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Every Episode Of The Expanse Season 6 Ranked Worst To Best

After a six-season run — three on Syfy, followed by another three on Prime Video — it was difficult to imagine "The Expanse" finding resolution in its infinite space. Based on the novel series by James S. A. Corey (a pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who also helped write and produce the show), the series' expansive universe had spun so many story threads that tying it all up seemed nearly impossible. In addition, Abraham and Franck told Polygon that the season 6 finale was more of "a ...
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The Expanse Season 6 Ending Explained & The Biggest Unresolved Questions

After six seasons and two networks, "The Expanse" aired its last episode on January 14. The final season, which was only six episodes long, provided some closure for the crew of the Rocinante but also left lots and lots of opportunities (ring gates, if you will) open for the world of "The Expanse" to continue growing. We have an overall review of the final episode elsewhere on /Film, but this post will get into the details of the very ending of the final episode "Babylon's Ashes." What happened ...
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The Expanse Finale Ends With An Epic Battle In 'Babylon's Ashes'

We're finally here. This is the last episode of "The Expanse." While a lot of the big character moments and arguably some of the best scenes of the series came in last week's episode, the series finale, "Babylon's Ashes," ties up most (but not all!) of the major threads of the season.Read on for a breakdown of what happened and where the show's creative team have left us when those end credits came up for the last time.Warning! Spoilers before for the series finale of "The Expanse," "Babylon's A...
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The Expanse Forces Everyone To Confront What Side They're On In 'Why We Fight'

In "Why We Fight," the penultimate episode of "The Expanse," more than a couple characters from all sides of the war confront the question about what they're fighting for, and whether they can accept the costs. There are also unexpected alliances, both personal and geopolitical, and revelations that shake some characters to the core.Read on for a breakdown of what we saw, including some insights from the cast about particular scenes in the episode.Warning! Spoilers for "Why We Fight," episode 60...
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The Expanse Takes An Unvarnished Look At The Repercussions Of War In Redoubt

We're in the back half of the last season of "The Expanse," and the war is continuing to have a toll on all sides. That includes Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), who isn't riding as high as he was at the beginning of the season.Even though Marco and the Free Navy are facing setbacks, that doesn't mean that the Inners are doing much better. And on the personal level, the relationships between characters aren't so great either! Pretty much everything is no-so-great (to put it mildly) for everyone. R...
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The Expanse Raises The Stakes As It Reaches The Halfway Point Of Its Final Season

"This feels like a trap." That's what MCRN Admiral Kirino (Krista Bridges) says to Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) as the UNN-Luna-Martian fleet lands on Ceres free of any Free Navy. Kirino is right, of course, as we find out over course of "Force Projection," the third episode of "The Expanse" season 6.This episode is the last of the first half of the last season of "The Expanse," (trying saying that three times fast!) and the momentum has picked up accordingly, both in the solar system and on L...
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The Expanse Springs A Trap As It Reaches The Halfway Point Of Its Final Season

"This feels like a trap." That's what MCRN Admiral Kirino (Krista Bridges) says to Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) as the UNN-Luna-Martian fleet lands on Ceres free of any Free Navy. Kirino is right, of course, as we find out over course of "Force Projection," the third episode of "The Expanse" season 6.This episode is the last of the first half of the last season of "The Expanse," (trying saying that three times fast!) and the momentum has picked up accordingly, both in the solar system and on L...
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2 Injured in House Fire in Laconia, Fire Under Investigation

Two people, including a firefighter, have been injured in a house fire in Laconia.
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In The Expanse's Latest Episode, Earth And The Rocinante Fight Back And Find Hope On The Azure Dragon

"Azure Dragon," the second episode in the last season of "The Expanse," is about opportunities and repercussions (or the lack thereof). Things were pretty grim for pretty much everyone who wasn't Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) in the season premiere, and things are still pretty rough at the beginning of "Azure Dragon" for Earth and, more specifically, the Rocinante crew.Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), however, promised something significant last episode, and "Azure Dragon" delivers on her promise...
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The Expanse Is Back, And Everyone Is At Rock Bottom In Strange Dogs

The first episode of the final season of "The Expanse" is finally here! It's so great to have more time with these characters and meet some ... strange new ones as well (sorry, not sorry). Below is my spoiler-full recap/review of season 6's first episode, "Strange Dogs," which also includes some quotes from the cast and creative team about certain scenes.Read on for more and this is your final warning — spoilers abound below for "Strange Dogs!" We're Introduced To Laconia The beginning of "Stran...
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The Expanse Cast And Creators Tease What To Expect In Season 6

The sixth and final season of "The Expanse" premieres this Friday, with one episode dropping every week until the series finale on January 14. A lot happens in these final episodes (check out our non-spoiler review here), and /Film had the chance to talk with the show's cast and creative team about what fans can expect. Here's what they teased about the season and, where relevant, how their respective characters are feeling when the season starts.  A Very Full Six Episodes (And Six Shorts) Seaso...
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Edward Engler, Founder of the Laconia Daily Sun, Dies at 74

The former mayor of Laconia and founder of The Laconia Daily Sun has died at age 74.
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Not-guilty plea entered for Marilyn Manson on charges

Associated Press LACONIA, N.H. — An attorney has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of rocker Marilyn Manson, who is accused of approaching a videographer at his 2019 concert in New Hampshire and allegedly spitting and blowing snot on her. Manson, whose legal name is Brian Hugh Warner, surrendered in July to police in Los Angeles in connection with a 2019 arrest warrant in the case. The allegations were detailed in a police affidavit that was released along with a criminal complaint. Manson was...
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Laconia Motorcycle Week Is About to Draw to a Close

The 98th annual Laconia Motorcycle Week is wrapping up this weekend, and many business owners are grateful for the economic boost.
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Laconia Motorcycle Week Is Back In Full Force At New Hampshire Motor Speedway

As unprecedented limitations ease up and the hopes of hitting the track are high, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) plans on a big week for thousands of motorists – and they’ve got 20 hours until the grand opening.  According  to the LaconiaMcWeek website, the Laconia Motorcycle Week began as a gypsy tour in 1916, with the official start year being 1938. This year, SpeedwayDigest says that the event will be held from June 12 – June 20, with days of camping, vendors, demo rides, char...
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At Least 30 People Displaced in Apartment Building Fire

Fire officials say a three-story apartment building fire in Laconia displaced between 30 and 35 residents.
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At Least 30 People Displaced in Apartment Building Fore

Fire officials say a three-story apartment building fire in Laconia displaced between 30 and 35 residents.
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New Hampshire Grand Jury Indicts Man in 2019 Laconia Killing

A New Hampshire grand jury has indicted a former Laconia man on a charge of first degree murder in the 2019 killing of a 58-year-old man.
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Woman Dies After Being Rescued From Fire in Laconia

New Hampshire fire officials say a woman died following a fire at a duplex-style building in Laconia, despite the efforts of first responders.
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Meet The Man Who's Hosted All 2020 Democratic Candidates

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Carlos Cardona, chair of the Laconia Democrats in New Hampshire. He says hosted every Democratic presidential candidate at his house this year.
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Justices issue more orders, but no action on high-profile cases

This morning the Supreme Court issued additional orders from the justices’ private conference last Friday. After granting three new petitions for review last week, the justices did not add any new cases to their merits docket for the fall. They called for the views of the federal government in three cases, but they did not act on a wide variety of high-profile petitions, scheduling most (but not all) of them for reconsideration at their next conference. The justices asked the U.S. solicitor gene...
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Supreme Court Upholds Public Nudity Convictions of Women Who Went Topless for Free the Nipple Campaign

(CONCORD, N.H.) — The Supreme Court is leaving in place the public nudity convictions of three women who removed their bathing suit tops on a New Hampshire beach as part of a global campaign advocating for the rights of women to go topless. The justices declined Monday to review a state court decision that found no violation of the women’s constitutional rights. Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro are part of the Free the Nipple campaign, a global effort advocating for the rights o...
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Best things to do in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese , the mulberry-leaf-shaped southern peninsula of mainland Greece, may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a trip to the cradle of Western civilization. The historical city of Athens and picture-perfect islands of Mykonos and Santorini have arguably established themselves as Greece’s must-gos. But the well-kept secrets of the Peloponnese and the region’s landscape of contrasts will make you feel like you’ve discovered a whole new world. Green valleys an...
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'Free the nipple' female campaigners lose challenge to US topless conviction

New Hampshire court upholds conviction of three women arrested in 2016 after removing their tops at a beachNew Hampshire’s highest court has upheld the conviction of three women who were arrested for going topless on a beach, finding their constitutional rights were not violated.In a 3-2 ruling, the court decided that an indecent exposure law in the New Hampshire city of Laconia does not discriminate on the basis of gender or violate the women’s right to free speech. Continue reading...
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Driving Through The Woods of Euphoria

No place in Greece holds the same transcendent raw energy as that found in the deep, dark woods of Laconia, nestled on the southeast of the Peloponnese, Greece. This is a mystical land of austere natural elements that are intricately interwoven with the stern constitution of its inhabitants, and the Doric presence of Mystras: The Byzantine town, whose castles stand tall, perched on cobblestoned...
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Tom Daxon's Memorable Offerings in 2018

  Tom Daxon has added two new perfumes to his steadily growing line in 2018: Midnight Saffron and Laconia. The Tom Daxon line is one that has been growing on me regularly over the past year or so, after a colleague introduced me to the fragrances. They stand out among the current crop of unisex woody-spice scents in a particular way, and I’ve been thinking about what gives them this distinction... Read full article: Tom Daxon's Memorable Offerings in 2018 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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Ganong of Roche Realty Group sells Tower Hill Cottages for $460,000

Shown (from left) are: Richard Spinosa and John Ganong  Laconia, NH Tower H...
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The Spartan Way: The Mindset and Tactics of a Battle-Ready Warrior

Welcome back to our series on The Spartan Way, which seeks to illuminate the lessons the ancient Spartans can teach modern men – not in their  details , but in the  general principles  that lie beneath, and can still be extracted and applied today. At its peak, the Spartan army was the most dominant, and feared, military force in ancient Greece, and its prowess was built on the singular mentality and strategy it brought to the art of war. In this final installment of the Spartan Way series, we’...
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The biggest event in all 50 states

Every state has that one event that everyone either looks forward to or gets the hell out of town for — that festival, parade, or sporting event that draws people from all over the world and is a great time if you go but an even better time to leave and rent out your house. For travelers though, these events are some of the best ways to experience a city. Some of them are household names, stuff like Burning Man or the Kentucky Derby or New Year’s Eve in NYC. But even the big events in smaller...
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