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Things An Expert Lawyer Must Know About Settlement Funding

There are times when people need to know the advantages they can get from a settlement funding organization. It refers to the customers in urgent need of money as these… Read more » The post Things An Expert Lawyer Must Know About Settlement Funding appeared first on
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Read the Mueller report here

The Mueller report has been published. It was posted at 11am ET, a month after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his findings to the Justice Department examining Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Per remarks by U.S. attorney general William Barr speaking this morning, there are three major components to the report: How the Russian troll farm, the so-called Internet Research Agency, used social media and disinformation to sow uncertainty and doubt among American...
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New USPTO Guidance May Clear Path for More Technology Patents

James J. DeCarlo Contributor James J. DeCarlo is a shareholder in Greenberg Traurig’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. A registered patent attorney, he is actively involved in virtually all aspects of intellectual property counseling. He has spent nearly 30 years litigating, licensing and procuring patents in the software, hardware, internet and networking spaces, among many others. Mr. DeCarlo can be reached at [email protected] Chinh H...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Adam Zagaris

Adam Zagaris prides himself in being an outside general counsel who helps startups get day-to-day paperwork done efficiently and well — particularly when they are facing off against tough bigger partners.  Although he started his career at big Silicon Valley law firms, he has built a streamlined practice at Moonshot Legal in recent years that covers everything from contracts and terms to intellectual property and human resources.  He gives his no-holds-barred view of his practice and the startu...
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"Kim Kardashian has revealed she plans on taking the bar exam in 2022."

"In an interview with Vogue magazine, the reality star, 38, said she was inspired to pursue law after working to grant Alice Marie Johnson clemency last year. Kim began a four year long apprenticeship at a San Francisco law firm last summer in order to prepare for the exam, and now studies 18 hours a week with two practicing attorneys. Though Kim did not attend college or law school, she is able to pursue her dream through an alternative path. 'Reading the law' allows people to take the bar by...
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How to delay your Form Ds (or not file them at all)

Building a startup is incredibly tough. There are the constant ups and downs, the moments of sheer ambiguity and terror. And so, few moments in a startup’s life are as triumphant — and crystal clear — as closing a round of funding. Yes, yes, raising venture capital shouldn’t be celebrated as a milestone, and the focus should always be on product and users … but it just feels so damn good sometimes just to feel that sense of euphoria: I built something, and now others are giving me potentially mi...
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How to make sure that your product is accessible to all users

Beth Franssen Contributor Beth Franssen is an expert in digital accessibility, WCAG and Section 508 compliance. She helps fintech, retail and payment companies implement digital accessibility strategies for Nexient, a leading provider of 100% US-based Agile software product development. Every founder wants an eye-catching website or app, but it’s easy to overlook a basic fact: not all your potential visitors will experience your content with their eyes. If you ha...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Mike Lincoln

In 1999, Mike Lincoln co-founded the first East Coast office of top Silicon Valley law firm Cooley LLP. Over the last two decades, he has built out the practice to extend well beyond the region, today covering Boston and New York too, while also heading up the firm’s business department, and serving as an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia. Along the way, he has collected an impassioned group of founder clients, more than two dozen of whom had a lot to tell us about how he has helpe...
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The Leader Mindset: What Does It Mean To Be a Manager?

Some things to keep in mind when you're ready to hire a manager for your paralegals.
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What Families Need to Know About Probate Law in California

With a population approaching 40 million, California is home to more people than any other state. Even if you don’t currently live there, chances are someone close to you does. If this is the case, it might be important to brush up on the basics of probate law in California. This is because you may end being involved in the management and distribution of their estate. Foreknowledge of the probate process in California can better prepare you in the event outside entities file estate claims ...
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March 20 roundup

Sports betting: best to ignore the leagues’ special pleadings and let federalism work [Patrick Moran, Cato, related podcast] Everything you thought you knew about corporate personhood in the law is wrong [David Bernstein reviews Adam Winkler’s We the Corporations] Federal judge John Kane, on lawyer’s filings: “I have described them as prolix, meandering, full of unfounded supposition and speculation, repetitive and convoluted almost to the point of being maddening.” And he’s just getting sta...
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Why convertible notes are safer than SAFEs

José Ancer Contributor José Ancer is an Emerging Companies partner at Egan Nelson LLP, a top-tier boutique law firm delivering lean, world-class legal counsel to startups underserved by traditional firms. As the saying goes, where you stand on an issue often rests on where you sit. Translated into startup law and finance, your views on how to approach fundraising are often heavily influenced by where your company and your investors are located. As a startup lawy...
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Pre- and Post-Money SAFEs: Choosing the right one for your startup

Jared Verzello Contributor Jared Verzello is a startup and venture capital lawyer and GM of Atrium Seed where he guides companies through formation, fundraising, hiring, and managing board meetings. With Y Combinator’s Demo Day taking place at Pier 48 in San Francisco next week, its largest batch of companies ever is getting ready to present to an audience of select investors. Having taken Atrium through Demo Day myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the process...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Mital Makadia

Mital Makadia’s legal career began on the East Coast, with Big Law firms, but she moved into early-stage startup work with long-time Silicon Valley boutique Grellas Shah nearly a decade ago. She’ll work with companies on a range of usual startup issues, but she and the firm also focus on individual founder representation (when it comes to that). As part of the interview below, we got into a conversation about contentious terms in term sheets — and she ended up writing a guest post for us about t...
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What to watch for in a VC term sheet

Mital Makadia Contributor Mital is a partner at Grellas Shah, focusing on representing tech startups and startup founders. She provides counsel on a variety of corporate and transactional matters and negotiates and structures equity financings, M&A transactions, and commercial and intellectual property transactions for her clients. When startup founders review a VC term sheet, they are mostly only interested in the pre-money valuation and the board composition. T...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Chinh Pham

Chinh Pham got his first degree in genetics, but realized his real interest was the law as it applies to technology. Today, he combines his interests by working with a wide range of startups, including those in the life sciences, medical hardware and other industries where intellectual property defines a company from day one. As the co-chair of the emerging technology practice at international law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP, he and his team provide a range of services to companies from the groun...
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Startup Law A to Z: Employment Law

Your startup will not succeed unless you, the founder, build an exceptional team. Great teams are built on top of great culture. Yet any venture-backed startup founder will tell you, myself included, that developing a positive corporate culture is more art than science, requiring constant and creative recalibration as your company grows. What then does this have to do with employment law? First, building an exceptional team means hiring great people; whether that involves W-9s for consultants, I...
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Business Development For Midlevels

Because the results from business development are not immediate, finding the most effective approaches can take trial and error.
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Jared Verzello

TechCrunch is profiling great startup lawyers wherever they may be working — and that includes within new companies built from the ground up around tech. Today, we’re interviewing Jared Verzello of Atrium. While even the most old-line of law firms have begun integrating document automation and analysis software, Atrium started that way. Around two years old, it’s both a full-service corporate law firm, Atrium LLP, and a technology startup, Atrium Legal Technology Services, that focuses on buildi...
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Startup Law A to Z: Customer Contracts

Your startup needs customers to survive. If and when you make sales or generate installs, you are wading into the fast moving stream of commerce and exposing yourself to risk. Well-drafted customer contracts limit your liability and create legally enforceable rights to get paid for your work. In fact, contracts are actually dispute prevention mechanisms, forcing parties on either side to clearly define what is supposed to happen in advance, aligning expectations and increasing the likelihood tha...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Sam Angus

Sam Angus has been a lawyer in Silicon Valley since the 1990s. Today, he represents some of the biggest names in the startup world, from their earliest days through acquisitions and IPOs, and including four acquisitions last year: TSheets, GitHub, Glint and HelloSign. But his startup experience actually goes back to the 1980s, when he and some friends built a booming calendar publishing business out of their dorm room during college. In the interview below, he tells us about the ups and downs of...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Andrew Erskine

Andrew Erskine has developed his legal career along with the rise of the tech startup scene in Los Angeles. Today, as a partner at Orrick in its Santa Monica office, he works with companies large and small in the area and beyond.   His approach: “The way that I practice and the philosophy I have is that clients aren’t really coming to me with legal problems. They’re coming with business problems and we need to solve them with that context. It’s almost never an answer of, ‘This is the law, now...
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Startup Law A to Z: Intellectual Property

Whether protected through copyright, trade secret, trademark, or patents, software technology companies depend on IP more so than perhaps any other business type in history. It is surprising, then, just how little founders think about protecting their own IP. Sure, “product-market fit” is an all-engrossing search for truth that tolerates no distraction, but that is at best an explanation, not an excuse. The real pros will find product-market fit while documenting and protecting IP along the way ...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen has been practicing law for decades in her hometown of Chicago. She’s been working with more and more startups over the last ten years, after co-founding her own firm (Herschman Cohen) and expanding along with the city’s tech scene. On her approach: “I have one partner and we have now hired two other women to join us. We are extremely conscious of the fact that startups and small businesses have a lot of important uses for their dollars other than legal fees. We are all senior-le...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: José Ancer

José Ancer is first of all a startup lawyer, with a client portfolio of startups of various stages based around Texas and other similar ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley. He’s also the CTO of Egan Nelson LLP, a boutique firm, where he actively is also building automation software to help the firm compete against larger firms. He also writes on his blog “Silicon Hills Lawyer” publicly and pointedly about his profession — and often takes shots at certain practices common among startup law firms...
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Verified Startup Lawyer: Stephane Levy

Stephane Levy got his start in the days of Silicon Alley almost two decades ago, and built up his practice with New York startups and beyond through all the ups and downs since then. Today, as a partner at Cooley LLP, he works with a wide range of companies, from company formation, seed and later stage rounds, all the way through to M&A transactions and IPOs. He also teaches at Cornell University Law School as an adjunct professor, on legal matters affecting emerging companies and venture ca...
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Verified Expert Lawyer: James Alonso

While James Alonso has worked at big law firms for much of his career, he’s been working with startups the entire time. He’s also an engineer by training — and by practice. He recently founded a new startup-focused law firm (Magnolia) that incorporates document automation software (Docasaurus) that he built himself and also licenses to other law firms. On startup law “It just kind of is who I am. I’ve been a programmer and have worked on my own companies since before I was a lawyer, so I natu...
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"The suit alleges that The Post 'targeted and bullied' 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann in order to embarrass President Trump."

I'm reading about the lawsuit against The Washington Post in The Washington Post.“In a span of three days in January of this year commencing on January 19, the Post engaged in a modern-day form of McCarthyism by competing with CNN and NBC, among others, to claim leadership of a mainstream and social media mob of bullies which attacked, vilified, and threatened Nicholas Sandmann, an innocent secondary school child,” reads the complaint.It added, “The Post ignored basic journalist standards becaus...
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Introducing the Verified Experts of Extra Crunch

TechCrunch is launching something a little different today. We’re going to help startup founders find the best outside experts to work with — so you can build a better company, faster. From lawyers to accountants to executive coaches and a dozen more categories, the mesh network of service providers in Silicon Valley and other startup ecosystems is a vital part of how companies succeed. But many early-stage founders don’t even know that this sort of help exists. Or maybe, you think you don’t nee...
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