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Southern California leaders mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Tributes poured in late Friday, Sept. 18, upon word that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lost her battle with cancer, with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and county Supervisor Janice Hahn among those hailing her as a legal pioneer who fought for women’s rights and gender equality for decades. “This is a tragedy for all those who believe in our Constitution, who believe in equality and who believe our daughters can grow up to whatever they want to be,” Garcetti said on Twitter. “T...
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Lovecraft Country's Wunmi Mosaku and Abbey Lee Discuss the Intricacies of Ruby and Christina

Lovecraft Country is an ensemble show about multiple members of the interconnected Freeman, Baptiste, and Braithwaite families, which made it important for certain characters to be expanded upon from their counterparts in the books. In particular, Wunmi Mosaku’s Ruby and Abbey Lee’s Christina have been given more…Read more...
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Delaware Dem Candidate Poised To Break Barriers As First Trans Senator

Delaware state senate candidate Sarah McBride, the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), won her Democratic primary race on Tuesday night, setting her up to be the first openly transgender person to become a state senator. “Tonight sends a powerful signal that candidates like me can win,” McBride tweeted. “Everyone deserves to see themselves in government, to follow their dreams, and to be accepted by their community. I will never take for granted the honor of carrying...
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Joe Rogan suggests Kardashian 'b----es' made Caitlyn Jenner trans, sparking criticism over unfounded claim

Joe Rogan questioned Jenner's transgender identity in a podcast on Friday. An LGBTQ group condemned the segment and YouTube says it is under review.
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The 12 best mezcal brands you need to try, according to experts

Ignacio "Nacho" Jimenez, expert of the best mezcals. Ghost Donkey All tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcals are tequila — and if you're looking for something smokier, earthier, or more tropical, mezcal might be your bet.  Mezcals are made from a variety of agave plants, so you can get a wide range of flavors, from nutty to floral. Even if you don't enjoy sipping tequila straight, our experts recommended trying mezcal neat to experience the full flavor.  From berries to nuts to chocolate...
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25 Years Ago We Got Genre's Most Unapologetic Heroine

Inevitably a cool lady appears on screen with a sweet outfit, a wry smile, and this sense that she is not to be fucked with wrapped around her like a cloak. While women aren’t on the top of the call sheet as often as men in genre film and television, there are a lot more women there now than before, and despite them…Read more...
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Guess which X-Men character just came out of the closet…

Marvel comics has just made an announcement after 40 years of speculation: the beloved X-Men character Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat is bisexual. Kitty (or Kate, as she currently prefers) came out in Mauraduers #12 when fans spotted her sharing a kiss with a female tattoo artist. The kiss ended four decades of speculation by fans, who often commented that Kitty seemed to have more than just a passing interest in some of her female teammates. Related: Will Colton Haynes play the gay Iceman in the upcomi...
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Trump administration sides with school’s right to fire gay teacher

Donald Trump‘s campaign has called him the “most pro-gay president in American history,” but he and his administration have clearly not received the memo. Trump’s Department of Justice this week sided with Catholic leaders who ordered a private Indiana school to fire a teacher for being in a same-sex marriage. The DOJ argued that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis is “entitled to employ in key roles only persons whose beliefs and conduct are consistent” with its “religious precepts....
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The best LGBTQ movies on Amazon Prime

If you're in the mood to explore some of the best LGBTQ-themed dramas, comedies, and docs on film, we've found a wide range available on Amazon Prime.
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TikTok joins Europe’s code on countering illegal hate speech

Popular short video app TikTok has joined the European Union’s Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech, making it the ninth platform to abide by the code, the company announced on Tuesday. “Our ultimate goal is to eliminate hate on TikTok. We recognise that this may seem an insurmountable challenge as the world is increasingly polarised, but we believe that this shouldn’t stop us from trying,” said Cormac Keenan, head of trust and safety, EMEA at TikTok. “We have a zero-tolerance stanc...
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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pardoned a US Marine convicted of killing a transgender woman

Members of an LGBTQ+ group gather for a protest after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pardoned U.S. soldier Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton. Eloisa Lopez/Reuters Joseph Scott Pemberton was convicted in 2015 for the 2014 murder of Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman in the Philippines.  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pardoned Pemberton on Monday. At the time of the pardon, Pemberton had recently been granted early release from his 10-year sentence, though the ruling had bee...
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A Georgia church is the first in the country to split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ rights

Asbury has long been "the Island of Misfit Toys," as some congregation members have described it. The split was nearly unanimous among its members.         [Author: Savannah Morning News]
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Big oil companies say they support gay rights, but operate in more than 40 countries that criminalize same-sex behavior. It leaves some LGBTQ workers caught between 2 worlds.

Cabot Oil and Gas workers at a hydraulic fracturing site in South Montrose, Pennsylvania Spencer Platt/Getty Images Multinational oil companies have made huge strides in their support for LGBTQ rights in the Western world, but some of the largest oil reserves are in countries where it's illegal to be gay. That puts these companies — which have global operations and tens of thousands of employees — in a challenging position. They face a tension between upholding their own antidiscrimination...
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Star Trek: Discovery's Third Season Brings Trek's First Explicitly Trans and Nonbinary Characters

Star Trek: Discovery is heading into a new unknown next season, but the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery won’t be alone. CBS All Access has announced that two new characters are joining the cast for season three, and will be the franchise’s first explicitly nonbinary and transgender characters.Read more...
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LGBTQ Center Long Beach will not renew leader’s contract after probe into allegations of racist, sexist behavior

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach will not renew the contract of Executive Director Porter Gilbert, the nonprofit announced Tuesday, Sept. 1, following a two-month investigation into allegations of racist and sexist behavior on his part. Gilberg did not respond to requests for comment, although he said in a Facebook post when the investigation began that he supported the probe and was committed to making The Center a better place. Gilberg has been on leave since June 29 as the investigation has unfold...
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Niecy Nash Comes Out, Reveals She Married Singer/Songwriter Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash is trying this whole marriage thing once again … but this time it’s with a woman! The actress recently tied the knot with singer/songwriter Jessica Betts and took to social media to announce the news. “Mrs. Carol Denise Betts,” Nash wrote on Instagram along with a photo of her and her new wife. She added the hashtag: “#LoveWins” and a rainbow emoji. Betts posted the same image on her IG with the caption: “I got a whole wife #Bettsofbothworlds #LoveWins.” For those who don’t know … Nie...
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The Role of Communications in the Supreme Court’s Landmark Ruling for LGBTQ Workplace Rights

For more than 10 years, Gerald Lynn Bostock worked as a child-welfare-services coordinator for Clayton County, Ga., advocating for victims of child abuse and neglect in Atlanta’s juvenile-courts system. He was fired in June 2013 after joining a gay men’s softball league and using his expense account to take clients to lunch at restaurants that displayed rainbow flags, he said. Bostock sued Clayton County for discrimination. The case — Bostock v. Clayton County — went all the way to the U.S. Supr...
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Thanks, Justice Gorsuch. No, Really!

Citing Bostock decision, Fourth Circuit gives transgender plaintiff Gavin Grimm long-sought victory.
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The New Mutants Cast Explains the Simple Beauty of the Film's LGBTQ Relationship

Many, many things about The New Mutants make it stand apart from the rest of the superhero movies out there. Its many delays are one. The fact it’s being released in the middle of a pandemic is another. But inside the story, it’s also one of the first Marvel movies to have an honest, open, LGBTQ relationship.Read more...
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A 30 year quest to contact aliens is actually a love story.

A Michigan man transforms his grandparents' unassuming rural home into a module-stuffed control center dedicated to contacting alien life forms in the Netflix original, John Was Trying To Contact Aliens. Weighing in at under twenty minutes long, this short documentary nevertheless provides us with a powerful story of a life spent yearning for connection. Beginning in the 1970s, John Shepherd attempts to communicate with aliens by broadcasting "the universal language of music" into space from...
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Brands Must Show They Understand and Respect the LGBTQ Community, PRSA Webinar Panelists Say

PRSA recently hosted a webinar in its Diverse Dialogues series to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month. Featuring some of the country’s leading LGBTQ communications professionals, the event covered how PR practitioners can engage with and support the LGBTQ community. “Brands that do not include us and are not engaging with the LGBTQ community are starting to [be scrutinized] for why they are not being diverse and inclusive,” said panelist Rich Ferraro, chief communications officer for GLAAD, a non-govern...
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Issues faced by LGBTQ individuals in the operative setting

This was the first time that I was unsure of how to respond when a patient cried.  Usually, as a medical student, compassion and understanding helped make up for obvious gaps in our knowledge.  It just comes with the territory.  But this time was different: I could not understand why the patient was crying, because […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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The best LGBTQ movies on Netflix

There are great LGBTQ-themed movies on Netflix, including dramas, comedies, heartfelt documentaries, and more.
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Thailand Beach Club Wedding With Luxury Blush Bridal Gowns

Lindsey and Krystal’s Thailand beach club wedding was replete with tenderness, emotion and ethereal beauty. Framed by lush floral pillars from I AM FLOWER, L+K exchanged their vows in the most idyllic of settings, and we’ll forever be in awe of the glamorous oceanside fete designed by longtime Ruffled vendors, The Wedding Bliss Thailand. If… Thailand Beach Club Wedding With Luxury Blush Bridal Gowns - Ruffled
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Gay Times / Amplifund: It can happen, it does happen, it will happen

The campaign centres around three phrases, ‘it can happen,’ ‘it does happen,’ and ‘it will happen,’ to challenge how we perceive queer livelihoods, and features stories from LGBTQ+ individuals living in Jamaica, Iraq and Armenia. Their words are displayed in a unique and striking fashion with the personal stories mixed in emotions, from inspirational and uplifting to a solemn tone, allowing the audience an exclusive in...
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Monday round-up

Briefly: In the New York Times, Adam Liptak previews Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski, a case that will be argued before the Supreme Court this fall. The justices, Liptak writes, will decide whether a student at a public college can sue officials “for violating his First Amendment rights when they enforced a particularly severe version of the school speech codes that have become commonplace at colleges and universities around the nation.” The officials argue that the case is moot because, after the law...
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Disney Confirms First Bisexual Lead Character, Who Is Also Multi-Cultural

(CNN) — Diversity is making its way onto the Disney Channel. Disney has confirmed it has a bisexual lead character on “The Owl House” series. The 14-year-old Dominican-American girl, Luz Noceda, is not Disney’s first LGBTQ+ character. Pixar featured a gay main character in a short film on Disney Plus, but Luz is the first bisexual character to make a Disney debut on a television series. “The Owl House” series follows Luz’s adventure to becoming a witch, even though she does not have any magical ...
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2020 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival switches to drive-in and virtual screenings

The 2020 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival is pressing on despite the global pandemic. Producers announced on Tuesday that the festival will include a live outdoor, drive-in experience as well as streaming to a virtual audience via The festival will take place Aug. 20-30 and in addition to the virtual programming, movie fans can attend Outfest LA’s Under the Stars drive-in experience at Calamigos Ranch & Resort in Malibu. Select drive-in screenings will feature in-person...
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Friday round-up

Briefly: The long-running dispute over compensation for college athletes is back at the Supreme Court. CNN’s Ariane de Vogue reports that the NCAA filed an emergency request on Thursday asking the justices to issue a stay of a lower court’s ruling that allows colleges to give student-athletes money for computers, study-abroad scholarships and other academic products and services. “The case,” de Vogue writes, “is the latest dispute between those who believe that schools should be able to decide ...
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Polish LGBTQ people leaving as post-vote mood grows hostile

Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and other European Union countries are where LGBTQ emigres are envisioning their futures.
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