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User style tweak not working

Hi, I have a few epubs that contain in them. These are rendered in KOReader by a horizontal line which I would like to get rid of. I know I can edit the .css for the book in Calibre and change them to display:none, but I thought it would be more fun to do it by adding a user style tweak to the styletweaks directory. I've created a file no-cr.css in that folder and tried .transition { display:none; }, hr.transition { display:none; }, and hr { display: none; } (and even all three in the same fi...
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KOReader renders covers unscaled

Hello, I am using KOReader on Kobo A1 LE. It reads epubs generated with Calibre. The covers are not scaled to the full size of the display, but displayed at their own size, aligned to top and centered horizontally. This is not a problem of Calibre. Do I need to fine-tune KOReader in any way? Thank you for any feedback.
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Progress Sync across different platforms

Finally got around to installing KOReader on my Kobos (Aura HD and Glo HD). So far so good except for progress sync. Syncing works fine between PW3 & PW4 and between Aura HD & Glo HD. Alas, syncing between Kobo & Kindle isn't working. How does progress sync work? The wiki states the following so I assumed it was going by checksum or something. Given it won't sync progress on identical files between Kobo & Kindle, it appears it's using some other identifier that's not intrinsic to the epub. The...
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Possible to have Koreader as default for all but Adobe Digital Editions?

Hi, The title explains it all. I installed Koreader and made it the default reader. I really like it for PDFs as it is much faster than the default reader. The problem arose when I needed to start reading Adobe DRM book from the library: Koreader doesn't know how to read this file and now it seems there is no way of reading this while having Koreader as the default reader? So is there any workaround so that Koreader could be default but still I could read Adobe Digital Editions with the Pocke...
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Can we speed up the selection speed of a word?

Hi, I realized today that the selection speed of a word is a bit slow in my opinion. Can we in any way increase the speed of selection like double? Thanks in advance
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Backing up all settings/current state

If i want to backup all settings except KOReader itself, what would be a good strategy ? :chinscratch: I've been experimenting with the following: data_dirs="cache clipboard data/dict data/tessdata history ota screenshots settings styletweaks" data_files="settings.reader.lua history.lua crash.log batterystat.log"
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understanding font size

Just out of curiosity, what is the unit for font size? koreader only displays a numerical value. Thank you for your attention.
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Looking for Screenshoots of KFMon

Hi, As far as I understand that the KFMon is the Koreader working on Nickel right? I wanted to install it but couldn't find any images. Can you send your KFMon installed Koreader please? Thanks.
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Want to check if custom fonts applies to txt files

Right, so do fonts and custom fonts work on txt files (extension .txt) in KOreader? I've been trying all my fonts and custom fonts on the txt files I have but the font that's been showing up is always the same one no matter how many I've changed.
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Error: Unhandled exception

Hi there, I am trying Calibre with Calibre (3.40.1) Wireless Connection plugin in Koreader (Kobo AuraHD). Calibre shows "connected wireless device: koreader" and Kobo shows connected to Calibre as well. But when I click Device in Calibre, no books can be shown. The popup window says: Error: Unhandled exception IndexError:list index out of range calibre 3.40.1 embedded-python: True is64bit: False Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Windows ('32bit', 'WindowsPE') 32bit process running on 64bit windows ('Windo...
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Can I ask for dictionary addition for Turkish?

Hi There are plenty of dictionary of various languages but there I couldn't see any Turkish-English dictionary. Is there any possibility or a way for you to add at least one Turkish dictionary? I just know that babylon gives free dictionary but it is in .bgl format which I couldn't convert it to stardict one so couldn't use it. And also I will add a dictionary scanned in .pdf format. If you might add these two it would be great Babylon English-Turkish dictionary:
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What is "floating punctuation"?

Hi I searched on the Internet what "floating punctuation" means but found absolutely nothing and when I enable it, I cannot see any changes through the text except for the number of pages. Should I enable or disable it for the best reading experience? Also, what's the default setting of it? Checked or unchecked?
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Pocketbook (Inkpad 3) clock stopping

Hello, I'm just curious whether anyone else has experienced this: since several weeks the clock in my PB-IP3 (with the latest fw) does not work, time does not move forward at all, it only gets actualized when I sync the device, then it remains in one place again. I haven't seen this reported on any PB related forums, and the only thing that has changed on my device was that I have updated koreader, so I suspect it has something to do with this issue. BTW this behaviour has started around the tim...
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Chapter Progress in Book Status

Hello, I just installed KOReader on my Aura One and think it's great! I tried it a few years ago on my original Kobo Touch but it is so much better now I'm going to use it as my regular reader. Thanks so much for all the hard work. I generally like to read in full-page mode (no status bar) and one thing I miss from Nickel is being able to tap on the screen to see my book progress. The closest I've come setting the bottom right tap to bring up the Book Status, which is pretty close, but I would...
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Questions about the best settings for readability

Hi, First off, thanks for developing this software. I don't know the terms of the settings of the koreader like what does it mean 'font hinting' and its settings- off, native, auto. Which provides the best experience of reading? Same thing applies to the 'font kerning' that which setting is best? Why is it there fast and best options? I just can't make out the terms Thanks in advance
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koreader-cervantes dependencies appear to be corrupt

I've recently updated the version of koreader on my Cervantes 3 (there's some bugfixes in there that I needed as my hacked alternatives were... not good), and I see there's some new .debs to install in Unfortunately, it appears that the iproute2 dependency is corrupt; dpkg -i complains when it attempts to decompress/hack the package. Could someone please either update that dep *or* please point me to how you're building deps for the (now g...
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Just wanted to say thank you to NiLuJe and team!

Just wanted to thank you guys for all you do, and how much your help has made reading more enjoyable for so many people. So :thanks:
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Transfer via Wifi Calibre - what folder to be imported in Kobo ?

Hi, I am using the latest KoReader and i am transferring files wirelessly using calibre directly onto /mnt/onboard directory. I can open them with KoReader, but in the original Kobo interface they are not seen. How can i import .epub files via Calibre wireless in Koreader, AND be seen as well in the original Kobo interface ? Thanks !
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Two issues with KoReader: Style Tweaks feature & Status Bar

Sorry for the 3rd topic I created today here, just had to factory reset so trying to get things working as they were. Two questions I had: 1) Under Style Tweaks > Text > Ignore all 3 Publisher specifics, can you set this up for EVERY book instead of just 1 book? I want to set it by default to ignore the publisher specifics each time so I don't have to do it for every book 2) Under Gear Icon > Status Bar > Battery Status shows but even though current page and current time are checked, they do n...
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What are the nicest looking fonts you think would look good on the koreader?

Any suggestions? Maybe Amazon's bookerly?
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KoReader freezes/no longer works on Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2

I own a Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2 that had been running KoReader for several months with no issue. I tried to update the screensaver folder with an image (which I've done many times) but this time KoReader wouldn't launch, whenever I would select the KoReader image from My Books (which would launch KoReader) it just displayed an image instead of launching. Okay, so I'm like whatever I'll reinstall everything. I did a factory reset on my Kobo and followed these instructions I saved: Quote: ...
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KOReader flickering issue on the Onyx Boox Nova

I am using KOReader on the Onyx Boox Nova. KOReader's Android application installs without issues. However, after installation, there is a lot of flickering when selecting menus and highlighting texts. Does anyone know the reason behind this issue and how it can be resolved? Thanks :thanks:
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Feature request: CBR support

I would like to request to CBR support, I could not find any topic on this, but then again that could be my search skills also :D My current workaround: (depends on 7zip and unrar) This is a recursive version: **EVERYTHING ending on .cbr will be converted to cbz** sudo apt install p7zip-full unrar Conversion: Code: find -type f -iname '*.cbr' -exec sh -c 't="`mktemp -d`";f="{}";unrar x -y "$f" "$t" && 7z a -r -sdel -tzip -mx=9 "${f%r}z" "$t/*";rmdir "$t"' \; Inplace conversion: (r...
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Can't Get KSM to Start, Therefore Can't Get KoReader

I had to factory reset my device after it got unplugged abruptly. Prior to that I lived in KoReader, and never used Nickel (I'm including this in case it can simplify my installation process). I have tried just shy of 10 times to get this to work, tediously following the directions (or so I think). Last time (a few years ago) it was a breeze, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. This thread provides a nice overview of my process: I too h...
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Useful tool for people reading CBZ files: CbxConverter

CbxConverter is an easy tool to automate conversion of comic books for reading on KOReader. It's Windows-only, but there's a blurb on the website about it potentially working with Wine. It allows you to mass convert to CBZ (since CBR files cannot be read on KOReader) and you can also resize the images: right click each job, select "Resize..." and enter an appropriate scaling under "Resize to" (use the Img width column as reference). If you're reading on an eReader, you can also add Code: ...
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Two separate 'tap forward' zones?

I'm using KoReader on Pocketbook TL3. Is it possible to create two separate tap zones for "tap 1 page forward" on the left and right side of screen and invoke menu by tapping in the center? Like it is in Pocketbook? Because some of my books don't work with KoReader (books from paid service, probably something with encryption), so I have to read them on default PB reader. When I switch between both readers I often get their tap zones mixed up and for example tap in the center for menu while in K...
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file name (pdf) or title in koreader

Hello, I am a new user of koreader and I wonder if it is possible to have the file name when I am reading a pdf. Thank you
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PDF compressed when sent with Calibre Wireless Connection

Hi, I'm trying to send PDF's (that are made of images only) to my Kobo device with Calibre Wireless connection. I drag the PDF into Calibre and then send to device in Koreader latest version. In my Kobo Aura 2nd Edition the file size has changed. Also sometimes I get blank pages later in the PDF. If I copy the PDF directly using the USB wire it works fine. How do I turn off the compression when sending with Calibre? This is how I do it right now: 1. Drop PDF (made of images Jpeg) from comput...
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Ordering the files by date

Can I view the file directories in koreader ordered by date instead of alphabetically? Usually I'm interested in opening the files I've just added to my reader.
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Koreader don't see hidden directories

Hello, I have a Kobo H2O 2 and installed Kfmon ( KFMon-v1.2.14) et Koreader (v2019.03.1) on it. I create a hidden directory (beginning by a .) to put my pdfs. Everything was well. But I was obliged to réinitialise the Kobo. I reinstalled Kfmon and Koreader But Koreader don't see my hidden directory. Do you know what is the problem? Is it due to the update of the Kobo? Thanks for the answer and sorry for my english
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