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Here’s what you can expect from the Blue Man Group as they bring their new show to Riverside

The members of the Blue Man Group have played drums filled with paint and PVC pipes in all shapes and sizes over the years, but lately they’re testing out a new instrument: spinulums. Those would be the cellos of the Blue Man world, according to Robert Gomez, music director for the group’s “Speechless” tour. And that’s not the only new trick the men have up the sleeves of their black turtlenecks. The silent percussionists’ new show includes “data collection” from the audience. “The Blue Men actu...
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Female Artists Are Being Completely Removed From Their Own Album Covers In Iran

Lady Gaga — Joanne Pop icons are being removed from their own single and album covers in Iran, simply because they are women. Now their stans are reacting to the censored albums on social media. h/t: insider, dailydot The Twitter account Pop Crave, which dishes out all the latest pop culture news for the Twitter-verse, pointed out the censorship in a now-viral tweet. Fan bases on Twitter are... Source
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this was a good week

This was a good week! Here’s why:• I felt really productive this week, Alex finished up the first quarter of her sophomore year (and she did great), and alleluia, our first real cool front arrives today in Houston. I may even wear a scarf.• Speaking of cool weather clothing, I’m totally digging these handknit sweaters that blend into the background.• So awesome: this paralyzed man walked with the use of a mind-control...
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Power of Women: The Music Executives Moving the Needle in 2019

The outgoing president of the Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, will forever be remembered by his declaration that “women need to step up.” And ascend they did: From female artists who dominated the airwaves and streaming charts (Ariana Grande, Lizzo and Lady Gaga, just to name a few) to execs (Epic Records’ Sylvia Rhone, Sony Pictures’ […]
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Haus Laboratories Le Riot Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Haus Laboratories Le Riot Lipgloss is a new lipgloss formula created by Lady Gaga that’s available in six shades for $18 each. As you may or may not know Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga was teased late this Summer and became available for pre-order on the brand’s website and I think I placed an order on in August but my pre-order was shipped around September 20th or so. It was a long wait for something I wanted to try out immediately. This isn’t Gaga’s first foray into bea...
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Florence by Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush Review & Swatches

Florence by Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush ($14) is a new creamy blush is part of Millie Bobby Brown’s new vegan makeup collection that launched late this Summer. As you already know every celeb and their mom, sister’s mom, and mom’s mom has a makeup collection. From Lady Gaga to up and coming actresses like Millie Bobby Brown, everyone wants a piece of the beauty industry. I do think that celebrities can literally make or break their own makeup launches. If a celebrity evokes feelings of dis...
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More Teenagers Mistakenly Think “Private” Chat Conversations Will Remain Private–People v. JP

This is a story of four teenage girls and one teenage boy. The girls use the aliases “7Up” (a/k/a JP, the defendant in this case), “Lady Gaga,” “Dream Ruiner,” and “Me.” The boy, called S, allegedly engaged in anti-social behavior towards some of the girls (pushing their books off their desks and calling one of them “fat” and “gay”). The trial judge thought S did this in a misguided play for affection. Unbeknownst to the other girls, “Me” considered S a friend. The four girls maintained a Snapch...
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Lady Gaga has new pink hair! And wait until you see who else...

So many celebrities are trying pink hair. From Helen Mirren to Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry... 
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Lady Gaga Just Debuted a Bold New Hair Color, and We're Tickled Pink Over It

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on Oct 5, 2019 at 10:00am PDT Lady Gaga said "bye bye" to her platinum blond hair and debuted a shade of bright pink while celebrating the anniversary of A Star Is Born on Oct. 5. The singer - who recently released her Haus Laboratories beauty line - posed with a massive multi-platinum plaque, but that won't distract us from her ne...
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How to Recreate 2 Iconic Lady Gaga Beauty Looks - Straight From Her Makeup Artist

Lady Gaga thinks you should know: you don't have to recreate her beauty looks. The intention behind Haus Laboratories, in fact, is for you to "use these products as tools for self-expression," said Sarah Tanno, the star's longtime makeup artist. "There are no rules - just enjoy the process." Still, any Lady Gaga fan worth their weight in Monster merch knows the woman is a beacon of makeup inspiration - the kind that could shape an entire persona - and who are we to deprive you of your creative...
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Tones And I Is Turning The World Into “Dance Monkey” Junkies

This year has already given us one Kevin Garnett "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" viral triumph by the name of Lil Nas X. You probably know that story by heart: A savvy young meme-maker who may or may not have built his online following by running a Nicki Minaj fan account heavily promotes his country-rap … More »
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Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and the Disneyfication of Fashion

Shopping has always been about amusement. Now it’s going to be about amusement parks.
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Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ Named Greatest Gambling Song of All Time

Earlier this month, online poker giant PokerStars asked 1,000 of its European customers to select their favorite poker-themed song from a list of choices. There were two finalists: Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.” And according to the announcement, Motorhead’s 1980 class “not only won, but crushed” Gaga’s breakthrough hit from 2008. […]
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Brandon Maxwell talks ‘Project Runway,’ undressing Lady Gaga

NEW YORK (AP) — Lada Gaga’s multiple fashion reveals were a big moment at the Met Gala. They were also a sweet one for her friend Brandon Maxwell. Maxwell was the designer by her side who peeled off all her layers on the pink carpet. He created the look and is also one of the […]
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Jonas Brothers Are Pulling Off One Of The More Impressive Pop Comebacks In Recent Memory

Sometimes you enter into a pop cultural universe late and have to work backwards to fill in the gaps. Maybe you've decided to binge several seasons of a popular TV show to participate in the discourse, or you've fallen headfirst into a musical subgenre and now have a whole canon to educate yourself on. Maybe … More »
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Phillip Eubanks and Marc Hemeon Join Troy Carter’s Q&A

Q&A, the music and tech company founded by former Lady Gaga manager and Spotify exec Troy Carter, today announced the appointments of Phillip Eubanks as Chief Operating Officer (pictured above, right) and Marc Hemeon as Head of Design (left). The pair join Carter, J. Erving (Human Re Sources, Atom Factory), Suzy Ryoo (Atom Factory, OMD) […]
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Lady Gaga to Perform at New York’s Apollo Theater for SiriusXM

SiriusXM announced today that Lady Gaga will perform at Harlem’s world famous Apollo Theater for a special invitation-only concert for network subscribers and Pandora listeners on Monday, June 24. Howard Stern made the announcement today during the live broadcast of his show on SiriusXM. According to the announcement, “The special performance will celebrate SiriusXM and Pandora […]
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The College Dropouts: John Mayer, Madonna Among Music Stars Who Didn’t Graduate

It’s commencement time at colleges coast to coast, which means seeing successful musicians at podiums receiving honorary degrees — among them, Justin Timberlake at Berklee College of Music and Jon Bon Jovi at the University of Pennsylvania. But the music world is full of stars who never matriculated and still managed to come in at […]
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Factbox: Alabama abortion ban triggers Twitter reaction storm

Celebrities, activists and politicians swarmed social media to air their opinions on a new law, signed on Wednesday, that almost totally bans abortion in Alabama. Singer Lady Gaga led the chorus of outraged voices with many women tweeting under the hashtag #YouKnowMe to declare they had abortions and were unashamed. Here is a sampling of Twitter posts and hashtags: Lady Gaga (@ladygaga), 78.6 million followers: "It is an outrage to ban abortion in Alabama period, and all the more heinous that...
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With ‘Rocketman’ About to Launch, Why Is Twitter Banning Users for Jamming Elton John Songs?

Musician Scott Bradlee is the leader of Postmodern Jukebox, a collective he formed in 2011 that’s amassed an impressive following by posting YouTube videos featuring vintage jazz, swing and blues covers of pop hits from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to the Strokes and the White Stripes. With nearly 4 million subscribers, Postmodern Jukebox’s take […]
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Lady Gaga Speaks Out Against Alabama Abortion Bill: ‘This Is a Travesty’

Lady Gaga took to Twitter on Wednesday to condemn the restrictive Alabama abortion bill, which was passed the day before. “It is an outrage to ban abortion in Alabama period, and all the more heinous that it excludes those who have been raped or are experiencing incest non-consensual or not,” the singer and actress wrote. […]
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18 times 'The Simpsons' accurately predicted the future

"The Simpsons" has built a reputation for predicting the future. Most recently, viewers noticed that a 2017 episode of the cartoon seemed to preempt Daenerys Targaryen's big plot twist on Sunday night's penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones." "The Simpsons" also predicted the election of Donald Trump, the discovery of the Higgs boson equation, and a Lady Gaga performance. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. 19 years ago, an episode of "The Simpsons" predicted that Donald Tr...
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A primer for using music in marketing

Indoor cycling company Peloton pedaled into some legal trouble in March—to the tune of $150 million—when the brand was sued for trademark infringement by a group of music publishers representing the likes of Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. For Peloton, which has made a name for itself by selling a fitness experience built on music, the lawsuit exemplifies a larger issue that newer brands face as they grow from scrappy upstart to seasoned marketer. “The small startups may get away with using music wit...
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A Brief History Of Record Deals

While artists have always been responsible for music's artistic future, technology and the recording industry have always shaped how that future has been implemented. Here we look at record deals through the ages, from their inception in the late 1800s through to present day. ________________________________ Guest post from AWAL Artists have always shaped music’s future, and tech has always shaped how they do it. When you retrace our industry’s steps, macro changes — the way songs a...
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Pandora Stories are changing how we listen to playlists

Pandora want to redefine what the playlist can do in the digital music age with their narrative-driven music Stories. Music streaming started to sound a little different in some places earlier this year with the launch of Pandora Stories. Their new feature livened up playlists with added commentary bridging the gap somewhere between a podcast and a playlist. With Pandora Stories creators can add voice tracks to playlists of music making room for a narrative or a story behind the tracks...
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28 Characters That Changed The Game For Jewish Women On-Screen — Right? Of Course Right.

Why is May 2019 different from all other months? It’s Jewish American Heritage month for one, a period that feels especially important to mark given the rising insecurity coursing through Jewish American life. Because visibility is more important than ever before, Refinery29 brings you our celebration of Jewish American culture. L’chaim!America was first introduced to Fran Fine, the big-haired, big-hearted star of CBS’ The Nanny on November 3, 1993,Written, co-produced by, and starring Fran Dre...
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UK radio stations unite for Mental Health Minute 2019

Hundreds of radio stations across the UK are coming together with a special one minute message on mental health, led by HRH The Duke of Cambridge. #MentalHealthMinute returns for a second year with Katy Perry, Stephen Fry, Jameela Jamil and Alesha Dixon supporting the initiative, which will be on-air at 10.59am today. BBC local radio stations are also joining in this year, paying the audio to emphasise the importance of talking about mental health, how listening cannot be underestimated and ...
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What is Camp? When the “Good Taste of Bad Taste” Becomes an Aesthetic

Even if you don't care about high fashion or high society — to the extent that those two things have a place in the current culture — you probably glimpsed some of the coverage of what attendees wore to the Met Gala earlier this month. Or perhaps coverage isn't strong enough a word: what most of the many observers of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute annual fundraising gala did certainly qualified as analysis, and in not a few cases tipped over into exegesis. That enthus...
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Critic’s notebook: Extreme One-Upmanship on the Met Gala’s Red Carpet

Excess! Extravagance! Eyeballs! Reviewing the fashions of the night at the gala benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.
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