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Luxury hotels in Rajasthan, India

No place in India exemplifies the spirit of monarchy and the splendor of royalty better than the state of Rajasthan. The very name contains royalty: Raja translates to “king” and sthan refers to “place” in Hindi and other Indian languages. When the British left India, there were about two dozen princely states in the region, which merged into the new Union of India, along with other princedoms around the country. The erstwhile royalty was allowed to retain their properties and was granted an...
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More exploring in Udaipur

Today we decided to explore Udaipurs other lake area. Fateh Sagar Lake. This is just above Lake Pichola and connected by a canal but not as picturesque as it doesnt have the Royal Palace and all the other ancient buildings round its banks. We
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12 of the Most Unusual and Unique Hotels in Asia

Known for its oriental charm and biodiversity, Asia is a continent frequented by travelers from all over the world. Planning a vacation with your friends this holiday season? Ditch the conventional lodging spaces for a unique and totally crazy experience at these unusual hotels in Asia. Listed below are 12 most unique accommodations in Asia that you cannot afford to miss: Hang NGA Guesthouse ĐÀ LẠT, Vietnam The Hang NGA guesthouse in Vietnam has been nicknamed the “Crazy House” and rightfully ...
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The most beautiful hotel pools

Hitting the hotel pool used to be little more than letting your kids blow off some steam while you got an overpriced drink in a plastic cup. But just as expectations for everything about hotels have been raised, so have the standards for hotel pools. Now, they’re an amenity up there with restaurants and fluffy robes, a place not only to cool off but also take photographs and make friends back home jealous. Hundreds of hotels and resorts around the world have added pools with views overlooking...
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Four Reasons To Love the Luxurious Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India

Imagine a private retreat tucked away in between the mountains and a lakeside oasis. Then imagine a team of people, all waiting to treat you to a getaway you’ll never forget whether that means exploring nearby Udaipur, or sipping cocktails next to the pool all day. No need to imagine, the amazing Oberoi Udaivilas is tucked away in the mesmerizing city of Udaipur and which also happened to be one of the highlights of my luxury trip to India with tour provider Abercrombie & Kent. Instead of just ...
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Luxury Trip to India – My Favorite Experiences

Although I’ve traveled to some fairly dodgy places around the world, for some reason the idea of traveling to India deeply intimidated me. Looking back at it now, I feel silly but at the time my concerns felt very real. Listening to stories from friends and family, traveling around India sounded daunting and I wasn’t sure if I was even up to such a trip. It wasn’t from a lack of desire, quite the opposite actually. I’d long ached to see not only the country’s famous landmarks, but I also wanted...
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Udaipur, India – Surprises Any Visitor Will Love

Mumbai, Delhi and sure, even Jaipur – I had heard of all of these cities before leaving on my first trip to India, but Udaipur was different. It had never come across my radar before, a relative unknown and another Indian mystery I couldn’t wait to explore. Traveling with luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent, although my first introduction to India was in Mumbai, I feel like the first real introduction was in Udaipur. Mumbai is a mega-city and an intensely worldly one, but Udaipur is differe...
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Incredible Palace Hotels of India Photo Series

An important aspect of any trip for me are the hotels and resorts that are my temporary homes. A truly great property is so much more than a simple place to spend the night, they become integral aspects of the trip itself and, many times, even create some of those incredible memories we take home with us. Traveling with luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent, I know that the hotels will always be amazing, but in India even I was surprised at the incredible quality of hotels across the country....
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Tea & Palaces on Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India

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Join Me On An Extraordinary Journey To India With Abercrombie & Kent

Photo Source: Abercrombie & Kent Sometimes in life we connect emotionally with a company or brand. That would, I suppose, explain why I have a Diet Coke Christmas tree ornament. The same is certainly true in the travel experience, perhaps more so. Travel is emotional for so many reasons not only for the investment that we make, but thanks to the benefits as well. If done well, travel can be a transformative experience – sometimes dramatic, other times more slight. Travel is also an investment t...
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These Hotels Are More Romantic Than The Notebook

Photo: Courtesy of the Springs Resort & Spa. Love is in the air — not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but also because it's officially cuffing season. Between the seemingly endless winter, the post-holiday blues, and the decidedly tense political climate, getting away with the one you love has never seemed more appealing.But when it comes to planning an epic romantic escape, not all hotels are created equal. Sure, high thread count sheets and room service are nice. But if ...
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Jaipur to Udaipur India: The Journey Is the Destination

It's a ten-hour drive from Jaipur to Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Most first-time visitors fly from one to the other, if they go to Udaipur at all. But add another day or two to your itinerary and you'll benefit from a deeper dive into the smaller villages, where locals are happy to engage, and invite you into their generations-old family compounds where you'll gain a better understanding of the non-touristy side of this vast and diverse country. Things to Do From Jaipur to Udaip...
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In Focus: Udaipur – An Oasis of Potential | By Shunit Roy and Achin Khanna

Located in the Girwa valley, amidst the desert of Rajasthan, stands the city of Udaipur. The once capital of the mighty Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur is now one of the most sought after leisure destinations India has to offer. Aptly known as the "City of Lakes", the scenic Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake are centres of most of the leisure activity in the city. The atmosphere of royalty can not only be sensed in the palaces and gardens of Udaipur, but by way of the luxury hospitality experi...
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15 Iconic Hotels To Add To Your Bucket List

The world has a lot of hotels, some better than others. Certain properties are 100% worth adding to your must-stay travel bucket list, whether its because they have a great location, great amenities, or a serious sense of luxury. From the Thames-adjacent Mondrian London to the iconic glass igloos of Hotel Kakslauttanen, we’ve compiled 15 hotels from around the globe you should consider for future trips. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth it, and if you start saving now, maybe you can eventual...
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Oh... Oodeypore (Udaipur)!

65 minutes from Mumbai is the jewel city of India, Udaipur. A city of lakes surrounded by hills and history, makes it one of the most romantic and historically significant place in India . I sincerely believe that whoever created this universe might have Udaipur on its most favorite earth destination ever; for the natural beauty you witness here can leave you speechless for days at a stretch. The rhythmic ripples of Lake Pichola, grand palaces, lush green parks, and the warmth of the city people...
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Top 5 Travel Destinations in West India

Discover the best of West India from the palaces of Udaipur to Goa’s beaches with these top 5 travel destinations from local contributor Rohit. The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa comprise the western region of India. Western India also includes the union territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This region of India is half bound by deserts and half adorned by beaches. Flanked between the deserts on the north-western side, the Vindhya Range on the northern s...
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A Tuk-Tuk Tour of Udaipur India

Around 10am every morning, Rosie's cleaning lady, Ajju, comes to the apartment to clean the bathroom and make the bed (not necessary but definitely appreciated). Let me tell you about Ajju. She is probably four feet and maybe nine inches (makes me feel like a giant) and is the cutest, littlest, sweetest ball of energy I've ever met. I want to put her in my pocket. She knows about five words in English (which is far more than I know in Hindi) so communicating is a bit challenging but that doe...
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13 Luxurious Romantic Getaways Around the World

“Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.” It used to be that everyone had the February blues with no extra day off from work in sight. Since the invention of Family Day here in Canada, we now have a much needed winter holiday. This year Family Day falls the day after Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d round up some luxurious romantic getaways that you can sweep your honey away to for the long weekend. If you don’t have family day in your country, don’t worry, play hooky after Valentine’s Day...
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