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The shipping crisis in California is now so bad that officials should consider declaring a state of emergency, the head of the California Trucking Association says

The Port of Los Angeles. ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images A California trucking boss says officials should consider a state of emergency over clogged ports. On Monday, the number of vessels waiting to enter the ports of LA and Long Beach hit new records. Experts say it requires all parties in the supply chain to fix the crisis. Officials in Southern California should consider declaring a state of emergency to help ease clogged ports in the area, a state trucking boss said.In an interview w...
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US trucking industry is short by a record 80,000 drivers amid the supply-chain crisis, association head says

A shortage of truckers has exacerbated the supply-chain crisis. Mike Raabe/Getty Images The US needs 80,000 more truck drivers, American Trucking Associations CEO Chris Spear told CNN. A shortage of drivers is one of biggest factors contributing to the current supply-chain chaos. It's causing product shortages, delivering delays, and soaring prices. The US has a shortage of around 80,000 truck drivers, Chris Spear, President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations (ATA), told CNN...
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Reservation Dogs Writer-Director Sydney Freeland Made The Show She Wanted To See [Interview]

"Reservation Dogs" is another FX show that screams artistic freedom. There are no limits to the imagination. Season 1 can have a heartfelt moment between a mother and son, and somewhere else along the way, an homage to "Gladiator" and a music video for "Greasy Frybead." Writer-director Sydney Freeland is behind several of these unforgettable moments. Freeland was in the writers room and directed several episodes, including "What About Your Dad" and "NDN Clinic." The filmmaker was born and raised...
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Vincent’s Art Opening- There Never Was A Narrative

Last Thursday night was the opening of my partner Vincent Gagliostro’s new exhibition, There Never Was A Narrative at Galerie NEC in the Marais. Friends, family, collectors, blog readers, and clients of the gallery owners flocked to the gallery from 5pm-9pm and sipped white wine and Champagne while pondering the art. Cousins of mine from New York were there as well as a blog reader who recognized me on the metro a few days before also came. Vincent looked smart and smashing in a new plaid ...
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An LA trucking company is running out of places to put its shipping containers so they're parking some on a residential street

Getty Images/Sasin Tipchai Container ships line the streets of one California neighborhood as the global shipping crisis continues. A local trucking company owner said his business is stuck with empty shipping containers despite minimal storage space. One resident said the shipping trucks blocked her driveway, preventing her from leaving. With a backlog of container ships at ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach and workers unloading shipments 24 hours a day, the Southern California area ha...
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Shipping Containers That Spent Weeks Aboard Ships Stuck At Ports Now Being Dumped In Nearby Neighborhoods

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There's a record 100 ships floating off ports in Southern California despite Biden's 24/7 schedule

An aerial picture taken on October 14, 2021 shows the Port of Los Angeles, in Los Angeles, California. ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images The largest ports in the US hit a new record on Monday as 100 ships wait to dock and unload. The ports have smashed through multiple records this year as COVID-19 shutdowns meet a boom in consumer demand. Last week, President Biden announced the ports would start processing ships 24/7. California ports have hit another record, despite Biden's plan to ex...
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10 Things in Politics: Tracing Trump and QAnon's roots to smog

Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Sign up here to receive this newsletter. Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android. Send tips to [email protected]'s what we're talking about:The roots of denialism: How the birth of smog in 1943 led to Trump and QAnonFauci says full-vaccinated Americans can enjoy the holidaysSen. Kyrsten Sinema's campaign spent $1,180 at a wineryWith Phil Rosen. Valerie Chiang for Insider 1. ...
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The Original Farmers Market Crowd-Favorite Fall Festival Returns! 10/22– 10/24!

Hot times are here again thanks to the Original Farmer’s Market Fall Festival! After a brief hiatus in 2020, LA’s favorite harvest festival, established in 1934, makes its grand return.   The annual Fall Festival will return to The Original Farmers Market filled with fun activities for the entire family. —Mr. Jack O Lantern’s Pumpkin […] The post The Original Farmers Market Crowd-Favorite Fall Festival Returns! 10/22– 10/24! first appeared on
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Adele reveals happy family news in rare video from LA home

Adele revealed once again just how down-to-earth she is in a rare Instagram Live video...
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‘I’m so glad you guys exist!’ Carrie Brownstein meets the Linda Lindas

When teenage LA punks the Linda Lindas went viral, they caught the attention of Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel and original riot grrrl, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, who joins them for a cross-generational chinwagIn May, the US punk band the Linda Lindas went viral with a performance of their no-holds-barred track Racist, Sexist Boy. Written in response to a real-life incident in which drummer Mila de la Garza was racially harassed by a classmate, the song alternates between sludgy punk and br...
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Adele: Easy on Me review – reliably, relatably Adele-esque

(Columbia)The first single from her divorce-focused new album 30 is quintessential Adele: piano, romantic recrimination, and soaring vocal workAdele’s statement announcing the release of her fourth album was published on social media earlier this week. In it, the singer doesn’t talk much about music, more about her emotional state during the album’s making, provoked, one assumes, by the breakdown of her marriage: “absolute mess and inner turmoil … consumed by grief”. She compared the album she m...
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Giants Lose Heartbreaker As Dodgers Advance To NLCS

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — An all-time season for the San Francisco Giants has come to an end. Cody Bellinger hit a tiebreaking single in the ninth inning and prized midseason acquisition Max Scherzer came out of the bullpen for his first career save, sending the Los Angeles Dodgers past the Giants 2-1 in a thrilling winner-take-all Game 5 on Thursday night and into the NL Championship Series. Bellinger’s big hit decided a scintillating NL Division Series between talent-laden teams with lofty wi...
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LA Police Officer Wounded in Shooting, Juvenile Detained

A Los Angeles police officer was shot early Thursday as he drove to work and a juvenile has been detained in connection with the violence.
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The Multiple Endings Of Blade Runner Explained

Based on Philip K. Dick's beloved sci-fi novella "Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep?", Ridley Scott's landmark 1982 science fiction film "Blade Runner" has become a cultural touchstone since bombing at the box office when it was first released nearly four decades ago. Thanks to home video and alternate versions released in 1992 and 2007, the movie has had a far greater longevity than some of its contemporaries, and is now considered in the same realm as "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Star Wars"...
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Video- Chatting With Charles Barkley And Jon Cooper

via Sportsnet, 6 years ago, Jon Cooper walked into a bar in LA and by chance happened to meet Charles Barkley. The two chatted hockey and basketball for 3 hours. On Monday, Christine Simpson sat down with them on the Big Picture.  
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The 14 Greatest Thrillers Of The 21st Century

The thriller is one of the hardest genres to define, because thrillers cross over so much with other genres. From the erotic thriller, the psychological thriller, the cold war thriller, the detective thriller, and all the way through to the action thriller — and let's not forget to take a detour into the seedy underbelly of the neo-noir -- this really is the genre that has something for everyone. While the '80s and '90s were a heyday for erotic thrillers, the 21st century brought a fresh injecti...
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A Conversation With The Voices Of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission [Interview]

The new feature film "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" is flooded with epic visuals unprecedented in the "My Hero Academia"-verse.Initially released in 2016, the anime series (based on the manga written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi) is set in a modern world where nearly everyone has individual superpowers, called Quirks. The young Quirk-less Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is given a super-strength Quirk and a mentorship by the superhero All Might in hopes that he will grow into his fist-pun...
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LA port to open round the clock to tackle shipping queues

The White House has warned supply bottlenecks could cause goods shortages this Christmas.
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Stream Jordana & TV Girl’s Surprise New Summer’s Over EP

Last week, 2020 Best New Band contender Jordana and LA’s TV Girl kicked off their sold-out joint US tour. Now, the indie-pop performers have released a surprise collaborative EP titled Summer’s Over, which you can stream to on the platform of your choosing.
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Family Biking: There’s no such thing as bad weather

(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) I’ve often found it intriguing that Portland would become one of the most active biking cities in this country: a city known for rainy weather. Wouldn’t biking make more sense in San Diego? Or LA? Or somewhere in Florida or South Carolina? Someplace with sunshine and warm weather year-round? My incredulity is born from living in a sheltered, pampered, and climate-controlled culture. The lifestyle I am most familiar with, familiar to many Americans, is on...
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How to tell if a vaccine card is real or fake, according to a physician who specializes in authenticating them

Depending on the state of vaccination, information can be printed, handwritten, or on a sticker. Joan Slatkin/Education Images via Getty Images As fake vaccine cards become a nationwide problem, it's crucial to know how to verify one. Ensure the ID on the card matches a driver's license, then check for appropriate dose intervals. Pay attention to the handwriting and lot numbers, and contact the vaccination site with questions. With cities like New York and LA as well as many major ...
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LA’s Center Theatre Group Promises All-Female-Playwright Season Next Year (And Gets ‘Slave Play’ Back)

After criticism for programming few plays by women this season, culminating in Jeremy O. Harris pulling Slave Play from the schedule there, CTG says that the entire 2022-23 season at Mark Taper Forum will be plays by female or nonbinary writers, mostly BIPOC. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Lupin Star Omar Sy Signs Multi-Year Film Deal with Netflix

César-winning actor Omar Sy has officially signed a multi-year feature film deal with Netflix to develop original films for the streamer. The French actor, through his Paris and LA-based company, is set to executive produce and star in the potential projects that will be made as part of the deal. “I have experienced Netflix’s collaboration with artists and their passion to bring unique and diverse stories to homes all over the world,” Sy said in a statement. “I am very happy to have the opportun...
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Grit Powers San Francisco Giants To NLDS Game 3 Win; Mother Nature Was Wearing Orange And Black

LOS ANGELES (CBS SF) — It’s something computer analytics can’t measure nor money can buy. It’s called grit and it’s what powered the San Francisco Giants to a 1-0 victory in a pivotal Game 3 of their historic National League Divisional Series showdown with the Los Angeles Dodgers. On paper with the best-of-5 series tied at 1-1, it appeared everything pointed to a Dodger win Monday night. The nearly unbeatable Max Scherzer — one of baseball’s highest-paid pitchers at $34.5 million a season — was ...
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Cheney Slams Scalise For ‘Perpetuating’ Big Lie: It’s An ‘Attack’ On ‘Constitutional Republic’

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) rebuked her former fellow GOP leader, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), on Sunday for upholding ex-President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen (it wasn’t). [Author: Cristina Cabrera]
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Gun Gear: LA Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants just… $29.99 a pair!

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. La Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants USA – -( LA Police Gear has its best-selling La Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants on sale for just… $29.99. That is 27% OFF the MSRP. Don’t see the Inseam you like? Then get a longer length and you can easily have them hemmed. Urban Ops Tactical Pants...
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 MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “Silent” Piano Journey with Murray Hidari! Tues. Oct. 12, at TreePeople in LA!

MindTravel continues its Silent Walking Meditation experience on Tuesday, October 12 at TreePeople in Los Angeles.     I am sharing this image because of the quality of the photo.  I think the photo is very interesting despite that it indicates a September walk.    Allow yourself to be carried away by the deep feeling of freedom and […] The post  MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “Silent” Piano Journey with Murray Hidari! Tues. Oct. 12, at TreePeople in LA! first appeared on ...
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Goldie Hawn is ageless in emotive new video from her spectacular garden in LA

Goldie Hawn has shared an important message on social media to mark World Mental Health...
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Why Adele swapped London for $9.5million British cottage in LA

Adele grew up in West Norwood in London but she now owns homes across the world, and she...
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