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Spaced out.

A silent city... Lone figure on a sports field... A bird keeps its distance from that solitary human being... (Photos taken this morning around University Bay, in Madison, Wisconsin.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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We took a late-day walk in the "Bio-Core"...

In the background, you can see a bit of my favorite lake — Lake Mendota. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Mid-morning and still no new Althouse post. I'm beginning to feel isolated."

Said Sebastian at 8:52 a.m. in last night's café... which was just as I was finally getting around to working up a post — published, below, at 8:58.It wasn't just a matter of needing to get out to see the moon refuse to set... It was also the news itself. I was reading around in my usual manner and not finding anything suitable (not until that one thing you see below). There's a great deal about the coronavirus, but I'm not just doing news updates here, I don't repeat things I've already done, ...
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"Lately I've been having a craving for grilled cheese, then I noticed my calendar and it all made sense."

A "confusing perspective" photo at Reddit. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Here’s how to use focus stacking to shoot landscapes with complete front-to-back sharpness

One of the biggest issues with landscape photography is ensuring that you have enough depth of field to cover the entire front-to-back distance of the scene you want to capture. With some lenses, sure, if your nearest subject is at least a certain distance away, and your aperture’s small enough, you can get pretty close. […] The post Here’s how to use focus stacking to shoot landscapes with complete front-to-back sharpness appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Photographer Kate Ballis Transforms Desert Landscapes Into Entirely Surreal Scenes That Straddle The Divide Between Saccharine And Sinister

Kate Ballis is a Melbourne-based fine art photographer creating unique, colour-drenched images using infrared technology. Seeing the unseen through this technological lens Ballis finds a foreign otherworldly quality in familiar landscapes and scenes. Through her lens, the all-too-familiar visual tropes of life in the desert are cast in an entirely surreal light, one that somehow manages to... Source
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Artist Lim Heng Swee Draws Minimal Landscape Illustrations For Art And Cat Lovers

According to an artist: “I’m Lim Heng Swee (previously), an illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My mantra is “Doodling a Smile” which aims to make people smile more in their daily life through my art. Recently, I started to explore minimal landscape art and found that the curves and shapes of the land have a lot of similarities with the curve and shape of the cat. Source
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"At 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 31, Hailey Moore and Dr. Kristopher Hansen stood in the dark at the Mesa Arch trailhead inside Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah."

"The half-mile to the arch was snow-covered and wound past prickly bushes, boulders, frozen puddles, cactuses and dead-but-still-standing trees. Ms. Moore, 40, and Dr. Hansen, 38, were eloping, with no guests.... Their only companions were Jess and Austin Drawhorn, a married team of photographers... The Drawhorns, who were dressed like backcountry hikers, wore headlamps and handed the bride and groom metal cleats to pull over their shoes...."From "An Unexpected Path Leads to a Fresh Start/An elo...
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The Passion Of Trees In Pictures By Iranian Photographer Ali Shokri

To me, each tree, like a human-being, has a tale to tell. When a tree dies, a whole story is interrupted, a destiny is altered for the worse. I feel as if the trees, bundled at the back of trucks, are cursing us with their broken hands, wounded faces, and severed roots. Perhaps this is how we are led towards damnation, little by little stripped of our humanity, when man’s “abounding foliage... Source
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The International Landscape Photographer Of The Year Winners Show All The Beauty In The World Around Us

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year (ILPOTY) has announced the winners of the 2019 contest. Both professional and amateur photographers from all over the globe posted their photos, and the best of the best have been selected. From vast spaces to abstract patterns, the winning photos show the immense beauty of the world that surrounds us. In 2019, photographers submitted their work... Source
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The Uncannily Realistic Landscapes Of Carolyn H. Edlund

Scrolling through Carolyn Hutchings Edlund’s Instagram page, it’s hard to tell at first which of her shared posts are paintings and which are photographs. Recognized for her uncanny realistic style, her paintings capture the natural world in great detail. More: Carolyn Edlund, Instagram h/t: playjunkie Born in Rhode Island and currently based in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley... Source
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Australian Studio Creates Advertising Campaign With A Landscapes Turned Upside Down

For the launch of the Dreamliner line of United Airlines in Australia, the Cream Electric Art studio based in Sydney carried out an advertising campaign which turns the world upside down. Through a poster series, this photomontages offer a surprising and previously unseen view : like a pop-up book, the landscapes occupy at the same time the foreground and the horizon, this time seen from the sky. Source
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Moon Kingdom: Untouched Landscapes Of Atacama Desert In Photographs By Chiara Zonca

Chiara Zonca is a fine art photographer based in Western Canada. She investigate the earth as a timeless, untouched-by-humans dreamscape where she can then project her narratives. “Moon Kingdom” is an emotional journey through the primordial landscape of the Atacama desert in Chile. By taking surrealist shots that could have been taken on another planet, she share her perception of... Source
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Here are 15 inspiring landscape photographers

There is a plethora of very talented landscape photographers out in the field these days, both hobbyists and professionals alike. The following is a collection of some of them, and may you enjoy their talent, craftsmanship and dedication to the genre. (By adding a Dark Reader extension to your browser it will be possible to […] The post Here are 15 inspiring landscape photographers appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Twenty meters of rocks — revisiting the same spot multiple times

Tyrifjorden is one of Norway’s largest lakes. Along its shores I have found a spot which I have visited frequently the past years. It has become my favorite location for sunrises especially during winter when the sun rises right in front of me. The images included cover a stretch of roughly twenty meter of rather […] The post Twenty meters of rocks — revisiting the same spot multiple times appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Moody And Cinematic Urban Landscapes By Kevin Hufnagl

Atmospheric urban landscapes by Kevin Hufnagl, a gifted self-taught photographer, and web designer based in Linz, Austria. Kevin focuses mainly on landscapes, travel, architecture, and cityscape photography. Hufnagel uses Sony A7III camera. More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: Source
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Lucid Pathways: Moody And Atmospheric Urban Landscapes By Pierre Putman

Spectacular urban landscapes by Pierre Putman, a talented fine art photographer, and visual artist currently based in Ghent, Belgium. Pierre received his MA in Printmaking from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. For his latest project “Lucid Pathways”, Pierre captured cinematic and dark landscapes of deserted streets. More: Pierre Putman, Instagram, Facebook h/t: Source
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White River Forest aspens.

From last week, in Colorado.Open thread in the comments. Slower, more meditative comments are best suited to the delays in moderation that are likely overnight. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Pictures from the White River National Forest.

Photos taken a week ago, when we were in Colorado.Please feel free to use the comments section to talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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One week ago, in the White River National Forest...

Feel free to use the comments section to talk about anything you like. I'm just using the front page to show you some of the pictures I took when we were sojourning in Colorado. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Traveling Couple Captures Ethereal Images In The Most Unspoiled Places Around The World

Besides being couple goals, Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale are redefining the traditional travel photography we see on social media every day with their endless passion for exploration and daring to think outside the box. They wander the world in search of the most breathtaking and unspoiled locations to create their fairytale-like stories captured in ethereal images. More: Follow Me Away... Source
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In the White River National Forest...

... aspen/evergreen contrast was stark. Photos from Tuesday, when we were in Colorado. All topics allowed in the comments. Enjoy. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Garden Visit – the birthplace of Crocus

Last weekend I had the delight of visiting Brockhampton Cottage, near Ross on Wye with a group of friends from Hardy Plant Society.  Brockhampton Cottage is the home of Peter Clay, part owner of Crocus (the online plant company) and was designed with the help of Tom Stuart-Smith. The house sits on top of a... Read More
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“This Is What I See When I Create Art”: Beautiful Paintings Of Natural Russian Landscapes By Stepan Nesterchuk

We rarely have a chance to see what an artist saw when he was creating his masterpiece. But the Russian painter Stepan Nesterchuk from Dmitrov decided to provide us with such an opportunity. And, you know, it’s really cool to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of art creation. More: Source
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At the Circular Café...

... you can frame your observations carefully.The photo is by Meade, from a couple weeks ago when we were at Arches National Park. And, since this is a café (i.e., an open thread), it's an occasion to remind you that you can show your support for this blog by using the Althouse Portal when you shop at Amazon. The "Althouse Portal" link is always in the banner. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Cloud-Over-Flatiron Café...

... creep on in here. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"People keep falling into the Grand Canyon. After a visit, I can see why.... It’s because they’re idiots."

Just a throwaway, obvious column in the Washington Post — by John Kelly, one of WaPo's regulars. I'm linking to quote some comments:1. "I get queasy just reading this article. I figured with the huge mobs there, they must be accidentally edging each other off. Hey that is a thought, shouldn't the president of this fair land take a trip to the Grand Canyon and take a real close view?"2. "Oh, please...I’ll even drive him there!"3. "ROAD TRIP!"Trump Derangement Syndrome, symptom #1: When things are...
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At the Green Rock Cafe...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Artist Travels To Scenic Locations Only To Paint The Pattern Of His Own Shirt

Artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert offer a hilarious take on classic outdoor painting. In their collaboration, Und im Sommer tu ich malen (“And in the Summer, I do paint”), Schubert photographs in der Beek at various locations famously captured by artists like Cézanne and Monet. However, rather than focusing on the scenic landscape around him, in der Beek is seen... Source
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Costa Rica Rural Landscapes

Sponsored Nothing makes you appreciate a small group tour more than when you are suddenly thrown onto a big charter coach and are surrounded by tons of people, tiny seats, and some person speaking in a crackling microphone about a billion dull facts that you could care less about. As I looked around the packed bus, I wondered if anyone was listening to this guide or not. With the distorted microphone noise droning on, I decided to spend my time looking out the window instead of trying to make se...
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