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How the Mona Lisa Went From Being Barely Known, to Suddenly the Most Famous Painting in the World (1911)

Is the Mona Lisa really “ten times better than every other painting”? No one seriously believes this, and how would anyone measure such a thing? There may be no such critical scale, but there is a popular one. The Louvre, where the famous Leonardo da Vinci—maybe the most famous painting of all time—hangs, says that 80 percent of its visitors come just to see the Mona Lisa. Her enigmatic smile adorns merchandise the world wide. Books, essays, documentaries, songs, coffee mugs—hers may be ...
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: Forest Lawn wants to buy me lunch, but I said no thanks

So, I got a postcard from Forest Lawn the other day in my mailbox inviting me to a free lunch to talk about my funeral. Now, if you know me, you’re aware this is completely ridiculous, because I’m actually only 17 years old and, furthermore, I never intend to die. And, even if I were to someday shuffle off this mortal coil, I wouldn’t want to talk about it over a lunch sponsored by a cemetery company. Now, let me say that I love Forest Lawn. I used to go to the original one in Glendale, just bec...
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Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel: Light as symbolic element

A new lighting system revealed yesterday in Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel (or New Sacristy) at San Lorenzo is much more than news; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the role of light in Michelangelo’s prodigious project. Many art historians have observed that light plays a symbolic role in this space, famous for its sculptural representations of Night and Day, Dusk and Dawn, but it is indeed hard to notice this when you look  at the space with the artificial lighting system installed 30 years ago...
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Famous Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci Celebrated in a New Series of Stamps

No special occasion is required to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci, but the fact that he died in 1519 makes this year a particularly suitable time to look back at his vast, innovative, and influential body of work. Just last month, "Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing" opened in twelve museums across the United Kingdom. "144 of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are displayed in 12 simultaneous exhibitions across the UK," says the exhibition's site, with each venue's dra...
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Best places to travel in April

There’s an old cliché about April showers bringing May flowers, like that’s some kind of optimistic mantra to get you through four weeks of saying, “The weather really should be getting better by now.” But how about instead of finding clever rhymes to survive the unexpected doldrums of April you just get the heck outta town? April is the month where cherry blossoms bloom from DC to Japan, baseball gets back in season, and New Orleans isn’t yet soul-crushingly humid. And it’s Laotian New Year!...
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Stamps Featuring Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

The Royal Mail in the UK have released a set of stamps that feature drawings done by Leonardo da Vinci. The Royal Collection holds the greatest collection of Leonardo’s drawings in existence, housed in the Print Room at Windsor Castle. Because they have been protected from light, fire and flood, they are in almost pristine condition and allow us to see exactly what Leonardo intended — and to observe his hand and mind at work, after a span of five centuries. These drawings are among the gr...
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Giorgione's Painting "La Vecchia" Gets a Facelift Before Traveling from Venice to the USA

Before & After restoration: Giorgione, La Vecchia (particular) © Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venezia (Venice, Italy) The portrait that the mysterious Venetian artist Giorgione painted of his mother, La Vecchia (The Old Woman), around 1508-1510 is heading to the States after a fresh nip and tuck.On Thursday evening, February 7, we had the opportunity to see La Vecchia in her new splendor before she takes center stage at the Cincinnati Art Museum in Ohio from February 15 to May 5. After ...
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Is This Leonardo Da Vinci’s Only Surviving Sculpture?

A small terracotta statue, titled The Virgin with the Laughing Child and housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, has been attributed to various Italian Renaissance artists, most recently Antonio Rossellino. Now art historian Francesco Caglioti says that “there are a thousand details, which dispel any doubts regarding the attribution [to Leonardo].” — The Art Newspaper
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Bill Gates: What This Legendary Artist Can Teach Us About Innovation

What art and optimism have to do with Leonardo da Vinci, according to Bill Gates
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Best castles to see in France

In the same way that traveling to France should never be limited to visiting Paris, learning about its rich history and checking out some of its amazing architecture should never be constrained to a one-day visit to Versailles — there are countless castles in France that are mind-blowing, much cheaper, and less crowded. So, if you want to make your trip to France a little less predictable but still fill it with beautiful historical sights, leave the hordes of tourist sheep behind, hop on a t...
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Where you can see the Leonardo da Vinci drawings

144 of Leonardo da Vinci's greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are currently on display in 12 simultaneous exhibitions of Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing across the UK. If you want to get... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Endless Lurid Speculation Over Leonardo Painting (Is It Or Isn’t It, Etc) Says Much About Our Current Art World

“The basic truth of all Salvator Mundi stories is less exciting; it is an important painting with a solid connection to Leonardo da Vinci, and many rich people want to own it. Its delayed appearance at Louvre Abu Dhabi most likely reflects Middle Eastern politics. But facts seem no longer to matter with the picture. Maybe this determination to speculate reveals nothing more than our fascination with all things Leonardo, but I suspect it is also because his accessibility makes it possible for ev...
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Leonardo da Vinci dragged into Salvini's spat with Macron

Louvre blockbuster marking 500 years since artist’s death may end up a casualtyHe was a Renaissance master – painter, scientist, engineer and inventor – who was hailed as one of the greatest artists who ever lived.But as Europe stages a year-long frenzy of events to mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Italy and France are engaged in a diplomatic tussle over him that threatens a blockbuster exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. Continue reading...
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How the Clavichord & Harpsichord Became the Modern Piano: The Evolution of Keyboard Instruments, Explained

Though different modern pianos may not sound exactly the same as one another, they all sound more or less like pianos to our ears. But the piano didn't appear fully formed in the world of music as the instrument we know today: it has a variety of predecessors, not all of which sound very similar to the modern piano at all, and a few distinctive-sounding examples of which you can hear demonstrated in these videos from BaroqueBand. In the first, musician and educator David Schrader plays t...
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Leonardo da Vinci's thumb print at National Museum Wales

A thumb print from the Italian master left on one of his drawings is part of an exhibition of his work.
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Leonardo Da Vinci drawings on display at Ulster Museum

It is only the second time drawings from Da Vinci's work have been exhibited in Northern Ireland.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 January 2019

The 500 year old Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley – we visit it on our tour this September (see below). Good morning I hope you had a nice long weekend. I spent much of mine listening to music – through a new pair of Bluetooth equipped noise cancelling headphones.  Although I love technology and gadgets, and definitely love noise cancelling headphones, I’ve not been able to convince myself that adding Bluetooth to a regular pair of headphones is a good idea, either from a convenience or a ...
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How Beauty Transcends Pore Count

None Let the world howl till it's blue in the face. Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh have created quite a beaute with Beauty. In an era when humanity's old truths have been challenged by irony and kitsch, when cynicism has nearly rendered beauty obsolete, it's reassuring to find shameless devotees to classic ideals. Sagmeister and Walsh remind us that beauty still can and should please the senses. However, it's equally capable of engaging the intellect. Even more practical, American philoso...
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Bill Gates has a net worth of over $96 billion — here's how he makes and spends his money

Bill Gates is currently the world's second richest person with an estimated net worth of over $96 billion. In 1975, childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and went on to create the operating system for IBM's first personal computer.  Although Gates loves his luxury vehicles, he says his primary concerns are global warming and putting an end to polio.  Bill Gates is the world's second richest person. His net worth is more than $93 billion [as of December 2018]. If Gates g...
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Milan art tour: fresco heaven, without the crowds

Resist the urge to splurge in the city’s chic shops and instead lose yourself in its transcendental artThink of Milan and you think of fashion. The first time I spent more than a few hours in the city, I roamed the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Italy’s oldest shopping arcade, built in the 1860s and still home to the original Prada store, which was opened by the designer’s grandfather Mario in 1913 – wishing that I was rich (or at least, not quite so broke). What on earth is a girl with an over...
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Study of Leonardo’s 1st landscape finds he had 2nd thoughts

ROME (AP) — The first-ever scientific study of a drawing Leonardo da Vinci did in his youth shows he added details to an earlier sketch. The Uffizi Galleries said the 1473 “Landscape Drawing for Santa Maria della Neve” was taken on Thursday to a Florence restoration laboratory for study. Uffizi director Eike Schmidt said initial […]
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Special exhibition marks 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death

The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, will host an exhibition of artwork by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) to mark the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing (1 February to 6 May 2019) will explore the diversity of subjects that inspired Leonardo’s creativity across 12 drawings. The free exhibition will be held […] The post Special exhibition marks 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death appeared first on
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“Mona Lisa effect“ is real, but doesn’t apply to Leonardo’s painting (ars technica)

Enlarge / Researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany used folding rulers for measurement to test the effect. Study participants indicated the number they thought Mona Lisa's gaze was directed at. (credit: CITEC/ Bielefeld University) There have long been anecdotal reports that the eyes of the Mona Lisa—Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting—sometimes seem to follow viewers as they move around the artwork. The phenomenon is even called the "Mona Lisa effect" because of ...
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The Art of Noticing

When Tim and I first started the Noticing newsletter, I got a note from Rob Walker, a design and technology journalist whose work I’ve followed for some years. He said he was working on a book about paying attention and that the book and an affiliated newsletter were going to have a similar name to “Noticing”. Name collisions like that are always a bummer, but we didn’t challenge each other to a duel or anything. Instead, he asked me to contribute a tiny bit to the book and I said I’d write abou...
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'Mona Lisa Effect' Is Real But Doesn't Apply To Leonardo's Painting

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: There have long been anecdotal reports that the eyes of the Mona Lisa -- Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting -- sometimes seem to follow viewers as they move around the artwork. The phenomenon is even called the "Mona Lisa effect" because of it. But a new study published in the journal i-Perception found that she's really "looking" to the right-hand side of her audience. "There is no doubt about the existence of the M...
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Unlocking Creativity: Are These Creativity-Inhibiting Mindsets Holding You Back?

IN AN IBM global survey of CEOs, the overwhelming consensus was that more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision, successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity. In a world where we must adapt or die, we need creative solutions. In struggling to generate a sufficient number of creative ideas, we typically blame the number of creative individuals in our organization or hierarchy and bureaucracy. But in Unlocking Creativity, Michael Roberto takes...
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Leonardo was a man of the Renaissance, not narrow nationhood | Tristram Hunt

The row over Italy’s paintings is a disturbing example of politicians trying to harness art to nationalismHe drew portraits for Italian dukes, sketched for the papacy and died at the court of a French king. If there is any artist who defies nationhood it is surely Leonardo da Vinci. Yet last week, Leonardo’s cosmopolitan legacy was caught up in an extraordinary intergovernmental spat when Rome renewed its threat to block Italian galleries from lending to the forthcoming Louvre exhibition commemo...
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The Magical Gaze of 'Mona Lisa' Is a Myth

It's common knowledge that the woman in Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting seems to look back at observers, following them with her eyes no matter where they stand in the room. But this common knowledge, it turns out, is wrong. The eyes of the woman in the "Mona Lisa" don't follow viewers. A new study finds that the woman in the famed painting is actually looking out at an angle that's 15.4 degrees off to the observer's right -- well outside of the range that people n...
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Da Vinci Paintings Blocked for Export by Italian Government

The Italian Government will block a loan of works by Leonardo da Vinci to the Louvre for an exhibition dedicated to the artist, underscoring the government’s populist turn. “Leonardo is Italian; he only died in France, says Lucia Borgonzoni, the undersecretary for the Italian ministry of culture. “Giving the Louvre all those paintings would mean putting Italy […]
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Myth of Mona Lisa's magical gaze debunked

In science, the "Mona Lisa Effect" refers to the impression that the eyes of the person portrayed in an image seem to follow the viewer as they move in front of the picture. Two researchers from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University demonstrate that, ironically enough, this effect does not occur with Leonardo da Vinci's world-famous painting "Mona Lisa" - debunking a scientific legend. The researchers are presenting the results of their study ...
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