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The President Of Brazil Made An Anti-LGBTQ+ Statement. Trump Nodded Along.

During his visit to the White House on Tuesday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said in his remarks that the U.S. and Brazil stand side-by-side "in their efforts to ensure liberties and respect to traditional family lifestyles, respect to God, our Creator, against the gender ideology or the politically correct attitudes, and against fake news."President Trump vigorously nodded along with the entire statement, as the video below shows. The statement, which has several concerning parts, has no...
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Andy Cohen to Receive Vito Russo Award at GLAAD Media Awards

Mazel, Andy Cohen! Bravo’s late-night talk show host is set to receive the Vito Russo Award at the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards on May 4 in New York City. Sarah Jessica Parker will present him with the award, which is named in honor of GLAAD founder Vito Russo. The annual award goes to openly […]
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misterb&b hits the equity crowdfunding trail to expand into hotels

Homosexuality is illegal in a third of the planet, and in eight countries, it is punishable by death. In the febrile atmosphere of today’s politics, hate crime incidents in the US increased by 17% between 2016 to 2017, according to the FBI. Over 20 of those incidents were crimes against an individual’s sexual-orientation — the largest increase since 9/11. Similar hate crime statistics have increased in the UK and several other western countries. It’s strange and saddening to think that men, wome...
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Supreme Court lets ruling stand against resort owner who refused to rent to lesbian couple from Long Beach

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left in place Hawaii court rulings that found a bed and breakfast owner violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by refusing to rent a room to a lesbian couple. The justices rejected an appeal from Aloha Bed & Breakfast owner Phyllis Young, who argued that she should be allowed to turn away gay couples because of her religious beliefs. “Mrs. Young will rent a bedroom in her home to anyone, including those who are LGBT, but will not rent to any romantic partne...
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Azusa Pacific University lifts LGBTQ relationship ban (again)

Azusa Pacific University again has lifted a ban on LGBTQ relationships on campus. The university Board of Trustees directed administrators to update the student handbook for undergraduate students, campus spokeswoman Rachel White confirmed. The changes specifically removed language that barred LGBTQ relationships as part of a standing ban on pre-marital sex. The update, enacted Thursday, demonstrates Azusa Pacific’s commitment to “uniform standards of behavior for all students, applied equally a...
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When Your World Spins Too Fast

It's an ugly time in our culture. I see pundits on cable news trying to explain why it's ugly and what we can do about it. But almost all of them miss the central point.America is changing in big ways, very quickly, and to a substantial minority, that is terrifying. And right now, for those folks, fear motivates everything in them. These people fear losing power (that they never really had), fear losing social status (that they never really had), fear losing their culture (which was never as Whi...
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Bishops and spouses respond to Lambeth (dis)invitations

Yesterday, as the bishops of the Episcopal Church gathered in retreat at the Kanuga conference center in North Carolina, much of the conversation was about how they should respond to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s decision to not invite the spouses of LGBT bishops to the Lambeth conference. Ironically, the main theme of the Conference is “God’s Church for God’s World: walking, listening and witnessing together;” apparently “together” is a relative concept in Canterbury.   We’ve covered responses...
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Historical lesbian destinations

Due to the vast majority of LGBTQ historical records and writings focusing on the relationships between gay men, there isn’t much about the history of lesbianism in the more distant past. However, just in the past three centuries, along with the emergence of feminism and women’s rights, came the need to bring the lesbian voice into the mainstream. The easiest way to pay homage to the lesbian culture that helped shape history as you know it? Simply pay a visit to one of the many destinations a...
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Ohio Lawmakers Consider Extending Anti-Discrimination Law to Protect LGBTQ

Some Ohio legislators have been trying for years to add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression into the state’s anti-discrimination law. The bill, known as the “Ohio Fairness Act,” would make those additions a protected class in employment, housing and other public accommodations. Right now, a person in Ohio could be fired from their job, kicked out of their apartment, or refused service based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. “We actually do recei...
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Anti-LGBTQ Pence Hosts One Of Few Openly Gay World Leaders And Partner

Vice President Mike Pence, a known opponent of LGBTQ rights, hosted an openly gay world leader and his partner at the vice president’s residence for the first time Thursday. According to a Thursday Washington Post report, Pence invited Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and his partner, Mike Barrett, to his residence for breakfast. Pence has hosted Varadkar solo before and reportedly told him then that his partner would be welcome as well. Vice President Mike Pence invited me and Matt to his ...
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Cozy Same Sex Wedding Inspiration with a Glamorous Twist on Neutrals

We’ve got nothing but affection for this same sex wedding inspiration with a cozy, yet upscale twist. With a moody palette of buttercream, onyx and all the hazelnut hues between, these two gorgeous gals wed in the ultimate setting. Snowflakes dripped just a stone’s throw away, as they snuggled up with furry blankets at a table set for 6 – twisty branches and a wild grass installation making a statement above. View full post
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J.K. Rowling Adds More Fuel to the Dumbledore/Grindelwald Fire 

The upcoming Blu-ray release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald features some choices quotes from writer J.K. Rowling and director David Yates regarding the are-they/aren’t-they relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.Read more...
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Transcend is LA’s Career Fair for the Transgender Community

Today, the Los Angeles Trade Center is playing host to Transcend—a career fair specifically for the transgender community. With 80+ employers taking part (from Paramount to UCLA), the event was organized by social worker and trans rights advocate Jason Hill. Transcend is a crucial initiative; the statistics surrounding transgender people at work are astounding—from the unemployment rates, to treatment in the workplace, to income and …
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Mine Have Naked People

Midway through Act II of La Cage aux Folles we get the number "Cocktail Counterpoint." It doesn't really feel like the other songs in the show. I used to think it was just filler because they felt like they needed a song there.I was really wrong.This is a deceptively complex piece that delivers so much information. On the surface, it feels like just an Irving Berlin style stunt, introducing several independent melodies, then combining them into counterpoint. But it's more than that. Berlin did ...
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Tammy Baldwin On The Next Battle For LGBTQ+ Rights

It’s 2019 and, in more than half of the states in the United States, it remains legal to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace, in housing, in public spaces, and many other areas. The absence of a federal anti-discrimination law has a deep impact in the everyday lives of this community: Research shows nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ+ people in the U.S. have experienced discrimination based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.Sen. Tammy Baldwin hopes to chan...
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The Resistance Forms: A Timely Reminder of What is at Stake in Church Struggles over Sexuality

The news out of the special General Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC) made history. At last, a major mainline Protestant denomination had, after much maneuvering, turned back an effort to abandon its historic biblical affirmation of biblical sexuality and marriage. The event was an earthquake of sorts, sending shock waves around the world. And yet, even as there was cause for the faithful to be relieved by the vote, the real battle still lies ahead. The UMC, formed in 1968, is the ...
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How to make LGBTQ friends traveling

As a queer, nonbinary person, I’ve often struggled with feelings of isolation while traveling, especially in countries where it’s not completely safe to be out. That’s why I’m grateful when I find some LGBTQ “family” on the road. For just a few days or even just a moment, I can let down my guard. I can stop switching around pronouns when I talk about partners or exes, and I can feel fully welcomed as I am. These moments often come unexpectedly: In Taiwan, I was at dinner with a new friend, an...
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University dean resigns after school denies Chick-fil-A a location on campus

Cynthia Newman, dean of the college of business administration at Rider University in New Jersey, has resigned from that position after her school denied Chick-fil-A a campus location "based on the company's record widely perceived to be in opposition to the LGBTQ+ community." (Newman will continue as a tenured professor though.) According to the university administrators, Chick-fil-A's "corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider." I first suspected Ne...
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Games Get Into Character With More Inclusive Options

The LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD came to the rescue of video-game maker Ubisoft last month in the midst of a social firestorm surrounding a piece of add-on content the developer released for mega-hit “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.” The game, which dropped in October, gave players a choice of not just which gender to role-play, but whether […]
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Talking Tech, Gender, Pleasure and Politics With Lora DiCarlo’s Founder

"Hold the phone, did you just call women's sexual health and wellness 'profane?'"
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Former teen idol and LGBTQ ally Luke Perry dead at 52

Actor, LGBTQ ally, and former teen idol Luke Perry has died in Los Angeles at age 52.
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Justices add patent-fees case to next term’s docket

This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from last week’s conference, adding a new case involving fees in patent cases to its docket. Under federal law, an unsuccessful patent applicant who wants a court to review the denial of his patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has two options. He can go to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which will review the denial based on the same record that the USPTO used. Or he can go to federal district court, which will let him ad...
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America’s inadequate LGBTQ medical education

As medical students, we are asked to learn in exquisite detail the ins and outs of rare diseases that we may never encounter in clinical practice. Yet the education we receive on caring for a population numbering in the millions is sorely lacking, and the health of those patients — the members of our communities […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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The Rev. Dr. Tom Ferguson analyzes and explains UMC GC2019

In the wake of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference and the passage of legislation strengthening restrictions on the ministry of LGBTQ+ persons in the UMC, the Rev. Dr. Tom Ferguson, former Ecumenical Officer on the Presiding Bishop’s staff and former professor and Academic Dean at Bexley Hall Seabury Western Seminary, has written an excellent piece that explains what happened at the UMC General Conference.   In his capacity as Ecumenical Officer, Ferguson attended several UMC Gener...
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Church History Made Before Our Eyes: United Methodists Make History, Affirm Biblical Standards of Sexuality

Church history spans two millennia—2,000 years of recorded experience. The weight of that history is heavy and humbling. Seen in that light, it takes a really big event to rank as historical, even as it happens. Such an event happened within the last seven days. In St. Louis Missouri, the United Methodist Church met for a special General Conference to answer unavoidable questions central to the sexual revolution and the LGBTQ agenda. The United Methodist Church stands as the last mainline Protes...
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The Methodist Church just voted to reject gay marriage and openly queer clergy members again

Despite the church's anti-LGBTQ stance, it rarely ever takes action against same-sex marriage or openly queer clergy.
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One new grant and a 9th Circuit rebuke

This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from last week’s conference. The justices added just one new case to their merits docket for next term and issued an unsigned opinion that sent a ruling that was released after the death of one of the judges who participated in the case back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The justices once again did not act on several high-profile cases, including a challenge to an Indiana abortion law and a group of cases asking the justices to wei...
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United Methodists GC2019 underway

The United Methodist Church(UMC) ended its first day of a special General Conference (GC2019) to determine that church’s response to a host of issues concerning its LGBT+ members. Similar to the experience in the Episcopal Church, feelings are strong and the possibility of a church split hangs over the proceedings. Unlike the Episcopal Church, the UMC is a truly global church, with nearly a third of its membership in the global south where traditional views on the issues holds sway.   This speci...
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LGBTQ+: “We’re Working On It!”

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Come and Investigate the Dark Side of Your Soul

As I wrote in my first blog post about this show, the title La Cage aux Folles can be translated a few different ways, but the one that makes most sense to me is The Cage of Madwomen. And yet, while folles usually means crazy or foolish, it's also a slang word for effeminate gay men. Think about that for a second.The name of the show -- and the name of the club at the center of our story, and the name of our show's title song about that club -- is all about ambiguity. As Georges quips in Act I,...
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