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Birth of 3 Wolf Pups Means Colorado Has Its First Native Wolves Since the 1940s

Colorado wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a litter of gray wolf pups—the first thought to be seen in the state in decades. The discovery is also noteworthy in light of a voter-passed initiative last year to reintroduce wolves to Colorado by 2023.Read more...
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Studying Biochemistry and English Rhetoric & Writing, and hoping to go to medical school

I chose my majors together because the combination will allow me to do the most good in the world. I love researching two-partner secretion in my biochemistry lab under doctors Daniel Grilley and Robert Weaver. In order to successfully apply for grants to fund research, one must become a strong writer so one’s sponsors know the big picture of one’s research and its applications. I have also always been in love with reading and writing. I feel that this combination of majors will let me communica...
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