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Comics/Manga full size images

I am trying to use my Kindle to read comics, and I am having an issue with margins. In MOBI format (converted with calibre) I have a left margin that is too large, and the right margin that is slightly cut off. This problem is not present in CBZ format, but CBZ is much larger file since the images are full resolution. It also is very slow at changing pages on my device. Is there any way to make the compressed images from MOBI take the full screen? Or, at the very least, remove the left side marg...
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Did I install KOReader wrong? (on Kobo Clara)

I installed KOReader on my Kobo Clara and it is working and provides many of the features I found wanting in the stock Kobo reader software. However the "Home" screen seems to be the KOReader File System – including font and other system folders – rather than a listing of books. Authors each have their own folder so I have to drill down into each folder to see titles. No cover images or meta data except in the KOReader "History" option. Did I set up KOReader wrong? I installed it after I had be...
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No library/home menu?

Hi everyone, I recently bought an e-reader (kobo clara hd), and I was rapidly confronted with it's glaring limitations: lack of privacy options, bad highlight management, lack of settings, lack of services, lack of sharing options, weird page numbering, etc. So I did a bit of web searching and here I am, installing KOreader, and it solves basically every single issues I had with the default system, but also everything that was *not* an issue is now an issue... And I'm kinda mad because KOread...
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Problem with rendering html exported highlights

Hi, I can't understand what's going on with Evernote... While the older html files with extracted highlights are rendered correctly in KOReader, when I open the new ones, I see the page code (as below) and not only the title and the highlighted texts. However, I can see those new html files being rendered correctly on the computer. Am I missing something? Attached Thumbnails  
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Can't get work RSS/Atom for news

Hello, I own a Kobo glo HD and recently I installed Koreader in it. The reason I installed them is for better PDF support and for the News plugin. When I edit the feed_config.lua and add the URL of RSS and download them to read, it downloads but only the headers of each article and they are like external links.. I use these settings too limit = 5, download_full_article=true, include_images=true, enable_filter=true}, Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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Download dictionaries not works on my PocketBook

"Dictionary settings/Download dictionaries" does not work on my PocketBook Touch Lux 5 and Touch Lux 4: I have Wi-Fi connection set up correctly (e.g. fully functional in Browser). However, after selecting a dictionary for download, KoReader asks to turn on Wi-Fi (regardless of whether it is on), but the dictionary does not download. Please, does anyone know how to make the dictionaries download work? Alternatively, I could download the dictionaries on my computer and copy them manually to ...
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Opening multiple files at the same time

Is it possible to have two books opened at the same time so that I can switch between them more quickly than always reopening one of them? Alternatively, is it possible to run two instances of KoReader at the same time?
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Images in Quickstart guide?

I just want to ask if there should or shouldn't be images in the Quickstart guide? I'm asking, because in my Quickstart guide are some squares instead of (I guess) images. It happen on my both devices where I have installed KOReader. I use: Huawei phone with Android 10 E-reader Onyx BOOX Poke 2 with Android 9 KOReader 2021.07-15 (last nightly update) Screenshot:
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Help - Randomly jumping to specific page upon swipe

Hope someone could help me. Whenever I am swiping back it would always go to a specific page (which is 50+ pages back) Upon performing a second swipe a "Location history is empty" prompt would display. Just started encountering this after downloading theatest weekly (v2021.07-3) Is there any way of disabling this "Location History" functionality?
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Low-resolution on Poke 3

I thought that my problem must be easy to solve and I searched this forum and the github issues but could not find anything, so apologies if I missed something. I installed Koreader via the github release on my Onyx Boox Poke 3. And the problem is that everything is very low-res, it looks like heavy dithering. And thus very bad for reading. Not anywhere near as sharp as anything else on the device. Of course I disabled app whitening but that did not help either. I don't have this problem with ...
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Cannot open epub

Hey all, I have bought an epub file from and try to read it with Koreader. I use the latest firmware on my Kobo Forma with the latest version of Koreader. When I try to open the epub in Koreader I only get the following error message: ERROR: Error reading EPUB format Cannot open document At first I thought the download was broken and I readownloaded. Sadly this does not resolve my issue. I copied the file via OPDS to my Kobo Forma, so maybe this was the problem. When I copied th...
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Likebook Mars and SD Card

Hello, I would like to put my books on the external SD card in my Likebook Mars. The Display Mode I use is "Detailed list with cover images and metadata" for the File Manager and History. But in the File Manager and History, the number of pages and the percent read doesn't show, neither does the status, such as "Finished". It just shows the date and time. for example this does not show: 17% of 179 pages Finished - 179 pages Because this is not showing, Progress Sync does not work. On my...
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Reading Tabloid newspaper PDF with KOReader

I have installed KOReader AND Plato on my Kobo Forma but am having difficulties finding the right settings in KOReader in-order to scroll around and read the 5 columns of my newspaper page saved in PDF. Any tips please? TIA
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sideloaded epubs showing in Nickel, not KOReader?

My Libra is running the current firmware and KOReader tells me it's up to date "v2021.06.30gbfda4bc_2021-07-10" I added 3 books (sideloaded epubs) to my device, and NONE of them are showing up in KOReader at all. At first I thought it was just the series info and tags that weren't showing up, so I deleted calibre.metadata, reconnected my device, and first selected "update cached metadata on device" then ran Kobo Utilities "Update metadata on deice twice, unplugging and replugging between each...
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Can KOReader read any html5, javascript and css code?

Hi, I am new to ebook world and to KOReader. I have an html5, javascript, and css code that runs using a local webserver. The code is transpiled via Webpack and Babel into a bundle.js file. I want to run the code in a mobile phone, where setting a local webserver is not straight-forward (think of a non-tech end-user) I recently found out that epub3 supports html5, javascript, and css. I don't know to what extent this statement is true: I was able to run the ebook on the desktop using Cali...
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Enforce saving the settings

I use KOreader on an Onyx Boox Nova 3, and my problem is that when I start the update process, and choose the button install, KOreader closes so the update could happen. But it doesn't save the settings first, so I lost everything I did in that session. As a result, I will be back at a previous place in the book on the next restart, without that changes I made in that session. Doesn't an automatic save happen sometimes? Is it possible to invoke it somehow? To work this around, I close and restar...
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Manually adjusting the Brightness and Warmth

I've recently bought the Kobo Clara HD and installed KoReader on it. Since I only read at night in the dark before bed, I thought the blue light filter on the Kobo Clara HD would suffice for that (I'm very sensitive to bright and blue light before bed). Unfortunately, even at 1% brightness and maximal warmth settings on KoReader, it's still way too bright . I haven't used my Clara in weeks now since it keeps me up at night. I read that it's possible to configure the "sysfs_light.lua" settings...
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Revert time display format?

I updated yesterday to 2021.06.15 the latest nightly build, and today I noticed that in the reading stats for the current book, the display for the time is now in this format 1'58" where previously it would have been 1:58 I realize that the former is traditional for time displays but I mush prefer the more "digital" display - is it possible to change that feature back?
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Highlights blacked out

The hightlights I made in a PDF document are blacked out when I switch from PDF-reflow to the original formatting. So in the original formatting I can't read the text underneath the hightlights... Also, when I remove the hightlight the text stays blacked out. This problem is happening the other way around too: text I hightlight in orinal format I can't read in reflow mode. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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Pen support for writing on PDF/EPUB

I know (at least I read it somewhere on github) that koreader supports a pen for input but I couldn't find anything about support to actually being able to write on a PDF or EPUB. Are there any plans to incorporate functionality like this? I'm asking because the PDF software of the Kobo Elipsa is so abysmal it is really not worth the price tag for me. Koreader would fix everyting reader wise but then you wouldn't be able to mark up your documents. Thanks in advance.
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font-variant display

Hi This is a minor display question. I'll ask it on MR first. On this attached scrambled ePub3, I have used open-type "font-variant:small-caps" for the two following styles Heading and Subtitle (see chapitre 4.xhtml). I also used "font-variant:normal" for a span within these styles (see styles.css). Code: .Heading span {   display: block;   margin-top: 0.25em;   font-size: 0.85em;   font-style: italic;   font-variant: normal;   color: #585858; } .Subtitle span {   display: ...
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What is the dog-eared corner in thumbnail view?

What does the dog-eared bottom right corner in thumbnails in file manager / history views mean? I presume it means the book has been opened or has some stored settings / cache (.sdr?). But then why do all of the books I have already read have it, but not the one I just finished? I don't think I have done anything particularly different with this one (but it could be that for the others I occasionally did some style change, and not for the last one). [*] I've just reopened the last book, applied...
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Displaying links: endnotes and others

Hi Forgive me if my report is a little fuzzy. Since it was implemented in late 2019, I use nearly always the inline display for notes with ePub3 books and set this as a permanent option. However, I just observed today what could be a not-so-good side-effect of this option. I have an ePub3 with some hundreds of inline notes nicely displayed. Very fine. This book has also about ten images, listed in a page. I linked each entry of the list with the corresponding image further in the book. When I ...
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Sort by books title

Hello everyone, I was wondering if a feature allowing to sort directly .epub files "by title" existed or was planned on KOReader? Indeed, by default, we have a view on the memory's folder tree of the Kobo. However, since the beginning, my folders have been sorted by default by author by Calibre and I sometimes spend a lot of time (even with the KOReader title search function) to find a book I am looking for in my files. If not, do you know of a method (perhaps via Calibre) to automatically re...
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Images in original size

Hi, I can't find an option in KOReader that allows images to be displayed in original size. They usually extend to full width, but, when I tap on them and choose the option "original size" they are displayed smaller (if their original size is smaller). How can they appear in their original size inside the text? Thank you!
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Tweak document settings problem

Hi, I've written in "Tweak document settings" the following tweaks, in order to have them applied to all the documents of that folder, but it doesn't work. What's wrong? My Home folder is mnt/ Code: return {--do NOT change this line  --HELP:  -- You can override default settings for documents per directory in this file.  -- The directories must be under the home folder.  -- You can find settings to change in the metadata.lua in the .sdr folder.  -- The path must start with "/" (...
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Kindle 4 Cant reach certain buttons issue and opening keyboard issue

KOReader version:20201.05 Device: Kindle 4 S/N prefix 902317 Model N:D01100 I can only press the first button in a row, pressing the right button does not move me to the buttons to the right of it so I'm unable to reach certain buttons like "ok" "apply" and in some cases "close" like in text editor. Unfortunately this also prevents me from manually adding a ip address/port for calibre because 1: after entering the ip address i have to close the keyboard to get out of the ip box and into the ...
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Changing the size of the monospace font?

KOReader automatically falls back to a font it considers monospace (which on stock would be DroidSansMono). This makes it distracting to read files that contain a mix of monospace and non-monospace text (for example, programming books), if the default size of the monospace font is significantly larger/smaller than the non-monospace font. Any way to change the size of the monospace font?
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Problem with footnotes

In this book I can not get the footnotes to show at the bottom of the page, as in-page popup, or just follow to the note at the end of the book. I tried several combinations of options in the Styles menu to no avail. I understand this can be a problem with the book itself. Nickel can not show this book at all, and dies on links from TOC. The link to the book
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2-column view: Change width?

Having just begun experimenting with 2-column view I realize this is pretty brazen, but is there any way to narrow the width of the gap between the columns, freeing up space for the 2 columns of text?
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