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For sale: charred remains of Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page's Loch Ness home

For sale: Boleskine House, occultist Aleister Crowley's infamous digs on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland that Jimmy Page later owned. The Georgian home, sitting on 9.3 hectares (22.9 acres), burned in 2015 but the exterior walls remain. The real estate agent is open to bids over £200,000. According to the sales materials, "The opportunity now exists to restore the house and grounds to create an outstanding property subject to obtaining the necessary consents." Consents? I say, remodel a...
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Jason Bonham Retracts Howard Stern Anecdote About Jimmy Page Giving Him Cocaine When He Was 16

Earlier this month, Jason Bonham -- the son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham -- went on The Howard Stern Show and recounted a story about Jimmy Page giving him cocaine for the first time when he was 16 (allegedly). "We got called to his room and there was a woman on the floor with … More »
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Mastodon – “Stairway To Heaven” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

For Record Store Day, Mastodon have paid tribute to their late, longtime manager, Nick John, with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic "Stairway To Heaven." Appropriately, the band has dubbed their cover "Stairway To Nick John." … More »
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Bite the Buffalo just released a studio album ‘Bad Habits‘. After listening to the full album the track Deez Zees really stood out. Drawing influences from the seventies rock, the duo attracted Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant who invited them to support him at his Manchester Apollo show. They’ve opened for Fat White Family, Happy Mondays, The Growlers and Skindred performed the the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury. Give it a listen!
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Rare Jim Marshall Photos of Bob Dylan, Zeppelin, Stones Preview SXSW Doc Premiere (EXCLUSIVE)

Jim Marshall, the artist behind some of classic rock’s most legendary images, including Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey in 1967 and Johnny Cash flipping the bird at San Quentin in 1969, is the subject of a new documentary film. “Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall,” directed by Alfred […]
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Led Zeppelin Superfan and Documentary Subject Picks Jimmy Page’s Best Live Licks

Akio Sakurai grew up idolizing Led Zeppelin in his small hometown in Japan and would eventually move to Tokyo and become “Mr. Jimmy,” adopting the guitar chops and persona of guitar virtuoso Jimmy Page. For the better part of three decades, he recreated vintage Zeppelin concerts note-for-note in small Tokyo clubs, until the “real” Jimmy […]
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17 Essential Songs In 7/4

There's a reason why all those Ramones songs start with "1-2-3-4!" -- and also a reason why Captain Beefheart raged against the "big mama heartbeat." For anyone growing up in America in the last century, 4/4 meter has been the core of popular music -- rock, pop, rap, blues, gospel, all the way back to … More »
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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 28

Rolling Stone issue #28 had a cover date of March 1, 1969. 32 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Kenji “Julie” Sawada of the Japanese band Julie and the Tigers. Features: “Japanese Rock” by Max E. Lash; “The Hollywood Hillbillies: What’s Old Is New” by Jerry Hopkins; “Antonioni” by Gene Youngblood; “Van Morrison” by Greil … Continue reading 50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 28 → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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MASTODON To Release Cover of LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway to Heaven" In Tribute To Late Manager

Holy cow, this sounds like it's going to be amazing. The post MASTODON To Release Cover of LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway to Heaven" In Tribute To Late Manager appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Tony Iommi Recalls BLACK SABBATH Jamming With LED ZEPPELIN During Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sessions

Black Zeppelin – it might exist on tape. The post Tony Iommi Recalls BLACK SABBATH Jamming With LED ZEPPELIN During Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sessions appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Will Forte Recreates Classic Album Covers

Here's something I didn't know: Apparently, Will Forte is a giant hesher. Last night, the former Saturday Night Live and Last Man On Earth show -- now rocking a gigantic handlebar mustache -- visited his former SNL castmate Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show. And while he was on the show, Forte told a story … More »
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Watch This Transformers-Themed Band Cover LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song"

Did anyone ask for this? Nope, but we're showing you anyway. The post Watch This Transformers-Themed Band Cover LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song" appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Kim Gordon Announces Art Exhibit, Thurston Moore Forms Supergroup With John Paul Jones

We're coming up on the 10th anniversary of The Eternal, the last Sonic Youth album. There isn't ever going to be another Sonic Youth album -- or, if there was, we'd all be shocked. But the former members of the band are keeping plenty of busy, and a couple of them have new projects in … More »
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Rock n Roll Comic Covers

Long time no blog. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on that have given me a lot of pleasure. I’ve combined two of my favorite interests (rock-n-roll and comic books) to create a series of comic covers inspired by songs from rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. Below is a series of images I’ve created over the past month. Some of these designs are available on my Threadless store. Check ’em out! Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath Judas Priest ...
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Fantasy Woodstock: A Part Reality, Part Dream Lineup for the 50th Anniversary Fest

Following the announcement of Woodstock 50, which will be held on Aug. 16-18 in Watkins Glen, New York, fans immediately began coming up with their dream lineups for the 50th anniversary of the world’s most famous music festival. Michael Lang, the creator and producer of the original fest and its two follow-ups in 1994 and […]
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H.C. McEntire – “Houses Of The Holy” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

It takes a certain sense of courage to cover a Led Zeppelin song, and it takes a whole new level of courage to cover a Led Zeppelin song and reshape it completely. So H.C. McEntire is a brave person. And what she's done with Zeppelin's "Houses Of The Holy" is just lovely. More »
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Breaks With Tradition: “When The Levee Breaks”

Fifty years ago this week, Led Zeppelin released their self-titled debut album, and -- well, it's Led Zeppelin, you know the deal. Revolutionized hard rock, brought it into the arenas, reinvented '60s psychedelia as '70s heavy metal, so on, so forth. I figure most of us have opinions on the Zep and what it means … More »
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"When I try to connect with [my 15-year-old daughter], it backfires. A few months ago she cued up 'The Rain Song' by Led Zeppelin..."

"... one of my favorites when I was her age. I told her so, and she didn’t respond. I made the terrible mistake of attempting to play it for her on the acoustic guitar when we got home. She was learning to play the guitar herself, and I thought maybe she’d want to know the chords. She barely stayed for the glissando intro and then fled upstairs. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t listened to Led Zeppelin since. I know. I know. I remember how I treated my mother at that age... But now that I had my...
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The legendary console Led Zeppelin used to record 'Stairway to Heaven' goes up for sale

Boy, oh boy, if this Helios console could talk, it would have some serious stories to tell. Not only did Led Zeppelin use it to record their now-classic hit "Stairway to Heaven," but many other musical artists have recorded on it too. Now, it will be sold to the highest bidder (it's expected to fetch six-figures) at Bonhams upcoming December 11 auction in London. This mixing desk is particularly unique because it's actually a hybrid of two recording consoles that were combined in 1996 by Elvis...
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Songwriter Awarded $44 Million for Uncredited Usher Track

A Philadelphia songwriter who claims he was cut out of profits and credit from song that was recorded by Usher in 2004 has been awarded more than $44 million in damages, according to The Associated Press and the Philadelphia Inquirer. The suit targeted the track’s other co-writers; Usher was not named in it. The lawsuit […]
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Stairway To Nowhere: Court Flips Verdict Led Zeppelin's Favor

The Ninth circuit recently reversed a preexisting verdict on whether or not the iconic "Stairway to Heaven" had stolen from the slightly less well known "Taurus" by the band Spirit. Here Stephen Carlisle digs into the some of the dubious music theory applied in these court proceedings, and looks at how it could affect future cases. ________________________ Guest post by Stephen Carlisle of Nova Southeastern University I always get nervous when appellate Judges start throwing aroun...
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Finally, Someone Mashed Up GRETA VAN FLEET & LED ZEPPELIN Songs And It Totally Works

It was about time. The post Finally, Someone Mashed Up GRETA VAN FLEET & LED ZEPPELIN Songs And It Totally Works appeared first on Metal Injection.
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A Triumph Of Spirit: Led Zeppelin Forced To Encore In Copyright Case

Does 'Stairway to Heaven' infringe upon another band's copyright? Let's get ready to rock...
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Retrial ordered in Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' music copyright lawsuit

A new trial will be held in a copyright dispute over Led Zeppelin's hit song 'Stairway to Heaven.' An earlier trial ruled in the band's favor, but an appeals court has now ruled the judge in that trial gave misleading information to jurors. Here's the background. Led Zeppelin was accused of copying the 1960s instrumental composition 'Taurus' by Randy Wolfe, in Led Zep's 1971 song 'Stairway To Heaven.' Here's 'Stairway': Here's 'Taurus': But wait! Here's a Johannes Sebastian Bach composit...
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Stairway to court: US judges order new Led Zeppelin plagiarism trial

Two years ago the band was cleared of stealing its Stairway to Heaven riff, but now a San Francisco court says jurors were misledA US appeals court has ordered a new trial in a lawsuit accusing Led Zeppelin of copying an obscure 1960s instrumental for the intro to its classic 1971 rock anthem Stairway to Heaven. Continue reading...
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Jury Verdict Thrown Out in Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Lawsuit

An appeals court on Friday vacated the jury verdict in the “Stairway to Heaven” copyright infringement case and ordered a new trial, finding that the district court judge gave faulty jury instructions. The ruling reopens the battle over whether Led Zeppelin borrowed from the 1968 song “Taurus” when it composed the classic rock anthem that […]
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US appeals court throws out jury verdict that Led Zeppelin did not copy other song for intro to “Stairway to Heaven.”

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — US appeals court throws out jury verdict that Led Zeppelin did not copy other song for intro to “Stairway to Heaven.”
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My New Band Needs a Name

And, candidly, we’re struggling with it. Not everyone comes up with a Who or Beatles on the first try — not even the Who and the Beatles.
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Can LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song" Be Made Into A Doom Track? Absolutely

Courtesy of Green Druid. The post Can LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song" Be Made Into A Doom Track? Absolutely appeared first on Metal Injection.
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50 Years Ago, Led Zeppelin Held Its First Rehearsal: ‘The Whole Room Just Exploded’

Sometime during the week of Aug. 12, 1968, the band that would take over the world as Led Zeppelin held its first rehearsal in a small room in London. The preceding May, Yardbirds guitarist and session veteran Jimmy Page found himself without a band when the other three members — who’d seen some success since […]
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