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Law School In Crisis May Be First To Close Its Doors Mid-Semester

Meanwhile, students are suffering without access to student loan funds.
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Yet Another Troubled Law School To Close Its Doors

Administrators couldn't even give this law school away as a gift.
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Morning Docket: 10.31.18

* Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he plans to introduce legislation to end our "absurd policy of birthright citizenship." Good luck with that, Senator, because if you want to amend the Constitution, you'll need a two-thirds majority in Congress and ratification of three-quarters of the states. [The Hill] * Women are allegedly being paid to make false sexual assault and harassment claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and now the FBI is investigating the situation. The going rate f...
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A Eulogy For Savannah Law School (2011-2018)

Savannah Law School is survived by all of us who care when schools that shouldn’t close are forced to while schools that ought to close continue. 
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Yet Another Law School Is Going Out Of Business

This will be the first law school to close in 2018. How many will follow?
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Charlotte Law Finally Gets Around To Telling Students The School Is Closing

Another law school (officially) bites the dust.
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Charlotte School Of Law Is Closing ‘Effective Immediately’

The school has yet to comment on its imminent closure.
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Much-Maligned Law School In Very Serious Danger Of Losing Its License To Operate

This could be a death knell for the embattled school.
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Requiem For My Law School

This is a very personal memorial to a school that really died some years ago, although it didn’t know it then.
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Non-Sequiturs: 04.25.17

* Chicago lawyer Thomas Demetrio seems to have discovered a new niche practice in "angry airline customer" law. Not only is he representing United Airlines dragging victim David Dao, but he's also reportedly been contacted by the American Airlines stroller mom. [Law and More] * In the wake of the surprise announcement of Whittier Law's closure, law professors want to know: "Are 5-25 law schools in a 'death spiral' leading to closure over the next five years?" [TaxProf Blog] * "I see no data ...
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Whittier Law Students Protest, Demand More Information About School Closure

These law students are human beings, and their dreams are being ripped from their hands.
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Morning Docket: 04.24.17

* In the wake of the surprise announcement that Whittier Law School will be closing, the administrations at other schools may feel as though they've finally been granted permission to do the same thing. According to Professor Paul Campos, we may see as many as ten more law school close within the next five years. But which ones? [Big Law Business] * "Their indifference to us as a student body is unacceptable." Angry Whittier Law students gathered last week to protest their school's impending cl...
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Is Whittier Law School Being Shut Down Because It’s ‘Full Of Minority Students’?

This can't be the real reason the school is being shut down... or can it?
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Morning Docket: 11.02.16

* Not only has the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Rhonda Crawford, the former law clerk who was fired from her position and later indicted after allegedly impersonated a judge while running unopposed for an elected position as a judge, can't take office if she wins the election, but the court has also suspended her from practicing law until further notice. A date for her trial has not yet been set. [Associated Press] * Some law schools are still falling short when it comes to being truthful ...
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Faculty, Students To File Suit Against Law School For Fraud

Why was this law school *really* forced to close its doors?
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Indiana Tech Law School To Close, Citing $20 Million In Losses

Will other law schools close in its wake?
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Morning Docket: 03.18.16

* "In 2 to 4 years, a University administration will shut down a top law school and we may never see it coming." Uh-oh! Is a top law school really going to close? This law professor seems to think so, and she's pointing the finger at Minnesota Law, which has been experiencing a slew of financial troubles due to its enrollment issues. [Forbes] * "The employment numbers were very high in a huge economic downturn and it just felt suspicious. I decided to stand up for myself and others." Anna Alabur...
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