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Here's how to use data to improve employee satisfaction, promote diversity, and retain talent

Insider's Shana Lebowitz Gaynor with speakers Vincent Chee of Bevel PR (c) and Dane Holmes of Eskalera Insider People analytics is all about using data to understand your teams' motivations and work smarter. It doesn't have to be complicated - Vincent Chee, director at Bevel PR, uses employee surveys. This is part of Insider's virtual event "Transforming HR in the Digital Era" presented by Paycom. Click here to watch a recording of the event. Businesses need to start think...
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Leading Thoughts for June 17, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Leadership coach Ruchira Chaudhary on the difference between mentors and coaches: “Mentors provide direction to their mentees, giving them the opportunity to become more like them. Coaches, though, don’t offer directions or even answers. A good coach instead helps the coachee come up with their own answers. As a coach and leader, you—unlike the mentor...
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This is How to Quit Your Job

I learned some unforgettable lessons about how to be a successful working professional when I was first starting out. I’m talking high school; the first-job timeframe. I worked at a popular hamburger joint in San Antonio. My boss’s name was Mike. That’s about all I remember of him on a personal note; except I also remember his mustache. It was lush and covered much of the space between his nose and his mouth. It left an impression. Mike with the Mustache offered me my first piece of professional...
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Managers Have To Practice Conscientiousness

A manager’s success is actually about conscientiousness, not competition Image Credit: Fabio Venni When a manager is looking to use their manager skills to add someone to their team, what are the qualities that we should be looking for? Sure, we often go looking for a future team member who will be driven, aggressive, and focused on reaching their goals. However, is it possible that we’ve been getting this all wrong? It turns out that the personality trait that predicts success at ...
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7 must-have skills all great team leaders put above everything else

By prioritizing these critical skills, traits and principles, team leaders can handle whatever comes their way with grace, poise and enough energy left over to enjoy life.
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Lucky breaks

Almost every project comes in a little bit late and a little bit over budget. When things break, the breaks are rarely lucky ones. Part of the reason is that in proposing the project we made our best guess and predicted the predictable. If we didn’t, the project would probably never get approved. Optimists bring an expectation of possibility and goodwill. But they’re also aware of the math of coordination. Hiccups multiply. Betting on lucky isn’t nearly as productive as simply establ...
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PwC chairman Bob Moritz on the importance of being an agile leader

BI Graphics Bob Moritz, chairman of professional services firm PwC. AP Images / Markus Schreiber PwC Chairman Bob Moritz thinks agility is an important skill for young people to cultivate. Young leaders should learn to adapt to new jobs and challenges. It's an important leadership skill that many well-known executives have touted. This article is part of a series called "Secrets of Success," which examines specific leadership tips from prominent business leaders. The mos...
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Jim Kouzes On How Leaders Without Titles Can Make A Difference

Next month marks the 10th year that I’ve been doing my podcast “Leadership Biz Cafe”, something that I started as an excuse to talk with some fascinating people about leadership and which has since become one of the most popular leadership podcasts out there. Although I didn’t make any plans ... Click to continue reading
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3 qualities you should look for when hiring for leadership and C-suite roles

The best candidate not only demonstrates "teamwork" but lives and breathes that ethos to lead your business to the next level. Notion Hiring for executive and leadership roles places immense pressure on companies and their founders. The best candidates for executive roles understand the immense value of multigenerational employees. They should also be willing to embrace technology, communicate strongly, and be data-driven. See more stories on Insider's business page. While last year wa...
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Overcome the trigger points in our lives with Marshall Goldsmith

Do you ever find that you are not the patient, compassionate problem solver you believe yourself to be? Have you ever felt your temper accelerate from zero to sixty when another driver cuts you off in traffic? Our reactions don’t occur in a vacuum. They are usually the result of unappreciated triggers in our environment. So often the environment seems to be outside our control. Even if that is true, as Goldsmith points out, we have a choice in how we respond. Listen in to an hour of life-changin...
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Abstain from abstaining

Even when you’re not completely certain. Because we can never be certain about the future. So we show up for the work, do the reading, engage with the problem. The challenge is to find a point of view if we don’t have one yet. The exception is simple: if, after being well informed, you are willing to accept every outcome, you do us all a favor when you stand down. Hiding doesn’t help us.
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6 Things You Need To Know To Be A Good Medical Biller

I’ve been in the revenue cycle/medical billing field for nearly 40 years. I’ve been in leadership or consulting for most of those years. I feel this gives me pretty good perspectives on how things should work. Parker Knight via Compfight There’s no doubt that every year there are some kinds of changes because of insurance […]
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Master your Metrics

The bottom-line matters. The key question: What is the right bottom line for our business? We often hear leaders announce plans to cut expenses without impacting the customer experience. Great concept, which rarely produces expected results. In fact, according to recent Gartner research, fewer than half (43%) of leaders achieve the level of savings they set out to attain in the first year of cost reduction. This is due in part to setting unrealistic cost reduction targets. Another contributing f...
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Five useful questions

They might be difficult to answer, but your project will benefit: What’s the hard part? Which part of your work, if it suddenly got much better, would have the biggest impact on the outcome you seek? How are you spending your time? If we took at look at your calendar, how much time is spent reacting or responding to incoming, how much is under your control, and how much is focused on the hard part? What do you need to know? What are the skills that you don’t have that would make your wo...
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Transition Coaching After Executive Search Placement Increases Success in India

By Kunal Jha & Kelli Vukelic Executive coaching was nearly unheard of in India 15 or so years ago. Today is much different. Now there are thousands of certified executive coaches and multiple ICF chapters engaged in helping executives and their organizations succeed. Indian companies are engaging this skilled cadre of coaches to help nurture and develop leaders ripe for transitioning to senior roles, they are improving performance with leaders advancing from lower internal positions and se...
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The Lost Art of Connecting

WHO are the stars in your constellation? What kind of constellation do you want to create? Connection is a superpower. Susan McPherson says that connection comes down to one simple question: How can I help? Business relationships often come across as transactional—what can that person do for me? But they can and should be meaningful. Business connections are a chance to thread “people together to create something bigger and unknown”—to build a constellation of people that share not only “your v...
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How Do You Influence and Inspire People?

All leaders have the same goal. Improve the status quo and help people achieve their potential. Leaders influence and inspire people to make positive changes. Start by getting to know your team members—their dreams and goals, as well as their problems and frustrations. Then use these tactics. Set the Example Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (The Leadership Challenge) maintain the first function of leadership is to “Model the Way.” Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s restaurant picked up wastepaper ...
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Why ‘do what you love, outsource the rest’ is bad advice

While hiring staff to take on tasks you’re not best at is a common way of growing a team, it can be incredibly costly to hire out a task you haven't mastered yet. Here’s what you should consider before opting to “hire it out.”
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False equivalencies

It’s a pointless form of argument. “This scientist made a careless error in their paper, therefore we need to excuse a con artist who falsified an entire career.” Or, “that restaurant served fish that got someone sick, therefore, there’s no reason for there to be a health inspection at my restaurant or any other one for that matter.” Or, “there was a typo in this book from a major publisher, so I’m not going to bother with an editor at all.” The open-minded respond by trying to defen...
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The airline mile hoax

First: If you’re a frequent flyer on American and haven’t flown in over a year, it’s possible your miles are going to expire very soon. You can fix this by “donating” 2,500 miles here. In the US, private lotteries are against the law. A lottery is a random drawing for a prize of value that you have to pay to participate in. That’s different from a game of skill, in which the best performance wins. Or a sweepstakes, which doesn’t cost anything to enter (which is why the rules so often sa...
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It originally means, “no longer believing in magic.” Humans like magic. It gives us solace and energy and hope. In many ways, the rational era of science and engineering and evidence and proof eliminated any practical belief in magical forces. We know how and why the sun sets every night. But we still desire magic. Creating it for your customers and peers is a gift. [Author: Seth Godin]
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“No problem” is a problem

The right response to feedback is, “thank you.” Or perhaps, “that’s a great point.” Even if it’s not your job to change the system, or not your fault that things didn’t work as expected, both of these responses are valid and useful. Feedback is a gift. It lets you know precisely what the other person wants or needs. After you receive the gift, it’s up to you to accept it or not. But shutting down feedback with an argument or by appearing ungrateful makes it less likely you’ll be offered it ag...
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The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes: And How to Avoid Them

IF YOU CAN LEARN from other’s mistakes, you have a better shot at success. Lawyer, CPA, and serial entrepreneur, Patrick Burke, says he has made most of these big mistakes and has (barely) lived to tell about it. He chronicles them in The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes: And How to Avoid Them. Some of the lessons learned are timing issues. Some seem like common sense, but in the heat of the moment and the hubris that often accompanies entrepreneurship, these lessons are easily forgotten. The unce...
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WOKEN – The Art and Science of Career Exploration With Rachel Serwetz

WOKEN – The Art and Science of Career Exploration With Rachel Serwetz On today’s show, we have Rachel Serwetz from WOKEN to talk about career exploration. Rachel is an expert in this subject and we’re excited to have her here. She’ll break down the process of career exploration to determine your ideal role, ideal industry, […]
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Never Alone, Never Again – You Decide

You don’t have to do life alone. But some of you choose to. I cannot imagine why. Oh, I know…you have many relationships; you know lots of people. You have Facebook friends and Twitter peeps. You know some guys in the softball league or some gals at the monthly business leaders luncheon. You trade contacts and share ideas. You talk about the weather, the kids, the job, and the economy. But are you known? To be known is to place the heart-level truth about yourself into the hands of another pe...
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Over the circumstances

How do you act when you’re in charge? Or when someone else is in control? How do you act when you win? Or when you lose? Is there a difference between the times you’ve been given the benefit of the doubt and the times you wish you had? The circumstances change, but perhaps the way we’d like to contribute, to be seen and to connect shouldn’t. The circumstances are here, no matter what we do. It’s up to us to decide to be under them or over them.
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Leading Thoughts for June 10, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. D. Michael Lindsay observed that the best leaders have shown excellent management of the transitional events in their lives: “The challenge with life is that we have to live it moving forward, but we only really understand it looking back. Every day offers the promise of preparing us to best respond to the next hinge moment of our lives. Change moves...
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How Different Generations Face Fears [FEEL First eBook Part I]

It’s here! I’m launching the first ebook in a four-part series, all based on the data and analysis of the results from the FEEL First Test online. Here’s the “Why” Behind the FEEL Test … The FEEL First Test is part of an ongoing passion project and research experiment. When my stepdaughter, Noelle, who was a Millennial, passed away in September of 2018, I wanted to know what Millennials were thinking and feeling. ...
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How the HR chief at Restaurant Brands International holds all of its executives accountable for diversity and inclusion

Insider Jeff Housman is chief people and services officer at Restaurant Brands International. Restaurant Brands International Jeffrey Housman is chief people and services officer at Restaurant Brands International. Housman has made DEI a priority. All senior executives are now held accountable for DEI goals. Food service overall has a diversity problem. People of color are often concentrated in lower ranks. This article is part of our "HR Insider" series about HR leaders and t...
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What’s so odd about being organized?

“You never told me you’re OCD.” “I never told you that because I’m not. What gave you the idea that I was?” “Mindy said you were.” “Mindy? Why would she say that? Any idea?” “Remember a few months ago when you hosted the luncheon for the business women’s group at your home, and Mindy came early to help you set up?” “Mindy was a great help that day.” “She did more than help. She looked inside all your kitchen cupboards and drawers and couldn’t believe how neat and organized they were. She said sh...
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