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Take a look at Adidas' new running shoes that can be customized with Legos

Adidas Adidas' new running shoes can be fitted with Lego bricks on either side of the shoe. The Ultraboost DNA x Lego shoes come with different plates that can be swapped out. The $200 shoes became available for purchase on Thursday morning. See more stories on Insider's business page. Adidas revealed its newest shoes that can be customized with Lego blocks on Wednesday.The Ultraboost DNA shoes, which went on sale Thursday, look like regular Adidas running shoes, but with a Lego t...
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I am betting on the Tauntaun in LEGO's Hoth playset

I think the Tauntaun is gonna win every fight in this LEGO microfighters Hoth playset. If we ignore the whole 'Luke's Tauntaun was dead before an AT-AT was on Hoth' thing, and then the entire concept of 'scale' — this kit is cool. — Read the rest
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Lego’s Drive to Teach Polish Kids How to Be Eco-Friendly Beats Target by Over 300%

It's vital that to ensure a better future for the world, future generations understand the problems they will inherit. The climate crisis is the top priority. Top line Poland is known to have the worst air pollution in Europe, with over 75% of its energy being generated through coal. Recognizing this issue, toy manufacturer Lego...
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How Lego became the target of an international heist

It could be the scenario of a new Lego Movie or an episode of The Pink Panther.A gang of Polish thieves check into a Paris hotel. In the dead of night, they carry out a series of raids on local toy stores, stealing hundreds of thousands... [Author: [email protected]]
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Stud-Covered Sequencer Uses Lego Bricks to Build Beats Instead of Spaceships

Making electronic music can often be a mind-numbing experience of endlessly turning dials and pushing buttons. To make the process more interesting, and to make it appealing to aspiring musicians, Belgium-based Atonal Circuits has created a 16-step sequencer that’s programmed by simply attaching Lego bricks.Read more...
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Stop Motion Lego Chocolate Cake

Watch as YouTuber tomosteen makes a Lego chocolate cake out of Lego ingredients, from cracking the eggs to the frosting on top. The little details here are *chef’s kiss*: the transitions from food to Lego brick, the way the chocolate bar breaks imperfectly, the little peaky dollop left after piping the chocolate frosting out of the pastry bag. Don’t care for chocolate cake? How about a Japanese breakfast (featuring tamagoyaki) or churros instead? See also Lego In Real Life or search for Le...
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Velveeta skin care? Bud Light pizza seltzers? Educational toilet paper? Companies embrace April Fools' Day pranks

Velveeta skin care products? LEGO SmarkBricks? Toilet paper that teaches you a new language? Here are some 2021 April Fools' pranks companies shared.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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April fools innovations: from TubbyCoins to socially networked cows

Ice cream factory delivery bikes and Lego that you can’t step on also among products apparently being launchedMedia April fool stories may be a little thinner on the ground in an era where “fake news” has become a concern, and at a time when a global pandemic makes judging the tone trickier.The Telegraph chose 1 April to announce that Barnard Castle was intending to add a life-sized statue of Dominic Cummings to the estate, while the Sun returned to the row over Harry & Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey in...
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Cool Stuff: Holy Bricks, Batman! It’s the Classic 1966 Batmobile LEGO Playset

There have been a variety of Batmobiles released by LEGO over the years, including the massive Ultimate Collector Series version inspired by Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. But for those looking for a more classic Caped Crusader car, LEGO will have you covered later this year. Reaching all the way back to the classic Batman TV series from 1966, LEGO is releasing a Batmobile playset inspired by the customized 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura that became the vehicle of choice of Batman and The Boy Wond...
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LEGO Canada Deals: Pre-order NEW LEGO Star Wars Galaxy Sets + Save Up to 55% OFF Sale

LEGO Canada has awesome deals for you. Don’t miss your pre-order of the NEW LEGO Star Wars Galaxy Sets! VIP only, FREE Roman Chariot with purchase of the exclusive new LEGO Colosseum. You can also save up to 55% off when you shop sale. All offers are valid for a limited time only, while quantities last. This STAR WARS Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack is on sale for only $30.99. You’re saving 22% off from the original price of $39.99! Give an all-new-for-April-2019 build and play experience ...
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French police on trail of international gang of Lego looters

Three suspects reportedly said they were part of team specialising in stealing collectible setsFrench police say they are building a case against an international gang of toy thieves specialising in stealing Lego – and they have warned specialist shops and even parents to be aware of a global trade in the bricks.The alert comes after officers arrested three people – a woman and two men – in the process of stealing boxes of Lego from a toy shop in Yvelines, outside Paris, last June. Under questio...
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Best Buy Canada Weekly Deals: Save up to 40% on Select Baby Essentials + More Offers

Best Buy Canada has new weekly offers available now, that include: Smart Home Meet the new Nest Hub. Simple smart home control. Pre-order now. All Nanoleaf smart lighting is on sale now. Limited time price on Philips Hue smart bulb 3 packs. Save up to $80 on Facebook Portal devices. Save 15% on all GE smart home tech. All Click and Grow indoor smart gardens are on sale. Smart Home Event! Great deals on tech to make your life easier. Ends on April 1st. Computer Accessories Save up to 43% on s...
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A more wretched LEGO of scum and villainy

Now you can decide who shot first! This LEGO Master Builder Series Mos Eisley Cantina is phenomenal! Everything from the minifigs to the dewback scream "GOTTA HAVE IT" about this amaze-balls LEGO set. Configurable as an outdoor or indoor set, this 3,187 LEGO masterpiece will be great for stop-motion LEGO fan films. — Read the rest
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Lego: Green Instructions

Our impact on environmental protection begins with our knowledge. In some of the countries it’s still not obvious what to do to prevent climate change and what to do to reduce the carbon footprint. In Poland 79.9% of energy is still produced using coal, so there’s a lot of education that needs to take place on climate change and the direct impact of energy sources on the environment. The ...
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Check out these brilliant Lego stop motion videos

Tomosteen makes stop motion animated cooking videos using Lego, dice, and other bits. I want a slice of that forbidden chocolate cake!
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Wonderful LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

The LEGO Creator Expert kit of NASA's Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is just fantastic. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon, LEGO has released this beautifully detailed model of the Apollo 11 lander. Sporting separate-able ascent and descent stages, minifigs with golden helmeted space suits and a big old UNITED STATES right on the lander, just like real life. — Read the rest
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Grogu and Mando minifigs in LEGO 'Trouble on Tatooine'

The new LEGO Trouble on Tatooine is well worth it for Grogu and Mando minifigures. While this 276 piece kit won't eat up hours, those minifigs are gold. The Tusken Raider is cool but Mando's cycler rifle? Gotta have it! LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Trouble on Tatooine 75299 Awesome Toy Building Kit for Kids Featuring The Child, New 2021 (276 Pieces) via Amazon
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LEGO Canada Deals: FREE Easter Bunny’s Carrot House w/ Purchases $80 + More

Today, LEGO Canada is offering you FREE Easter Bunny’s Carrot House with your purchase of $80 or more. This offer is valid until April 5th, 2021. You can also save up to 55% off when you shop sale, for a limited time only, while quantities last. This LEGO® Red/Blue Brick Print Eco Heritage Backpack is on sale for only $39.99. You’re saving 20% off from the original price of $49.99! Show your love of LEGO® bricks wherever you go with this distinctive Red/Blue Brick Print Heritage Backpack. LEGO...
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Lego's New Space Shuttle Discovery With Hubble Telescope Will Send Your Inner NASA Nerd Into Orbit

Lego’s continued push to create impressively detailed replica sets targeted at older builders is making it harder to be a fiscally responsible adult. To help celebrate NASA’s latest success with landing another rover on Mars, Lego’s new Discovery Space Shuttle commemorates one of the space agency’s previous…Read more...
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Remote work opens new doors for the agency-brand relationship: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. If you're reading this online or in a forwarded email, here's the link to sign up for our Wake-Up Call newsletters. Bending the rules The pandemic is far from over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and agencies and brands are beginning to wonder what their relationships will look like once air travel and business lunches are options again. ...
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Lego’s new Space Shuttle set includes Hubble Telescope model

Lego has unveiled the Space Shuttle Discovery set, complete with a model of the groundbreaking Hubble Space Telescope that Discovery deployed in 1990.
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The best Lego games for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is home to several high-profile Lego games. From Marvel and DC to Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, here are the best Lego games on Switch.
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Legoland To Reopen April 1

After being shuttered for over a year, Legoland has become the latest Southern California theme park to announce a reopening date.
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The Latest LEGO Minecraft Building Kits Are 20% off at Amazon

LEGO Minecraft The Pig House | $40 | AmazonLEGO Minecraft The Trading Post | $16 | AmazonLEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine | $16 | AmazonLEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm | $16 | AmazonRead more...
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LEGO Creator 3in1 Caravan Family Holiday: $56 (20% off) + FREE Shipping

For a limited time, you can buy the LEGO Creator 3in1 Caravan Family Holiday Building Set for only $56 (20% off) with FREE Super Saver shipping (or with Amazon Prime ). If you prefer, you can order this same kit from Walmart for the same price with FREE in-store pickup or FREE shipping.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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The 10 Best Deals of March 15, 2021

Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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The 14 best hotels for families in the US, from budget stays with water parks to splurge-worthy Disney resorts

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. LEGOLAND Castle Hotel With the ongoing vaccine rollouts, many are starting to look at taking vacations again, including families.Expectations are high when it comes to family vacations and picking a hotel to please all isn't easy.These US hotels feature spacious rooms and family-friendly perks, such as water parks and kids' activities.With vaccine rollouts happening around the country, many peopl...
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Life Is Already Too Stressful, Let a Very Patient Lego Robot Build a House of Cards for You

It’s inevitable that one day all of us will see our jobs taken over by automatons—the real question is whether we’ll be replaced by robots, or some elaborate and surprisingly capable Lego creation like Arthur Sacek created to build perfectly stacked structures made of playing cards.Read more...
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Best Buy Canada Weekly Deals: Save up to 40% on Select Small Kitchen Appliances. + More Offers

Best Buy Canada has new weekly offers available now, that include: Travel, Luggage & Bags     Save on select Luggage from Top Brands Save up to 40%  on select handbags, wallets and travel accessories. Computer Accessories        Save up to $55 on select memory and storage devices. Save up to $70 on select networking devices. Save up to 30% on select Avermedia webcams and streaming kits. Smart Home  Huge selection of TP-link on sale. Score huge savings on select Ring Video Doorbells. Score ...
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