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Ready Player Two Attempts, But Fails, to Reach the Next Level

Sequels are hard; any fan of pop culture can tell you that. A sequel can’t just match the success of the original, it has to expand on and deepen it. Recontextualize the whole thing in new and exciting ways. Very few sequels achieve this and no one would know that better than fans of, or characters in, Ernest Cline’s …Read more...
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Pettina and Melissa’s Intimate Brisbane City Wedding

Pettina and Melissa  I can not even tell you how much, we need to share the story of Pettina and Melissa. Because this story? It has been in the making for over thirty years, thirty years of adventures and love stories together. And although they tied the knot unofficially over twenty years ago, when Australia finally made LGBTQ marriage legal, they knew that they had to make it official. We’re very lucky to have their story today,  that kicked off at the Brisbane Registry Office, before a recep...
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The Mandalorian's Filoni and Dawson on Why People Still See Ahsoka as a Jedi

As The Mandalorian’s stakes have gradually risen with each episode, the series’ connections to the Star Wars franchise’s larger epic narrative have grown stronger, particularly as characters like Bo-Katan and important items like the Darksaber have been incorporated into the plot. Read more...
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Biden Planning To Act Quickly To Protect And Advance LGBTQ Rights

As vice president in 2012, Joe Biden endeared himself to many LGBTQ Americans by endorsing same-sex marriage even before his boss, President Barack Obama. Now, as president-elect, Biden is making sweeping promises to LGBTQ activists, proposing to carry out virtually every major proposal on their wish lists. Among them: Lifting the Trump administration’s near-total ban on military service for transgender people, barring federal contractors from anti-LGBTQ job discrimination, and creating high-...
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China's LGBTQ+ community seize census chance to stand up and be counted

The once-in-a-decade population survey has enabled same-sex couples to register their statusChina’s LGBTQ+ community has seized a once-in-a-decade chance to be counted with the launch of the nationwide government census.More than seven million workers have been going door to door across China this month, on a mission to capture the demographic changes among its 1.4 billion people. Guangzhou-based LGBTQ+ Rights Advocacy China is calling on same sex couples to declare the status of their relations...
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Dems Will Welcome One Of The Most Diverse Groups Of Elected Officials To Public Office In 2021. GOPers Will Get A Little More Diverse Too

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. We are running a series of articles on progressive victories that came out of the 2020 election at the state and local level.  From county sheriff to Congress, in blue, red, and purple parts of the country, American voters elected one of the most diverse groups of elected officials in the nation’s history, including a Black-Indian woman as vice president. Most of the newly-elected women, people of color and LGBT candi...
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Meet 2020's Rising Stars of Wall Street from firms like Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater, and Apollo

The next crop of Wall Street leaders. Grayscale Investments; Goldman Sachs; Bank of America; Deutsche Bank; Samantha Lee/Business Insider As Wall Street navigates a health pandemic that's changed the way we work and dramatically changed the economic landscape, we take a look at the players rising up despite the challenges and grasping opportunities as they see them.From launching game-changing groups within global financial institutions, to having a hand in restructuring entertainment giant...
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Under cover of Covid, Uganda targets LGBTQ+ shelter

Pandemic rules were used to justify a violent raid on a homeless shelter in Uganda, but a group of victims is pursuing a criminal case against the perpetrators The post Under cover of Covid, Uganda targets LGBTQ+ shelter appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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'The fight doesn't stop here': what LGBTQ+ advocates want from a Biden presidency

The new administration has promised to undo Trump’s discriminatory policies, but activists want to see bold support for queer and trans rightsJoe Biden has promised to undo years of anti-LGBTQ+ policies by Donald Trump’s administration, but advocates and civil rights leaders are urging the president-elect to go further in expanding protections and opportunities for queer and transgender people. Continue reading...
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Ecologia, Sophia Anfinn Tonnessen

This debut collection is profoundly intimate, yet not fragile. These are poems of courage, strength and faith in the self, no matter the form it might take. The work soars with songs of celebration and protest, within a form that can only be described as the trans-lyric. Bodies, texts, memories, flowers all transform throughout, which returns a mystery to them all. The collection will be published in October 2021. The post Ecologia, Sophia Anfinn Tonnessen appeared first on Unbound Edition Press...
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Unbound Edition Press to Publish Ecologia, Debut Poetry Collection from Sophia Anfinn Tonnessen

Unbound Edition Press today announced it has signed poet Sophia Anfinn Tonnessen for her debut collection of poetry, Ecologia. The collection, noteworthy for its experimental forms, long poems and intentional repetitions, explores the intersections and overlaps of gender, identity and memory as they recombine and shift across time. The collection has a planned publication date of October 2021. Sophia Anfinn Tonnessen is transgender, and her work captures the intense undeniability of an emergi...
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Analysis: The promise of LGBTQ equality under the Biden administration

Last week, many celebrated Joe Biden for embracing transgender Americans in his victory address -- the first president-elect to do so.
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The promise of LGBTQ equality under the Biden administration

Last week, many celebrated Joe Biden for embracing transgender Americans in his victory address -- the first president-elect to do so.
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EU proposes new rules to protect LGBTQ+ people amid 'worrying trends'

Proposals follow creation of ‘LGBT-free zones’ in Poland and Hungary’s proposed ban on adoptionBrussels has put itself on a collision course with the Polish and Hungarian governments after proposing to criminalise hate speech against LGBTQ+ people under EU law and secure recognition of same-sex partnerships across the bloc’s borders.Věra Jourová, a European commissioner, said the measures followed new “worrying trends”, with the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights reporting that 43% of LGBT people ...
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Quick review of Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance

by Mike Rhode , Rachel Kenley (ed.), Riverdale Avenue Books, 2020, 320 pp., $17. http://www.riverdaleavebooks.comFrom the Amazon description: Super speed, incredible strength, the ability to fly, throw fire, read minds or change forms. What superpower would you choose if you could? Would you be the hero or the villain? And how would it affect your relationships? From heat levels mild to wild, these authors explore the universal truths of love and romance and the happy endings we all desi...
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I'm Ryan Messer, Community Leader, LGBTQ Advocate and Father of Four—and This Is How I Parent

Ryan Messer is the sort of successful, interesting, down-to-Earth human I could talk to for endless hours if I didn’t know I was cutting into the 9 million other things he has to do in a given day. He’s a director at Johnson & Johnson, where he helped reform the company’s paternity leave and fertility coverage…Read more...
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AOC, Allies Push Back against Moderate Dems: Time to ‘Take Our Gloves Off with Republicans’

A number of progressive House Democrats are pushing back against moderates' claims that progressive policies and messaging are the reason for the party's subpar performance in last week's election.In a call last week, House Democrats pointed fingers, trading blame for the party having lost a number of House seats, during which Representative Abigail Spanberger (D., Va.) said, “No one should say ‘defund the police’ ever again” or the party would get “torn apart” in 2022.”Representativ...
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What a Joe Biden presidency means for real estate and housing

From Biden's campaign, here's how we can expect his administration to respond to today's most crucial housing issues.
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That's Bait

After 12 years Supernatural finally did it! Sort of. Kind of. OK, did you watch last night’s Supernatural yet? If not, time to click away. We’re talking “Despair.”Read more...
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A trove of old Ektachrome slides shows artists, friends and lovers in the 1980s and '90s

Lyle Ashton Harris began his "Ektachrome Archive" during a seismic cultural shift, galvanized by a new wave of Black artists and critical thinkers, as well as LGBTQ artists grappling with the AIDS epidemic.
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Meet Adrian Tam, the Gay Man Who Beat a ‘Proud Boys’ Leader in Hawaii’s Election

Adrian Tam was not worried for himself while out on the campaign trail in Hawaii, he said. Instead, he was concerned for the safety of his volunteers and supporters, wearing shirts and face masks bearing his name, because his opponent was Nick Ochs, the leader of a Hawaii chapter of the far-right paramilitary group the Proud Boys.“Fortunately, nothing bad happened,” Tam, 28, told The Daily Beast. “We were met with happiness and joy by people.” Tam was ultimately victorious in his bid to represen...
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Mondaire Jones And Ritchie Torres To Become First Black Gay Congress Members

Jones and Torres are part of what's been described as a "rainbow wave" of LGBTQ officials who swept to victory Tuesday.
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5 LGBTQ politicians won key elections last night. Here's what you should know about them.

At least five LGBTQ politicians have made crucial strides in the 2020 election, expanding the vision of what a political leader can be in the U.S.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Sarah McBride made history becoming the first openly trans person elected to a state Senate seat. In 2018, she explained why the Trump administration wouldn't discourage her work.

Sarah McBride made history during the 2020 election with her Senate seat win in Delaware, becoming the first openly trans senator in the United States. She discusses her time working as an intern in Obama's White House and explains why she's not discouraged by Trump's rollback on regulations. McBride is the author of "Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a transcript of the video.Sarah McBride...
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Delaware Makes History by Electing Its First Transgender State Senator, Sarah McBride

LGBTQ champion Sarah McBride has made history as the first transgender woman elected to Delaware’s state senate. McBride has been actively working to advance equality in the state of Delaware for years. She first made history in 2016 when she addressed the Democratic National Convention as the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, […]
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Gay male penguin couple steals unhatched eggs from lesbian penguin couple

From The Cut: Drama is afoot in the Dutch queer penguin community after two gay lovers with a reputation for trouble stole an entire nest of eggs from a neighboring lesbian couple at the same zoo.Within the queer penguin community at large, fostering eggs is relatively common: On multiple occasions, zoos and aquariums have gifted unhatched eggs to gay and lesbian couples exhibiting behavior that suggests they're desperate for a chick, like building mock nests out of pebbles. — Read the rest
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Monday round-up

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court last week, will participate in her first oral arguments on Monday, as the court returns to the virtual bench for its November argument session. The justices will hear argument — by telephone, of course — in two cases involving relatively technical questions of statutory interpretation: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services v. Sierra Club, which is about the scope of an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act (read our preview her...
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Trump's last-ditch effort to recruit LGBTQ voters continues in Minnesota

Jason Cameron/Getty Images Trump is waging a last-minute battle to wins the hearts and minds of LGBTQ voters. On Saturday, the campaign held a "Trump pride" event in the battleground state of Minnesota. Supporters say the administration has made gay rights a "non-issue" and argue that Trump's early friendships with gay men — such as Roy Cohn — show he's always been an ally. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Republican National Committee adviser and former cabinet member ...
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Cynthia Wallace believes she can take down the congressman who sponsored North Carolina's infamous 'Bathroom Bill'

Transgender people and their supporters at a protest to repeal House Bill 2, a North Carolina law that requires people in government buildings to use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate. John D. Simmons/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images First-time House candidate Cynthia Bishop is going up against GOP Rep. Dan Bishop in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District. Bishop is probably best known for being the architect of North Carolina's HB2, which p...
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9 upcoming Supreme Court cases where Amy Coney Barrett could be the deciding vote

President Donald Trump and Amy Coney Barrett stand on the Blue Room Balcony after her confirmation vote passed in the Senate. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court this week, giving conservatives a 6-3 majority. That means that conservatives will have wider latitude in making major decisions, and can sideline Chief Justice John Roberts, who has occasionally sided with more liberal justices to deliver rulings. It also means that fraught issues like a...
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