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PR Trends That Will Shape Your 2021 After Pandemic

Edward Bernays conceptualized two-way communication between brands and the public in his book Crystallizing Public Opinion. Did he imagine how this concept would evolve to create a seismic stir in PR trends and marketing methods? With traditional channels like radio, TV, and print media, the audience had limited means to share their opinions. Brands communicated their messages without hearing the public. Then came a slight shift with the internet becoming a new touchpoint for the audience in the...
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On Legal Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

There continues to be extensive discussion about artificial intelligence and law, and concerns are regularly raised about the ethical and moral issues this presents, so I was happy when Marcelo Rodríguez invited me to be on a panel at the American Association of Law Libraries Conference on “Legal Ethics in the Use of Artificial Intelligence” with Kristin Johnson, Steven Lastres, and with Kim Nayyer moderating this year. Here’s the session description: There is a pressing need for both innovators...
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Is this social media thing paying off?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) on social media is a tricky endeavour when selling ideas instead of products. Retailers and service providers have it relatively easy when it comes to proving the value of digital marketing – do some social media stuff, add all the digital tracking you can, see if sales increase. Rinse, repeat. Where it gets infinitely more complex is when you are selling ideas, not products. Did your social media campaign reduce drunk driving? Encourage recycling? Convin...
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