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Early App Update Blows Lid Off Even More Samsung Announcements

The Samsung leaks keep coming. This time around, an update to Samsung’s wearable app has revealed its entire lineup of wearables that will probably be announced along with its upcoming Galaxy S10. Read more...
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All the Rumors About the Galaxy S10 and Everything Else We're Expecting From Samsung Next Week

Samsung’s next Unpacked event is set for February 20th, and while the Korean electronics giant hasn’t outright said that’s when it will announce the new Galaxy S10, past history and a lot of not-so-subtle clues all but guarantee we’ll officially see the company’s shiny new flagship smartphone next week.Read more...
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New Apple Rumors Hint at AirPods 2, iPad Mini 5, and AirPower Coming This Spring

Apple has been relatively quiet about hardware since it released new iPad Pros back in the fall. But if a handful of new rumors are true, we could see a variety of new products launch this spring, including second-generation AirPods, a new tablet, and maybe even Apple’s long-awaited wireless charging pad.Read more...
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Chasing down that list of potential Predpol customers reveals dozens of cities that have secretly experimented with "predictive policing"

Last October, I published a list of cities that appeared to have contracted with Predpol, a "predictive policing" company, based on research provided to me by an anonymous source who used clever methods to uncover the customer list. Now, Motherboard's Caroline Haskins has used that list as a jumping-off point for a wide array of public records requests that have revealed a pattern of extensive, secret experimentation with precrime in dozens of cities that allowed Predpol to access policing ...
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During a secret meeting, a top Pelosi health aide told medical insurers that there was no need to worry about Medicare for All passing

Wendell Primus is one of Nancy Pelosi's top health aides. Leaked slides from a closed-door meeting with Blue Cross execs reveal that he has been quietly advising the health insurance industry that there is no danger of Democrats pursuing a "Medicare for All" strategy, and offered them what amounted to a quid pro quo that would keep them safe from nationalized healthcare if they would break with the pharma industry to help lower drug prices. Shortly after this meeting, Nancy Pelosi was made ...
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Samsung's Next Smartwatch Better Not Look Like This

Samsung’s Unpacked Event is coming up in less than three weeks, so naturally, a number of leaks have started trickling out and alongside the new Galaxy S10, it seems Samsung is also prepping to release a new Galaxy wearable. But strangely, a new leaked image of the alleged Galaxy Sport shows a device that appears to…Read more...
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Trump's White House schedule leak crisis has Donald extra edgy

Said former White House aide Cliff Sims on the leak of Trump's personal schedules -- loaded with “executive time,” lmao, which is a euphemism for sitting around watching Fox News: "There are leaks, and then there are leaks. If most are involuntary manslaughter, this was premeditated murder. People inside are genuinely scared." The massive leak of President Trump's private schedules, which Axios published on Super Bowl Sunday in its weekly Axios Sneak Peek newsletter, “set off internal finger-...
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No Deal Brexit will lead to "putrefying stockpiles of rubbish" and "slurry"

If the UK does not secure a Brexit deal, it will lose its export license for "millions of tonnes of waste," meaning that the British Isles will have to find somewhere to stockpile all that waste, with concomitant "odours" and "runoff of leachates, causing secondary pollution." But that's nothing compared to the problems generated once farmers can no longer export livestock to the EU, because "they may have problems with slurry storage capacity and insufficient land spreading capability." ...
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Here's the Boatload of Samsung Leaks That Dropped While You Were Sleeping

After a somewhat down year in 2018, between three new S10 models (including one that’s 5G-ready), its long-awaited foldable phone, and a new pair of truely wireless earbuds, rumors suggest Samsung is setting the stage for a monstrous year in 2019. And just last night, a bunch of leaks came out shedding new light on…Read more...
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2020 Volkswagen Golf Spotted at German McDonalds?

Despite the 2020 Volkswagen Golf arriving later this year, VW hasn’t done much to tease it. In fact, the only glimpses we’ve had of it were of the Sasquatch variety — unconfirmed, low-resolution images taken in the wild before the elusive creature vanishes. There’s now another one. Last week, Instagram user johannes.vag captured a couple of […] The post 2020 Volkswagen Golf Spotted at German McDonalds? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Three concept designers visualize what the 2019 iPhone will look like

Leaks have become a very common part of Apple’s launch process. When you’re as big as Apple is, it’s difficult to keep everyone quiet. Somewhere in some part of the world, a factory worker clicks a picture of the iPhone Gorilla Glass being prototyped, or the aluminum frame being machined, and the rumors spread like wildfire. Helping bring some sort of depth to these rumors are concept phone designers, who quickly put together renders that, after a couple of rumors, end up looking exactly like th...
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2019 BMW 7 Series Partially Revealed Via Russian Leak

A Russian BMW fan seems to have leaked the new face of the 2019 7 Series on social media over the weekend. While we’d advise any news involving Russia be taken with a grain of salt, it certainly looks like this could be documentation of the sedan’s upcoming facelift. Take special note of the front lip […] The post 2019 BMW 7 Series Partially Revealed Via Russian Leak appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The FBI Now Has a Media Leaks Unit 

The FBI now has a not-at-all-dystopian unit to combat “media leak threats,” according to new documents obtained by The Young Turks. The documents were partially declassified thanks to a FOIA request.Read more...
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Digital Fads Like the ‘Twinning’ App Are Almost Always Bad for Your Privacy

It’s a new year, folks, but there’s still one last data leak from 2018 we need to discuss. If you spent any time online over the holiday break, you’ve probably seen someone on Facebook or Twitter posting photos from Popsugar’s Twinning app, which uses facial recognition to tell you what celebrities you may kind of,…
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Looks Like Sonos Is Making Some New Smart Speakers

A new filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed some details about a new Sonos product. The redacted documents show that a new model number S18 smart speaker will work as satellites for the company’s soundbars to create a surround sound system and will also include built-in microphones for…Read more...
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APC as standalone hardware? Leaked Akai APC Live

It’s what a lot of people wanted – an MPC crossed with an Ableton Push – which could mean it’s too good to be true. But the APC Live leaked in images looks viable enough, and it could signal big changes for electronic performance in 2019. Update: the FCC documentation is online. That means among other things you can already read the manual. And here’s the bombshell: Akai taken the APC workflow and even cloned elements of Ableton Live. But this is basically a Live knockoff – not the real thing....
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Nokia's Long-Rumored, Five-Camera Beast Could Get Announced Before the End of January

Speculation about Nokia’s next flagship phone swirled this fall after leaks revealed a wild-looking rear-camera setup complete with five separate lenses. Nokia doesn’t seem quite ready to release any official details about the rumored Nokia 9 PureView, but a new, high-res video shows why it might be the first…Read more...
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Air Force veteran Reality Winner is serving 5 years for blowing the whistle on Russian election interference, while Trump's Russia-dealing cronies are going free

In 2017, Reality Winner, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran and intelligence contractor was arrested for leaking confirmation of 2016 Russian election meddling to The Intercept; Winner seems to have been motivated by the same outrage that had animated Ed Snowden four years earlier: watching her bosses lie about matters of national interest. Winner is a principled, brilliant patriot who was facing a long prison sentence when she pleaded guilty and got a five-year term, the longest ever term fo...
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Images of KORG volca modular, volca drum appear online

Unconfirmed and unofficial images identified as KORG volca modular and volca drum are circulating across social media channels today, after first appearing on Reddit. Normally, this site refrains from posting leaks and rumors, but in this case, the images have quickly become ubiquitous – perhaps speaking to the unique appeal of the volca line. (Literally, my inbox and feeds now are clogged with people posting them.) The images appear to show a drum synth and patchable mini-modular, in the ...
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Twitter Alerts Some Users to 'Unusual' Data Leak

Today Twitter alerted select users affected by a November bug with one of its support forms. So far the company has declined to provide an estimate for how many accounts potentially had data exposed.Read more...
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Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual harassment allegations against executives, Google is doing some soul-searching and self-reflection over the true meaning of “Don’t be evil.” Just kidding!…Read more...
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Amnesty will stage global protests over Google's spying, censoring Chinese search engine plan

For years, a secret Google team planned a Chinese search-engine that would censor search results and spy on users for the Chinese state authorities; when the existence of this plan was leaked, thousands of googlers objected to the plan, senior staff quit (then others followed), and things have only gotten worse since, with the company being outed for lying about the project when they claimed it was just a pilot program and nowhere near launch. Today, Amnesty is staging protests against Goog...
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Leaks reveal the health care industry's playbook for smearing and spinning Medicare for All out of existence by 2020

The Intercept has published slides from Partnership for America’s Health Care Future -- a lobbying group representing the for-profit health-care sector -- detailing the organization's plan to kill Medicare for All. The slides and the accompanying reporting paint a picture of party establishment figures who have cycled into the lobbying industry -- former staffers for Obama and both Bill and Hillary Clinton -- and are now guns for hire, taking for-profit health industry money to try to scut...
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2020 Buick LaCrosse Leaked From Chinese Government Website

Images of the refreshed 2020 Buick LaCrosse have leaked, thanks to some help from an unsecured Chinese government website used in the certification process of upcoming models. Finally, bureaucratic screw-ups are working in our favor. While we’ve seen heavily camouflaged test mules in the past, this is our first uncovered look at the third generation LaCrosse’s refreshed […] The post 2020 Buick LaCrosse Leaked From Chinese Government Website appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ex-FBI Agent Gets 4 Years in Prison for Leaking Documents

A former FBI agent in Minnesota who admitted to leaking classified defense documents to a reporter was sentenced to four years in prison.
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Forensics company advises cops not to look at seized Iphones, to avoid facial-recognition lockouts

A leaked police-training presentation from digital forensics company Elcomsoft (a company that made history due to its early run-in with the DMCA) advises officers not to look at Iphones seized from suspects in order to avoid tripping the phones' facial recognition systems -- if Iphones sense too many unlock attempts with faces other than those registered as trusted, they fall back to requiring additional unlock measures like passcodes or fingerprints. “iPhone X: don’t look at the screen...
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Leak shows Google lied when it claimed it wasn't near launching its censored Chinese search tool

When Google employees discovered last August to their horror that the company had been secretly working on a censored search engine ("Project Dragonfly) for use in China, the company assured them that this was only an early-stage prototype and nowhere near launching. But now a leaked transcript of a July 18 presentation by search chief Ben Gomes has the executive congratulating the Project Dragonfly team and predicting launch in six to nine months, and holding out the possibility of a launc...
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Leaked video reveals Amazon's union-busting playbook

As the tide of public opinion turns against monopolism, Amazon has become the poster child for irredeemable, late-stage capitalism; the company's ham-fisted attempts to burnish its reputation have not stemmed the tide. As a result, union drives among Amazon workers -- including those at Amazon subsidiaries like Whole Foods -- have gained steam. Like other giants -- McDonald's, Walmart, etc -- Amazon is staunchly opposed to unionization by its workforce. In a 45-minute video aimed at Amazo...
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UK Tories created a secret anti-Corbyn Twitter army, which promptly attacked Theresa May

Messages leaked to Buzzfeed reveal the bizarre story of the "Tory First Battalion," a secret Twitter group formed to capitalise on the smear that the Labour party was anti-Semitic by coordinating and amplifying anti-Corbyn messages. It turns out that assembling all of the Conservative Party's most rabid supporters into a single, coordinated body was double-edged sword: after all the Tories have been riven by internal leadership disputes for most of a decade, going so far as to break the cou...
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Twitter Bug That 'May Have' Exposed Direct Messages Probably Didn't Expose Anything

Some Twitter users received an alert on Friday warning that a bug “may have” allowed their direct messages and protected tweets to be viewed by developers who weren’t authorized to see them. But the conditions needed for that to happen seem so far-fetched, it’s unlikely anyone was actually impacted.Read more...
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