesnt work anymore?
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Font display 2019.1.1

Using KOReader 2019.1.1 to read an epub file I am now having problems with the font display. Effectively I can select a specific font using the menu but the text is not displayed in that font. The most obvious case is shown in the attached where I have selected a sans-serif font but text is displayed in a serif one. This occurs both with fonts supplied with KOReader and with ones I have loaded. I've used a sans-serif font as an example as it is most visually obvious but it also occurs with ...
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Duplicate menu item

KOReader 201901.1-1-g2009ffa_2019-01-10 on a Kobo Glo. Select Menu Select "Gear" icon Select "Links" "Show footnotes in popup" appears twice - each can be selected independently. Seems a trifle odd. BobC
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Kobo Device Stuck on Sleep Screen in Koreader

I have a huge problem with my device(aura edition 2) now. I normally use Koreader to read books and my device and koreader were both up to date. Last time I read book i left it as sleep mode. I couldn't use the device for couple of days. Now it does not respond to anything. I tried plugging to computer not even the lights up, tried charge for couple of hours nothing; tried hard reset by pressing the button for 1 min again no response. Does anybody had same issue with Koreader?
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Kobo battery?

I bought an older Kobo from one of the Goodwill auctions. I think the battery is failing - I have to charge it up more than once a week, even when not in use. Is there a way to replace the battery easily? Probably a mistaken purchase- I wanted a cheap reader that just used my Kobo library (400+ books unread). I don't mind the slow page turning, but it's really getting annoying to pick it up and it's always wanting to get a charge.
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KoReader 2019.1 - No DJVU

I have a Kobo Glo with KoReader installed. There are 3 DJVU books on it which I have read previously. I updated from 2018.12 to 2019.1 this morning and now if I try to open any of these books KOReader responds wih an error "No reader engine for this is file or invalid file" As I have read the files previously the file cannot be invalid. Is there an issue with this build ? BobC
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PSA: One-step install packages for Kobo

A few years late, but, hey, better late than never! :D. Here goes: I'd recommend clearing up the stickies over here, to ditch the awfully outdated stuff, and only keep this & KSM ;). (i.e., advboot should go, and something should be done for this one, because while the thread has its use, its first post is mindbogglingly outdated).
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KOReader as main launcher for Ereader

Hi. Is there any possibility to use KOReader as launcher for rooted Android ereader? AlReader can work this way, but I like KOReader more. Thank You.
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KOReader crashing on PW4

Just installed KUAL. Tried installing the nightly build from The moment i press Öpen File Manager, KOReader crashes with the following message: It's a scroll... It's a codex... It's KOReader![*] Current time: 01/07/19-20:16:31[*] Version: v2018.12-49-g05f7e25_2019-01-06 ./luajit: frontend/device/kindle/device.lua:787: unknown Kindle model 01 (102) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' frontend/device/kindle/device.lua:787: in main ...
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KoReader - fonts

I have KoReader (2018- 12) running on a Kobo Glo. When displaying an EPUB document which has paragraphs declared as : font-family : serif font-family : san-serif and font-family : monospace I'm getting confusing results. I have embedded fonts turned ON, the document does not have any fonts embedded in it - I am relying on the above generic font declarations. The document displays correctly on other EPUB readers but in KoReader both the serif and san-serif paragraphs display using the ...
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Change delay for selection

Hi, is there a way to: - change the initial delay for selection - have "highlight" as default for selection without select the option every time I select some text? Thank you for the answers. Fabrizio
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Status line text size

I have KoReader installed on a Kobo Glo. At the bottom of the page there is the mini status line with a number of options showing such as the number of pages left in the current chapter. The text size of this line is very small and I have difficulty reading it. Is there any way of configuring the size of this line so that it is readable to my older eyes. I haven't been able to find an option in the menus but it could be there and I just can't work out where it is. BobC
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