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If The First Semester Of Law School Punched You In The Mouth, Sip Some Wine And Rebound Like NBA Coach Gregg Popovich

More so than IQ or talent, grit is the quality that results in hard work and focus – not just for weeks or months, but for years.
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Is Going To Law School Now A Better Decision Compared To 10 Years Ago?

With better information, stricter admissions policies, and a good economy, law school may be a viable career option.
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What You Can Learn from Reading A Syllabus (And Why We Hate It When You Don’t)

The answers to all of your questions are probably in the syllabus. Just READ IT already!
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Law School Faces Transgender Discrimination Lawsuit

The law student who filed it claims she faced 'rampant discrimination' from classmates, staff members, professors, and even a dean.
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So You Got Your Grades, Now What? (Part II — The Bad News)

What happens to students who had a weak academic showing?
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Welcome To The Spring Semester Of Your 1L Year, Make Sure To Keep Your Cool

The good news is that the job market for law school grads is ‘the best since the recession.’ The bad news is that this isn’t guaranteed to last until the time you graduate.
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Law School’s Online Program Attracts Students With Higher LSAT Scores Than Its On-Campus Program

The future for law school programming is here.
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Morning Docket: 01.09.19

* In case you missed President Trump's wall speech, he stopped short of declaring a national emergency at the border (lost that bet), instead referring to the situation as a "growing humanitarian crisis" -- a "manufactured" one, per Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. [USA Today] * Remember the contempt order against a state-owned foreign corporation that Chief Justice Roberts stayed in the Mueller probe? The Supreme Court restored it, and that company filed for cert under seal. Suspense! [Na...
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So You Got Your Grades, Now What? (Part I: The Good News)

Take advantage of your high GPA while you can and lock in as many employment opportunities as possible.
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As Law School Students Still Wait For Grades, Their Professors Go Partying In New Orleans

The Association of American Law Schools is meeting right now... how many of these people haven't turned in grades yet?
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Law School Student Mocks The Disabled Because Why Not?

Michigan student has problem with students getting extra exam time.
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The Law Schools Where 1L Enrollment Skyrocketed

Whoa! Enrollment is WAY up at these law schools.
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Morning Docket: 12.21.18

* In completely unshocking news, despite advice from ethics officials, Acting Attorney General and former Tight End Matthew Whitaker has refused to recuse himself from oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian election interference probe. [USA Today] * Corporate clients are trying to control their spending, and that means more and more Biglaw firms are having trouble collecting on their year-end bills, such that "on average [a firm] can lose 20 percent of its original billing amount...
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Tales From An Unsuspecting T14 1L: Forgotten Lessons

Never forget: Don't let the law school drama of others disturb your own peace.
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Getting Your Grades Back In Law School

Law students, when you see your grade, there are some dos and don’ts. Please take this advice.
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How To Strike The Right Balance In Your Law School Relationships

Get yourself on the right path to having successful and balanced law school relationships.
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The Recruiting Game Done Changed

All of the timelines and guideposts that served as the foundation of entry-level recruiting have been eliminated. 
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Law School Enrollment Is Up For The First Time In Nearly A Decade

The Trump bump is real, and young students who want change in America are heading to law school.
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Is Getting A Tax LL.M. A Good Idea?

A Tax LL.M. can be a good investment depending on what you are expecting out of the degree.
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Morning Docket: 12.12.18

* Yale Law School's list of the most memorable quotes of the year is out, and Rudy Giuliani's "truth isn't truth" and Justice Brett Kavanaugh's "I still like beer" coming in first and second place, respectively. Congratulations on all of your success. [Newsweek] * After some dealmaking with Republicans, Senator Kamala Harris will remain on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The problem here is that another GOP seat will be added, but right now, it seems like there's no one out there who wants to t...
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How does the Supreme Court decide what the Constitution means?

The US Constitution declares itself to be “the supreme law of the land.” Unfortunately, the meaning of the constitutional text is not always clear. Consider the abortion case Roe v. Wade. How did the US Supreme Court conclude that the Constitution gives a woman an essentially unconstrained choice to have an abortion in the first trimester of her pregnancy but that it also allows the state to regulate or prohibit abortion as the pregnancy progresses?Everyone—the president, state legislators, and ...
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The Digital LSAT Is Finally Here

The future is here for prospective law students.
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Law School 1L Killed Right Before Finals

Authorities say his wife killed him in self-defense.
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Welcome To The Biglaw Holiday Party, Law Students

Take advantage of free food and drink, but also be mindful of your personal limits. 
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