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This bill was meant to protect California workers from COVID. Some counties use it to protect employers instead.

In the thick of the pandemic, California adopted a law to tell workers of dangers their employers often kept secret: Which workplaces had suffered outbreaks of COVID-19, and how severe they were. Yet six months after the law took effect, most employees know scarcely more than before, a Bay Area News Group investigation has found. Only about one-third of the state’s 58 counties released specific information on workplace outbreaks in response to recent public records requests, and those specifics ...
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State budget process is broken

Well, they’ve done it again. Since the passage of Proposition 25 more than a decade ago, the California Legislature has passed what can only be described as fake budgets. The 2021-22 “budget” passed last week is no exception. Despite the self-congratulatory preening of Democratic leadership, the “on-time” budget is neither on-time nor is it a real budget. The bill laughingly labeled the budget bill (AB 128) is not a true annual spending plan for the state, as it leaves many issues unresolved. An...
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Day of history, discussion, hope: LA County joins nation to mark first Juneteenth national holiday

Daphne Glass, 70, of Rancho Cucamonga dances during the 31st Annual Pomona Valley Juneteenth Family Jazz and Arts Festival at Ganesha Park on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The event comes after Juneteenth, a day commemorating the emancipation of African American slaves, was officially recognized as a federal holiday. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer) Community members gathered to celebrate the 31st Annual Pomona Valley Juneteenth Family Jazz and Arts Festival at Ganesha Park on Sa...
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes part of budget that funds Legislature after Democrat walkout

Governor threatened to do so after session ended when House Democrats left the chamber, causing bills to expire       [Author: Austin American-Statesman]
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LA County sheriff investigating oversight commissioner’s nonprofit, search warrants show

A previously undisclosed search warrant served at the headquarters of the L.A. Metro in March indicates sheriff’s detectives are digging into a potential felony involving a contract between Metro and Peace Over Violence, a nonprofit run by a civilian oversight commissioner critical of Sheriff Alex Villanueva in the past. The search warrant sought Peace Over Violence’s contracts; call logs from the “Off Limits” harassment hotline the nonprofit operated for Metro; surveys about sexual harassment c...
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new state budget that defunds the entire state legislature

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed Article X of the state budget, effectively defunding the entire legislature. Eric Gay/AP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defunded the state legislature while signing the state budget on Friday. Abbott made the decision after Democrats staged a walkout in May to prevent restrictive voting legislation from passing. Texas legislator pay is written into the state constitution, so legislative staffers will be most affected. See more stories on Insider's business page. T...
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Stop the excuses and pass a police decertification bill

SACRAMENTO – If you’re a Realtor, contractor or insurance agent who engages in serious misbehavior, the state can strip you of the license that allows you to practice your profession. Occupational-licensing rules often are strict. They include “moral turpitude” clauses that deny licenses to those with convictions – even for crimes that have little to do with the specific work license. These rules mostly apply to private-sector workers. But many government employees – especially police officers, ...
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Medical Marijuana Patients in Minnesota Seek Gun Rights

Staunch conservatives and advocates of legal marijuana have formed an unlikely alliance in Minnesota to pressure the Legislature to allow medical cannabis patients to own guns.
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Spotlighting many challenges "winning the peace" after drug decriminalization reform in Oregon

As we mark 50 years waging the drug war in the United States, legal reforms and polls make clear that Americans are eager to embrace public health rather than punitive responses to drug activity.  But a growing political will to end the "war on drugs" does not instantly create a practical way forward.  Growing interest in ending the drug war makes it critical for policy markers and advocates to focus on "winning the peace" as we move beyond criminalization models.  But new NPR article, headlined...
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Wisconsin Republicans Insert $3.3 Billion Tax Cut in Budget

Republicans who control the Legislature's finance committee have finished their revisions on the state budget by insert a $3.3 billion tax cut into the spending plan.
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FPC Applaud Texas Governor Greg Abbott for Signing Constitutional Carry

FPC Applaud Texas Governor Greg Abbott for Signing Constitutional Carry. IMG iStock-884200682 U.S.A. –-( Firearms Policy Coalition announced that Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the FPC-supported H.B. 1927 into law, enacting “constitutional carry” (i.e., permitless carry) in the Lone Star state. Texas is now the twenty-first state to enact such legislation. Under the new law, which takes effect on September 1, Texans aged 21 and older will no longer need a license to carry eit...
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California’s fake budget

The state Legislature met its legal deadline to pass a budget this week. That was enough to guarantee that lawmakers will continue to receive their salaries. Had they failed to pass a budget by June 15, the state controller would been required to cut off their paychecks. So they passed a budget, just not the budget. Legislative leaders have not reached an agreement with Gov. Gavin Newsom on significant portions of the actual budget. Among the areas of disagreement: how much money they have to sp...
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If you can’t beat them, bully them into joining you

For several decades now, politicians around the world have tried to curtail tax competition to make it easier for them to increase the tax burdens on their citizens without them fleeing to other lower-tax jurisdictions. The best way to achieve their goal is to create a global high-tax cartel. If implemented, the recent G7 countries’ agreement to impose minimum taxes on multinational companies would get them much closer to this shady objective. It’s no mystery why politicians don’t like tax compe...
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Nonprofits lobby Legislature to fund program that helps low-income residents buy at farmers' markets

Market Bucks, which helps low-income Minnesotans buy fresh foods at farmers' markets, runs out of funding June 30.
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To increase Metro’s ridership, we have to increase the service

Los Angeles’ Metro transit system is not the system that transit riders — a majority who earn less than $30,000 a year — want and deserve. For the 900,000 plus Angelenos who depend on our buses to get around every day, this is not news. For them, our buses are too slow, too infrequent, and too unreliable. Brisa Aviles, a Metro bus rider from unincorporated East Los Angeles, knows this well. “I take public transit everywhere I go — work, grocery runs, doctor’s appointments, etc.,” Brisa said. “Bu...
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Taxes by a different name are strangling California’s middle class

I want to address a recent conversation that took place between Fox 11’s Elex Michelson on his political affairs program, “The Issue Is,” and candidate for governor Caitlyn Jenner, over taxes in California. Here’s the exchange… Elex Michelson: “Let’s talk about taxes because there was a report in Bloomberg that showed that middle class people in Texas actually pay more taxes than here in California, and rich people in California pay way more taxes. Do you think that taxes on the rich should be l...
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California Legislature passes a self-serving sham budget

The Legislature’s Democratic supermajority put on something of a show Monday as they pretended to pass a new state budget. There were floor speeches, formal roll call votes and a deluge of self-congratulatory statements after the day’s activities. “The budget we’re sending to Governor Newsom reflects responsible budgeting as the Legislature’s top priority and makes vital investments in California’s future,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins said in a post-s...
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Chair of Nebraska Tax Committee Backs Pillen for Governor

The chairwoman of the Legislature’s tax-focused Revenue Committee has endorsed University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen for governor.
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Water rationing is not the solution for our drought

Not long after former Gov. Jerry Brown announced the end of a grueling six-year drought in 2017, the Legislature passed two controversial water-efficiency laws designed to promote even more conservation – even though residents have done a remarkable job reducing their water usage. Those new laws required utilities to reduce daily water usage by an average of 55 gallons per person by 2023. Some commentators mistakenly claimed that the laws would lead to individual fines, even though the targets a...
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Kaul to Seek Permission to Drop Multistate Abortion Lawsuit

Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul is seeking permission to from Republicans on the Legislature's budget committee to join a multistate decision to drop a lawsuit challenging Trump administration obstacles to abortion.
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New Law May Require Special Session to Spend Federal Funds

Millions of dollars in state agency requests for federal funds may need approval of the full Legislature due to a new law setting certain thresholds for such requests.
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Heads of Wisconsin's Largest School Districts 'Dismayed'

The superintendents of Wisconsin’s five largest school districts are telling members of the Legislature that they’re “dismayed” that $2.3 billion in federal aid is at risk because of low funding for K-12 schools.
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Lone Star State lawmakers put Texas-sized pressure on Washington Democrats over voting rights

Nearly two dozen Democratic members of the Texas state Legislature are taking their voting rights fight from Austin to Washington this week.
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California’s bullet train doesn’t deserve a cent of federal funding

California’s bullet train money pit doesn’t deserve a single cent of taxpayer money.  But last week, the federal government restored $1 billion in federal funding for the project the Trump administration attempted to pull back. The decision was a settlement between the United States Department of Transportation and the state of California, which filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s efforts. “This settlement is an important step in advancing an economically transformational project ...
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Republicans Aim Again to Block Governor's Climate Strategy

Republicans who control Pennsylvania’s Legislature are reprising a fight from last year, passing legislation to require Gov. Tom Wolf to go through them if he wants to impose a price on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
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Minnesota Lawmakers Reach Deal on $5 Million Film Tax Credit

The Minnesota House and Senate have reached a deal to create a new $5 million-a-year tax credit for film and TV production in the state. The bill language was unveiled on Monday as the Legislature began a special session to pass a budget. The budget package is expected to pass both chambers either later this […]
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Highlights of the Wisconsin State Budget

How much and what taxes to cut is one of the largest remaining questions for the Legislature’s budget-writing committee to tackle this week as it nears the end of its work writing the state budget.
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Pennsylvania Republicans Eye Referendums to Get Past Vetoes

Republicans who control Pennsylvania’s Legislature are looking to voter referendums to get around Gov. Tom Wolf and make policy that the Democrat cannot block with his veto pen.
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Don’t punt on California financial aid reform if recovery is the goal

Pandemic survival and recovery have opened our eyes to the many urgent ways our society needs an overhaul. We must start first where educational and equity imperatives intersect to have the greatest impact on improving lives with investments that result in the greatest benefit to the U.S. economy. In our minds, that means doing everything we can to lift up our lowest income students. Increasing financial assistance for lower-income students results in a higher return on investment in the short-t...
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Notwithstanding in Ontario, Yet Again

Nearly three years ago, I wrote here that the use of s. 33 in Ontario constituted “UnChartered waters.” Given the successful appeal in that case, the use of the clause ultimately wasn’t necessary. However, I was fortunate to appear as an intervener before the Court to note that the potential use of the notwithstanding clause would presumably appear in circumstances that were pressing and substantial, and asked the Court to carefully scrutinize any such rationale as a result. That decision is sti...
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