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NMSU Remains Against Declaring Campus a Sanctuary

New Mexico State University is rejecting requests that the Las Cruces campus take on sanctuary status for students who are in the country illegally.
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Las Cruces School Official Struck, Killed While Walking Dogs

Las Cruces police say Karen Trujillo, school superintendent for New Mexico’s second largest city and a former head of the state Public Education Department, was struck by a minivan and killed while walking her dogs, A Las Cruces Police Department statement on the pedestrian’s death did not identify the person killed Thursday evening but a Police Department spokesman confirmed to The Associated Press that it was Trujillo, a 50-year-old longtime educator.
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New Mexico County Vaccinates First Responders Under Mandate

County officials in southern New Mexico have said most of the first responders in Doña Ana County, which includes Las Cruces, have received at least one of the two doses of coronavirus vaccine under a county mandate, despite questions about requiring the vaccination.
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Checking out the Flea Market and some T-Dubing.

 Clear skies today, but a high of only 61°F (16°C) and gusty winds.  It was definitely a long pants and fleece jacket kind of day.Sunrise: Drove into Las Cruces to check out the Flea Market, searching for a replacement handle for the scissor jack that came with the Sammy.  Found out it was very helpful for me to know Spanish when asking a vendor of tools and stuff like that for this item.  In spite of being understood, no one had one on hand, they'd all left theirs at home, darn it. The rest...
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A hike up Picacho Peak and more light four-wheeling

Warmest day in quite a while, it was in the high 60s in the late afternoon though quite breezy with gusty winds bringing a bit of wind chill factor.Started walking from my campsite at 9:02 AM and would be standing at the top of the highest point of Picacho Peak 40 minutes later.  Yes, several stops to catch my breath were made on the way up! Near the start of the trail up, you can just see what I called the gateway rock formations upper center. The gateway rock formations, things would g...
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A Recycled Roadrunner, some 4-wheeling and finally got the package.

 After breakfast, I drove Mariko out towards the Recycled Roadrunner, a roadside attraction located at a rest stop on the I-10 super slab (eastbound side).More info re this attraction here on  The roadrunner didn't originally stand on the rock....but after it was refurbed, they located it on a rock to discourage the morons who liked to climb aboard for pics. A closeup of the right wing... Now that's a lot of tennis shoes... Neat attraction, the only n...
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Now boondocking near Picacho Peak, waiting for a package.

 Nope, not the Picacho Peak in Arizona, which I climbed up to the top of back in January of 2020: LINKThis Picacho Peak is located just outside of Las Cruces on the west side of town and isn't quite as imposing as Arizona's peak.Why such a short distance displacement you ask?  Well let me tell ya.  The package Martha mailed via the USPS to the post office near where I had been camping has been "delayed".  The original arrival date was the 16th, it's now the 18th and the folks at the post office ...
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After the snow storm...

 I ended up running the catalytic propane heater almost 24 hours during the recent snow storm and used up about 1/8 of the propane in the onboard tank, so not bad at all!Though today started overcast, it would clear up in the late morning and it was then that temperatures started to steadily climb out of the high teens to the low 30s.  The sun felt good I must say.As it had been overcast all day yesterday and this morning, I ran the Predator generator most of the morning and into the early after...
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Deadly Shooting at Las Cruces Bowling Remains Unsolved

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Elise Teran never knew her uncle and his two children but they have always been a big part of the 16-year-old’s life.
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Testing the Jack Extension and Taking Mariko's Top Off

 A pretty lazy morning today, starting with a shot of the sun as it crested over one of the Needles: Really didn't do much, nor felt the need to do so, just relaxed and read....enjoying the warm sun which made the morning temperatures feel warmer than they actually were.  The lack of wind probably helped with that as well. I did get around to testing the viability of the 6" Jack Extension I'd purchased from SafeJack to extend the reach of the 6 Ton Bottle Jack I got from Amazon to go with i...
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Boondocking at the western base of the Organ Desert Peaks

Sunrise near Elephant Butte, NM: After 11 days at the above location, I am now camping near Las Cruces, NM, within the Organ Desert Peaks National Monument.On the way down to Las Cruces, I stopped in the Village of Hatch, NM to dump tanks and fill up with fresh water.  Before doing this though, I finally got pics of the "roadside art" on display in this village, they'd always caught my eye but I'd never stopped while driving through on previous trips: A menacing looking giant holds a small RV...
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Lazy Last Day at the Monticello Road BLM area.

 Didn't really get much done in the morning, was content to just sit and listen to my current e-book and putter around the URRV and the Sammy.I did pull the plugs on Mariko and the color of the plugs look good now.  I had thought they were too white or lean before but now they're a faint caramel color so things should be good with them.I did go for one last drive in the northern trails of the Elephant Butte State Park, checking out trails I'd not wandered down before....nothing earthshaking foun...
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'Senseless, heinous loss': Suspect in fatal shooting of New Mexico State Police officer killed in Interstate 10 shootout

Interstate 10 near Las Cruces was closed in both directions into Thursday night following a deadly shootout that was captured on video.         [Author: Las Cruces Sun-News]
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These are 20 of the 18,000 people who died of COVID-19 in the US this week

Funeral director Michael Neel looks at the casket of George Trefren, a 90-year-old Korean War veteran who died of COVID-19 in April. The US recorded roughly 18,000 deaths from COVID-19 this week alone. Wednesday marked the deadliest day in the pandemic so far, with nearly 3,500 deaths reported. Below are the names and brief stories of 20 people recently killed by the virus — including the newly elected Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, a pioneering surgeon, and the f...
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College applicants go the extra mile – to other states – to take entrance exams amid pandemic

Catherine Iveson, 17, a senior at Mater Dei, with her horse Waldo at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center in Huntington Beach on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 put her love of riding horses on hold to study for the ACTC. Cat, as her family and friends call her, finally had to travel to New Mexico and Nevada to take the ACT test after the pandemic canceled her plans to take the test locally. (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG) Mater Dei High senior Catherine Iveson appro...
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'Dirty money': Key border communities are rejecting $2.5 million in federal money over Trump's wall and extreme immigration policies

Some border communities are opting out of a federal grant program for local law enforcement over concerns about the Trump administration's immigration policies. Mandel Ngan/Getty Images Since the Trump administration took office in 2017, at least three counties, three cities, and one Indigenous Nation spanning more than 150 miles of international border have rejected a federal program designed to boost border security. "We want to reduce risk of deportation and profiling, including har...
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I'm a Walmart delivery driver who's made over $100,000 in the last year. I love my job, even though I work 80 hours a week and have only taken one day off.

Brenda Brown is a Walmart delivery driver and a graduate student. Brenda Brown Brenda Brown is a 57-year-old delivery driver for Walmart based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Brown is currently a graduate student at Weber State University studying healthcare administration.  She's been delivering for Walmart since September 2019, and said the coronavirus pandemic has been a "rollercoaster of emotion" for her and her community.  In the last year she's made over $100,000 doing deliveries for Wal...
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Covid cases top 5.5m as Joe Biden prepares for big DNC night - US politics live

Kamala Harris accepts vice-presidential nomination on historic DNC nightObama delivers searing Trump attack warning of grave threat to democracyTrump tacitly endorses baseless QAnon conspiracy theory1,294 deaths and 42,932 new Covid-19 cases reported yesterdaySign up to our First Thing newsletter 11.23am BST Associated Press are reporting that the New Mexico city of Las Cruces has agreed to pay $6.5 million to the family of Mexican American man who was choked to death by a police officer.The...
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Albuquerque Resolution Calls for Re-Writing the New Mexico Constitution

Bloomberg-supported Governor Grisham is attempting to push anti-gun legislation again. IMG iStock 884193540 U.S.A. -( During the 2019 session of the New Mexico Legislature, anti-gun Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and state lawmakers who were elected with the support of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg rammed legislation through which criminalized the private sale of firearms, over the strong objections of law-abiding citizens and law enforcement.  Opponents warned that the...
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Ex-New Mexico officer facing murder charge over chokehold

A former police officer in New Mexico was charged Thursday with second-degree murder after authorities said he killed a Latino detainee he had placed in a chokehold. State Attorney General Hector Balderas said he filed the charges against former Las Cruces police officer Christopher Smelser in the death of Antonio Valenzuela. Police say Smelser applied the chokehold after a foot chase in February when Valenzuela fled during a traffic stop.
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Las Cruces officer fired and charged after fatally choking a man during arrest, police say

A New Mexico police officer is out of a job and facing an involuntary manslaughter charge after he allegedly used a vascular neck restraint on a man during a traffic stop.
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Las Cruces police officer fired and charged after fatally choking a man during an arrest, police say

A New Mexico police officer is out of a job and facing an involuntary manslaughter charge after he allegedly used a vascular neck restraint on a man during a traffic stop.
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Best things to do in Las Cruces, NM

Most travelers to New Mexico set their sights on Santa Fe, Taos, or Albuquerque, destinations that each merit a visit. But the state’s less-traveled southern region has a fascinating vibe and culture all its own. Las Cruces is a friendly city along the Rio Grande just north of Mexico, next to russet-hued mountains that offer excellent opportunities for hiking and exploration. Add in savory cuisine spiced with green chilis and washed down with local wines, a fascinating history, and some unexp...
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New Mexico woman stole car for joyride and claimed she was Beyoncé, police say

A woman New Mexico faces criminal charges after police say she stole a car and then attempted to pass herself off as Beyoncé Knowles. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that Surena Henry was arrested last Saturday in Las Cruces, New Mexico, when a police officer noticed her vehicle resembled one that recently had been reported stolen. Cops say she also told them she didn’t stop driving when she saw the emergency lights because she didn’t feel like it. Relatable. From Las Cruces local TV news st...
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Las Cruces woman driving stolen vehicle claims to be Beyoncé (Thanks to pharmaross)

100-agent New Mexico indie joins BHGRE

Steinborn & Associates Real Estate, a market leader in southern New Mexico, is affiliating with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.
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Man Hits Glass Door During Pizza Hut Robbery

A man in Las Cruces, N.M., hit a Pizza Hut. And while running out he face-planted into a glass door. He left DNA behind.
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Huntley’s 3 TDs helps carry New Mexico St. past UTEP 44-35

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Jason Huntley had 191 yards rushing on 14 carries with three touchdowns and New Mexico State beat UTEP 44-35 on Saturday. The Aggies (2-9) led 14-13 at halftime and 21-16 after three quarters to set up the fourth-quarter shootout. Kai Locksley threw a 23-yard TD pass to Jacob Cowing, and […]
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Lyle lifts New Mexico past New Mexico St. 78-77

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — JaQuan Lyle scored 24 points, Carlton Bragg made two free throws with 43.9 seconds, and New Mexico held on to beat New Mexico State 78-77 on Thursday night. Lyle made 9 of 14 from the field and Bragg finished with 14 points on 5-of-6 shooting and four steals. JJ Caldwell […]
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Singer Gretchen Wilson forced to leave New Mexico hotel

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Country singer Gretchen Wilson was removed from a New Mexico hotel after she performed at a weekend music festival. The Las Cruces Sun-News reported Wednesday that police were called to Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces around 3 a.m. Sunday after numerous noise complaints about Wilson’s room. Police spokesman Dan Trujillo […]
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