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Status bar multiple informations

Hi, I've just switched to koreader and find the many options available to status bar. I figured that pressing once on it will switch to the different status informations I've selected. I'm wondering if it's possible to have several one on the same line side by side. For example, I'de like to have: Pages left in chapter, Progress percentage, current page and battery status on the same line. Is it something possible ? I must admit that if yes, I have not found the option inside the settings....
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Translating KOReader

While translating KOReader I did find some lines I really don't understand. Could someone help me to understand what the following lines mean? Pan delay interval If called by a gesture the amount of the gesture will be used
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KOReader bug - start filemanager opens book

In January 2020 while running the version of KOReader (and KUAL and Kindle firmware) that was current at March 2019, the start the file manager and the start the file manger (ASAP) options stopped opening the filmanager and instead opened the last book. Both had previously been working for the around nine months since installing KOReader. I know I had made no changes immediately before the fault developed (or for the nine months since jailbreaking) as I was a couple of weeks into an out of town...
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KoReader Archiving

In KoReader there is an option to move books to an Archive folder. As far as I can see to do this you need to actually have the book open and use an option. It would seem sensible that the "move to archive" option should be included in the pop-up that appears when you have finished a book and/or should be available from the file manager without the book being open. Have I missed something about how to shift books to the Archive ? BobC
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An unresolved programming issue

Hi, I'm still looking for a way to call readerfooter.lua functions from dispatcher.lua (for example, call "onUpdaterFooter()" ). I want to update the footer so that the update appears immediately on the screen. Can someone help me and tell me how to do it? Thank you.
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Style tweak?

Never made any custom tweaks, but I use some of the build in and are very handy. I'm now away from my PC (vacations) with only my mobile with me and I wonder if there's a way to make all the in an epub to or something else that KOReader recognize (just a blank line between paragraphs) using the custom style tweaks? Tried to find where the existing ones are located so I could understand the format used, but had no luck. I only found an empty folder (style tweaks?) inside the KOReader's directo...
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Multi Getures

How do you use multi-touch gestures added in the last release?
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Is it possible to make Koreader my default launcher application?

I'm using a Nook BNRV510 (aka The Glow2 aka the GlowLight 6"). I'm rooted and the Koreader app works great. I use the android-arm latest release. The only downside is that when I press HOME on my ereader, it goes to my launcher, RelaunchX. I can launch books from there into Koreader, but I'd really rather just stay in Koreader completely. Can this be done?
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Footnotes in footnotes

I was reading a book in a book with footnotes (or rather endnotes), and found the not too uncommon case of a footnote within a footnote... The book is coded by yours truly, and the structure is pretty simple: text.xhtml: Code: Lorem ipsum.[2] 2 Footnote. I have the "inline footnotes" tweaks enabled, and it looks pretty good for first-level footnotes, but I can't find any way to access the footnote in footnote, other than paging all the way to the end of the book and finding wh...
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Frontlight is not refreshed in status bar (PW1)

I use the tap corner gesture to turn frontlight on and off. When the state is off, and I turn the frontlight on this way, the status bar is refreshed correctly, showing the level of the frontlight. But the next tap, when I switch it off again, doesn't end up in a status bar refresh, that is, the frontlight level remains a number instead of the label "Off" until the next page refresh. (On Kindle Paperwhite 1 with the latest and last firmware.)
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Style tags supported by Onyx dictionary app

I haven't really looked into it, but the same Stardict dictionaries that look lovely in Koreader, look horrible in Onyx Boox dictionary app. I spend some time tweaking the dictionaries for Pocketbook and Koreader and I am willing to look into an optimization routine for Onyx Boox. (Results from that script are here.) Question is: Which tags should be omitted or changed? E.g. the blockquote tags in the Oxford dictionary, 2nd ed. are horrible and should probably be changed into span-tags. Ho...
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KOReader with color?

Hello, I installed KOReader on my Pocketbook Color (633) and although there is an menu item suggesting the use of a color screen ([cog] [Screen] [Color rendering]), everything is in shades of grey. Anyone else either have the same issue or have succeeded in displaying color on their Pocketbook Color in KOReader. (disclaimer, i'm very new to KOReader. Also, if someone could enlighten me as to how or if I can display the books without having to go in and out of all the author folders?) Than...
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Backing Up KOReader Preferences and Settings on Android

How do you back up all your prefrences and settings when KOReader is insalled on Android? And of course: if you install from scracth, how do you restore said preferences? Awaiting your kind reply, [INCANUS] - Follow me on El Escritorio - Spanish fiction reviews and interactive fiction Blog
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Remove all highlights in koreader

Is it possible to remove all highlights in a book in koreader?
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Page numbers in Evernote plugin

Hello (and sorry if this question was already asked elsewhere -- I couldn't find it), I would like to know if there exists some workaround re this behaviour of the Evernote plugin: 1. I make highlights on page 100 of an epub 2. I decrease the font size (--> page 100 becomes page 90) 3. I make another highlight in a portion of the text following the first highlight 4. when I then export the highlights with the Evernote plugin, in the file created there is first highlight #2 from "page 90", t...
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Koreader for Android cannot be controlled by Xbox Bluetooth controller

Koreader for Android cannot be controlled by Xbox Bluetooth controller Device: Moan inkPad X System: Android 8 problem: My Ebook reader is connected to the Xbox wireless controller via Bluetooth. In other readers, page turning and applications can be controlled normally via Bluetooth. But I cannot control Koreader with the handle. Please be compatible with Bluetooth page turner control function You can understand what I want to express by browsing the video I recorded:
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WiFi behavior in KOReader 2020.08

I know there were some changes to wifi in latest release, but i have some unwanted behavior that im not sure if its a bug or a "feature". Every time i open a book wifi displays the connection dialog and automatically connects. If i turn it off while in the book and press sleep button it again shows the connection dialog before it goes to sleep, and when after that i wake it up from sleep it yet again displays the dialog and connects to wifi. When in main menu it doesnt do this. Options i have ch...
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wrong character in koreader

Code: * is sometimes rendered correctly like : * and sometimes like ?* whatever the font css : Code: .center {   text-align: center;   text-indent: 0; } epub is correct with foliate or calibre reader and epubcheck ok. Attached Files scrambled.epub (261.3 KB)
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How to follow a link on a non-touch device?

I use KOReader on Kindle 4 NT, a device which neither has a physical keyboard nor a touchscreen. A .epub file which I read has an in-line link inside of it on each of footnotes which allows for a very easy access to the relevant footnote, however, I don't seem to find any way for me to press on a link (on CoolReader 3, all I had to do was press Keyboard+Up, for example). Is there any way for me to follow an in-line link on my Kindle 4 NT, or on any non-touch device for that matter?
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Problems with Calibre and Koreader

Hi, sorry for the preamble, but I just got my first E-reader (kobo forma) and I love it! Also, since I'm new to this forum, sorry if this is in the wrong section and should be under calibre. I installed KOreader and calibre and even though there are some kinkds, it's been mostly fine. However, recently I added a series to my device through calibre, and stuff started didn't seem to work well. First off, the tags don't seem to work? I set tags for all my books in calibre, however, when I try to ...
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Failed to connect error

Hello, Since a few nightlies ago I got the following error when trying to open a wifi connection via a request for update: Failed to initialize network control client: Failed to connect to wpa_supplicant control socket: /var/run/wpa_supplicant/eth0. If wifi is on and active when starting koreader all is fine. Otherwise I get this error when trying to update koreader. What should I do to get over it? Thank you.
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Save the cover as an image file when loading a document

How can I specify that when a document is opened, the cover is saved as an image file with a fixed name?
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Manga double page

Hello, i have some manga that are double page. That means, i have both pages in the same picture in my CBZ. For example : - image 1.jpg : [PAGE2 PAGE1] - image 2.jpg : [PAGE4 PAGE3] - image 3.jpg : [PAGE6 PAGE5] Because in manga, the first page is on the right instead of the left. I am reading with my Kobo Libra in portait mode. When using the zoom with 'width of the page' or 'width of the content', the zoom in 'auto' (not 'semi auto' or 'manual'), in 'page mode' (not 'continue mode'), ...
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Issue with .rtf and .doc

Hi, in both the formats the carriage return are not shown. But the new paragraph yes. Can I change any option in KOreader or I'm forced to modify the documents? :thanks:
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The Fonts menu

Hello, The fonts shown in the fonts menu are taken from the two folsers (koreader\fonts and ereader \fonts and listed altogether in the same sorted list. Is there a way to have them sorted separately in the same list (all fonts in folder one followed by all fonts in folder two ...) or even in different menu entries? I am not sure if it makes sense to anybody else, but having my sideloaded fonts (from ereader \fonts folder) sorted together with koreader standard fonts (from koreader\fonts fold...
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Save battery

Is there an item that can be disabled in the configuration to save battery power? Apart from the wifi and the light?
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Highlighting on BOOX Poke2

I am using KOReader 2020.07.01 on Boox Poke2 and am very happy with its performance. The only thing I noticed is that if I start marking some text with to goal to make a bookmark out of it, the marked text is almost unreadable. Then I changed the settings for Highlighting from Lighten to Invert, and this improved only how the final bookmark looks like (inverted, looks perfectly good), but this doesn't influence marking of the text. You can see in the attached image - in the upper part there is...
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Can KOreader installed in a Kobo Forma follow links inside pdf's?

Hi, I want to buy a new ereader to read mainly pdf's and I need to know if I install KOreader in a kobo forma I can follow the links inside a pdf, it is not clear from the documentation of KOreader, by example, in the documentation it can be read that KOreader follow EPUB hyperlinks, however it doesn't says something about pdf's. However using an appimage (in ubuntu) of KOreader and opening a pdf I can follow the hyperlinks, so it is not clear if I could do the same in a kobo forma. Also I would...
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Dialog not refreshing properly after changing line spacing

In the latest nightly (v2020.07.1-38) I find that the dialog doesn't refresh properly after I change the line spacing on my KA1. Anyone else noticed this? Here's a photo of the screen as taking a screenshot refreshes the screen/dialog.
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Connecting to mesh network

We upgraded to a Google Nest WiFi system over the weekend (jury's still out as to whether "upgrade" is the right word, but still) and I'm finding that KOReader can't connect to the new mesh network. It sees each of the three mesh points as three networks (each with the same SSID) instead of one, and if I try connecting to one it doesn't really work. If I drop out of KOReader and connect to the network using Nickel it works, and I can then start KOReader and check for updates etc., but it's annoy...
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