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Rick Santorum claims he 'misspoke' after saying 'there isn't much Native American culture in American culture'

CNN political commentator Rick Santorum on CNN Cuomo Prime Time. Screenshot via CNN Rick Santorum said he "misspoke" about Native American culture in the US. Santorum received criticism for suggesting that Native Americans did not contribute in a major way to the country. CNN host Don Lemon ripped into Santorum's explanation: "It was horrible." See more stories on Insider's business page. Former Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Rick Santorum in an interview on Monday walked back widely-critic...
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Get a $20 Gift Card for Submitting a Photo of Your Run-Down Car

The COVID-19 pandemic—and concern over the spread of the novel coronavirus—made some who rely on public transportation reconsider how they get around. Even some city-dwellers who had never before considered getting a car were at least thinking about it as an option. But having your own vehicle can pose its own set of…Read more...
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Capellini Pasta

Capellini Pasta Capellini with Cockle Clams and Lemon Butter Sauce - bursting with flavor -- the freshness of diced roma tomatoes and sweet basil leaves, all happily married in a light lemon butter sauce. READ: Capellini Pasta
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Lemon Olive Oil Cake

This lemon olive oil cake is a rich pound cake with a lovely light lemon flavor and an irresistible caramelized lemon topping. It’s simple to make with common pantry staples. It’s a wonderful cake for a brunch or a luncheon. The batter and method also work really well with other citrus fruits (see my orange olive oil cake for an example). Ingredients Here are some notes to help in selecting your ingredients:Read the full article here
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Make a White Lady With Meyer Lemons

Though I love a good Bloody Mary, I tend to think of it as a liquid appetizer, best consumed before eggs. The White Lady, however, is a cocktail that I could drink with breakfast. It’s light, bright, citrusy, and sour—all things you want with a rich and heavy brunch. You can make it with an egg white, but I usually…Read more...
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Why You Should Add a Lemon Zester to Your Kitchen

Many of us do not have ample storage space in our kitchens. Adding new items can be tough because no one wants cluttered drawers and cabinets. Even adding small items over time can land you in the cluttered spot you never wanted to be in. That being said, if you have room to add one more small tool to your kitchen, go purchase a lemon zester. You can use this tool for a variety of other tasks in addition to zesting citrus fruits. Below we will walk you through all the different ways you...
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"White brothers and sisters: Pocket that But I’m Not Racist! card. I don’t want to hear about your Black girlfriend in college..."

"... or your Black postman to whom you give fruitcake every Christmas, or that Black comp and lit teacher who totally, like, rocked your world. It doesn’t matter if you are racist or not racist or antiracist; our society is racist." Writes Don Lemon, in his book "THIS IS THE FIRE/What I Say to My Friends About Racism," quoted in the NYT review of the book "Don Lemon’s New Book Hopes to Guide America Through a Conversation About Race." The review is by Wesley Lowery, who notes that you can tell L...
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Sesame Soba Karaage Lunch Box

This sesame soba karaage bento recipe takes under 30 minutes to make. It is a balanced and filling meal, keeping well at room temperature for half a day.
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'What are you doing, brother?': CNN host Don Lemon blasts GOP Sen. Tim Scott for 'gaslighting' people by claiming 'woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy'

CNN host Don Lemon. Screenshot/CNN Don Lemon censured Tim Scott for "gaslighting" Americans by claiming that "woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy." "What are you doing?" the CNN host yelled. "Tim Scott? Tim!" The GOP senator's home state was the site of the 2015 mass shooting of Black churchgoers in Charleston. See more stories on Insider's business page. CNN host Don Lemon on Wednesday condemned Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina for "gaslighting" Americans by a...
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Baked Fries with Rosemary-Lemon Salt

Our family really likes homemade baked fries. There’s something about them hot and fresh from the oven. If your family loves them too, you’r going to really enjoy this recipe for our rosemary-lemon salt version! Homemade french fries are definitely the way to go. Much better than anything you could buy. We used to make them really plain with just salt. Then we moved to salt and black pepper. And now we’ve been enjoying flavored salt. Rosemary and lemon are a perfect combination for homemade fri...
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United States: Fourth Circuit Refuses To Allow A Law Partner's Title VII Claim To Proceed – Placing Limits On The Law's Protections - Bertram LLP

A critical point of contention in Lemon v. Myers Bigel, P.A., No. 19-1380 (4th Cir. Jan. 19, 2021) was who is considered an "employee" under Title VII's anti-discrimination and retaliation provisions.
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Cook Your Dried Beans With Citrus Peel

Cooking dried beans isn’t quite as convenient as cracking open a can, but it does give you the chance to flavor them exactly how you like ‘em. One of my favorite additions is a strip of citrus zest. It may look puny swimming in a huge pot of beans, but don’t be fooled—even the tiniest piece flavors beans and their…Read more...
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United States: 4th Circuit Holds Law Firm Partner Is Not An Employee Protected Under Title VII - Proskauer Rose LLP

On January 19, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a noteworthy decision in Lemon v. Myers Bigel, P.A., No. 19-1380, 2021 WL 161978
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33 incredibly useful products we swear by - from a $7 laptop stand to Starbucks instant coffee

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Pictured: The Cucisina Citrus Press, $8 on Amazon. Amazon Insider Reviews tests a lot of products each year, so when something stands out, we take note. There's nothing we love more than a random product that turns out to be incredibly practical. From a lemon juicer to a utility cart, these are the most useful products we've tried so far. The Insider Reviews team has tested out a lot of products ove...
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Substitute for Lemon Pepper

Lemon pepper is a seasoning derived from granulated lemon zest and cracked black peppercorns. The lemon zest alongside the pepper is mashed together to ensure that the citrus oil from the lemon is properly infused into the pepper. Afterward, the combination is baked and dried and is used as a seasoning on poultry, seafood, and even pasta. As is common with many seasonings, there is no information about the origin of the lemon pepper seasoning. However, its two main ingredients- lemon and black p...
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This Is Why In 2021 You’ll Want To Go With The #1 Green Tea In The U.S., Bigelow Green Tea

As we look ahead to 2021, there’s one thing for sure – Bigelow Tea will be in hand! Whether you’re mapping out your resolutions or looking to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine, the answer is simple: go green. #1 in the U.S. Green tea, that is! New to sipping green tea or not sure of its many benefits? Well, Bigelow Tea can help with that! Here are three reasons you’ll want to start the kettle! Green tea is nuanced (in the best of ways!). First, let’s talk tea leave...
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'Girl, bye': Don Lemon goes off on former CNN colleague Kayleigh McEnany in scathing monologue

CNN anchor Don Lemon. Gotham/GC Images Don Lemon criticized outgoing White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Tuesday night. Lemon addressed McEnany's refusal to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. "Do you know she worked for — girl, bye," Lemon said, referencing McEnany's stint as a CNN commentator. "Girl, bye! Buh-bye." "[Trump's] press secretary is acting like the election didn't even happen, acting like she's not about to be out of a...
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Soothe Your Soul – And Stomach – With Bigelow Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea Plus Probiotics, The #1 Herbal Specialty Tea In The Country!

You can always grab a cup of tea to calm things down or settle in for your evening, but did you know Bigelow Tea Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea Plus Probiotics goes beyond soothing your soul? That’s right – this flavor is delicious and it’s blended to help support healthy digestion and hey, it’s the #1 Herbal Speciality tea in the country so that says it all! So, let’s take a look at probiotics. Probiotics are sometimes referred to as “good bacteria” and help maintain a healthy balance in your...
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21 signature cocktail recipes from hotel bars around the world - plus the tools and spirits you'll need to make them

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Chatham Bars Inn's Bourbon Smash; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Although many restaurants have reopened following shutdowns due to COVID-19, many places still aren't allowing indoor dining and nobody wants to pack into bars just yet. That makes enjoying a favorite cocktail at your local watering hole more difficult. If you're one of many turning to a home bar cart to whip up a drink, take insp...
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'No fake news:' Biden and Harris sit down for a 'very normal' interview with Jake Tapper

Tapper told Lemon that a Biden interview is notably different than a Trump interview
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Marketing Your Startup: 5 Lessons From Insiders

by Ksenia Larina, Content & Brand Owner at As you embark on a new project of your own, all your efforts become channeled into “making it all work” and translating your ideas into a successful startup. In this professional and personal quest, both relying on your inner entrepreneurial senses and following the well-trodden grounds are workable strategies. You might have already gathered tips and “don’ts” enough for authoring your own “Startup 101” course. But the following 5 lessons...
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Grilled Tomatoes

Grilled Tomatoes Grilled Tomatoes are a quick and healthy side dish bursting with fresh tomato flavor and made with just a couple ingredients! You can make them on the stovetop for the easiest weeknight recipe. READ: Grilled Tomatoes
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Soba Gyoza Bento Lunch Box

This soba gyoza bento lunch box uses supermarket frozen gyoza & chicken seaweed as a short cut. It is served with soba, cheesy kale & cherry tomato. It's colourful, filling and delicious.
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Easy Crab Sandwich

This 15-minute easy crab sandwich is luxuriously made with lump crab meat. The crab salad filling for the sandwich tastes great on its own too.
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Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw

Indulge in this delicious coleslaw salad without guilt with this low carb Greek yoghurt coleslaw recipe. It is mayo free and made with keto-friendly ingredients.
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How Yanni Hufnagel’s Beverage Firm Is Changing the Industry

Yanni Hufnagel is the founder and CEO of Lemon Perfect. The former coach of the American college basketball team lastly filled in as an associate mentor of the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s b-ball group. In 2017, Hufnagel commenced the development of a drink brand. The beverage brand is founded on building a “superior for you” lemon-based drink commodities. Hufnagel chose to develop a superior refreshment drink, one that meets the best environmental and health standards. The beverage provides health-co...
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In the News – National Small Business Week Just Days Away

At long last, it’s nearly National Small Business Week. After getting delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, National Small Business Week presented by the US Small Business Administration will happen between Sept. 22-24 this year. And like so many highly anticipated and exciting conferences and events for small businesses in 2020, NSBW will be an all-virtual event. But that only gives you a better chance to participate and share in the fun. That includes attending several virtual events h...
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Most US Startups Relying on Freelance Developers Have Positive Experience

Are you facing a dilemma – to hire a freelance developer or not to hire a freelance developer? If yes, then you can go ahead with a freelance developer without pondering any further. According to the from, 71% of respondents confirmed that their previous experience of working with freelance developers was good or very good. What’s more, 40% of respondents stated that they would absolutely recommend hiring freelance developers to other businesses. Freelance Developers Survey...
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24 game-changing products under $10 that we use in our daily lives

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon While we've discovered and raved about many products this year, there are few more satisfying to recommend than the very affordable ones.Quality and utility don't have to be expensive, and our favorite $10-and-under products prove it. From kitchen gadgets to skincare essentials, keep reading for 24 budget-friendly, practical, smart products that Insider Inc. staff use in their daily lives.In...
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Conway The Machine – “Seen Everything But Jesus” (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Tomorrow, the extremely hard Buffalo rapper Conway The Machine will release his new album From King To A GOD. We've already posted the protest song "Front Lines," the Method Man team-up "Lemon," and the DeJ Loaf collab "Fear Of GOD," and the album also features contributions from people like … More »
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