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Silabur Cave in Sarawak

Have you heard about the Jade Caves of Sarawak? Yes, a cave that looks like it is made from jade, which is called the Silabur Cave in Serian, Sarawak.  This beautiful cave has been around for a very long time, and mostly visited by researchers, but in 2016, the cave became more popular among the locals, mainly due to the beautiful jade texture of the cave walls.  Silabur Cave in Sarawak This beautiful cave is found in the district of Serian, which is about 90 minutes drive from the cit...
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10 Natural Wonders Of Malaysia

For travellers who are seeking an original tourism experience, I have come up with a list of 10 natural wonders of Malaysia that is undeniably beautiful.  This list was created personally by me, and now being recommended to anyone who wants to experience the best natural tourism destinations in Malaysia.  These natural wonders are not man made, but purely nature made, so places like Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations or even Putrajaya and others do not qualify in this list. 10 Natura...
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Rainforest World Music Festival Wins Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards

With a 21 year history for a music festival held in Sarawak Borneo, the Rainforest World Music Festival wins the prestigious Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards 2018 for the film and video category in Dublin, Ireland.  Helmed by the Sarawak Tourism Board, the unique music festival held in a rainforest was shortlisted as a finalist under the tourism and travel category for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards. The Rainforest World Music Festival or RWMF as it is commonly called, is also a...
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Motorbike routes in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has some of the world’s most stunning scenery — massive mountain ranges, dense cloud forests, tea plantations, and tiered rice terraces — and the best way to explore it is to rent a motorbike and hit the road. But before you hop on a bike in an area of the world where the roads are busted, the traffic out of control, and the driving rules hardly respected, take a motorbike driving lesson, get an international driving permit, and a health insurance plan that will protect you in...
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STB launches new Visit Sarawak More To Discover Campaign Logo

STB launches new Visit Sarawak More To Discover Campaign Logo ( = || []).push({}); Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) launches the Visit Sarawak Campaign Logo with new tagline of More to Discover, ahead of its official launch scheduled for this December. The event was held in J.W. Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur a few days ago. We have not travelled to Sarawak for more than five years and we were excited to attend our first Sarawak Tourism Board event. At the event,...
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How To Go To The Rainforest World Music Festival

For anyone wanting to know how to go to the Rainforest World Music Festival in Santubong, I have come up with this guide for your convenience. This includes various ways including self driving to the Sarawak Cultural Village.  The Rainforest World Music Festival takes place on a yearly basis, and is one of the most unique music festivals in the world which is held in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. Often called RWMF in short, this festival attracts people from all over the world too.  ...
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Aimless ambling Sunday strolling in Kuching

Tuesday 22ndMay 2018In the Lonely Planet Borneo guide it says that Kuching will amply reward visitors with a penchant for aimless ambling. So true So on Sunday we spent the day aimlessly ambling along the waterfront through Ch
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Kuching the jewel in Sarawaks crown

Tuesday 15th May 2018On Saturday we left Sibu on the 11.30 a.m. ferry bound for Kuching. It was a gloriously sunny morning not too humid and the ferry left on time. It was so nice to be on a boat where one could stand on deck to enjoy the p
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Borneo: The Off-the-Beaten-Track Road Trip

Borneo has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. Stories of jungle people, head hunters and exploratory expeditions up wild rivers filled with crocodiles called to my soul. When you think of ultimate road trip destinations, chances are Borneo isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But if you want to take a road trip that is off the beaten path, full of adventure and education, and guaranteed to be one that none of your friends did over their last summer vacation, taking the long,...
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Kuching New Darul Hana Bridge

In November 2017, the New Darul Hana Bridge was officially opened to the people and tourist in Kuching, Sarawak. This is a new tourism product and will be one of the main highlights of the Waterfront in Kuching city.The new Kuching bridge links the Waterfront area to the former State Legislative Assembly building. It also passes the Botanic Gardens and Orchid Garden to the iconic Fort Margherita and the present State Legislative Assembly Complex across the river. The new Darul Hana Bri...
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Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards 2015/2016

The Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards 2015/2016 was held on 24th November 2017, at the Imperial Hotel in Kuching Sarawak. This is the states most prestigious tourism industry awards held every two years. For this years 7th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards, a total of 28 winners were selected after a tedious judging process. There was 6 Special Recognition category awards that were give out to industry players this year.  The Sarawak Hornbill Awards was introduced in 2003 to recognize indivi...
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Visit Miri Year 2018

If you have already been to Kuching, then you should consider your next destination to be Miri as the Visit Miri Year 2018 will be quite interesting for anyone visiting Sarawak.  Miri is located in the north west of Sarawak bordering the kingdom of Brunei, which is only two hours drive and also one of the main gateways to the Mulu National Park. Miri is also home to the international Borneo Jazz Festival and country music festival.  This article will provide you with general information...
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5 National Parks You Must Visit in Malaysia

For the ecotourism and outdoor lover, these are 5 national parks you must visit in Malaysia when you plan a visit to this beautiful tropical country.  Malaysia has over 20 national parks and a majority of them are found in Sarawak, Sabah and the peninsular, and all of them are tropical rainforest types of national parks.  These national parks are well maintained and offer an incredible experience for just about any outdoor or Eco lover and are rich with flora and fauna. To get to some of ...
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10 Interesting Places to Visit in Malaysia for 2018

For the curious traveler, I have come out with a new list of 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Malaysia for 2018 as there are quite a number of unique adventures waiting to be discovered all over Malaysia.Usually, you will find the same old Top 10 places to visit in Malaysia, done by content writers who sit at desks and have never even been to any of the destinations in Malaysia.But for me,  I personally travel around Malaysia often and always introduced to new tourism products and places wi...
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Bakelalan Salt Factory

A visit to the Bakelalan salt factory is not to be missed for anyone who is planning to explore this part of Sarawak Borneo. Bakelalan or Ba'kelalan is a highland town that sits at 1000 meters above sea level in the Maligan Highlands of north east Sarawak. For adventure tourist, Sarawak is probably one of the best places in Malaysia to visit, simply due to the many non-commercialised tourism destinations. Places like Bakelalan are still untouched with very little modernisation and cultur...
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Kelantan draw blanks vs. PKNS, fall into MSL relegation zone

Jason Dasey and John Wilkinson break down Singapore and Malaysia's recent poor home outing in the Asian Cup. Kelantan will be hoping for a miracle on the final day of the Malaysia Super League (MSL) season after they slipped into the relegation zone following a goalless draw at home to PKNS FC on Wednesday night. Sarawak moved above them on the table after coming from behind to beat 10-man Kedah 4-2 in Kuching. The results mean that Kelantan will now need to beat Melaka United away in thei...
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Malay Fine Dining Cuisine at Bijan Restaurant Bukit Ceylon

Malay Fine Dining Cuisine at Bijan Restaurant Bukit Ceylon Where to find delicious Malaysian desserts in Kuala Lumpur? When you ask most locals where is the best Malay fine dining restaurant, the answer is always Bijan Restaurant at Bukit Ceylon or Ceylon Hill. They have built their reputation from scratch for being the top Malay fine dine restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. In our recent visit to Bijan Restaurant, we tasted some of their popular Malay cuisine. The restaurant is ideally located at Ceyl...
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Borneo Sarawak Sabah

M'n eigen katten voor 3 weekjes gedag gezegd startte mijn reis in Kuching cat city Het was nog een wonder dat ik Maleisie uberhaupt binnen was gekomen want de dame bij de immigratie deed moeilijk over mijn gerimpelde paspoort van het zwemavontuur in de
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Borneo International Beads Conference 2017

Travelers who are into the Bornean arts and craft should take note the 5th Borneo International Beads Conference 2017 taking place this 13-15 October in Kuching, Sarawak. Held once every two years, this is the premier traditional beading event for Malaysia Borneo.  Known as BIBCo2017, this years theme is called "Our Universal Beads" and the event promises even more exciting demonstrations, talks, workshops and displays of all kinds of ethnic beads from Borneo and around the world.If you hav...
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JDT boss Morais 'satisfied' despite below-par Malaysia Cup pitch

FC's Jason Dasey and Dez Corkhill look at the packed Malaysian football schedule and whether it's stretching teams thin. Jason Dasey and PJ Roberts discuss Dollah Salleh's 18-month ban at Pahang and the latest in the Malaysia Cup and Malaysia Super League. Ulisses Morais says he was satisfied with JDT's Malaysia Cup performance in Kuching. Coach Ulisses Morais says he is pleased with the Malaysia Cup efforts of Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) after they overco...
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Diving in Malaysia

Scuba diving in Malaysia is getting more popular as there is a lot of publicity being done about this underwater sport in the last few years. There has also been a very large increase in the number of divers over the last five years too.  In a recent statistic report from PADI, a whopping 15% of the dive certifications worldwide are coming from Malaysia. However, this was shared from one of the senior divers in Malaysia recently. There is no official full report issued out from PADI curr...
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Francis Forkey Doe predicts Selangor to win 34th Malaysia Cup

ESPN FC's Jason Dasey and Stanley Bernard preview the 2017 Malaysia Cup as JDT and Selangor will hope to challenge holders, Kedah. Striker Francis Forkey Doe believes Selangor have what it takes to lift a 34th Malaysia Cup title after a 2-1 win over Sarawak on Saturday night to take them joint top of Group D. The Liberian scored the opening goal as the Red Giants secured a precious victory on the road in Kuching. "For me, it is not impossible for us to make the final again after the achiev...
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Selangor top Group D with JDT after beat Sarawak in Malaysia Cup

ESPN FC's Jason Dasey gives an inside look at the 2015 Malaysia Cup final as Selangor were crowned champions for the 33rd time. ESPN FC's Jason Dasey and Stanley Bernard assess Malaysia's national team campaign and if Vingada is under pressure. Selangor moved joint top with Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) in Group D of the Malaysia Cup after overcoming Sarawak 2-1, with a Demerson Bruno Costa own goal proving the difference between the sides in Kuching on Saturday night. J...
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Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 - 20th Anniversary

This year's Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 will be the 20th Anniversary and it is held at the unique Sarawak Cultural Village. Can you imagine that is has been 20 years of running the RWMF, which originally started in 1997. And for this year, the 20th Anniversary of the Rainforest World Music Festival will take place from the 14-16 July.  Branded as one of the must unique music festivals in the world, the setting of this festival takes place in a natural environment of a rainforest i...
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Sahil Suhaimi poised for move from Singapore to Sarawak in MSL

Tampines striker Fazrul Nawaz returned to Singapore training and tells ESPN FC's Jason Dasey he is targeting a return to action in June. New FAS president Lim Kia Tong speaks exclusively to ESPN FC following his election as the new FAS president. Sahil Suhami was the LionsXII hero as the Singapore side beat Kelantan 3-1 in the 2015 Malaysia FA Cup final. Singapore international Sahil Suhaimi is poised to move to Malaysia Super League (MSL) side Sarawak after struggling for...
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Francis Forkey Doe dropped by Selangor for MSL trip to Sarawak

Jason Dasey and John Wilkinson recap all the decisive AFC Cup action as JDT advanced while Tampines and Felda were sent packing. Francis Forkey Doe won't join his teammates for the MSL trip to Kuching. Francis Forkey Doe has been dropped from the Selangor side to face Sarawak in the Malaysia Super League (MSL) on Tuesday, even though the Liberian striker has been released after his arrest last week. Doe was picked up by police for driving a cloned car last Thursday. After his relea...
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Night life in the beautiful Bako National Park

Taman Negara Bako is prestine and one of the most beautiful Nationa Parks I have seen. It is easy to reach from Kuching which was where I stayed as I arrived on Borneo island.I was in Sarawak province in the Malaysian part of Borneo. it was very exciti
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Indie Ink Runs Deep: Tom Vater

E very now and then I manage to talk a small press author into showing us a little skin... tattooed skin, that is.  I know there are websites and books out there that have been-there-done-that already, but I hadn't seen one with a specific focus on the authors and publishers of the small press community.  Whether it's the influence for their book, influenced  by  their book, or completely unrelated to the book, we get to hear the story behind their indie ink.... Today's ink story comes f...
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JDT local strikers give Southern Tigers MSL edge - coach Benjamin Mora

JDT and Tampines Rovers were both victorious in the AFC Cup versus Felda United and Angkor. Coach Benjamin Mora says JDT aim to get the ball back within 15 seconds of losing it in the MSL. Head coach Benjamin Mora hailed his ball-keeping Johor Darul Ta'zim side who breezed to a 3-0 home victory over T-Team on Saturday night to rise to fifth in the Malaysia Super League standings. Gabriel Guerra's hat trick at the Larkin Stadium gave the defending league champions plenty of amm...
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