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Recapping the Starbucks Roastery Concept | By Larry Mogelonsky

For most, mornings are not complete without a cup or two of your favorite joe. When Howard Shultz, Starbucks's former and long-running CEO, claimed that he was inspired to build his coffee empire from what he experienced during his early travels in Italy (specifically Milan), it is indeed telling that the company has waited this long before pushing full force into this hallowed market.
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Can Hotels Sue Their Governments Over Home Sharing? | By Larry Mogelonsky

This is a special case that I've been waiting to write about since it hit the airwaves here in Canada in late October. Most interesting here is that it has a few powerful implications for the fight traditional hotels are facing against industry disruptors coming in the form of home sharing.
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In Vino Veritas LXXI: Your Wine List Sucks | By Larry Mogelonsky

Quite the statement to kick off the In Vino Veritas series for 2019, but, sadly, it is too often true. To put it more politely, think of this in terms of a series of questions. What does your wine list stand for? Is it meaningful for customers? Does it fit with the theme and business plan for the parent restaurant?
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The Need for Hotels to Embrace a Cause | By Larry Mogelonsky

As World Wildlife Day has just come and gone (it was this past Sunday, March, 3, 2019), it's a good time to reflect upon what environmental efforts your hotel is planning to undertake as well as those already in full swing. With climate change intensifying with each passing season, large corporations are becoming all the more vital through their collective resources in the movement to champion wildlife preservation.
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Looking Back on the Great NYC Hotel Race | By Larry Mogelonsky

In 1919, two grand hotels were racing to completion. The Hotel Commodore connected to Grand Central Terminal and owned by The New York Central Railroad officially opened on January 28, 1919. Named after 'Commodore' Cornelius Vanderbilt, the founder of The New York Central Railroad System, it had a whopping 2,000 guestrooms. It also housed the single largest room ever constructed.
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What Hotels Can Learn About the Guest Experience From Starbucks | By Larry Mogelonsky

Starbucks has thousands of outlets. Nowadays if you find yourself in nearly a major city center anywhere in the world, you're never more than a few blocks away from your next americano.
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The Hotel Mogel’s 2018 Hotel of the Year Awards | By Larry Mogelonsky

Now in its fourth iteration, it is time once more for some awards season fun. As I continue to traverse the world and experience the countless variations and regional nuances within the hospitality industry, my hope is you will find some learnings from these honors.
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Evaluating Housekeeping in Minutes per Room | By Larry Mogelonsky

While you may know your operations so thoroughly that you can trust your intuition to prudently guide your next move, we have now found ourselves in the age of measurement and analytics, letting us fall back on the data to make sound inferences to hone each and every task.
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The Intrinsic Value of Wellness and Training Seminars | By Larry Mogelonsky

One of the underlying movements within modern corporate culture has been to transform the place of work into that of a quasi-second home. Your fellow employees are not just mere colleagues, but friends and family that support your soul and not just your wallet.
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The Hidden Benefits of Tasting Events | By Larry Mogelonsky

Finding myself away at a mountain resort for a food and wine festival last year, it was the perfect opportunity to not only participate in a wine tasting conducted by a vintner from a prominent Oregon winery as well as reflect upon the staying power of these types of events.
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In Search of Hotel Excellence: Hotel Lugano Dante | By Larry Mogelonsky

Wrapping around a turquoise glacial lake and with snow-capped stretching across the horizon, Lugano, Switzerland is, like most other towns in the country, picture perfect any time of year. Interestingly, while we traditionally think of the nation as one of French and German-speaking cantons, a southern outcrop less than an hour north of Milan offers a third flavor heavily influenced by neighboring Italy.
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Merchandizing Romantic Getaways | By Larry Mogelonsky

As we slide into February, the traditional low occupancy winter blues for hotels (outside of the sun destinations) is punctured by the healthy returns netted from Valentine's Day couples' getaways. While standard articles might focus on ways to drum up last minute purchases through packaging and promotional efforts, the next step is to ask yourself: how to capture more incremental revenue before guests arrive?
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In Search of Hotel Excellence: Hotel Hayden NYC | By Larry Mogelonsky

New York is not only a capital of commerce but also for hotels. With over a hundred thousand total guestrooms as well as properties that range from modern lifestyle and traditional boutique luxury to the monsters that abut Times Square, you can find just about anything on this empire isle. This makes a vibrant albeit cutthroat competitive environment, and tons of learning opportunities therein.
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Acknowledging the Social Origins of the Fitness Center | By Larry Mogelonsky

With the millennial generation leading the charge in striving to be the most exercise-obsessed demographic to date, it would seem as though a fitness center is primed to become a major selling feature for hotels beyond the cursory amenity addition that it is often inscribed for most properties built during the 20th century.
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Continuing Professional Development For Housekeepers | By Larry Mogelonsky

While new legislation is emerging from all corners of the world to better safeguard workers, and more specifically housekeepers, from harm and thereby generate new applicants for these roles. Two prominent examples are the widespread mandate for employee safety devices, often called the panic button, as well as the new musculoskeletal injury prevention regulations in California.
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Addressing Gender Inequality in the Housekeeping Department | By Larry Mogelonsky

A topic I am hearing incessantly from numerous hoteliers at present is that they are having significant staffing problems, particularly amongst their room attendants. Such woes are causing serious headaches due to the rampant turnover, inability to find suitable replacements and huge costs associated with this entire process. This should never be the case, and so I'd like to present a possible solution.
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All The President’s Suites | By Larry Mogelonsky

Encouraging guests to upgrade to a suite-tier inventory is a very lucrative goal for any hotel or resort property. However, there's one level that also merits your attention - the presidential suite (as it is so often called in the United States).
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Drawbacks to Outsourcing Your Hotel Labor Force | By Larry Mogelonsky

The growing prevalence of outsourced labor within the frontline ranks of many guest-facing departments may have deep-rooted consequences that aren't immediately discernable on a balance sheet. Whether your property is thinking of contracting out its valets, bellhops, restaurant servers, banqueting staff or housekeepers, what we stand to lose may be far greater than any apparent cost savings or reductions in employee benefit packages.
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What Corked Wine Teaches You About Service Excellence | By Larry Mogelonsky

There's an important lesson in the form of what corked bottles - that is, wine that's gone off - can present as an opportunity to wow your restaurant patrons and hotel guests.
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Ten Questions to Ask Your Team for 2019 | By Larry Mogelonsky

Every fall, hotel planning committees across the nation unfurl their mass of spreadsheets and, almost in unison, undertake the usual combination of SWOT analyses and the like to derive the best possible course of action for the coming year.
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From a Year on the Road | By Larry Mogelonsky

As 2018 draws to a close, I'm taking stock: a month in Japan, a wedding in Australia, three work trips to Europe, eight sojourns to the USA and half a dozen domestic journeys (within Canada). I don't think of myself as a road warrior but rather an enthusiastic traveler, with the former classification reserved for those who 'have to' and the latter for those that 'want to' travel.
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What The 5-Star Promise Really Means | By Larry Mogelonsky

In the early part of September, AHLA in partnership with Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott and Wyndham issued a press release to announce their commitment towards industrywide improvements for employee safety, starting prominently with the issuance of portable panic buttons to help prevent harassment and assault.
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Five Small Steps to Motivate Staff | By Larry Mogelonsky

With hospitality being a people-oriented business, guest interactions are most often not handled by the senior managers reading this article but by the frontline staffers who have yet to reach a supervisory position. Thus, the demeanor with which your associates conduct themselves will have a direct influence on the guest experience and the positive halo effects that result from having well-satisfied customers.
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Effectively Managing An Aging Workforce | By Larry Mogelonsky

With millennials now the largest demographic in terms of spending power, a key focus for most hotels pertains to how they can modernize the guest experience to appeal to this generation as well as how they can capitalize upon the many lucrative innovations - both guest-facing and back-of-house - that have emerged in tandem with this younger, tech-fluent populous.
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Beware the True CapEx of IoT | Larry Mogelonsky | By Larry Mogelonsky

The internet of things (IoT) holds great promise for augmenting the hotel experience and helping brands keep guests engaged with products. Indeed, such technological upgrades may be the key to ushering in the next generation of personalization and loyalty programs.
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Why Outsourcing Hotel Staff Doesn’t Always Work | Larry Mogelonsky | By Larry Mogelonsky

The growing prevalence of outsourced labor within the frontline ranks of many guest-facing departments may have deep-rooted consequences that arent immediately discernable on a balance sheet. Whether your property is thinking of contracting out its valets, bellhops, restaurant servers, banqueting staff or housekeepers, what we stand to lose may be far greater than any apparent cost savings or reductions in employee benefit packages.
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How Can Restaurants Adapt to Modern Dietary Quirks | By Larry Mogelonsky

In my youth, my parents would take me to Joes Steakhouse in Montreal where we would eat massive rib steaks on wooden cutting boards with copious amounts of butter and sour cream lathered on baked potatoes. Posh dining equivalent might include a chateaubriand for two, expertly prepared tableside.
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The Imminent Hotel Labor Crunch | By Larry Mogelonsky

Not necessarily specific to the hospitality industry and certainly not applicable to every geographic territory, but there appears to be a rising labor shortage that will come to affect all manner of jobs in a hotel workplace.
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The Path to Hospitality Leadership for Five Successful Women | By Larry Mogelonsky

The calendar year of 2018 has already proven to be a watershed moment for increasing diversity in the workplace and shattering the glass ceiling of gender bias. What started in Hollywood with #metoo and the Time's Up movement has had profound repercussions across many other industries as professionals around the world have come to understand that a more inclusive work environment is also a healthier and more profitable one.
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Ongoing Training is the New Normal | By Larry Mogelonsky

As hoteliers continue to search for operational efficiencies and new technologies that reveal actionable guest insights, there appears to be a substantial hidden expense that we aren't collectively working hard enough to mitigate.
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