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Size matters: Bigger brains equal more complex hand movements in primates

A recent study examined the relationship between brain size and the development of motor skills across 36 primate species.The researchers observed more than 120 captive primates in 13 zoos for over seven years.The results suggest that primates follow rigid patterns in terms of which manipulative skills they learn first, and that the ultimate complexity of these skills depends on brain size. Some animals waste no time developing. A baby giraffe, for example, can stand and even run from predators...
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Why Is Math Hard for Me?

From a young man in Lithuania: hello i have question, since i find math hard does that mean that i have low IQ, cause i don’t know why i but i find math too hard. The simple answer to your question is no. IQ is far more complex than that. People have different brains and different talents and different struggles. You may not be good at math, but I bet there are other things you find easy that another person might find difficult. There are, in fact, many kinds of intelligence. You might find it i...
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5 things that happen to your brain when you learn a new language

Learning a new language has been shown to sharpen your cognitive abilities while helping stave off dementia as you age.A University of Chicago study found that businesspeople make better decisions when weighing problems in a non-native tongue.Juggling multiple languages lets bilingual speakers switch between tasks with less stress and more control than monolinguists. In an increasingly globalized world, some believe you only need to speak English in order to engage in international business. As...
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The unexpected key to student engagement? Dignity.

Respect and dignity are sometimes conflated, but Cultures of Dignity founder Rosalind Wiseman argues that they are very different.Dignity, according to Wiseman, is the essential and inextricable worth of a person. Respect is the admiration for someone's actions, which often involves how they treat others. The rub comes when people in positions of authority and respect (for example, our elders) behave in ways undeserving of that admiration but are seemingly above reprimanding."This is actually on...
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Missing the bar? Become a master mixologist in your living room.

Neighborhood bars might be closed, but you can still enjoy your favorite cocktails at home. Sommelier Carlos Batista will teach everything you need to know about vodka, sake, tequila, wine, whiskey, and more.In his nine-course bundle, you'll learn all about flavors, how to read labels, and how to mix the perfect drink. While the term "social distancing" is on everyone's lips, some recommend the term "physical distancing" instead. We might not be able to crowd into bars, but we can still be soci...
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How to Create a Learning Space for Kids at Home

There is a very good chance our kids will spend at least part (or most, or all) of their week learning virtually from home after the school year starts back up this fall. And although we managed to make it through the spring with makeshift learning spaces where they completed their sporadic assignments and took part…Read more...
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Why the most successful students have no passion for school

In order to be successful, many people believe, one must be passionate. Passion makes challenges enjoyable. It bestows the stamina necessary to excel. However, there are telling counterexamples where passion doesn't seem to be a necessary ingredient for success. One such case is academic success. You might think that successful students should be passionate about their schooling, and that this passion for school would account, at least partly, for why some students succeed and why some don't. Bu...
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How to Talk to Kids About Schools Reopening (or Not)

It is, somehow, already the end of July, which means some of our kids are mere weeks away from returning to the classroom—or not. School districts across the country are announcing back to school plans that are either fully in person, fully online or some hybrid of the two. Our kids want to know what that’s going to…Read more...
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How "thinking about thinking" can help children in school and in life

Metacognition is the idea of "thinking about how we think" - this can give us insight into our feelings, needs and behaviors that allow us to adapt and grow.Metacognition can (and should) be taught from an early age to allow for students to do their best in school and in life.Simple forms of metacognitive thinking techniques can be taught at home and in the classroom. "Metacognition is a big word for something most of us do every day without even noticing. Reflecting on our own thoughts is how w...
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How learning journals can help students grow

Jiang Xueqin, an educator and researcher at Harvard Graduate School of Education, endorses learning journals as a good method to promote meta-learning for students during the coronavirus pandemic. Learning journals can be kept for any activity and have three components: defining a goal "concretely and precisely," writing down the process, and writing down observations and reflecting on the experience.While learning journals are primarily a personal exercise, Xueqin says that teachers can play a ...
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Watch this woman track her guitar progress over four years

This woman recorded her guitar playing once a month for four years. She started recording on her first day of clumsily strumming an electric guitar. By nine months she was sounding good. At the four year mark she was shredding.
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This $22 course can teach you to problem-solve more effectively

The ability to think deeply on topics helps you make better decisions and solve problems more effectively. Intelligence comes from strategy and training, not from genetics. Metacognition helps you manage thinking skills at a deeper level. Metacognition is a uniquely human skill. Being aware of your own thought processes is a foundation of consciousness. Metacognitive activities include problem-solving, self-reflection, reassessing your past experiences, and evaluating progress as you complete ...
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Practical Innovation Training: The Responsive People Program

FasterFuture is regularly updated by David Cushman [Author: [email protected] (David Cushman)]
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Why schools should teach habits of mind, not “college readiness”

What does it mean to prepare students for college and why is that the goal? Bena Kallick, co-director of the Institute for Habits of Mind and program director for Eduplanet21, argues that a shift has to be made. Schools should instead be helping learners by preparing them for life, not just higher education.Developed by Kallick and Arthur Costa, habits of mind are 16 problem-solving life skills designed to help people navigate real-life situations. College is not the best fit for everyone, which...
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Groundbreaking new research suggests removing drug-associated memories could prevent relapse

Once the mice in the study had become dependent on the morphine, "switching off" (or silencing) that PVT pathway completely abolished their preference for the morphine. Stanford associate professor Xiaoke Chen's team was able to precisely control the activity of various pathways at different points of the animals' drug-use experience. Extinction training attempts to reduce the strength of those cue-drug memories which, if successful, could decrease the number of factors that induce cravings and ...
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How to Start Your Own Learning 'Co-Op' at Home

Usually, the choices are pretty straightforward—kids either go to school to learn, or they are homeschooled. Usually, at least one of these two basic options fits with your family’s lifestyle or your child’s needs. Until this year. This year, we’re scared for everyone’s physical health if the kids go to school, and…Read more...
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How to Judge Whether Your School District Is Doing Enough

I keep waiting for that moment when the image of what school will look like this fall goes from murky as hell to something at least sort of visible. In-person schooling comes with a huge community health risk. All-digital learning is difficult for some students and impossible for others. And some combination of the…Read more...
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Remote learning vs. online instruction: How COVID-19 woke America up to the difference

If you or someone you know is attending school remotely, you are more than likely learning through emergency remote instruction, which is not the same as online learning, write Rich DeMillo and Steve Harmon.Education institutions must properly define and understand the difference between a course that is designed from inception to be taught in an online format and a course that has been rapidly converted to be offered to remote students.In a future involving more online instruction than any of u...
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4 Careers Perfect for Online Learners

Online learning has seen explosive growth in recent years, and that’s before the current epidemic. Now, even more people are turning to online learning, and they are seeing a good payoff, too.
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Teach Kids to Write Numbers with the ‘Thumb Numbers’ Trick

For some kids, learning how to write numbers can be a real challenge. There are so many to learn! In all kinds of weird shapes! One can see how that would be frustrating. But an occupational therapy assistant may have come up with a method to help those kids out. She has dubbed it the “Thumb Numbers” method.Read more...
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The key to better quality education? Make students feel valued.

Not being able to engage with students in-person due to the pandemic has presented several new challenges for educators, both technical and social. Digital tools have changed the way we all think about learning, but George Couros argues that more needs to be done to make up for what has been lost during "emergency remote teaching."One interesting way he has seen to bridge that gap and strengthen teacher-student and student-student relationships is through an event called Identity Day. Giving stu...
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What Are We Going to Do About This Disaster of a School Year?

As difficult at the spring was, with having our kids home with us all day as we ourselves tried to keep working, it did have a finite feel about it. At the most, it could only go on as long as the rest of the school year, which in my case was just shy of three months. And while they did have online assignments and…Read more...
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THE FIRST 20 HOURS: How to Learn Anything

Wanna learn something new? Good! Start here. This 19 minute TED Talk demystifies the process of learning anything new. No, you don't need 10,000 hours to master a new skill. Much less. HINT: The biggest obstacle to learning anything new isn't intellectual. It's emotional.
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LIVE TOMORROW| Penn Jillette: The year that shattered America's illusions

Add event to your calendar The year 2020 will go down in history as one that shook our inner and outer worlds. In this Big Think Live session, magician, author, and cultural critic Penn Jillette will discuss the giant upheavals of 2020 through the lens of what he knows best: illusions. Which social, personal, and governmental illusions have been shattered this year, and how (and what) should we rebuild? Jillette, one half the world's most famous magic duo with Teller, will also give ...
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Penn Jillette: The year that shattered America's illusions

In this Big Think Live session, magician, author, and cultural critic Penn Jillette will discuss the giant upheavals of 2020 through the lens of what he knows best: illusions. Which social, personal, and governmental illusions have been shattered this year, and how (and what) should we rebuild? Jillette, one half the world's most famous magic duo with Teller, will also give tips on how to foster long-term business partnerships and sustain creativity, and how he maintains a clear, rational mind i...
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How Psychological Safety Can Fuel Growth And Drive Innovation In Today’s Organizations

Psychological safety in today’s workplaces has been garnering a lot of attention as leaders and organizations look for ways to boost productivity and retention in their workplace. But is our understanding of this concept too narrow? Are we missing out on real opportunities to not just fuel engagement and collaboration, ... Click to continue reading
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Learn to think like an engineer with the help of these courses

Engineering is the foundation of society, from physical infrastructure to every device in your possession.Electrical engineering is one of the most in-demand occupations in the technological age.The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle teaches you how to think like an engineer. Have you ever felt like you're just not good at math? Many people feel they don't have the intuitive sense needed to grapple with mathematical concepts. Yet no one is born a math genius. As with everything, it takes tim...
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Education vs. learning: How semantics can trigger a mind shift

The terms 'education' and 'learning' are often used interchangeably, but there is a cultural connotation to the former that can be limiting. Education naturally links to schooling, which is only one form of learning.Gregg Behr, founder and co-chair of Remake Learning, believes that this small word shift opens up the possibilities in terms of how and where learning can happen. It also becomes a more inclusive practice, welcoming in a larger, more diverse group of thinkers.Post-COVID, the way we t...
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9 Now Children’s Books to Start a Conversation About Race

I’ve spent the last month really trying to educate myself and learn more about how I can be anti-racist, for me and with my family. I know this is an ongoing process, so one of the things I am determined to do is start the change in my own home. I’m trying my best to teach my children to be inclusive in all aspects. And as my kids LOVE books, they are such a great way to help facilitate deep learning. If you’re wanting more resources, I’ve found 9 NOW children’s books to help start a conversatio...
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What Does It Really Take to Learn Anything from Somebody Else?

Since 1987, I have been providing consulting and training services to a wide variety of forward thinking organizations who have recognized their need to raise the bar for creative thinking, innovation, and teamwork. An optimist, by nature, I have always assumed that the people attending my sessions had an innate ability to benefit from whatever it was I was teaching, conveying, or imparting. And while this optimistic point of view continues to be my default position, I have also understood t...
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