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Achmat Dangor: On writing and change

Celebrated author and political activist Achmat Dangor died on Sunday at the age of  71. Here, in a 1990 interview published in Staffrider, he speaks to Andries Walter Oliphant about his work and aspects of South African literature and culture The post Achmat Dangor: On writing and change appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Reproducing Festac ’77: A secret among a family of millions

An interview with Chimurenga founder Ntone Edjabe about his latest project The post Reproducing Festac ’77: A secret among a family of millions appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Nearly 100 Luminaries Sign Letter Threatening Boycott Over Ballet Director’s Firing — But Some Of Them Say They Never Agreed To Sign

The open letter, published in the French newspaper Libération and originated by choreographer Maguy Marin and theatre director Atiane Mnouchkine, threatens to withhold rights to all signatories’ work from the Lyon Opera Ballet unless it reinstates ousted director Yorgos Loukos. But several individuals whose names are on the letter, including choreographers William Forsythe and Benjamin Millepied and former Paris Opera Ballet director Brigitte Lefèvre, say they did not agree to sign it. (This, b...
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Scrotum-Nailing, Bank-Burning Artist Interferes With Paris Mayoral Campaign

Pyotr Pavlensky — who gained notoriety in Russia for sewing his lips shut in solidarity with Pussy Riot and nailing his scrotum to Red Square, and who, having received political asylum from the French government, proceeded to set fire to the Bank of France — obtained, posted online, and gave to the newspaper Libération sexting messages and images sent to a woman by President Macron’s former spokesman, who is — make that was — running for mayor of Paris. – Yahoo! (AP)
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Pro-privacy search engine Qwant announces more exec changes — to ‘switch focus to monetization’

More changes have been announced in the senior leadership of French pro-privacy search engine, Qwant. President and co-founder, Eric Leandri (pictured above), will be moving from an operational to a strategic role on January 15, the company said today — while current deputy managing director for sales and marketing, Jean-Claude Ghinozzi, is being promoted to president. Leandri will leave the president role on January 15 , although he is not departing the business entirely but will instead shi...
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China Box Office: ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Fizzles While ‘Ip Man 4’ Keeps Packing Punches

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” completely fizzled in its second weekend in China, setting it on track to become the least successful installment of the franchise by far in the world’s second largest film market. By Monday, “Skywalker” ranked seventh at the box office behind a pack of local Chinese action films and dramas. […]
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Invasive scheme spotted that foxes tracker blockers

Online privacy is facing a new challenge: A first-party tracker that appears to be unblockable with standard privacy tools such as adblockers. The tracker in question was spotted being deployed by French national newspaper, Liberation, which in October promised subscribers an entirely tracker-free experience. That promise garnered it a bunch of attention from privacy experts who dug around and found a first-party tracker embedded on its site which uses a subdomain (that’s mostly random) in order...
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Some Canceled Films Resurface in China, but Others Remain on Ice

China’s sensitive National Day holiday period is safely past, but it’s difficult to discern from the lineup of upcoming movie releases whether authorities plan to continue their heavy censorship or relax it to give the box office a healthy end-of-year boost. Some films that censors previously clamped down on are finally seeing the light of […]
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French journalists suspended over alleged cyberbullying

PARIS (AP) — Several French journalists have been suspended for allegedly coordinating online harassment through a private Facebook group. French newspaper Liberation and cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles announced on Monday they have suspended three journalists working for them, including the creator of the group. Liberation last week reported that some members of the group named […]
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'Chaos is complete': what the European papers say about Brexit

Commentators left bemused and frustrated at May’s move to delay vote on EU dealEurope’s commentators have not been kind to Theresa May after she delayed the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal and dashed to the continent in search of further concessions.“It’s like a long, slow agony,” wrote Sonia Delesalle-Stolper, the London correspondent for the French daily Libération. “You know the end is near, you expect the worst, then there’s a small flicker of light – before another collapse. And it alway...
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Amateur Traveler Interview – The Liberation Route

I recently did my 14th interview on The Amateur Traveler Podcast with Chris Christensen. I did my first interview on the show way back in 2008 from an Internet cafe in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This time I talk about my recent trip this summer along The Liberation Route. The Liberation route is a collection of sites … Continue reading "Amateur Traveler Interview – The Liberation Route" The post Amateur Traveler Interview – The Liberation Route appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blo...
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Where are all the revolutionaries of 1968? They’re long gone | Martin Kettle

Fifty years ago, hundreds of thousands marched in Paris. But the political and economic changes they called for never cameAt the weekend, I sat in a Parisian cafe, sipping a coffee and reading the reminiscences in Libération about the events of May 1968. Fifty years ago to the day, more than 300,000 people had marched through these streets demanding the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle, one of the high points of the rebellion. One of the banners held high in the crowd announced: “Those...
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Silent Barn final schedule: Partner, Vagabon, Big Eyes, "Last Rites" & more

Long-running NYC DIY venue Silent Barn is sadly closing at the end of the month but you've still got a bunch of chances to hang out there and their final schedule includes some good shows. Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Johnny Hallyday and the Art of Harmonious Schmaltz

I have long been accustomed, when faced with Americans' skepticism, to taking up the defense of Johnny Hallyday , the French rock musician who passed away on 5 December at 74. It has never been an easy task. The mirror that this unconditional admirer of America and its music held up to them was always too distorted for his extravagant stage persona to be recognized as anything but a kitschy Gallic misreading of rock, confirmation of the old Anglo-American saw that French pop mu...
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Catherine Deneuve Backtracks On #MeToo Criticism

Following days of harsh backlash, Catherine Deneuve has published a public explanation of why she signed her name to this week's letter from 100 French women denouncing the Me Too movement. The actress apologizes to victims of "odious acts," such as sexual assault and harassment but still defends her decision to sign the letter."I don’t like this aspect of our times where each feels the right to judge, arbitrate, condemn — a society where simple denunciations on social networks lead to punishme...
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Catherine Deneuve nonapologizes.

From "Catherine Deneuve Apologizes to Victims after Denouncing #MeToo" (NYT):“I’m a free woman and I will remain one,” Ms. Deneuve said in the letter to Libération. “I fraternally salute all women victims of odious acts who may have felt aggrieved by the letter in Le Monde. It is to them, and them alone, that I apologize.”Last week’s letter, which said that using social media as a forum for sharing experiences of sexual misconduct had gone too far, drew some praise but also international critici...
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Catherine Deneuve Apologizes to Sexual Assault Victims, Explains Public Letter

Less than a week after signing a public letter blaming the #MeToo anti-harassment movement for spurring puritanism and unfair punishment of men, French star Catherine Deneuve wrote a long statement addressing the backlash provoked by the letter and apologized to victims of “odious acts.” In her personal statement, published in national newspaper Liberation on Monday, […]
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Women of Color Fight Back

Sister Diaspora for Liberation, a feminist collective, hosted a self-defense workshop in the Bronx for and by women of color. The class worked to create safe space through sparring, meditation and private dialogue.
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David West (Rat Columns, Total Control) preps solo LP, playing shows

The album features Mikey Young of Total Control, Raven Mahon on Grass Widow and more. Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Cold Beat touring around Riot Fest

San Francisco's Cold Beat released their terrific third album, Chaos by Invitation, back in the spring... Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Libération: CheckNews

Libération: CheckNews visual.png From the last debate of the French presidential election until the last day before the vote, Libération, one of the most popular French newspaper, presents a search engine run by journalists. On the Internet, search engines give us millions of results. How do we find the right ones? Libération came up with an anti-hoax service:, a search engine trading cold algorithms for...
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Ask And You Shall Receive A Thoughtful Answer

Russian hackers are now meddling in the French election. French newspaper, Libération, is fighting back with a search engine staffed by real-life journalists. Libération with the help of J. Walter Thompson/Paris came up with the anti-hoax service, a search engine trading cold algorithms for journalists for three days before the French elections. In related […] The post Ask And You Shall Receive A Thoughtful Answer appeared first on AdPulp.
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Whose Qur’an?

The Qur’an has emerged as a rich resource for liberation. Over the past several decades, Muslims across the world have interpreted the Qur’an to address the pressing problem of oppression, discerning in the text a progressive message of social justice that can speak to contexts of marginalization, from poverty and patriarchy to racism, empire, and interreligious communal violence. These justice-based interpreters of the Qur’an have produced a complex and sophisticated body of work. I won’t even ...
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Ode to the joy of Je t’aime franglais | Letters

The quote from Schiller’s poem Ode to Joy (Letters, 30 March) should read “der stehle weinend sich aus diesem Bund” and not “der stehe weinend aus diesen Bund”. Apart from being grammatically incorrect, this version messes up the rhythm. The meaning becomes starker, too. It would not merely be “remain weeping outside” but “those who have been unable to establish such a bond, should sneak/steal away weeping”.Daisy Hammerbacher-ShawNottingham• You show the front page of Libération with its headlin...
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What to read to understand the Fake News issue

“Something has changed”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the German Parliament last year. “Opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago. Today we have fake sites, bots, trolls — things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms and we have to learn to deal with them”, and “we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it.” Leading up to our important discussion on Fake News on Wednesday – for which we’re all full up – I thought I’d put t...
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Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - The State (I'm In) (Edit)

Albums of 2016 - Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage One of the most complete and seamless albums of 2016, Mirage, the second release in as many years from Sweden's Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation is a… (in post Albums of 2016 - Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage from Just Music That I Like. More by this artist at )
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When You’re Not to Blame

I sang and danced and swirled and twirled. I had no care in the world. I paid no attention to my foot caught on the hem underfoot or my strap halfway down my young arm. None of that mattered. What mattered was that I felt alive, beautiful and one with creation. What happened to that little girl? The one who gave no care to her off-pitch high notes?  The one who heard not catcalls of criticism, but simply her voice of freedom? The one who gave no merit to outside perceptions, but just God’s wild...
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Political attacks on Brazilian film a reminder: there's no such thing as bad publicity

The director and stars of 'Aquarius' protest the proposed impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff at Cannes in May 2016. Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters Rodrigo Fonseca, Darcy Ribeiro School of Cinema With more than 338,000 tickets sold, more than $1 million in box office, and two months of sold-out screenings, the Brazilian film Aquarius is a megahit by Latin American independent cinema standards. It has finished its run at the Viennale Film Festival in Vienna, Austria, and it will com...
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Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Where I'm Going

Upping the motorik attack from their first record with Rocket Recorings, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation plummet into a vortex of swirling drums and swarms of buzzing keys on Mirage. From the opening strains of “The State (I’m… (in post Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation from raven sings the blues. More by this artist at )
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Speaking to the Soul: A Life Changing Teaching

by Laurie Gudim Luke 4:14-30 A little over a year ago a dear friend’s father died, and she asked me to preach at his memorial service.  It was in the town where I went to high school.  The sermon preached well, and I received many compliments. My sophomore English teacher was there.  I could tell that she was proud.  All those years ago when I was in her class she had taught me the basics of good rhetoric and had encouraged me, a very bashful introvert, to stand up and speak in public.  Now here...
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