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"Blatant And Inexplicable"

A Hearing Committee of the Alberta Law Society imposed a four-month suspension for an attorney's submission of false insurance benefits claims Lev Kramar was admitted as a member of the LSA on August 19, 2010. Since that time, he has... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"Courts, Culture, and the Lethal Injection Stalemate"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper authored by Eric Berger now available via SSRN. Here is its abstract: The Supreme Court’s 2019 decision in Bucklew v. Precythe reiterated the Court’s great deference to states in Eighth Amendment lethal injection cases.  The takeaway is that when it comes to execution protocols, states can do what they want.  Except they can't.  Notwithstanding courts’ deference, executions have ground to a halt in numerous states, often due to lethal inject...
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Effective PPI review of how "technical violations" contribute to incarceration in DC

The Prison Policy Initiative has this notable new detailed briefing about so-called "technical violations" in Washington DC that helps highlight the various was mass supervision contributes to mass incarceration.  The briefing's full title set out its coverage: "Technical difficulties: D.C. data shows how minor supervision violations contribute to excessive jailing; Using D.C. as a case study, we explain how much non-criminal — and often drug related — 'technical' violations of probation and par...
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Michigan Bar weighs in on technology competence for lawyers

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Michigan Bar weighs in on technology competence for lawyers Technology competence has been an ethical requirement for lawyers in many jurisdictions for years now. Specifically, ethics committees have generally required that lawyers take steps to ensure that they have a sufficient understanding of the technologies available to them iso that they can make educated decisions about when and how to use ...
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Reprimand For Brady Violation

A prosecutor has been reprimanded by consent for a Brady violation by the Arizona Presiding Disciplinary Judge. The issue involved information that a prosecution witness was under the influence of alcohol NJ and a friend appeared for trial on October... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Ohio Attorney Faces Multiple Allegations

A complaint recently filed by Ohio Disciplinary Counsel alleges a disturbing pattern of sexual advances to clients and a court employee. The lengthy charges make for painful reading. The complaint notes Since at least 2015, respondent has not maintained a... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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A Drug-Related Conflict Of Interest Draws An Indefinite Suspension

The Kansas Supreme Court has imposed an indefinite suspension of an attorney admitted in 2017 who traded illegal drugs for legal services in a criminal case. From the findings of the Hearing Panel During law school, utilizing the student health... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Supreme Court Reform, Like Winter, Is Coming — See Also

There's Only One Way The Court Avoids Packing Now: I've looked at 14,000,605 possibilities and that's how many justices there will be unless John Roberts gets on board with this idea. Long Overdue: Cravath makes progress in diversity. Halloween Contest: One of our favorite events of the year. Speaking Of Which: Trick or treating is serious legal business. The Simplest Solution Is Usually The Best: Republicans don't want to be accused of the thing they keep insisting on doing.
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Stat Of The Week: A Frontrunner For Law Firm Meetings

Who’s taking over your workplace calendar? 
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Symposium: In Fulton, the court has the chance to jettison Employment Division v. Smith – and the pandemic shows why it should take it

This article is part of a symposium previewing Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. Lindsay See is solicitor general of the state of West Virginia, which joined an amicus brief on behalf of 13 states in support of the petitioners. The Supreme Court has options for how to approach this term’s clash between Philadelphia’s foster-placement policies and the religious beliefs of one of its long-standing partners. In Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, Catholic Social Services and two foster parents ask the co...
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Study: 1M to 2M tons of US plastic trash go astray every year

By Seth Borenstein | Associated Press More than a million tons a year of America’s plastic trash isn’t ending up where it should. The equivalent of as many as 1,300 plastic grocery bags per person is landing in places such as oceans and roadways, according to a new study of U.S. plastic trash. In 2016 — the last year enough data was available and before several countries cracked down on imports of American waste — the United States generated 46.3 million tons of plastic waste, by far the most in...
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The GOP Objects To Charges Of Voter Suppression? Have They Tried *Not* Suppressing The Vote?

Voldemort and Pol Pot would like a word...
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Case preview: Court will consider the scope of transparency under the Freedom of Information Act’s key “deliberative process” privilege

On Monday, Nov. 2, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service v. Sierra Club — a case that will define the bounds of the deliberative process privilege under the Freedom of Information Act. More broadly, the case implicates how to balance the public interest in transparency and accountability in government decision-making with the public policy of facilitating federal agencies’ ability to deliberate candidly. It will be the first case argued with Justice Amy Cone...
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Petitions of the week: The public-charge rule, Boston Marathon bombing and more

This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to review, among other things, the Trump administration’s public-charge rule and the vacated death sentences of Dzokhar Tsarnaev, convicted for his role in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, immigrants can be denied green cards if, “in the opinion of” the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the person is “likely at any time to become a public charge.” Congress, however, did no...
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Bill de Blasio To Try, Fail To Stop Steve Cohen From Buying Mets

It’s all he knows how to do at this point.
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Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s Anti-230 EO Fails–Rock the Vote v. Trump

[IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!] This is one of two lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Trump’s anti-Section 230 executive order from May. Because the EO said a lot (mostly lies) but did very little, the main question is whether anyone has the requisite standing. The court summarizes the standing difficulties in this lawsuit: Plaintiffs’ novel First Amendment claims are a step removed from the typical kind. It is not that plaintiffs claim that their rights ...
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Up To The Witching Hour: The (Almost) Lost Halloween

When lawsuits impact whether you'll be able to celebrate your favorite holiday, it's time to work harder to get it all done.
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Just Do Your Damn LPQ — The Dreaded Lateral Partner Questionnaire [Sponsored]

Is it really too much to ask? Too much work to fill out a form that will take one hour of your time so you can leave a firm you're not happy with?
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Cravath Makes History In Diversity With Its New Partnership Class

This class includes the firm's second and third Black partners -- ever.
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Court Reform Is Now Inevitable: John Roberts Can Do This The Easy Way Or The Hard Way

Tit-for-tat is an easier sell than putting the toothpaste back in the tube.
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USPTO on “President Trump’s Leadership”

Although USPTO Dir. Andrei Iancu is a political appointee nominated by President Trump, he has largely stuck to the tradition of avoiding partisan politics in his official role as Director.  For instance, Dir. Iancu supported the re-appointment of Drew Hirshfeld as the Commissioner of Patents. Hirshfeld had been Dave Kappos’ Chief of Staff under President Obama. That said, the USPTO is catching a bit of flack for what appears to be its first overtly pro-Trump tweet coming less than a week before...
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Pop Quiz: Is Your Firm’s Accounting Unwell?  [Sponsored]

PwC and Above the Law bring you this bookkeeping checkup. 
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New Dashboard Makes It Easy To Find Practical Content on Wolters Kluwer’s Cheetah Legal Research Platform

In recent years, legal research companies have increasingly put an emphasis on providing access to practical content — content such as forms, checklists and practice notes that focuses less on the law in a given area and more on how to get things done. Thomson Reuters has Practical Law, for example, and LexisNexis has Practical Guidance. While Cheetah, the legal research platform from Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., contains a wealth of practical content in this vein, it has not all been...
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