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Guest Post: Out of the Blue: The Federal Circuit Devises a New Rule for Color Marks

Guest post by Christine Haight Farley (Professor, American University Washington College of Law and Faculty Director, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property). The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has held that color marks on product packaging can be inherently distinctive. On April 8, 2020, the court issued its opinion in In re: Forney Industries, Inc. It stated that “a distinct color-based product packaging mark can indicate the source of the goods to a consumer, and, ...
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The Geek In Review Ep. 74 – Why Retention of Legal Talent Can’t Be The Equivalent of a Coin Flip – Bryan Parker of Legal Innovators

It’s not unusual for law firms to invest $1M or more in recruiting, hiring, training, and retention of Associates over the first four years of their legal career. However, if you look at the actual retention rates through the fourth or fifth year, it is essentially a coin flip on whether the firm retains, or loses that talent. Bryan Parker, CEO of Legal Innovators thinks that it is not a good return on the law firm’s (and the Associate’s) time and capital investment. Parker believes that you ca...
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Essentially Similar

If a conviction bears an "essential similarity" to a state felony, disbarment in New York is automatic. The Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department thus disbarred an attorney convicted on these facts of honest services wire fraud By virtue... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Texas the 'epicenter' of forensic hypnosis, perhaps the junkiest of junk science

From "Zipping Along," Loony Tunes, 1953 Most Americans got their first sense of "hypnosis" from watching cartoons, where the mind-control trope has been a staple for decades. But it's no laughing matter when the practice enters the courtroom and people are sent to prison for decades, or even executed, based on such pseudoscientific foolishness.Texas is the "epicenter" of forensic-hypnosis use in the United States, according to  a pair of investigative stories published this week at the Dallas...
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At the Pink Moon Café...

... is there anything else you need to talk about?The photo shows the moon at 6:26 a.m. (one minute after the "actual" sunrise time). I'm calling it the Pink Moon Café because that's the name of the café. The actual super pink moon occurred on the previous night. It's not called the pink moon because it's supposed to look pink. It's named after a pink wildflower that blooms at this time of year. Phlox subulata. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

The work we’ve been doing at LexBlog on our aggregation and curation software, precipitated by the volume of content published on the pandemic, has me wondering about “aggregated publishing” by law firms and lawyers versus the constant focus on getting eyeballs to to their publications directly. Leading legal professionals have a ton of niche expertise and publish a ton of insight and commentary to build strong reputations. The same with doctors, scientists and other other professionals. I am n...
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Identifying unknown online copyright infringers: court gives guidance

Plaintiff sued some unknown “John Doe” defendants who infringed plaintiff’s copyrights. To keep the lawsuit moving forward, plaintiff needed to serve the complaint on the defendants. But this presented a challenge, since plaintiff did not know to whom it should deliver the documents. So plaintiff filed a motion with the court, asking for permission to send interrogatories and to take depositions that would help unmask the anonymous infringers. Plaintiffs sought to get information from parties in...
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Law School Double Downs On Bad Idea — See Also

Oh, Notre Dame Law: It's okay so admit you were wrong. Biglaw Recruitment Is Totally Different Now: Thanks to COVID-19. The Biglaw Austerity Measures Continue: Dentons, Day Pitney, Buchanan, and more have instituted cost-cutting measures. Can Leaving Biglaw Bring You Happiness? Maybe, just maybe. Steven M. Edwards, Counsel At Quinn Emanuel, Died From COVID-19 Complications: Rest in peace.
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You Can Buy Non-Medical Face Masks From These Fashion Brands Right Now

In addition to those donating masks to health care and essential workers, several designers are now making them for consumers as the CDC reviews its guidelines for public mask use.
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Litera Announces Virtual Legal Conference April 23 on Adapting to the Changing Market

As sheltering in place rules out traditional legal conferences, I reported last week on a virtual legal conference, Rocket Aid, and now there is another to report. Litera, the document-technology company, today announced The Changing Lawyer LIVE!, a one-day virtual conference on April 23 that will focus on the changes in the legal market and how lawyers, law firms, and legal service providers can successfully adapt to embrace that change. All proceeds from the conference will go to The CDC Found...
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"Late that night, I learned that I would need to be intubated, or placed on a ventilator. This terrified me."

"A few days earlier, after my admission to the hospital, my physician father had warned me: 'You better not get put on a ventilator. People don’t come back from that.'... I have hazy memories of the intubation. My anesthesiologist was a woman with a slight Caribbean accent and an authoritative, reassuring demeanor. In my overwhelmed state, it seemed that a dozen people were in the room, when, in reality, it was probably just a handful. Aided by anesthesia, I soon fell asleep. I spent the next si...
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Wily Masa Son Made Damned Sure He Wouldn’t Have To Throw Away Another $3 Billion On WeWork

In his latest piece of financial performance art, Masa Son is getting sued by himself.
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LawNext Episode 70: David Lat On His Brink-Of-Death Battle With COVID-19

What started early in March as fever and chills eventually led to 17 days in a New York City hospital, six of them spent intubated and on a respirator in ICU.
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Force Majeure And Other Defenses To Contract Performance During The COVID-19 Pandemic [Sponsored]

The course will benefit attorneys advising clients on their contractual rights and obligations during the pandemic, as well as counsel responsible for drafting new contracts in the time of COVID-19.
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In These Times, What Really Matters To Lawyers?

COVID-19 may well be the great leveler for our profession.
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The Trump Administration Is STILL Trying To Keep Immigrant Kids In Lockup

Coronavirus has made its way to the decades-old Flores litigation, which established minimal safety standards for unaccompanied immigrant minors in federal custody.
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“The Farm-to-Table Connection Comes Undone.”

“A direct pipeline to chefs that took decades to build has been cut off by the coronavirus, leaving small farmers and ranchers with food they can’t sell” (NYT).For the first few weeks, farmers scrambled to find other ways to sell their crops. Some turned to online sales or tapped a renewed interest in community-supported agriculture, or C.S.A.s, in which farmers sell subscriptions for boxes of produce. Others delivered food to restaurants that had turned into pop-up grocers, or doubled down on t...
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Am Law 200 Firm Cuts Salaries ‘Across All Levels’

Hopefully the firm can avoid more severe measures.
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Leaving Biglaw To Try To Be Happy

Exploring the courage needed to leave the legal profession.
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In Effort To Prevent Layoffs, Am Law 200 Firm Slashes Salaries, Reduces Partner Draws, Cuts Working Hours

This Biglaw firm is doing everything it can to save jobs.
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“The only thing that makes this bearable for me, frankly, is at least I’m alone.”

“ A couple of people invited me to their houses in the country, houses much more lavish than mine. Some of them have the thing I would love to have, which is a cook, since I don’t know how to cook. And I thought, You know, Fran, you could go away and you could be in a very beautiful place with a cook, but then you’d have to be a good guest. I would much rather stay here and be a bad guest. And, believe me, I am being a bad guest.”Says Fran Lebowitz, quoted in The New Yorker. [Author: [email protected]
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Law Firm Essentials For Data Privacy And Compliance In 2020 [Sponsored]

What legal professionals need to know about the changing data privacy landscape.
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"Gov. Tony Evers directed the state Department of Natural Resources to close 40 Wisconsin state parks, forests, recreational and state natural areas, most of them in southern Wisconsin..."

"... due to record attendance over the first two months of April [sic]. Evers said the closure is 'due to unprecedented crowds, litter, vandalism and out of an abundance of caution to protect health and safety and help flatten the curve.' The areas are planned to be closed at the end of the day Thursday and remain closed until further notice.... In an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus at state parks and protect DNR staff, while still keeping properties open, the DNR waived entrance ...
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Law School Raising Money For Out-Of-Work Staff. If It’s Not Your School… It Should Be.

UVA community doing right by its workers.
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Mega Firm Announces Bonus Delays Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

Even giant firms are worried about cash flow.
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Legal Recruiting In The Time Of COVID-19

Seemingly totemic pillars of how law students get jobs and how legal employers attract new talent have been completely upended over the span of several weeks.
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Can Democrats please control the dispersion of their bodily fluids in this time of airborne diseased droplets?

Gross metaphor in this headline at The Hill: "Democrats salivate over Obama coming off sidelines."Let me get past the headline. Excerpt from the text:Sources say the former president is ready but that he and Biden are also conscious of the coronavirus pandemic dominating the country and changing the nature of politics....“No one has heard from him in a long time, and people will pay a lot of money to hear from him, even on a computer,” one longtime Obama ally said....“Seeing Obama on the campaig...
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Employers Must Ensure All Overtime Work Complies With Employment Standards

Written by Lewis Waring, Paralegal, Student-at-law, Editor, First Reference Inc. In the federally regulated employment sector, working overtime hours is subject to a number of requirements under the Canada Labour Code. Although such legislation requires that any and all overtime work be compensated adequately, even providing such compensation does not ensure that employers in the federally regulated sectors are in compliance with their obligations. In a recent decision, an Ontario court decided...
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