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Helping leaders in college reboot

We’re announcing a free intensive today, especially for people who are finding their college journey disrupted right now. If you know someone in that situation, I hope you’ll forward this on to them. We’re looking for some students ready to leap forward. To shift from education to learning, from following to leading, from holding back to leaning in. The months and years after school are often fragile. The pressure is on, trajectories are being set, and most of us were probably without a clue. Do...
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Customer experience is more than f***ing metrics – Interview with Sydney Brouwer

Today’s interview is with Sydney Brouwer, a customer experience speaker, author and masterclass leader. However, this one is a little different as this time Sydney turns […]
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How Women Can Master Office Politics To Grow Their Career And Help Their Team Succeed

If there’s one aspect of today’s workplaces most of us could do without, it’s office politics. And yet, the simple truth is you need to master it to grow your career. Unfortunately, for most women, this is easier said than done. So how can they overcome this hurdle and become ... Click to continue reading
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Leading In Uncertain Times: 10 Ways To Help Employees Cope With The Pandemic

by Quint Studer, author of “The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How To Lead People and Places That Thrive“ As the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold, we’re all being impacted in various ways, many of them pretty dramatic. Everyone is feeling more than a little fear and anxiety about the future. If you’re a business leader, lots of people are looking to you for guidance — and you have a responsibility to help those around you cope with the uncertainty. As human beings and as citizens, we are in this boat toge...
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April 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the April 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of  communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication John Stoker of DialogueWORKS contributed Managers, here’s your guide to effective feedback. John shares: “Sometimes it is helpful to think about the critical skills for giving feedback to others. Taking a moment to be more deliberate...
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Dealing With Difficult Employees: Can’t We Just Put Them in Time Out?

Managing Difficult Employees Virtually – Yikes! The following is an excerpt from Suddenly in Charge, which is being featured on Amazon this month. Downloads are available for only $1.99. Ask managers what they dislike most about their jobs and the majority will say, dealing with problem employees. Problem employees are a fact of life so the sooner you learn how to deal with them, the easier your job will be. But wait, you may be thinking that if I do what you say, hire right, I’m not...
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Finding your ‘why’: How to dig deep and define your purpose

Purpose is one of the activators of a network in the human brain often called the seeking system. It's what fuels our thirst for new knowledge and pushes us to explore.The question "What are you doing right now?" has a myriad of valid answers, some more involved and layered than others.Shifting your response to be about the "why" recontextualizes the action and speaks to the purpose of the work rather than the behaviors. Alive at Work: T...
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The lifelong fan

What does it mean that for forty years you’ve been a steadfast and true fan of a team? The Red Sox, perhaps, or even the Montreal Expos. Over time, every player has changed. Every coach. Perhaps the logo, the stadium, the city and even the name. So, what, exactly, are you a fan of? The same is true for car brands, political parties and just about anything where affiliation drives our sense of self and community. People like us do things like this. This instinct is so strong that we suspend disbe...
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Dealing with the Two Fronts of Every Crisis

EVERY CRISIS places a leader between two fronts: Issue and Fear. Understanding the difference and managing both is key to dealing with a crisis successfully. There are different kinds of crises, but this dynamic applies to both types. There is the crisis where the issue is known, there is a procedure for handling it, and success in dealing with it comes down to proper execution of the solution. A “routine risk event” can be accompanied with fear, but it rarely evolves into panic as uncertainty ...
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Sales Leaders Share How They Keep Their Salespeople Focused

Sales Leadership Roundtable Discussion I really enjoyed a round table discussion that I facilitated a couple of weeks ago. I had 8 senior sales executives join me for an open discussion. In part 1 of this two-part series, they shared how they have kept their salespeople productive and motivated over the last couple of weeks. We all realized that we are all in unchartered waters.  There is no playbook we can refer too, most of us are making it up as we go along.  However, we all shared the s...
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The Importance of Compassionate Leadership Right Now

Today’s tough times serve as a reminder that the best leaders are ones who know how to take care of their people. While you might still be in the middle of figuring out just what you can do to keep operations afloat in the middle of a pandemic, great leadership at this time also requires […]
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Have You Tried Turning Yourself Off and On Again?

All year long I hear leaders say, “I could really use a break.” And now, with all the shelter in place and staying at home going on, you finally have one. I doubt it feels like a real break, though. Instead, you might find yourself suddenly trying to maintain your same pace of productivity remotely, even though the world around you can’t possibly keep up. While there’s nothing wrong with attempting to lead at the highest levels right now, maybe this unexpected “break” is a blessing in disguise f...
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Leading in a Time of Crisis – Top Tips from Dozens of Practitioners

Virtually everyone faces a new normal today. If you lead people, you face additional challenges. None of us have all the answers. Perhaps together though, we may develop great solutions. We’re here to help. Here is a list of recommendations from people leadership practitioners. They were each asked: What is your advice for leaders facing a crisis? Below are their answers, categorized by type of tip. Want to help? Contribute your tip here. Image Name Title/Role Organization Organiz...
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Beyond Numbers #01: Things That Should Keep Church Leaders Up At Night

Should ‘bigger’ be one of the things that should keep church leaders up at night? Bigger isn’t always better. I definitely don’t want a bigger waste line. I could pass on a bigger phone bill too. Somehow we have all bought into the concept of bigger solving all our problems. Bigger houses, bigger bank accounts. In the immortal words of Christopher Wallace, “the more money we come across the more problems we see.” The same principle applies in the church world. Seems like everyone want...
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Enough little things

We rarely have complete control over the big issues. But the way we interact with each other, the small kindnesses, the extra effort–it adds up. One after another, day by day. It might be enough to change someone’s day. And then the ripple continues.
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Acknowledgments 2020

Authors get to put a page in their book thanking people who have quietly and persistently and generously helped. But the page is rarely read, and it comes out infrequently and it’s not so timely. It’s worth taking a second to think about people who are doing more than expected, more than they have to do, more than we can imagine. I’m filled with gratitude for the healthcare workers who have shown up to do the jobs that they never hoped to have to do, risking so much to help people. From docs lik...
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Need More Drama?

I N CASE the media isn't providing enough clickbait and drama in your life, we resurrect this advertising gem from 2012. The backstory: For the launch of the high-quality TV channel TNT in Belgium, a button was placed on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town near a sign with the text "Push to add drama" that invited people to use the button. Then they waited... Your browser does not support the video tag. Like us on Instagram and Facebook for additional leader...
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The semiotics of face masks

It’s difficult to get adults to wear bicycle helmets. (I wrote about this on the blog 16 years ago). The reason has nothing to do with comfort or safety. It has to do with signals. Semiotics is the science of flags, signals and other communications. It studies the very human act of judging something (or someone) based on limited information as we seek the message behind the signal, all in a quest for belonging and social standing. Even more than helmets, face masks make a statement. Ten years ag...
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Are You Ready for Recovery?

AS a McKinsey & Company article stated in late March 2020: “What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead.” McKinsey cites 5 practices or mindsets that will enable leaders to bring their organizations through any turbulent times. This article will show how those who develop as transpersonal leaders are those who are best prepared to do this. Transperson...
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Customer service, support and experience in the time of coronavirus

The world has changed so much from just a week ago. Such is the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on our daily lives. It’s […]
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Rick Skidmore; 1 Priority; 2 Videos; 3 Complimentary Resources

Hope it’s been a productive and purposeful week. Here are some insights/opportunities to help you outlearn/outthink the crisis. Excellent summit. Loved it completely. Took notes, prioritized action items, shared with friends and colleagues. Super pumped.   Steve Siglin Inspirational Story? Timberlane -- Rick Skidmore, CEO of Timberlane (wooden shutters) in PA. With his core business sales down 75%, he was looking at furloughing 60 employees. Now about 50% are ma...
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How would you like things to be?

We know how things are. How could we not? And we see the emotional rut that so many have fallen into as well. The question is: Will you embrace an emotional posture that models how you’d like it to feel instead? Today, this day, we only get it once. How do you want today to feel on an emotional level? It takes effort. But it’s a choice. We can’t change how things are in any given moment, but we can change how we will approach today. And yes, an attitude can spread. Begin with us.
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Leading Thoughts for April 2, 2020

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. A philosopher at Oxford University, Toby Ord explains the risks we are taking here on spaceship earth: “We have done many things to exacerbate the risk: some that could make pandemics more likely to occur, and some that could increase their damage. Thus even “natural” pandemics should be seen as a partly anthropogenic risk. Our population now is a th...
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5 Ways to Improve Employee Communication During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Andy Bailey During these extraordinary times, as the world’s foremost health experts work to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical that leaders step up, make the right decisions swiftly, and be ready to pivot on a moment’s notice. Taking care of company team members should be a top priority. Leaders need to take the helm and steer the ship during these unpredictable tides—and ensure their actions are in the best interests of their employees. COVID-19 is affecting nearly everyone’s life i...
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Hire People with Common Sense and Good Critical Judgement

Guest post by Stan Silverman: During a recent event to launch my book, Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success, I spoke about the importance of hiring people with common sense and good critical judgment because at some point, you want them to violate policy when it is in the company’s best interest to do so. I described an experience early in my career while serving as national sales manager for one of my company’s operating divisions. I was informed that product...
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I Have Never Managed People Remotely. How Do I Even Begin Now That My Team is Working From Home Because of Coronavirus?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and many states’ mandates to shelter in place, millions of managers across industries are managing remote teams for the first time. This can feel like a brand new challenge, but my hunch is that you are more prepared than you think. Have you ever worked with a supplier based in […] The post I Have Never Managed People Remotely. How Do I Even Begin Now That My Team is Working From Home Because of Coronavirus? appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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How Managers Can Make Better Decisions

How a manager makes decisions can impact the entire team Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash If we were to list out all of the important manager skills that a manager needs to have, what would be on that list? Even more importantly, what would be at the top of that list? It turns out that what should be at the top of the list is the ability to make decisions well. Research has shown that how we go about making decisions is just as important as what decisions we make. If we want to m...
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Leadership in Crisis (FDR and the Rubber Band Effect)

To discuss a theme I'm seeing in my work with leaders on a daily basis I need to go back 80 years into the past. Why? Because from a certain angle, the year 2020 looks a lot like 1940... A Little History: America's Entry Into World War II As the Great Depression entered its second decade in the late 1930s, the world was lurching toward armed conflict, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was faced with a profound dilemma: How to prepare the United States for the possibility ...
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Taking it very seriously

Today, April first, was the day for a particular greeting, the only one except New Year’s that’s simply based on the date. Happy. It was a day that people on the internet understood that it’s possible to act as if and to do it with a smile. To pretend that we’re not on the brink of apocalypse of one of twenty flavors, that nerds are clever now and then, and that most of all, that it’s worth taking a moment before we believe what we just heard and decide to freak out about it. Alas, we’ve been fo...
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First Look: Leadership Books for April 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in April 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Art of Launching New Ventures, Inspiring Others, and Running Stuff by Joel Peterson Many leaders see their roles as presiders/managers, with a primary focus on keeping results consistent with past performance and on budget. These kinds of leaders make important contributions but rarely leave a mark on the businesses they serve. Fo...
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