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The Literary and Archaeology story of the arrival of the Parsis in India and their dispersal

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in collaboration with Museum Society of Mumbai cordially invites you to a lecture titled The Literary and Archaeology story of the arrival of the Parsis in India and their dispersal by Dr. Kurush Dalal on Monday, 18th January 2020 at 5:30pm IST To register click here From 2002 to 2004 the WZCF, Mumbai and the IAS, New Delhi conducted an intensive archaeological project, under the auspices of the ICHR and the Tata Trust, at the Me...
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In passing of Yazdani’s Zend, Mumbai has lost a master baker

“Get rid of your cough, eat my ginger biscuit.” The baker who kneaded such happy prescriptions into Mumbai’s gut via the blackboard of the iconic Yazdani bakery in Fort is no more. Zend Meherwan Zend, the jovial co-owner of the six-decade-old Irani bakery who said bread must have a bite to it and who did not let Parkinson’s disease keep him from sipping tea or relishing ice-cream at the cash counter, passed away at age 86 this past Sunday. Article by Sharmila Ganesan Ram | TNN With the departu...
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Co-owner of Fort’s Yazdani Bakery, Zend Meherwan Zend, dies at 86

Food historian Kurush Dalal recalls Zend as the baker who wasn’t afraid to experiment and wished to give his customers quality products. Sitting behind the cash counter or instructing staff by the woodfire oven, Zend Meherwan Zend was synonymous with Yazdani Bakery. He was a regular at the iconic bakery in Fort, even after being afflicted with acute Parkinson’s in his later years. On Sunday, Zend died due to advancing age. He was 86. Food historian Kurush Dalal recalls Zend as the baker who ...
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Chinchani & India’s First Arab Governor

On the 28th of June 1955, The Times of India (Mumbai) carried a very interesting story of the discovery, by a farmer, of 9 inscribed copper plates from his field in the village of Chinchani near Dahanu, in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. Little did he know that what he had ‘dug’ up was a peep into the history of the region, stretching back over 900 years – a time when the area was under the Rashtrakutas and their Arab governor, who oversaw the region. Article by Kurush Dalal | Live History ...
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The ritual of Parsi ‘choi’

The ritual of Parsi ‘choi’ Tea time is an indulgent affair for Parsis. Come evening, a full tea service is laid out complete with snacks and bone china crockery Article by  Aravinda Anantharaman | Live Mint Once, during pre-pandemic times, I stopped to chat with a neighbour. Not one to let anyone leave empty-handed, she thrust some lemongrass picked from her garden into my hands, saying, “For your chai.” That was my first cup of lemongrass chai and I loved it. Along the way, I learnt that...
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Navsari: Home to the Parsis

Live History India present a great visual treat about Navsari. Archeologist Kurush Dalal and historian and author Pheroza Godrej are featured on the video and explain some of the history of the town.A quaint town on the way to Surat became the launch pad for one of the most enterprising communities in India. In this episode, we head to Navsari and trace the story of the Parsis.
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Mangola, a slurpy, happy feeling that wasn’t cool enough for Frooti & Pepsi generation

Homegrown Parsi company Duke and Sons gave Mumbai its first mango-based drink, but couldn’t survive in the post-liberalisation heat. Indians love their mangoes. From week-long culinary festivals to memorable family traditions, the king of fruit has remained an integral part of the smells and tastes of many Indian lives. This is why it isn’t surprising that the novel idea to turn the fruit into something one can drink was met with significant joy and market success in the 1950s Mumbai (then Bo...
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Davar’s College : Unassuming heroes

For more than a century, Davar’s College of Commerce and Secretarial Studies and Practices at Fort has been an affirmative force behind the empowerment of Mumbai’s women Passing through the Fort area is like taking a glimpse at the city’s rather pretty poignant past. As façade after façade of Victorian gorgeousness vies for attention, it is easy to miss out on a modest buffcoloured building with an unassuming sign that reads ‘Davar’s College of Commerce’. URMI CHANDA-VAZ | Mumbai Mirror Davar...
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What is Parsi Food, Really: Not Just Dhansak Ep 01 Featuring Kurush Dalal

On the first episode of our Parsi food show, Not Just Dhansak, our host Perzen Patel, popularly known as the Bawi Bride, is in conversation with archaeologist and food historian, Kurush Dalal. When he is not digging and teaching, Kurush runs a boutique catering company, Katy’s Kitchen. They reminisce about their childhood food memories and discuss the food that graces Parsi kitchens (hint: not Dhansak). Kurush talks about his mother Katy Dalal and how Parsi food has adapted to local culture ove...
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Not Just Dhansak: A New Parsi Podcast

Our dear friend Perzen Patel a.k.a Bawi Bride writes in… What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone tells you they are Parsi? Is it Dhansak? Well, no one would blame you!Over the past few decades this simple preparation of spices, lentils and vegetables cooked with meat has come to be a strong part of the Parsi identity. Dhansak is as much a part of the bawa identity as is good thoughts, words and deeds! But there is more to Parsi food (and us Parsis) than Dhansak, our I...
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Mumbai’s Parsi Dairy milks modern retail, with nostalgia and social media

Once an iconic Mumbai landmark and cafe, the 102-year-old brand is reinventing itself Article by Amritha Pillay | Business Standard Parsi Dairy Farm, set up by Nariman Ardeshir in 1916 is redolent of an era when the city beat to a different tune. Set in the heart of what used to be Mumbai’s busy trade and market district, Kalbadevi, stories around the dairy are legion. Culinary anthropologist Kurush Dalal who is familiar with the history of the brand and the family that runs it recalls an anecdo...
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5 Questions with Archeologist and Food Writer Kurush Dalal

TCS: There’s something about “gymkhana grub” that a certain generation will remember with great fondness. Your mum Katy ran kitchens for a few clubs herself – what are your memories of the food then? KD: Katy ran kitchens at the Freemasons Hall, The Elphinstone Cricket Club, The PVM Gymkhana; and the Ripon Club. I also did my time at the Ripon, PVM and Elphinstone. Much of club food is the food of the Raj era, since the clubs date back to this period. My memories include fridges full of soufflés...
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Parsi Dairy Farm: Mumbai’s Gold Standard in Milk & Milk-Based Products

I was at a modern food superstore in Bandra, Mumbai’s swish suburb, the other day. I walked past rows of imported gourmet cheeses, pastas and meats when I suddenly spotted a group of blue coloured packs which looked as if they were cheerfully waving at me. A closer inspection showed that they were packs of the homegrown Parsi Dairy ghee. I am a Bengali married to a Parsi as you probably know. I remembered that Freddy (Firoz) Kerawala, my maternal uncle-in-law, is a big advocate of the Parsi Dair...
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