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What Actually Matters to Mobile-First Guests for the Hotel Experience | By Larry Mogelonsky

Prior to the COVID crisis, all hoteliers already knew that a large percentage of potential guests were conducting their travel research via their mobile devices. Now, the imperative for creating a mobile-first experience extends beyond merely getting customers to fork over their credit card information.
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Restoring Consumer Confidence Via Wholesale Travel Flexibility | By Larry Mogelonsky

Meeting via a Zoom call, no matter the internet connection, is a weak substitute for a fireside face-to-face chat about the state of the industry. But c'est la vie during a pandemic.
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Housekeeping to Take Centerstage in the New Normal | By Larry Mogelonsky

Many predictions have already been made for what hospitality will look like after the lockdown is over, but none are clearer than the need for drastically bolstered cleaning procedures.
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Building Your Post-COVID Welcome Back Package | By Larry Mogelonsky

The hospitality world will reopen, but it will do so in a staggered manner. This means that once dates are given by governmental authorities, properties will all be scrambling for revenue from customers who now have a markedly different set of demands for their hotel experiences.
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Utility Players as a Way to Save Hotels on Staffing | By Larry Mogelonsky

The post-COVID recovery will not mirror the initial reactions to the global lockdown for the hospitality industry. Namely, with hotels shutting down and laying employees off in droves, most properties will be reluctant to rehire all those previously let go because occupancies will take a long time to get to their pre-pandemic levels, thus not necessitating full staffing and recruitment.
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Never Accept Credit Card Payments Over The Phone Again | By Larry Mogelonsky

As we rapidly shift into the new normal that is 2020 and the decade ahead, there are many lingering inefficiencies in our operations that have been brought to light by the need for a leaner team and more purely digital workflows.
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How are Travel Advisors Responding to the COVID Crisis? | By Larry Mogelonsky

The current pandemic is a defining event for the travel industry. What was considered ordinary is now highly complex, if even feasible. But like any watershed moment, it's also an opportunity for innovation.
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Beware the Post-Pandemic Cruise Surge | By Larry Mogelonsky

In the midst of this COVID-19 isolation period, we hoteliers are all mulling over how travel behavior will change and where customers will come from following the end of lockdown. One thought therein pertains to the conversion of cruise travelers; the going argument being that cruise lines have gained near-permanent notoriety as 'floating petri dishes' during this whole ordeal and that many leisure consumers will opt for traditional hotels because of this stigma.
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The Growth of Golf and Other Socially Distanced Activities | By Larry Mogelonsky

Prior to the coming of COVID, I had predicted a long, slow demise for golf. However, now that social distancing is a leading trend in the new normal, this sport as well as many other activities where human contact is scant may see a strong resurgence once travel resumes. And therein lies a lucrative opportunity for hotels.
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In Vino Veritas LXXVIII: By the Glass Strategy | By Larry Mogelonsky

One of the luxuries of self-isolation is that it has afforded me the chance to drink down my cellar, as well as take the time to converse with a few friends who happen to be wine merchants with a few extra bottles on hand to put together some taster packs for me. And upon sampling these individual bottles, it made me think about how wine purchasing behaviors will change after the pandemic.
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Boldly Getting Back To Business | By Larry Mogelonsky

Like most of you, I am chomping at the bit to get back to work. Ever the optimist, I want to see all of my clients' properties start to churn their respective wheels of operation. But before we all flip the sign from closed to open, let's stop for a minute and ask what this closure has taught us.
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Autumn is the New Summer for 2020 | By Larry Mogelonsky

Holed up in isolation like most of the rest of the world, my wife turns to me after dinner one evening and says, "After all this, we need a vacation!" No doubt these words ring true for many others currently going a bit stir crazy, but the real question is how will hotel brands capitalize upon this prediction?
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Your Post-COVID Fresh Start Checklist | By Larry Mogelonsky

In your hotel career, there will probably never be another opportunity when you have the chance for a new lease on life. With your property temporarily closed and little to no reservations on the books, you are unglued from history as no one is going to use the typical 'negative-nelly' reasons for rejecting your bold initiatives.
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Following the Theme Park Model for COVID Safety | By Larry Mogelonsky

We all know that the COVID-19 will stipulate a holistic rethink of hospitality cleaning SOPs and how we accommodate new (and possibly permanent) social distancing or contactless regulations.
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Travel Debts Mean Big Business After Lockdown | By Larry Mogelonsky

Is there such a thing as 'travel debt,' or more specific to our present situation, 'post-pandemic travel debt'? Broadly speaking for our present circumstances, this term encompasses all the backlogged trips that guests may be eagerly waiting to render a reality once lockdowns are lifted and flights are restored.
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Hotel Cleanliness is Now a Theatrical Production | By Larry Mogelonsky

The travel industry will bounce back, but it will come with many new challenges as customer behavior and demands are transformed by the post-coronavirus new normal.
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Tech Companies Helping Hotels for the Post-Coronavirus World | By Larry Mogelonsky

While a definitive end to this crisis has not yet crystallized, all hoteliers must still prepare for this eventuality. The new normal for hospitality once travel restrictions are lifted will look starkly different than what it was before the pandemic, though.
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Tech Companies Helping Hotels in Times of Need | By Larry Mogelonsky

With the hospitality industry left spinning in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns, it is hardly the time to throw in the towel. Rather, and not to soften the severity of the crisis in any way or form, this is an opportunity to realign your hotel organization so that it can thrive on a lean team once the travel restrictions are relaxed.
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Coronavirus May Kill the Airbnb Superhost | By Larry Mogelonsky

All of travel is taking a beating from the pandemic. None are excluded and the situation will continue to play out over the next two years as some organizations adapt while, unfortunately, others die out. Looking at the sharing economy, though, there are some interesting side effects from this crisis that might be advantageous for traditional hoteliers.
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Making Painful Chargebacks a Thing of the Past | By Larry Mogelonsky

In a socially distanced world, one thing we are already seeing is far fewer in-person credit card transactions because people aren't out and about nearly as much. A lot of that traffic has moved online while some of it has shifted towards other types of less secure, card-not-present dealings like taking down a guest's information over the phone.
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Win Guests By Knowing Their Post-Coronavirus Travel Behaviors | By Larry Mogelonsky

We are all keenly awaiting a sense of normalcy to return to the travel world after the coronavirus and the ensuring lockdown have subsided. But be honest, there is no going back. The behavioral changes that have resulted from this pandemic are now habits that will change what guests want from their travel experiences.
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In Vino Veritas LXXVII: My Sober Curious Rebuttal | By Larry Mogelonsky

There's an emerging trend that is none-too-friendly to your hotel restaurant's beverage sales. Encapsulated by buzz terms like 'dry January', 'sober curious' or 'mindful drinking', more people nowadays are abstaining from alcohol or are drinking less overall.
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Ten Step Rx for the Hotel Pandemic | By Larry Mogelonsky

COVID-19 dominates the airwaves, newspapers, internet and our lives. It's time for us to start strategizing and planning for reopening, even though the timetable is uncertain at this point.
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Is Coronavirus a Boon for Direct Bookings? | By Larry Mogelonsky

Reminiscing on the initial panic in early March as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, many travelers with standing reservations endured horrible customer experiences as they tried to cancel for a full refund or get some form of credit. Those sentiments might outlast the virus itself and will influence which channels customers select once travel resumes in earnest.
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Immediate Operational Changes to Deal with Coronavirus | By Larry Mogelonsky

Drowned by panic and pandemic, the global economic engine is rapidly grinding to a halt with the COVID-19 outbreak impacting every hotel on the planet. As such, there are several critical changes you must make to ensure the safety of your guests and staff as well as to stem the hemorrhaging financial losses.
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Promoting Your Hotel Brand in a Socially Distanced World | By Larry Mogelonsky

The virus outbreak that started in Wuhan and spread around the globe will eventually end and worldwide travel will resume. However, the fear and new social patterns might linger for quite some time after that in what could best be described as 'post coronavirus stress disorder' (PCSD). Such a mass behavioral shift dictates that hospitality will need to adapt yet again to meet any demand changes.
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Renovating for Results at a Savannah Hotel | By Larry Mogelonsky

It is hard to imagine that over 50 years have passed since the 'hollow square' hotel atrium style debuted first developed by architect John Portman for the iconic Hyatt Regency Atlanta.
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2020 is the Year the Hammer Will Fall for Panic Button Noncompliance | By Larry Mogelonsky

Panic buttons or electronic safety devices (ESDs) are rapidly becoming a necessity for hotels across the United States, not only from a sense of corporate responsibility for staff and guest safety, but also from escalating legislation in a rapidly growing number of states and municipalities. It is inevitable that other countries will soon follow suit and 2020 will undoubtedly prove to be a landmark year for the rollout of this technology in the global hotel industry.
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In A Quarantined World Local Leisure Reigns | By Larry Mogelonsky

Travel advisories have been issued, quarantines are in effect, shows have been canceled and long-haul trips have been delayed. Whether you believe the fallout from the coronavirus to be an actual pandemic or largely media-driven panic, the fact remains that the world economic engine has spasmed, with dire consequences for every hotel's operating budget for the rest of the calendar year.
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Cleanliness Theater for the Post-Pandemic World | By Larry Mogelonsky

This too shall pass. However bad the COVID-19 situation gets that we are currently in the midst of fighting, business will eventually return to normal, hopefully sooner rather than later. But the fear instilled in people's minds from this panic will linger for long after the all clear is given as part of a collective post-pandemic social anxiety.
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