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Win a chance to hang with Mona Lisa

Much like a person getting a physical, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa gets a regular inspection each year. The 517 year-old is taken out of her temperature-regulated casing for experts to give a once-over. This time, you could be in the room where it happens, as the Louvre in Paris is auctioning off the chance for one lucky winner from the outside world to witness this rare event. — Read the rest
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The microbiome of Da Vinci's drawings

The microbiome study of seven drawings from Leonardo Da Vinci reveals that conservation work, geographical location, and past contaminations leave invisible traces on drawings despite their optimal storage conditions: a novel aspect of art objects that could be monitored to establish a bioarchive of our artistic heritage.
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Leonardo Da Vinci’s To-Do List from 1490: The Plan of a Renaissance Man

Most people’s to-do lists are, almost by definition, pretty dull, filled with those quotidian little tasks that tend to slip out of our minds. Pick up the laundry. Get that thing for the kid. Buy milk, canned yams and kumquats at the local market. Leonardo Da Vinci was, however, no ordinary person. And his to-do lists were anything but dull. Da Vinci would carry around a notebook, where he would write and draw anything that moved him. “It is useful,” Leonardo once wrote, to “constantly observe,...
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Angle of Incidence.

This is actually based on the Kaverin novel I posted about yesterday, but that post was long enough already, so I figured I’d let this stand on its own. At one point Liza is having coffee in the Rotonde with her husband Georgii and Kostya, the love of her life, who’s visiting from Russia; she and Kostya have a few precious moments alone when Georgii wanders off too far to hear, and they have the following exchange (Kostya speaks first): — Он не умеет читать по губам? — Нет. Кроме того, для нас ...
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‘Cicada’ Review: The Pain and Poetry of Being Young, Queer, Troubled and In Love

Early on in “Cicada,” a secondary character drops the old maxim, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, that art is never finished, only abandoned. It’s a pointed moment of self-awareness in a film of many. Writer-director-producer-editor-star Matthew Fifer’s debut feature processes lived experience into a cracked, anguished work of autofiction, raggedly cathartic and needfully unresolved as […]
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Prea James “Harmony II” Wedding Gown Collection

There is a reason we begin our weeks with fashion because nothing quite makes a Monday better than a stunning collection of beautiful gowns. Today, it’s all about  Wollongong designer Prea James.  We know and love Prea for her modern, minimal styling and her new collection “Harmony II”, much like the brand itself embodies the famous Leonardo Da Vinci quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is Prea’s fourth made to measure collection, and it brights to life eight beautiful gowns a...
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The $80m Botticelli: could its auction trigger a Covid-rescue fire sale?

If the Renaissance artist’s wavy-haired youth can fetch $80m, will collections start selling off masterpieces to get them through the pandemic? Could the RA’s Michelangelo be next?There’s money in those Renaissance hills. The Royal Academy can sniff it. Confronted with a huge pandemic deficit that may mean sacking 150 workers, some Academicians have reportedly headed up to the cobwebby attic – or rather Norman Foster’s Sackler Galleries – to put a price on their most precious heirloom. “A hundre...
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Sleuth & Solve Logic Puzzles

Calling all young gumshoes: prepare yourselves for a puzzle-packed journey through time with an interactive book of historical-themed brainteasers. Traveling from the Middle Ages to more modern times, detectives-in-training must use their wits and creative thinking to solve 20 mini mysteries. Why did a pharaoh choose a child as his successor in ancient Egypt? How did Leonardo da Vinci keep Mona Lisa’s identity a secret during the Renaissance? With every page, little riddlers develop their logica...
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Marion Cotillard, Matt Berry Join Daisy Ridley For ‘The Inventor’ by ‘Ratatouille’ Scribe (EXCLUSIVE)

Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”) is joining Daisy Ridley (“Star Wars”) and Stephen Fry (“Gosford Park”) for the voice cast of “The Inventor,” the forthcoming stop-motion animated family feature about the life of Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci. “The Inventor” is written and directed by Jim Capobianco, the Oscar-nominated scribe of “Ratatouille.” Matt Berry, […]
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Leonardo da Vinci’s Elegant Studies of the Human Heart Were 500 Years Ahead of Their Time

Leonardo da Vinci didn’t really have hobbies; he had passionate, unpaid obsessions that filled whole notebooks with puzzles scientists are still trying to solve. Many of the problems to which he applied himself were those none of his contemporaries understood, because he was the only person to have noticed them at all. The amateur anatomist was the first, for example, “to sketch trabeculae,” notes, “and their snowflake-like fractal patterns in the 16th century.” These geometric...
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Three days left to save on passes to TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

Electric vehicles, dock-less scooters, autonomous trucks, ride-hailing apps and the AI that fuels them all — it’s a world of transportation that even a visionary like Leonardo Da Vinci could scarcely imagine. On October 6-7, modern-day visionaries from around the world will gather virtually for TC Sessions: Mobility 2020. This is your chance to channel your inner Da Vinci and save $100 in the process. Early-bird pricing ends in just three days — buy your pass before the deadline expires on Septe...
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"[Trump's] speech elevated the darkest themes of the convention.... Joe Biden, Mr. Trump said, is a 'Trojan horse for socialism' in whose America 'no one will be safe.'"

"Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) summed it up earlier in the week: 'The woke-topians will . . . disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home and invite MS-13 to live next door.' All this scaremongering was accompanied by outright slander of Mr. Biden, against whom Republicans leveled unsubstantiated corruption charges — and whose record and platform alike Mr. Trump distorted into almost a parody of radicalism.... In this fictional realm, a man who lauded white supremacists as 'very fine people'...
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How To Establish And Grow A Welding Business

There is something intoxicating about working with your hands. Whether you’re an electrician or a plumber, being a craftsperson can be exhilarating and fulfilling. However, if you want to start a welding business, it’s not enough to know how to roll up your sleeves and weld. Turning that handiwork into a business requires strategy and another skill set. You’ll need to be a skilled contractor who is also stable on the business end of things. Now that you’re ready to branch out on your own and ta...
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Scientists solve Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-year-old human heart mystery

Scientists discover the function of the trabeculae, muscle fibers lining human hearts. The structures were first described by Leonard da Vinci over 500 years ago.The trabeculae have an effect on the heart's performance and failure. Scientists found out the purpose of mysterious structures in the human heart, first described by Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago. The mesh of muscle fibers called trabeculae lines the inner surface of the heart and was shown to affect how well the heart functions...
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Strand-like muscle fibers in the heart tied to heart failure risk

The muscular band of heart tissue called the moderator band or the septomarginal trabecula is found in the right ventricle of the heart and was first described by Leonardo da Vinci in his exploration of human anatomy.
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Study sheds light on 500-year old mystery about the human heart

Researchers have investigated the function of a complex mesh of muscle fibres that line the inner surface of the heart. The study, published in the journal Nature, sheds light on questions asked by Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago, and shows how the shape of these muscles impacts heart performance and heart failure.
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Are You Curious?

In his book The Human Edge, Greg Orme gives a simple but extremely powerful example of curiosity. We are related to a single woman who lived in East Africa around two hundred thousand years ago. About seventy thousand years ago, a descendent of this woman gazed across the Red Sea and thought ‘I wonder what is on the other side?’ These early pioneers were so curious that they decided to find out. The rest is, as they say, history. Since that time curiosity has been part of human nature and it ha...
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Sony-Distributed Aidan Turner Drama ‘Leonardo’ Wraps Shoot Amid Coronavirus Crisis

High-end drama series “Leonardo,” starring Aidan Turner (“Poldark”) as the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci has wrapped its Italian shoot after becoming one of the first large-scale productions to resume production during the coronavirus crisis. The series is co-produced and distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Television. Producers also include Lux Vide with RAI Fiction and […]
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Istanbul Captured in Beautiful Color Images from 1890: The Hagia Sophia, Topkaki Palace’s Imperial Gate & More

Even those who know nothing else about Istanbul know that it used to be called Constantinople. The official renaming happened in 1930, meaning that the photographs you see here, all of which date from around 1890, were taken, strictly speaking, not in Istanbul but Constantinople. But under any name, and despite all the other changes that have occurred over the past 130 years, the Turkish metropolis on the Bosphorus remains recognizable as the gateway between East and West it has been throughou...
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Coming Soon: Salvador Mundi, The Musical

“Salvator Mundi!” The Musical, announced by Tony Award-winning production company Caiola Productions, will chronicle the tale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance-era portrait of Jesus, presumed lost for hundreds of years and only rediscovered this century. – CNN
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Waving to the Great Mapmaker in the Sky

All over the world, people are writing messages and symbols on the land that can only be seen from above.These messages are not for God, but for our fellow humans – pilots, balloonists, or an abstract Mapmaker in the Sky.Non-symbolic communication with the heavens can be traced back to a cartographic innovation by Da Vinci. Da Vinci's satellite map In Minnesota, there's a forest shaped like Minnesota. You wouldn't know it when you're near it, or even in it; you can only see it when you're fly...
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Find a Mind Map Tool – 20 of the Best of 2020

Mind mapping has become one of the most popular techniques for organizing and developing new ideas. They make explaining the relationships between ideas and concepts easy with graphics, charts and diagrams. Mind mapping tools let you and your team visualize your thoughts with real-time collaboration. Many businesses around the world already use mind mapping techniques for brainstorming, planning projects and making decisions. The technique actually existed long before technology enabled the cre...
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Things to do – in-person and online – in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, July 16-23

  Day trippers may see a tail, or more, of a blue whale during a Summer Whale Watching cruise with Island Packers out of Ventura Harbor. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Graham)     Take a chance on new cultural and educational experiences, July 16-23.   EVENTS   Best Friends Animal Society’s Su-Purrr Kitten Adoption Weekend: Looking into adopting a kitten? Fill out a kitten adoption survey; schedule a virtual meet-and-greet appointment; pick up new friend at Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mis...
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See Intricate Details in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper in a New Gigapixel Image

The Royal Academy of Arts and Google teamed up on a high-resolution scan of a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painted by his students. Even though the top part of the original is not depicted, this copy is said to be “the most accurate record of the original” and since the actual mural by Leonardo is in poor shape, this copy is perhaps the best way to see what Leonardo intended. This version was made around the same time as Leonardo made his original. It’s oil paint on canvas, whe...
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An Immaculate Copy of Leonardo’s The Last Supper Digitized by Google: View It in High Resolution Online

Romantic poets told us that great art is eternal and transcendent. They also told us everything made by human hands is bound to end in ruin and decay. Both themes were inspired by the rediscovery and renewed fascination for the arts of antiquity in Europe and Egypt. It was a time of renewed appreciation for monumental works of art, which happened to coincide with a period when they came under considerable threat from looters, vandals, and invading armies. One work of art that appeared on the it...
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‘The Da Vinci Code’ Stage Play Arriving Next Year, Because Sure, Why Not?

Remember The Da Vinci Code? Dan Brown‘s obscenely popular bestseller about a puzzle-solving murder mystery involving a conspiracy within the Catholic church? Well, it’s back – in stage play form. Sadly, this won’t be a musical. Instead, it’s being described as a “stage thriller,” and the current plan is to open the production in the U.K. next April. I don’t know about you, but I got very excited when I saw the news over at that there was going to be a Da Vinci Code stage play. E...
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Should you "hack" your sleep pattern?

A seemingly common trait of geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci is that they operated (and excelled) on very few hours of sleep per night. BrainCraft's Vanessa Hill explains that while unorthodox sleep patterns may have worked for them, your mileage may vary. Attempting to sleep like a genius could "wreak havoc" on your brain and be detrimental to your health.There are three different types of sleep patterns: monophasic sleep (one chunk at night for a recommended 6-8 hours), biphasi...
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Biology in art: Genetic detectives ID microbes suspected of slowly ruining humanity's treasures

New from Leonardo da Vinci DNA Project collaborators:1) A study led by the J. Craig Venter Institute of microbial settlers on old paintings and sculptures, charting a potential path for preserving, restoring, and confirming the geographic origin of some of humanity's greatest treasures.2) Two studies by David S. Thaler, University of Basel, of Leonardo's keen visual acuity -- e.g. he could see more 'frames per second' than most people -- and how that was reflected in his observations and art.
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Unleash your inner da Vinci with these art and science drawing lessons

Masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper followed countless hours of anatomical studies.Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by the human form.The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle teaches you how to draw human bodies, heads, and more. Fans of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are captivated by Leonardo da Vinci's exceptional eye for human forms. Those masterpieces followed countless hours of anatomical studies. Da Vinci was fascinated by the human form, most famously exp...
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Midea: Sad Mona Lisa

Have you ever seen Mona Lisa without a smile? Do you know where her smile come from? Midea air conditioner revealed the secret behind her smile in their latest commercial aired in Italy and Spain. The new film pays homage to the genius inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci and tells the story of how he created the BreezeleSS+ while being commissioned to paint the beautiful wife of a trader in Florence.
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