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'Foo Fighters is more than just a band to me': Dave Grohl on life after 'losing Nirvana'

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl talks about taking the spotlight because drumming reminded him of losing Nirvana after the death of Kurt Cobain.        [Author: Arizona Republic]
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Dave Grohl Falls Offstage & Breaks His Leg, Then Continues the Show as The Foo Fighters Play Queen’s “Under Pressure” (2015)

How do you make the show go on after a broken leg? The blessing we give performers before they go onstage isn’t something we actually want to see happen. Nonetheless, stage injuries occur frequently, and in some cases, severely, as when Patti Smith fell 15 feet into a concrete orchestra pit in 1977 and broke several vertebrae in her back. “I felt like an asshole,” she told Circus magazine, “but my doctor told me not to worry, it happens to everybody.” Maybe not everybody, but when th...
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Dave Grohl on Kurt Cobain: 'There are certain people in your life you prepare yourself to lose'

Dave Grohl's new memoir, "The Storyteller," focuses on his childhood, tenure in Nirvana and Foo Fighters, which he shared at a stop in Washington.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Dave Grohl Hints That Nirvana’s Nevermind Cover Art Might Change Because Of Naked-Baby Lawsuit

Last month, the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Amidst all the anniversary pageantry, there was also the shadow of a strange developing story. Spencer Elden, the guy who was the baby on the Nevermind album cover and who has celebrated his strange distinction over the years, sued Nirvana, the band’s individual surviving members, Kurt Cobain’s estate, album-cover photographer Kirk Weddle, and the various labels involved in releasing Nevermind, claiming that the cover ...
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Nirvana Refuses to Mime Along to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on Top of the Pops (1991)

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, first released on September 24, 1991, “the day,” writes Michael Tedder at Stereogum, “that college radio-nurtured types and arty hard rock officially became rebranded as Alternative Rock, and, according to legend, everything changed forever.” You might believe that legend even if you remember the reality. Yes, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was just as huge as everybody says — and, yes, you likely recall where you were when y...
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A Win For The Seattle Kraken

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of, The Seattle Kraken scored, the fans rose to their feet and roared, and Nirvana's "Lithium" blared from the loudspeakers. The fans jammed with the voice of the late Kurt Cobain. "Yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeaaah!" This was Spokane, Washington, more than four hours east of Seattle by car. But at times it felt like Seattle. It sounded like Seattle. And the Kraken can only hope this is what the results will be like in Seattle when the regular sea...
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Courtney Love Explains Why “In Bloom” Should’ve Been The First Single From Nirvana’s Nevermind

Nirvana’s iconic album Nevermind turned 30 years old yesterday. In honor of the anniversary, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love spoke to the LA Times about the album. “I’ve never done an interview on Nevermind before, so in honor of its 30th anniversary, I spoke with Charles Cross and the LA Times – my hometown paper … about what that album meant and means to me,” she wrote on Instagram.
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Courtney Love on "Nevermind" 30th anniversary, Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love talks with Kurt Cobain biographer Charles C. Cross about the still-resonant depths of her late husband's breakthrough 1991...
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Nirvana Announce 30th Anniversary Nevermind Reissue With Four Previously Unreleased Full Concert Recordings

The 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind is looming tomorrow — we celebrated by examining Kurt Cobain’s compositional genius — and today the surviving band members have announced their latest deluxe reissue of the album. In November, Geffen/UMe will re-release Nevermind in a variety of formats, ranging from single-disc CD and vinyl copies of the original tracklist to Super Deluxe Editions featuring 94 audio and video tracks.
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A Composer Breaks Down The Music Theory Behind Nirvana’s “In Bloom”

This Friday is the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s groundbreaking Nevermind, an album that forever transformed the pop music landscape. The album’s furious rock anthems “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come As You Are,” and “Lithium” made everything else being played on the radio at the time seem scrawny and frivolous by comparison. In the ensuing three decades, countless words have been written about how Nevermind mainstreamed the sound of grunge by emphasizing emotional delivery over tonal precision....
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"As 'Norwegian Wood' played faintly on a crappy stereo, Courtney led me down a short hallway to the bedroom."

"I got to the door and opened it to find Kurt lying in a little bed in a little room, his back against the wall, facing the doorway, his shocking blue eyes gazing at me through the subdued lighting. His bare feet stuck out past the bedsheets, and his toenails were painted a rosy hue. The smell of jasmine flowers wafted through the screen of the window above his head. To this day, whenever I smell jasmine I’m transported to that moment. 'Hi,' he said, and two things struck me instantly. The firs...
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The Recording Secrets of Nirvana’s Nevermind Revealed by Producer Butch Vig

People figured out that I’d tapped into something in making that record; a lot of labels came calling because they wanted to see if I could bring that magic to whatever artists they had. But I found it sorta annoying in some ways, because people thought I had a formula, that I could take a folk artist or a blues guitarist and make them sound like Nirvana. The pop cultural phenomenon of Nirvana’s Nevermind caught everyone involved by surprise — from the band, to the label, to Butch Vig, j...
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Nirvana Baby’s Lawyer Grilled On CNN, Legal Expert Calls Child Porn Lawsuit “Ridiculous”

A couple days ago, the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind, who is now a man named Spencer Elden, filed a lawsuit against the band’s surviving members, Kurt Cobain’s estate, photographer Kirk Weddle, and the labels involved in releasing the album, alleging that the Nevermind cover is child pornography and that its existence is an invasion of his privacy.
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Attorney for ‘Nirvana Baby’ Explains Why They Believe the ‘Nevermind’ Cover Is Child Porn

A jury has yet to vote, if the case should make it to court, on whether the former members of Nirvana and their associates sexually exploited a child by putting an unclothed 4-month-old boy on the cover of the classic 1991 album “Nevermind.” But the general public has done a lot of weighing in on […]
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Nirvana sued for child pornography by man who appeared in their famous ‘Nevermind’ cover

Nirvana and the estate of Kurt Cobain is now reportedly being sued by Spencer Elden, the man who was the baby seen on the group’s ‘Nevermind’ album cover in 1991, reports state. In the lawsuit, he mentioned that his parents had never given their release in writing for the photos, and were not paid, despite 2008 reports that photographer Kirk Weddle paid Elden’s father Rich $200 for 15 seconds of work to appear in the snap, according to a news report. Since the cover was published, Elden has rep...
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Former Baby Depicted On Iconic Nirvana Album Cover, Spencer Elden, Sues Band For Child Porn

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Baby on Nevermind cover sues Nirvana over child sexual exploitation

Spencer Elden, who appeared at four months old on iconic album design, claims the image is child pornographySpencer Elden, who appeared as a naked baby on one of rock music’s most iconic album covers – Nevermind by Nirvana – is suing the band, claiming he was sexually exploited as a child.In a lawsuit filed in a Californian district court against numerous parties, including the surviving members of the band, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love, and the record labels that released or distributed th...
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The Nevermind Baby Sues Nirvana, Calling The Album Cover Child Pornography

For many years now, a man named Spencer Elden has been saying he was the baby featured on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind reaching for a dollar in a swimming pool. Often, he has seemed to celebrate that status, even re-creating the image at various points in his life. However, his perspective on this claim to fame started to shift around the time of his most recent photo reenactment in 2016, when the album (and Elden) turned 25 years old. “It’s fucked up. I’m pissed off about it, to be honest,”...
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Nirvana, Kurt Cobain's Estate Sued by Baby On 'Nevermind' Album Cover

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's estate are being sued by the baby from their famous "Nevermind" album cover.
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35 Years of ‘Stand by Me’ and the Legend of River Phoenix

It’s been 35 years since Stand By Me, Rob Reiner’s adaptation of a novella by Stephen King, was released in theaters and almost immediately became a classic. The coming-of-age tale of a quartet of teenage boys in 1950s Oregon who go on an adventure to find a dead body has cast a vast shadow across film since its premiere. Its influence can be found in everything from Boyz n the Hood to The Simpsons to Stranger Things. King declared it to be the first successful film translation of any of his wo...
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Album Of The Week: Wolves In The Throne Room Primordial Arcana

The veteran black metal wanderers Wolves In The Throne Room formed in Olympia, a beautiful little college town that also happens to be Washington’s state capital. Olympia has a lot of thrift shops and seafood restaurants. It’s a bougie place with hippie signifiers and a vague sense of encroaching methiness. K Records and Kill Rock Stars are both based in Olympia, and Kurt Cobain lived there for a while. Rancid wrote one of their best songs about wanting to get back to Olympia. A lot of great ind...
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Watch this horror video that a teenage Kurt Cobain made in 1984

Check out this experimental video that Kurt Cobain and his friends made when they were teenagers. The video is 7 minutes and 28 seconds long. The college of footage combines music by (the) Melvins, horror scenes, visual abstractions, and clips of everyday life. — Read the rest
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‘Jungle Cruise’ Spoiler Review: Steamboat Disney Plots a Familiar Course Down the Blockbuster River

You’ve seen the backside of water in Schweitzer Falls on Disney’s Jungle Cruise attraction, and now we’re coming out the back of the Jungle Cruise movie’s opening weekend. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, it’s the latest live-action Disney feature to capitalize on the brand recognition of an existing theme park ride or animated film. On Friday, Jungle Cruise had its simultaneous release in theaters and on Disney+ (with $30 Premier Access), so now it’s ...
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Money talks: why is selling out OK now?

It’s an argument that’s raged for decades, taking in everyone from the Who to Nirvana to the Spice Girls, but a recalibration of what that term means has changed everythingIn the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle itIn 1992, Kurt Cobain told Rolling Stone: “I don’t blame the average 17-year-old punk-rock kid for calling me a sellout.” Nirvana had moved from indie label Sub Pop to Geffen, a major, to re...
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‘It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso’: pop culture wins out at auctions

Sales of items from celebrities such as Janet Jackson and K-poppers BTS are trending – and reframing what goes under the hammerIs celebrity merchandise the new Monet? Auction houses are in flux, with more and more pop culture items being sold under the hammer for six and seven-figure sums.Last month, Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills hosted a three-day auction of Janet Jackson’s personal belongings, including some of her most iconic stage outfits. Buyers included Kim Kardashian, who snagged Jac...
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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s one-time LA home lists for $1M

An abandoned Hollywood Hills home that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love once called home in 1992 has been listed for $998,000.
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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s Headbanging Cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Smells Like Teen Spirit is an unusual anthem because it refuses the role of the anthem. It’s perfect for the generation it represented because this was a cohort that was so ambivalent about any traditional values [or] conventional success. — music critic Ann Powers  The screaming existential angst of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ensured that Nirvana would define, transcend, and outlast the 90s grunge scene. The song was an instant hit. Here’s a description from someone who was present at th...
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Treasure Trove of Rock Memorabilia Includes Kurt Cobain Hair

Guitars from Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Aerosmith as well as autographed memorabilia from The Beatles and even strands of hair from Kurt Cobain are some of the highlights of an online rock ‘n’ roll auction that ends over the weekend.
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FBI Quietly Releases File On Suspicions Raised About Kurt Cobain’s Death

People who wrote to the agency were told an investigation of his death was outside the FBI's jurisdiction.
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Kurt Cobain File Released by FBI 27 Years After His Death

After 27 years following the death of iconic rocker Kurt Cobain, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a file containing...
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