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Online Bar Exams Rely On Facial Recognition Tech And Guess What? It’s Still Racist!

It seems like someone in a position of authority might want to look into this.
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Law School Grads Are Seeing A Lift In Starting Salary

Exactly how easy is it for new grads to start paying off their loans?
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Two Days Before The Deadline, Bar Exam Declares Desktop Computers Forbidden

And it doesn't look like New York is alone -- it seems to be a last-minute ExamSoft change.
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After Criticizing Bar Examiners, Bar Applicant’s Character & Fitness Review Mysteriously Ramped Up

Shockingly, bar examiners may be doing the thing they said they'd do.
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Alan Dershowitz Is Absolutely, Positively Not An Intellectual Who ‘Had Lost His Mind’

And if you so much as think it, he'll sue you for $300 million. So there!
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Crying Breaks & Accountability: How To Pass The Bar Exam During The COVID Era

She took an in-person exam and passed it during the pandemic.
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DC To ‘Potentially’ Offer Emergency Diploma Privilege

Vague order says waiver may apply to 'certain qualifying applicants.'
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MacBooks May Be Able To Cheat The Online Bar Exam

But even if they're not, this highlights the lack of trust out there.
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Law School Deans Want October Bar Exam To Be Open Book

And they want to eliminate remote proctors, too.
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Unsubscribing, Solidarity Statements, Critical Race Theory, And The Enervation Of One Quadruple-Minority Professor

It is difficult to feel connected to people who have different realities than we do.
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Bar Examinee Tests Positive For COVID After Leaving Last Week’s Exam Feeling Ill

But we're going to keep having in-person bar exams because... TRADITION!
Tags: Law, Virginia, Law Schools, Bar Exam, Coronavirus, COVID-19

State Supreme Court Can’t Muster Professional Courage To Explain Latest Bar Exam Decision

As judges, explaining your reasoning is supposed to be part of the job.
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Michael Cohen Explains Why Donald Trump Is So Obsessed With Barack Obama

Not everyone can go to a T14 law school...
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ExamSoft Compensated Key Customers, Raising Specter Of Conflicted Law Schools, Bar Exams

Innovative marketing strategy, deceptive trade practice, or potential conflict? All of the above? Some of the above?
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How To Become A Provisional Licensee, At Least In California

This is just the latest angst for the 2020 grads.
Tags: Law, California, Law Schools, Jill Switzer

MSU Law School Students Don’t Have Loan Money Right Now Because Of Larry Nassar & Betsy DeVos

Law school's planned merger with university has hit a wholly preventable snag.
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Materials In 6-Point Font? No Way To Mark It Up? Online Bar Exam Plan Keeps Getting Better & Better!

We would all protest if attorneys were forced to work like this.
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T14 Law School Grad Tells New York Times How Bar Exam Is Screwing Class Of 2020

She can't work and needs to pay her loans, so she's babysitting.
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ExamSoft Partner Suffered 440K User Data Breach… ExamSoft Still Says Everything’s Fine

ProctorU's mass data breach is just one more worry for bar examinees.
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Stop Throwing 1L Parties!

Oklahoma 1Ls threw themselves a party and… oops someone has COVID. And the law school didn’t tell most of the class what was going on. As law schools return to campus and frighteningly few are going completely remote, this is something that’s going to come up again and again. How should law students should approach […]
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Everyone: Maybe We Should Test This Bar Exam Software; State Supreme Court: LOL, No.

They simply will not countenance anything that risks proving them wrong.
Tags: Law, Illinois, Law Schools, State Supreme Court, Bar Exam

It’s Not Your Imagination — This Is The Most Challenging Bar Exam Season Ever

A retiring bar official speaks out on the chaos surrounding the bar exam in 2020.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Bar Exam, Diane Bosse

Texas Bar Exam Procedures Video Is Intense

Every moment of this should make you say, "why are we doing this thing again?"
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July Bar Exam Scores Are Way Up, But The Number Of People That Took The Test Is Way Down

At least the early indication is that the pandemic didn’t negatively impact those who took the exam.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Trivia Question of the Day, Bar Exams, Bar Exam, COVID-19