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Home Office to release information about detainees' access to lawyers

Home Office challenged over failure to ensure all people threatened with removal from UK had access to phonesThe Home Office has agreed to release information about whether it has deported immigration detainees who did not have access to working phones to contact their lawyers.An emergency ruling by the court of appeal last week prevented the authorities from removing anyone from the UK who had been held at two detention centres near Heathrow airport, Harmondsworth and Colnbrook, where there had...
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Argument preview: Justices to consider whether the Appalachian Trail blocks proposed natural gas pipeline

On Monday, February 24, the Supreme Court will hear argument in U.S. Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association and Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association. These consolidated cases pit a pipeline developer and the U.S. Forest Service against environmental groups that want to halt the pipeline’s construction and protect the Appalachian Trail. The court will have to construe several statutes, including the Mineral Leasing Act, which promotes pipel...
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Stayed Suspension For Sex With Client

The Ohio Supreme Court ordered a suspended sanction the sex with a client In February 2011, M.S. retained Fortado to represent her in a civil matter. Approximately six months later, Fortado commenced an intimate sexual relationship with M.S. Fortado’s legal... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"boned... too much..."

(Gizmodo).Made me think of this great song:Ooh, and it's alright and it's coming onWe gotta get right back to where we started fromLove is good, love can be strongWe gotta get right back to where we started fromNOTICED AFTER PUBLISHING: The science story is about crows and the singer is named Nightingale. I love accidental rhymes like that. And love is good, love can be strong... and who's to say when you've "boned... too much..."?NOW: You might wonder, Althouse, if you're reminded of a "get bac...
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A glimpse behind the scenes at Althouse.

Just a stray example of the sort of comment that doesn't make it through moderation (click to enlarge and clarify):Spam comments tend to begin with a big compliment. Some of the real commenters here begin with a compliment. I wonder if they realize how much they're matching up with the spam I see every day. ADDED: Feel free to debate the general proposition: Compliments are spam. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Pretty In Pink…

Whether Glossier will procure trade dress or trademark rights on its pouch remains an open question.
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7th Circuit concludes employer should have advised injured employee of FMLA rights even after employee went AWOL

Buddy Phillips injured his ribs while playing with his grandchildren. Over the next two weeks, he called his employer, United Trailers, to report he would miss work. Eventually, however, he stopped making these phone calls. When he failed to show up at work for three straight days without giving notice, United fired him under its attendance and reporting-off policy. He sued, claiming that United interfered with his rights under the FMLA by failing to advise him of his rights under the statute...
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Jailed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's health is improving, and he's out of solitary - spokesman

Julian Assange, the jailed founder of Wikileaks, is no longer being held in solitary confinement and his health is improving, said his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson to reporters on Tuesday. “I saw him about 10 days ago - he has improved thanks to the pressure from his legal team, the general public, and amazingly, actually from other inmates in Belmarsh Prison to get him out of isolation,” Hrafnsson told the press. Assange's extradition hearing begins next week. From Reuters: Assange, 48, is i...
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"With the race looking more and more likely to grow bitter and messy, and maybe even wind up in a contested convention, the former president..."

"... and those around him are increasingly sure he will need to play a prominent role in bringing the party back together and calming its tensions later this summer, including perhaps in Milwaukee, where the party’s meeting is scheduled to be held in July. So he is committed to not allowing his personal thoughts to dribble out in the meantime, directly or via leaks, conscious of how any sense that he’s taking sides in intraparty disputes could rock the primary in the short run and potentially un...
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Morning Docket: 02.18.20

* Harvey Weinstein's lawyer penned an op-ed imploring jurors to look past the headlines in her client's case. [Page Six] * A robo lawyer app has been developed to sue robocallers under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They took our jobs! [Consumer Affairs] * Over a thousand former DOJ lawyers have called for Attorney General Barr to resign. [Slate] * A Missouri peach grower has been awarded $265 million in damages in a weedkiller lawsuit. I guess you need help to grow peaches outside ...
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If it's a good idea to put Harriet Tubman's image on U.S. currency, why isn't it also okay to use her on this debit card? Is it that the user is a bank? Or is it that hand gesture?

Our limited-edition Harriet Tubman Visa Debit Card is a symbol of Black empowerment. Don’t miss out! #GetTheCard today! #HarrietTubman #BlackHistoryMonth #BankBlack — OneUnited Bank (@oneunited) February 13, 2020 I'm reading "This Black-Owned Bank Put Harriet Tubman on a Debit Card and Social Media Lost It/OneUnited president and artist stand behind the design" (AdWeek).AdWeek quotes 2 tweeters:• "Harriet didn’t die for this" — Didn't die for b...
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Modern Patent Interpretation Reviewed

In Seedlings Life Science Ventures, LLC v. Pfizer Canada ULC, 2020 FC 1, Mr. Justice Sébastien Grammond presided over a patent infringement action in the Federal Court of Canada. The review is a helpful reminder of the modern approach to interpret patent claims. Seedlings Life Science Ventures, LLC (Seedlings) is an early-stage health-care research and product development company. It alleges that Pfizer Canada ULC (Pfizer), infringes Seedings patent by selling in Canada an auto-injector commonly...
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Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on practice, research, writing and technology. Research & Writing The Neil Guthrie As used (or not) in the names of countries. One does still occasionally hear or see the Ukraine, but be careful not to use that around people of Ukrainian origin. They can get very shirty about it. Their point is that the definite article the makes the country sound more like a region, ...
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In the new NPR/Marist poll, Bernie is at 31% and second-place goes to Bloomberg, who gets 19%, enough to put him in tomorrow's debate.

Bloomberg needed a 4th poll giving him at least 10% nationally, and .3rd and 4th places go to Biden (15%) and Warren (12%), and both of them are moving downward — Biden down 9 points and Warren down 5. Buttigieg and Klobuchar are both below 10% — the cut-off point for qualifying for the debate if you're qualifying on national polls.(You can also qualify for this debate by hitting 12% in 2 polls from SC or Nevada or by having already won a delegate. Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, and Bid...
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Julian Assange: Australian MPs call on UK to block US extradition

Politicians from WikiLeaks founder’s home country have flown to UK to visit him in jailBoris Johnson should block attempts to extradite Julian Assange to the US, say two Australian MPs who have flown to the UK to visit the Wikileaks founder.Andrew Wilkie, an independent federal MP, said the extradition of Assange, who has been charged by the US with conspiring to hack into a secret Pentagon computer network, would set a dangerous precedent. Continue reading...
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Liability roundup

“Syracuse woman sued for not letting adopted cat sleep in bed with her” [CNYCentral] St. Louis talc cases: “Thus, in order to vindicate their Due Process rights regarding personal jurisdiction…, the defendants had to litigate with over $5 billion in potential liability hanging over their heads. Not too many defendants [can] do that.” [Jim Beck on Johnson & Johnson win] Allegation: “instructed Thomas to get behind the wheel of Thomas’ Avalanche to make it appear that Thomas was driving the v...
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Tuesday round-up

Briefly: At HuffPost, Daniel Marans notes that “[e]xpanding the Supreme Court, an increasingly popular reform among some progressive activists, is not politically costly for Democrats, according to an academic survey commissioned by a group that supports the idea.” Veronica Stracqualursi reports at CNN that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week “reiterated his position that the GOP-led Senate would confirm a nominee to any Supreme Court vacancy that occurred this election year, despi...
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Effective looks at an effective look at the reality of community supervision

I have now seen a number of positive review of the new book by Jason Hardy, The Second Chance Club: Hardship and Hope After Prison.  Here is the description of the book from the publisher's website: A former parole officer shines a bright light on a huge yet hidden part of our justice system through the intertwining stories of seven parolees striving to survive the chaos that awaits them after prison in this illuminating and dramatic book.  Prompted by a dead-end retail job and a vague desire t...
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Moonlighting Issue

This question is in regards to a quasi-federal railroad agency. The corporation has a moonlighting policy that allows you to work a second job, so long as it isn't a conflict of interest or in the transportation industry. All "crafts" are allowed to work their expertise on the side (IE Electricians, Carpenters, etc), with the exception of the police "craft". The police "craft" has a restriction that employees can not work secondary police or security jobs. Furthermore, the corporation allo...
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In Memoriam: Francis McGovern (1945-2020)

A longtime member of the Duke law faculty, he was also a regular visiting professor of law at the University of California, Hastings. He was... [Author: Brian Leiter]
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On Deed, but Told I Had to Move Out

My question involves real estate located in the State of: Ohio My partner and I have been together for 20 years. We were never officially married even after the Supreme Court ruling of 2014 that declared same-sex marriage to be legal in all states. In 2005, we did the closest thing we could do to be a married couple at that time. We went to an attorney and we had our power of attorney and living wills listing each other as having or receiving everything and making all decisions should someth...
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ABA Votes to Encourage Innovation in Lawyer Regulation, But with Revisions

At the midyear meeting of the American Bar Association in Austin, Tex., today, the House of Delegates voted to approve a resolution calling on states to consider innovative approaches to the access-to-justice crisis and, in particular, to consider regulatory innovations that could improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of civil legal services. But some saw the version of Resolution 115 that the HOD approved as watered down — or, as one observer put it, “defanged” — to address conce...
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Where Are They Now? Tracking Down the Startups from the First ABA Techshow Pitch Contest in 2017

In just over a week, on the opening night of ABA Techshow in Chicago, 15 legal technology startups will take the stage in a pitch competition, where each will make its case for why the audience of Techshow attendees should vote for it as the most innovative. This will be the fourth annual Startup Alley pitch competition at Techshow — a tradition that started in 2017. Again this year, as I have every year, I will serve as moderator. As I’ve been getting ready for the 2020 pitch competition, it go...
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"Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren all must weigh the costs of punching Bloomberg where he looks most vulnerable: stop-and-frisk, charges of sexism, billionaire entitlement...."

"The more zealous the attacks, the greater the risk he turns his campaign ATM against them. They're already struggling to catch up with Sanders in national support and campaign dollars. Turning their focus toward Bloomberg only complicates that task. There's another risk, at least for the moderates: Weakening the one who may be best poised to stop Sanders, a democratic socialist, if they fail themselves.... By not competing in the four early states, Bloomberg has gone basically unchallenged, all...
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Relist Watch: Special Memorandum Unit

John Elwood reviews recent guidance on cert-stage case scheduling On February 14, the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office released a valentine for the bar: a new, four-page memorandum addressing cert-stage pleadings and the scheduling of cases for consideration at the court’s periodic conferences. The memorandum is the second in a series of occasional memoranda the clerk’s office issues for the guidance of counsel and litigants; the first such memo, addressing the filing of amicus curiae briefs ,...
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Tech Journalist Peter Bright “Was Just Pretending to Be a Pedophile”

Former Ars Technica writer Peter Bright, also known on Twitter as “@DrPizza“, was charged last year with soliciting a minor for sex and has recently stood in front of the court of justice with a rather typical defense of his case. Over the years, the journalist and blogger has written pieces predominantly about Microsoft and […]
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Repair and Maintenance: California Corporate Landlord Refuses to Replace Old Carpet

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: CA I've lived in my apartment for 6 years. Upon move in, I was verbally told that the carpet in my unit was 2 years old (which makes it 8 years old, now). At lease renewal a month ago, I asked for the carpet to be replaced with vinyl. The hairs are splitting. It looks ugly but is not (yet?) a safety hazard. My lease clearly states that I would not be charged for carpet replacement after 5 years of stay. The property manager wrote down my...
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Processing Checks and Patent Eligibility

Solutran’s new petition for writ of certiorari asks a seemingly simple question: Does Alice’s step one require that the claims be viewed as a whole and that consideration be given to the claimed advance over the prior art? Solutran, Inc., v. Elavon, Inc. (Supreme Court 2020). In the underlying litigation, the district court denied the defendant’s summary judgment motion on eligibility.  Similarly, the USPTO PTAB had refused to institute a covered-business-method review  on eligibility — explaini...
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I enjoyed Arthur Gunn — born in Kathmandu — singing "Girl From North Country" on "American Idol."

The set is the Milwaukee Art Museum. I don't know if they ever mentioned where they were, but it's an unmistakably distinctive building. "Arthur Gunn" is a stage name, adopted somewhere along the line, after his family moved to Wichita, Kansas. He has a little trouble keeping his eyes from rolling back in his head, but responds well to the advice to keep his eyes open, and is even better with his second song, "Who'll Stop the Rain?" CORRECTION: That is, “have You Ever Seen the Rain?” AND: Despit...
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