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Ambassadorship Is The Tech-Driven Authentically Local | By Larry Mogelonsky

As travel returns following vaccine-driven customer confidence, it’s important that hotels align their brand visions for the decade before we’re all too deep in the weeds of servicing onsite guests. One trend throughout the 2010s was the drive for delivering a ‘locally authentic’ experience and this will definitely reemerge for the 2020s, but successful properties will be those that take it a full step further.
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Building Bleisure With Outdoor Office Pods | By Larry Mogelonsky

Remote work is here to stay. Even if companies start to require teams to return to a central office following full population vaccination, the benefits of allowing for flexible work conditions are too good to ignore. For the employer it can mean vastly reduced rental costs, while for the employee it means less time spent commuting and the ability to handle life’s other responsibilities more adeptly like young kids. But the drawback is the monotony of working, eating, relaxing and sleeping...
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How Will Tipping Work In A Cashless Hotel | By Larry Mogelonsky

The deployment of cashless payment solutions, a necessary commercial change, has been spurred by the pandemic. Indeed, many businesses have taken the additional step of banning the use of cash altogether. But there’s a problem here as this approach disrupts our service tipping mode. This may result in demoralized staff or lead to costly wage increases.
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Why You Need To Understand Cybersecurity In The Next Normal | By Larry Mogelonsky

As hoteliers, we are trained in service. The pandemic, though, has caused every hotel's tech stack to expand in order to meet the need for a contactless guest service. This means that understanding technology is now a base requirement for any role in the organization.
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Fun Tech Brainstorming For A 2030 Hotel | By Larry Mogelonsky

Right now, there are so many advances taking place in the realm of technology that it's hard to keep up. Specific to owners and senior executives, asking 'what if' is always fun for how these developments can help evolve the hotel in the pursuit of greater occupancy and growing ADR.
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After The Clean Comes The Next Round Of Cleanliness Theater | By Larry Mogelonsky

All the way back in March 2020 when the lockdowns first started to hit, hoteliers became cognizant not only of the imperative for enhanced sanitization procedures to prevent COVID-19 spread but also the need to give guests peace of mind. The latter of which we dubbed 'cleanliness theater' while others have parallelly called it 'hygiene theater' or 'high-visibility cleaning', and we have argued that it is often more important for getting bookings than the cleanliness itself.
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Have Vaccine Will Travel | By Larry Mogelonsky

By now, we're all familiar with the implications of 'revenge travel' and how it may cause a surge of travelers in the coming months and into the winter of 2021. But this won't be an evenly distributed swell for all markets and it's critical you stay on top of the news so that you can anticipate when revenge travel will hit your local territory.
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Restaurant Tech Needed To Hone The Dining Surge | By Larry Mogelonsky

Many hoteliers and restaurateurs have taken a bearish stance on dining revenues as we emerge from the pandemic, arguing that eating habits have irrevocably changed as a result of so much time spent in lockdown and learning how to cook or bake for oneself. We portend the opposite for one simple reason.
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Housekeeping Opt-In As Part Of An Attribute-Based Sales Model | By Larry Mogelonsky

Before the pandemic, one of the biggest debates within the housekeeping department was over whether or not to allow guests to opt out from this core service. The consensus was: it depends.
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Cruise Lines As The Other Elephant In The Room For Hotels | By Larry Mogelonsky

As the hotel industry gradually morphs into the more-encompassing 'accommodations industry', we hoteliers still can't shake how much home sharing has changed our game. But these alternate accommodations aren't the only elephant that traditional hotel brands should fear, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19 whereby cruise lines may relaunch with a bang.
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Quarantine Culture And Its Legacy For Hotels | By Larry Mogelonsky

One of the main thrusts behind the term 'the new normal' has been to emphasize the binary and irreversible shift in many of our behavioral patterns and cultural norms. Now, with many leading scientists insinuating that pre-pandemic international travel levels won't properly return until the whole world reaches herd immunity – which will take several years – this will ultimately result in many aspects of this 'quarantine culture' enduring for quite some time.
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Long Live The New Business Center | By Larry Mogelonsky

Prior to the pandemic, many had forecasted the business center to be a dead concept for hotels. Relegated to some back corner of the lobby or hidden from the main thoroughfares by a maze of windowless corridors, this amenity has suffered a slow death in the face of laptops, smartphones and all forms of paperless documents. Amongst many other changes, COVID-19 has meant fewer corporate travelers gracing our halls and a further diminishment of utility for this facility.
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Supercommuters As A Revenue Source For Urban Properties | By Larry Mogelonsky

While many companies are yearning for the days of intra-office camaraderie to return once COVID-19 is behind us, it's becoming increasingly clear that remote work will become a permanent fixture for many people's work lives. Much has already been discussed about how this trend will affect hotels going forward, but there's one other implication here that can help salespersons set up lucrative programs for business travelers - that is, corporate contracts geared for the 'supercommuter'.
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Ramping Up Recovery Revenues With Integrated PMS Modules | By Larry Mogelonsky

We're in it for the long haul with COVID-19; vaccines are being approved and manufactured, but it will take quite some time for mass inoculation, and then there are these new variants to worry over. With this in mind, the anticipated recovery in Q3 2021 may not be a surge back to full occupancy - nor can it be given the ongoing physical distancing requirements.
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In Vino Veritas LXXXIII: Upselling From A Glass To A Bottle | By Larry Mogelonsky

Despite the recent stimulus packages and stock market blooms, one long-lasting consequence of the Covid pandemic will be diminished consumer confidence as a result of all the jobs lost and the resultant economic downturn. This in turn can be disastrous for your restaurant's alcohol sales - takeout or dine-in whenever that returns - because customers will have less disposable cash to spend lavishly.
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Here’s Why Fast And Free Wifi Is Still Critical In 2021 | By Larry Mogelonsky

It's a lucrative and commendable effort for a hotel to investigate any and all means to implement technological solutions that will help to boost the guest experience, save costs, reduce direct human contact or a mix of the three. In what we're calling the 'great technology reset for hotels', the post-pandemic era will see the way hotels operate rapidly evolve from high touch and tech-phobic to widely no touch and tech-philic. But as the metaphorical blood for many of these systems and de...
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Using Tech To Source Quality Workers When Guests Return | By Larry Mogelonsky

The hotel industry is facing a colossal staffing problem as recovery gets underway. With all that pent-up demand and renewed traveler confidence following widespread vaccine distribution, guests will come surging back in and around the upcoming summer of 2021. But because hotels furloughed so many employees last year, now we are entering a situation where there won't be enough quality frontline team members on hand to deliver service according to your brand standards while also abiding by...
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You Need Tech For The Post-Pandemic Travel Surge | By Larry Mogelonsky

Vaccines are on the way and every hotel is eagerly awaiting the day when we can 'get back to normal' in terms of seeing a steady flow of new reservations to bolster all-too-depleted business returns. Careful what you wish for, though. There is another scenario we must be cognizant of - that of being drastically understaffed.
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A Tale Of Two Covid Guest Profiles | By Larry Mogelonsky

It was the best of times (for videoconferencing stocks and online retail); it was the worst of times (for practically everyone else).
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Breakfast In The Age Of Intermittent Fasting | By Larry Mogelonsky

Let's all just take a break from the constant news cycle on active COVID-19 case numbers and the rest of worldly distresses. While we're at it, let's take a break from eating, too.
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The Must-Have List For A Hotel Messaging Platform In 2021 | By Larry Mogelonsky

While we all await the dissemination of a COVID-19 vaccine throughout the first half of 2021, budgets will remain tight while reservations will be slim. With fewer staffers available to manage inquiries, you still need to ensure that service delivery is never compromised for the guests you have, while at the same time ensuring a smooth ramp-up as we transition out of this pandemic. Plus, in our current climate of lower occupancies, you cannot afford a bad review tarnishing your online rep...
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A Consultant’s Perspective On The Pandemic In 2021 | By Larry Mogelonsky

The pandemic continues to plague our operations and practically all aspects of our daily lives. In 2020, we may have found ourselves feeling disconnected from the world around us and losing touch with old friends as we all shuffled about to adapt to the new normal.
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Luxury’s Next Competitor Is Not A Hotel | By Larry Mogelonsky

Every hotel property aspires to be luxury in one way or another, even as the word 'luxury' has become a bit overused in the past decade. As such, there are always new entrants testing out concepts and evolving various features, amenities or service offerings, all in an attempt to get one step ahead of the curve. The pandemic has, of course, shifted priorities but the pursuit of luxury still remains as a means of capturing guests' hearts.
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Content Parity is the Next Rate Parity | By Larry Mogelonsky

Channel distribution for hotels was chaotic prior to the pandemic and it will be just as cumbersome once recovery begins in earnest. This is entirely due to COVID-19 whereby new guest behaviors and travel needs have inevitably led to new methods and channels for finding accommodations.
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Five-Star Service in a Contactless World | By Larry Mogelonsky

As yet another problem that hoteliers have to reckon with during this pandemic, we must figure out how to deliver exceptional service to our guests without any significant degree of face-to-face contact. In the antecovidian times, so much of what encompassed service was high-touch - getting up close with customers to make them feel special. Now that this time-honored practice is anathema, how can properties adapt? How do we remain high-touch while acting in a no-touch manner?
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Attribute-Based Selling is Now Urgently Needed for Hotels to Survive | By Larry Mogelonsky

As per the title, the point here is to explain why attribute-based selling (ABS) is mission-critical for 2021 and the decade ahead. To properly understand this, though, we must first look at a landmark event in hospitality that occurred in early December 2020.
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Pivoting for Pandemic Success with Lessons Learned from Newport Hospitality Group | By Larry Mogelonsky

"You take the business wherever and whichever way it comes, but you need to be prepared to serve it," started Andrew Carey, CEO of Newport Hospitality Group (NHG), during our latest conversation. Having known Carey for over two decades, I reconnected with him to deep dive on how the company and its managed properties were fairing during these topsy-turvy times. As background, NHG is a property management and development company with over 50 properties under its belt primarily along the Ea...
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Hotel Grand Strategy Starts with Your People | By Larry Mogelonsky

A new year means a new mindset. And 2021 will be an interesting period as the entire hospitality sector looks for a fresh start. But where to begin? The obvious answer is that hospitality will always depend on its people, and so you must do your best to inspire your teams to keep learning and keep finding those bold new ideas to advance the organization.
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The Year of the Dog Hotel | By Larry Mogelonsky

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the pandemic has changed traveler behavior. By understanding some of the nuances of this progression, you can then more precisely target growing niches within the leisure segment, particularly in light of the slow return of groups and corporate guests.
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Making Your Spa Profitable in the New Normal with Integrated Tech | By Larry Mogelonsky

With so much focus on getting heads in beds amidst the constant drama of COVID-19, hoteliers can forget that there are other profit makers built into their properties that need their attention. A siloed approach to revenue generation - where every department head within a hotel doesn't factor in how their operation affects others - just won't cut it for the decade ahead.
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