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U.S. Companies Haven’t Given Up on Foreign Films

Tom Quinn, the founder of the indie studio Neon, thought that Netflix was making a big mistake. After seeing “Okja,” Bong Joon-ho’s eccentric creature feature, he believed passionately that the the offbeat visuals and ambitious story of girl’s bond with a super pig needed to be seen on the big screen. So began a six-month […]
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Trump — and World Politics — Loom Large at Cannes

Even at Cannes, there’s no escaping Donald Trump. The president’s entertainment diet skews towards cable news and probably doesn’t include a whole lot of Terrence Malick, so it’s unlikely that he’s spending much time thinking about who is going to capture the Palme d’Or. And yet many of the movies being exhibited in the South […]
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‘His Dark Materials’ Season 1 Trailer: HBO Brings Us the Long-Awaited Adaptation of the Fantasy Epic

All right, His Dark Materials fans. This is it. This could be the screen adaptation that could finally do justice to Philip Pullman‘s rich, complex fantasy trilogy full of ideas about alternate dimensions and universe-spanning battles with religious deities. The HBO/BBC big-budget miniseries is set to adapt all three novels of Philip Pullman’s acclaimed fantasy series, an adaptation that has been long-awaited after the disastrous 2007 film The Golden Compass. The new series, directed by Tom Hoo...
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Cannes: Amazon Studios Buys ‘Les Misérables’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Amazon Studios has acquired the U.S. rights to “Les Misérables,” the new film from writer and director Ladj Ly, Variety has learned. The sale comes following the movie’s world premiere in competition at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday evening, where it earned sterling reviews from critics who were dazzled by Ly’s look at a […]
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Cannes 2019: Ladj Ly's Incredibly Tense French Thriller 'Les Misérables'

There's a new film that just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year titled Les Misérables, but it has nothing to do with Victor Hugo's famous novel (of the same name) or the musical or any of that. It's a contemporary story set in a suburb outside of Paris, France, and it's a remarkably fresh, masterful feature directorial debut of a filmmaker named Ladj Ly. The festival is just getting going, but it's one of the best films I've seen here so far - impressive in every way, especially f...
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Heard, Fanning and Ambrosio dazzle in Cannes

Along with Julianne Moore, the stars brought glamour to the Les Miserables red carpet. (May 15)            [Author: AP]
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Les Misérables review – savvy cop procedural swerves into molotov mayhem

Ladj Ly’s debut feature is a police drama set in a tough Paris suburb that loses subtlety and heft as it erupts into violenceThis movie from first-time feature director Ladj Ly has one of the most striking and even glorious pre-credit sequences I can remember. It shows the cheering, screaming crowds on the streets of Paris last summer, when France had just beaten Croatia 4-2 in the World Cup. This is a seething mass of humanity with tricolours waving everywhere, boiling with joy. Finally, the di...
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Cannes Competition Director Ladj Ly: ‘We’ve Been Protesting These Conditions in Our Cities for 20 Years’

Director Ladj Ly never expected his first narrative feature, “Les Misérables,” to be selected for official competition at the Cannes Film Festival, but the filmmaker, whose mission is to capture the reality of the Paris suburbs, is understandably thrilled about the surprise. “I thought maybe there was a small, small chance of getting into the […]
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Not Into Game of Thrones? Try PBS’ Les Misérables

Is there a place for the grace of Les Misérables in our Winterfell age? [Author: [email protected] (Robert Hubbard)]
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Hear an Exclusive From the ‘Les Miserables’ Mini-Series Soundtrack

We’ve got exclusive music below from Les Miserables. No – not the Broadway one. You can hear that music anywhere. This exclusive track hails from the new BBC/PBS Masterpiece mini-series adaptation starring Dominic West, David Oyelowo, and Lily Collins. The Les Miserables mini-series soundtrack comes from composer John Murphy, who sought to give the score an experimental vibe. Listen below! Les Miserables Mini-Series Soundtrack Composer John Murphy has provided music for 28 Days Later, S...
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"Why are adults going to so many superhero movies? How could they possibly hold your interest? I’m genuinely mystified by this aspect of our culture."

I wrote, in last night's café. I got some answers:1. "Do you read Homer? 'Cause, maybe it ain't Shakespeare, but it *is* Homer" (Unknown).2. "It's a mythos of sorts, if we wanted to get all sophisticated Joseph Campbell and the hero's journey, what makes a hero — are they born or just rise to the occasion?" (narciso, with typos corrected).3. "Ann, the reason is people are more [unintelligent] than they were in times past" (wild chicken, with rude term censored).4. "Dreams of our youth. The milit...
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After Notre Dame bailout Yellow Vests urge more Victor Hugo tributes, starting with "Les Miserables"

The Notre Dame fire is a global tragedy, and it's also raising complicated questions about our present moment, including trenchant inquiries into which church fires merit global outpourings and whose sacred sites get mourned when they are destroyed. In France, the political conversation has been dominated by the Gilets Jaunes, whose yellow vests have become a global symbol of unrest, with both the right and the left vying to define the movement. The French Yellow Vests have never stopped de...
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Yellow Vest Anger Burns In Paris, Fueled By France’s Notre Dame Fire Response

PARIS (AP) — French yellow vest protesters set fires along a march route through Paris on Saturday to drive home their message to a government they see as out of touch with the problems of the poor: that rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral isn’t the only problem France needs to solve. Like the high-visibility vests the protesters wear, the scattered small fires in Paris appeared to be a collective plea to the government to “look at me — I need help too!” Police fired water cannon an...
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BBC’s ‘Les Miserables’ Recreates the Dark World of Victor Hugo’s Novel

Director Tom Shankland didn’t want his “Les Miserables” to be anything like the stage-musical version of Victor Hugo’s sweeping historical novel, nor like the 2012 Tom Hooper feature-film musical.  For the BBC limited series — a drama starring Olivia Colman, Lily Collins, David Oyelowo and Dominic West, which aired the first of its six episodes in […]
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Alan Wasser, Tony-Winning Broadway General Manager, Dies at 70

Alan Wasser, a veteran Broadway general manager who received an honorary Tony Award, died from complications from Parkinson’s disease in New York on Sunday. He was 70. Wasser founded Alan Wasser Associates and general managed “Les Misérables,” “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Miss Saigon,” three of the most successful productions of all time. He […]
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‘Les Miserables’ Team Talks Importance of Victor Hugo’s Tale as ‘Story for the World’

When Victor Hugo wrote the 1900-page tome “Les Misérables” in 1862, he gave the world a transcending and sweeping tale that dissected the division of class while breathing life into complex characters spanning decades. Unfortunately, no matter what your stance on musical theater, much of that tome has since been lost in Broadway and big […]
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PBS' 6-Episode 'Les Misérables' Miniseries Focuses On The Story Instead Of Music

PBS premieres a new version of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, starring Dominic West of The Wire and The Affair. This version has no music and tries to be closer to the source material.
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David Oyelowo shines in 'Les Misérables' miniseries

'Les Miserables' review: Dominic West, David Oyelowo headline six-part PBS miniseries that expands Victor Hugo's often-adapted literary classic
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A new ‘Les Miserables’ heads to TV – no singing along please

NEW YORK (AP) — David Oyelowo kept his distance from the rest of the actors while filming the upcoming six-part retelling of “Les Miserables .” It wasn’t personal. Dominic West would often invite his fellow actors out for a bite or just to hang out but Oyelowo would repeatedly decline. West wondered why it was […]
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Lily Collins: 'Les Mis' made me push myself

Themes of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” still resonate today for new screen adaptation stars Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Lily Collins. (April 11)            [Author: AP]
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TV Review: ‘Les Misérables’ With David Oyelowo and Dominic West

As far as Andrew Davies is concerned, adapting Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables” to the screen independent of Alain Boubil, Jean-Marc Natel, and Herbert Kretzmer’s juggernaut musical was nothing short of an overdue necessity. “I hated the musical,” the writer stated outright at the Television Critics Assn.’s winter press tour in February. “I just wanted to […]
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'Les Miserable' no more: Victor Hugo's house reopens

The Guernsey home where Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables has been renovated following a £2.6m donation.
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'Sky Without Stars': Vive La Revolution ... In Space!

Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell's new novel recasts Les Miserables on a distant — yet French-inflected — planet where a powerful Regime keeps the populace split and oppressed.(Image credit: Beth Novey/NPR)
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In need of a lavishly costumed period drama? Here’s “Les Misérables” (NOT the musical) to the rescue.

"Les Misérables," a six-part BBC adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel, arrives on KCTS/PBS on Sunday, April 14.
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10 Best Claire Danes Movies

10 Best Claire Danes Movies An American actress in possession of four Golden Globes, three Emmys, and two SAG awards, Claire Danes is a performer whose performances span across both film and television. She got her start on the teen drama My So-Called Life and would eventually go on to score the leading role in the critically-acclaimed premium cable show Homeland, but Danes has had all kinds of great feature film performances to match the praise she got for these two TV shows. Brigsby Bear ...
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Global Sales for ‘Les Miserables’ Starring Dominic West Ahead of Series Mania

The BBC and Masterpiece adaptation of “Les Miserables” will play on a numerous international channels after a raft of deals were sealed for the series, which features Dominic West, David Oyelowo, and Lily Collins. Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic has been acquired by broadcasters in Scandinavia and southern Europe, and by several buyers […]
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Instagram account recreates movie

If you can’t be in the movies, you might as well try to recreate them. Thomas Duke attempts to bridge his favorite fictional worlds and reality by visiting popular filming locations, holding up a photograph of the scene, and then taking a picture of the of it all for Instagram. Yes, it’s very meta. The 20-year-old film student has built a thriving Instagram account, of over 35k followers, by paying homage to his favorite movies in this unique way. Vie...
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‘His Dark Materials’ Teaser Trailer: James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson Lead a Star-Studded Cast

BBC has released the first look at its big-budget adaptation of His Dark Materials. The teaser trailer gives audiences a glimpse at the star-studded cast of the fantasy miniseries, which is set to adapt all three novels of Philip Pullman‘s acclaimed fantasy series, led by James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson, and Dafne Keen. His Dark Materials Teaser Trailer His Dark Materials might be urging us to “keep our daemons close,” but those animal companions of its main characters are...
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The Standout Looks From This Year's BAFTAs Red Carpet

Awards season is well and truly underway, and along with the celebration of leading talent, moving films, and gripping television comes a glittering red carpet. Lady Gaga set the precedent for show-stopping red carpet moments with her "Shallow blue" gown at the Emmys, but what can we expect from the BAFTAs this evening?From the feminine and frilly to classic old school Hollywood glamour, by way of statement-making two-piece suits, here's what our favourite stars wore to the 72nd British Academy...
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