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A Lamp with a Post Box Motif

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring, and the Post Lamp is an excellent example of this. Its simplistic aesthetic references the iconic form of a traditional mailbox, where instead of holding a letter, it holds a light. A thin metal pole leads the viewer’s attention on a journey up towards the focal point at the top, the lampshade. It’s this that carries the distinctive form of the post box, as the shape is replicated by a thin sheet of curved metal.Subtle, muted colors separate it from the pr...
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Dyson’s latest lamp uses algorithms to exactly reproduce sunlight

Known for creating some of the most technically sound products in the world, Dyson has extended their signature level of engineering to lighting too with the LightCycle, a lamp that A. is designed to near perfectly mimic natural sunlight, B. has the ability to automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day, and C. last for as long as 60 years, which is practically a decade shorter than the human average life expectancy! This is Dyson’s LightCycle, and it wa...
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A Beautifully Minimalistic Rock Lamp

Sometimes it’s the strikingly beautiful properties of natural, raw materials that makes a product as desirable as it is, and this can certainly be said for the COTE Lamp. This minimal desk lamp takes jagged fragments of rocks, and encapsulates them within a cylindrical form that sits at the base of the lamp. The concave top makes for a useful dish for holding loose change and keys!The natural, uneven aesthetic of the base is juxtaposed with the clean, uniform lines of the rest of the metal lamp....
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A lamp with a herb-garden? Yes please!

Providing a lovely dim light to your space as well as photons for a tiny kitchen-garden, the Brot is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package. The lamp provides nourishment to a tiny kitchen-garden that you can literally pick from and use in your meals. The upper half of the Brot lamp houses the light, while the lower half acts as a torus-shaped vessel for growing plants. A stainless steel tray sits inside the lower half, acting as a holder for the plant. You can sow a vari...
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Lighting That Won’t Ever Forget You

Not only beautiful to look at, the Lumia lamp mimics the user’s preference with each activation. The elegant design, rendered in brass and black, features a unique “illumination memory” system that readjusts to the setting used the previous time. Users can not only move the angle of illumination at the neck, but also the narrowness or width of the beam by adjusting its integrated handle. Usable in a variety of spaces — and available in floor and desk sizes — its adaptable light effect makes it i...
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Lighting With Medieval Roots

Designer Clara del Portillo’s Aura lighting concept is an exploration in using the versatile Kriskadecor chainmail-like material. On or off, the lamps chain ‘tubes’ create an interesting and sculptural statement sure to be the centerpiece of any room. Switched on, however, the chain links are brought to life through shimmering light, reflection, and shadows.Designer: Clara del Portillo
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How to make a DIY camera lens desk light

If you’re a photographer, chances are that someone has bought you a lens mug so far. Or maybe you already have a few of those (I know I do). We all know more than one lens mug is just too much – so why not repurpose it? In this video, Dave Knop a.k.a. Knoptop will […] The post How to make a DIY camera lens desk light appeared first on DIY Photography.
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DIY Adorable Lighting!

Is there such thing as TOO cute? If so, this might be it. OWL papercraft lamps are an artistic interpretation of the animal kingdom that will light up your room day or night. Owls, elephants, penguins, hippos and more — there’s a family of creatures for everyone. Better yet, the geometric designs arrive flat-packed so you or the person you’re gifting can put them together and bring them to life.Designers: Hugo Formiga & Teresa AlmeidaClick here to Buy Now
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The Super-light Superlight

Aptly named for both its barely-there form and superb functionality, the Superlight is a minimalistic take on the task light. Reduced to the essentials, its slim aesthetic is at once stark and playful with its signature loop design and colorful base platform that arrives in a variety of differing hues. With its 3-axis range of motion and unobtrusive footprint, it’s a flexible and versatile choice that’s ideal for tight workspaces.Designers: Peter Stathis & Matthew Boyko for Pablo DesignsSPECS:– ...
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Michael Schofield, Sam Tevi turn from pleasant surprises to starters on Chargers offensive line

COSTA MESA – When the time came and Forrest Lamp’s knee finally healed, Michael Schofield was supposed to relinquish his spot at right guard. That was the plan, at least. But such plans tend to be futile, and this season, that’s especially been the case. Starting right tackle Joe Barksdale already missed six weeks with a knee injury. Left tackle Russell Okung missed most of two games dealing with an injured groin. And Lamp’s somewhat mysterious recovery took longer than expected, leaving him ina...
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Lexon Terrace: A bluetooth speaker, but also so much more!

What do a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, and a power bank have in common? They’re all items that you’d want to have around you any and everywhere. They’re also the three items that come together to form the Terrace, by Paris-based Lexon.More than just your average Bluetooth speaker, the Terrace is, in fact, something you’d carry around with you not just because it’s an absolute treat to look at, but also because it’s so useful. The size of an Amazon Echo, the Terrace comes with a Bluetooth speaker a...
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Turning Old Tubes to Modern Treasure

Know what a CRT (cathode ray tube) television is? Didn’t think so! These relics have quickly been replaced by modern flat-screen TVs but for many of us, they hold nostalgia as we reflect on shared moments in front of the “tube” and how they introduced many firsts. This light (Afterimage of CRT) by h220430 studio, serves as a nod to these familiar fragments of entertainment history.The design uses glass masses created when the cathode ray tubes are demolished. It transforms the material into an i...
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Discover New Product Designers with the TalentLAB of

Sponsored Interior design platform has a heart for young designers – just like we do! With their TalentLAB program, they offer their platform for upcoming product designers to present their amazing ideas. Designers from all over the world can submit their products and will curate the best products into little collections of furniture and home accessories. People can then pledge for their favorite designs with a small deposit in a way similar to crowd-funding which secures the...
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A Maker of Morning People

The latest in a history of collaborations between the designers at LAYER and tech brand nolii, the aptly named Rise lamp aims to make each day one you look forward to!First and foremost, it works wirelessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords while giving users the ability to take it from room to room, wherever dimmable LED light is needed. A battery located in the base provides up to 12 hours of light time and it can even supplement power to your smartphone and other devices with an inte...
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Lighting With No Limits

This unique tabletop luminaire challenges our preconceptions about how a lighting solution should look and behave. Called “Tessallate” for the mosaic-like plates from which it’s composed, users won’t find any bulbs or sockets. Instead, the modular design works by utilizing electricity-conducting magnets that also hold each plate and the end sections together. Any number of light units (plates) can be crisscrossed together to create more or less light, meaning users can assemble a large collectio...
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Shining a Light on Developing Countries

Created for those living in developing countries with limited access to power, the Bottle Pedestal Solar Lamp serves as a low-cost lighting solution with little environmental impact.The design features a small solar panel on one side and a light source on the other. These components are housed within a biodegradable cork shell. In addition to harnessing the sun’s energy and being at least partially composed of environmentally-friendly materials, it also encourages the reuse of plastic bottles wi...
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Pop-up Privacy

Open floor plan offices have been all the rage for a while now but for anyone who’s even slightly introverted (or easily distracted), they can be a total energy suck. Designed to enhance the flexibility of the modern shared workspace, the Corner Office helps define personal space and create a sanctuary for concentration.Each unit can be placed on existing table layouts in a variety of positions to accommodate both large and small teams. They can be paired up or placed singularly in seconds, and ...
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Forrest Lamp still ‘a step behind’ in joining Chargers offensive line

COSTA MESA – When Forrest Lamp returned to practice last month, after two knee surgeries and an agonizing year spent waiting, it didn’t take long for the young Chargers lineman to understand how far behind he was still. He’d been medically cleared for contact. His knee felt stable. Penciled in as a starter before tearing his ACL last training camp, it seemed as though Lamp, the 38th choice in last year’s draft, would be ready to join the Chargers’ front right away. Even he described his return t...
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Light and Magnetism

The Enso light stuns with its one-of-a-kind way of adjusting the angle of the light source. The minimalistic floor lamp design consists of a just a base, neck, free-moving light unit, and mesmerizing magnetic ring. The light source can be moved manually by the user to any angle on the iron ring which doubles as a sort of shade. The resulting shadows and beams create dynamic arcs and shapes that are as captivating as the lamp itself. By engaging individuals to touch and change the illumination, i...
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90 Mini Mini by Angelpoise

Sometimes smaller is better, or at least that’s the case with Angelpoise’s newest lighting release: the 90 Mini Mini. A spin off of the brand’s iconic 1970’s Model 90, the 90 Mini Mini is half the size of a standard desk lamp, making it adaptable for any number of settings, including offices, dorm rooms, and bedrooms. Each lamp is USB enabled and is equipped with a dimmable integrated LED light. It’s available in steel blue, carbon black, and warm silver. For more information visit US-shop.An...
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Bulb Meets Bubble

The Wind Up lamp (wind as in air) taps into a familiar fragment most of us can relate to. Its form and user interaction take inspiration from blowing bubbles – something many of us appreciated when we were kids!The minimalistic floor design features a slim neck and simple socket ring that hold a singular exposed bulb. To activate, users can just blow on the specialized socket as they would a bubble wand! The design is also conceived to include a selection of artistic bulbs with unique shapes tha...
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When Lamp and Switch become one

Ed Heritage’s Roll and Tilt lamps explore a unique interaction. The lamps don’t have switches, but rather ARE switches. Designed with a seesaw-esque base, the lamps literally tilt backwards and forwards. The minute the side with the light on it touches the base, it lights up, indicating that the light has been switched on. In doing so, the lamp removes the switch, or rather removes the concept of a boring switch that usually can be a jarring design detail that doesn’t go well with the rest of th...
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Chargers OL Forrest Lamp to make preseason debut against 49ers

Four hundred and eighty-five days after the Chargers drafted him, Forrest Lamp finally stepped into StubHub Center in full uniform. The 2017 second-round pick ran out of the stadium’s northeast tunnel, huddled with his fellow offensive linemen, then warmed up as the backup right guard. Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here. And then … he watched from the sideline, stuck in street clothes for Saturday’s 36-7 preseason loss t...
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Forrest Lamp’s return, new additions bolster stability on Chargers offensive line

COSTA MESA – When Forrest Lamp arrived at training camp last season, it was tempting to see the towering rookie as the missing piece on a consistently puzzling Chargers offensive line. His arrival seemed especially serendipitous. A consensus first-round talent, Lamp tumbled all the way to 38th overall in the 2017 NFL draft, falling into the laps of the Chargers, who’d been weighing over several picks whether to trade up for him. Once practices began, it didn’t take long for coaches to warm to th...
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Lighting for Plantsmen

If you’re going to have indoor lighting, it might as well serve your plants too, right?! That’s the idea behind MILO, a creative illumination solution that doubles as a happy home for herbs, succulents, or your favorite flowers.The handblown glass lampshade is molded with a cut-out section that provides access inside as well as a special spot for placing a plant. A metal container houses the vegetation or seedlings while a stylish sheath in wood, cork or white gloss rounds out the look. Availabl...
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The Li-Fi lamp that transmits high-speed internet through light!

Light, a part of the visible spectrum of waves, apparently is much faster and more efficient in transferring signals than radio waves are. For starters, light has a wider frequency range, and also is essential for human visibility… so compare the millions of radio towers installed worldwide to the billions of light bulbs we already have in our house. Li-Fi technology uses these regular lights to transmit signals just the way radio towers and wi-fi routers do. In doing so, the light-bulb doesn’t ...
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These ‘tentacular’ jellyfish lamps bring the deep sea to the surface

A German designer has created a a stunning lamp that mimics the appearance and movement of jellyfish. The Jellyfish Motion Lights are part lamp, part installation, and completely captivating. The post These ‘tentacular’ jellyfish lamps bring the deep sea to the surface appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Motion-stop Lighting

Appearing as though it’s frozen in time, the Union Collection of lighting is in aesthetic and functional equilibrium. The handmade series’ unique, well-balanced construction consists of raw wood and metal elements sectioned together in elegant harmony. The simplistic shade appears to do a delicate balancing act on the slanted neck which places it at an angle that’s ideal for reading or working. Available in two different sizes (floor/table) and colors (black/white), they’re a perfect pair at hom...
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In One Day

A lot seen in one day as I was walking around: A fountain in the central garden of Place des Vosges. Notice the little boy with his hands and arms in the water. At the base of Sacre Coeur. This just struck me funny. I was going through my photos and this came up. I guess I accidentally took it. Most photos I take in this way are just of my feet or the ground. This was seen in an exhibit up in Montmartre at the Halle Saint Pierre with drawings and items from the movie, Amelie. This sat on the...
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Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp Review

One thing that most of us do not think about when designing and setting up our PC Desk setup is lighting. Yes, you may want some RGB lights on your desk or behind your monitor, but real functional lighting is sort of an after-thought. Well Benq might have just the thing for you in their Screenbar e-Reading lamp, which is designed to sit on the top of your monitor and provide great lighting for your work space. It also solves problems that traditional lamps face like incorrect brightness, limi...
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