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July linkfest

I haven’t recommended a book in a while, so this month I’m recommending two, both of them new, both of them about language. (And each one blurbed by the author of the other one, which must be a coincidence, right?) Highly Irregular, by Arika Okrent, looks at many of the things that make English such a weird language, some of which may be so familiar you’ve never questioned them. Why isn’t of spelled with a v? How come we say how come? Why do we say big spender and large pizza, but not large ...
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"at your library" in the north island eagle: a chance to win great prizes, just for reading

In my last column I highlighted incentives being offered by the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) for kids to read, and for teens to stay engaged in learning, through the Summer Reading Club and the Teen Summer Quest. I briefly mentioned the Adult Summer Reading Challenge, and some readers of this column wanted more information. Nothing makes a librarian happier!The Adult Summer Reading Challenge (ASRC) is a fun and easy way to keep your summer reading on track, to branch out and read som...
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Nigeria's Lagos State Faces 'Potential Third Wave' of COVID-19

By Libby GeorgeLAGOS (Reuters) - Nigeria's Lagos state faces a "potential third wave" of coronovirus infections, its governor said in a...
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The 27 best non-fiction audiobooks, from celebrity memoirs to self-help bestsellers

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Gilbert Espinoza/Insider Non-fiction audiobooks are an easy and flexible way to learn something new on the go. Narration, especially when by the author themselves, adds emotion and passion to any story. We've rounded up readers' favorites, from humor and history to memoirs and self-help. As an avid reader, I was growing frustrated with my limited available free time to read. Formerly ob...
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Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie

Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie is a delicious fall dessert. Quick to make and packed full of pumpkin spice flavor, your friends and family will love this easy to make dessert. When Thanksgiving comes around, let your oven handle the turkey, your air fryer can take care of the pumpkin pie! Reasons To Make Pumpkin Pie In An Air Fryer: This classic and delicious recipe is incredibly simple to make. It’s packed full of that amazing pumpkin spice flavor that every...
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Forma Logged Out of Overdrive, Wouldn't Log Back On

Just passing this on for anyone else running into it. My wife went to search OverDrive on her new Forma for a book to read and it wouldn't give her the option. Checking Settings > OverDrive, we found that it had logged her out. When we tried to log her back in to OverDrive, it refused. It just kept cycling back to the OverDrive login screen. She could get to the library's Libby stuff just fine. But, the Forma just refused to let her sign in. Searching around here, it looked like the only ...
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The newest Nook tablet isn't as sharp or fast as Amazon's Fire HD 10, but it's the best for people who want the biggest selection of books and apps

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Barnes & Noble and Lenovo's Nook Tablet is a 10-inch tablet that is best for reading and watching movies. Sarah Lord/Insider Barnes & Noble and Lenovo's new Nook tablet is great for budget-minded shoppers. Its access to the Google Play Store gives the Nook a big advantage over Amazon's Fire tablets. It only costs $129.99, but lacks power and the 1080p screen found on Amazon's tablets. Ta...
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I stumbled across an interesting article this morning while looking for pictures of the tailgunner's station in a B-52...The first American to shoot down five enemy aircraft was Frederick Libby, an ex-cowboy from Colorado who joined the British Royal Flying Corps in 1916 and served as an observer-gunner in FE-2B two-seat pusher aircraft. FE gunners used two machine guns, including a rear-facing Lewis gun, mounted on a steel pole, which required them to stand up on their seats when firing. “Only ...
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OverDrive on Kobo: Any Way to Filter Genres/Recents?

I must be missing something regarding using OverDrive on my Kobo Forma. I can get it to show my Holds, so borrowing an already found book is no problem. But, I can't seem to find any way to find OverDrive books of a particular genre that are new (perhaps a week) to the library. I guess I'm used to browsing my library's new books of the genres I'm interested in on Libby. On my Forma, if I go to Discover > OverDrive, I see "Your Holds," "Just Added eBooks" (which appears to be all ebooks added...
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Lisa Kudrow Cast in Better Nate Than Ever Film Adaptation

According to a recent report from Deadline, Friends star Lisa Kudrow is set to star in the upcoming Disney+ musical comedy Better Nate Than Ever.   RELATED: New In the Heights Featurette Highlights Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Neighborhood The feature-length musical comedy is based on the novel by Tim Federle, who is also attached to direct the picture for Disney. Federle previously show-ran Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and will now get to adapt his popular novel into a live-...
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Comment on rhubarb cordial by Libby

Hello Deb! Could you provide some insight for us on what you should watch out for if you’re steeping the cordial at room temp (vs. in the fridge)? Thanks!
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27 fast-paced books you can finish in one day

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. PIC SNIPE/Shutterstock Finishing a book in a single day can be extremely satisfying. These books are either short, fast-paced reads or captivating page-turners. We also included audiobooks to help you fit in a quick read during a commute or run. It is undeniably satisfying to start and finish a whole book in one day. When I haven't read a book in a while and want to feel like I accomplished somethin...
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Slaxx – review

Director: Elza Kephart Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers I didn’t sit down to watch Slaxx with the view of viewing it as a vampire film, it just looked like a fun watch. It became clear, however, that it can be viewed as such on a couple of levels. This necessitates a broad view of what a vampire is, of course, but the tropes are there. When I mention a couple of levels, one is within the primary subject of the film – a pair of homicidal possessed jeans but the other true vampire of the film...
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Finally, A Decent App For Borrowing Ebooks From The Library

A clunky, outmoded piece of software called OverDrive had been the standard app for getting reading material from the library onto your Kindle. Instead of merely upgrading, OverDrive (the company) created a new, far more user-friendly app called Libby which debuted but only started getting public attention over the past year. – Engadget
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I signed up for a library card through a free app called Libby and got access to thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks - here's how it works

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Libby; Alyssa Powell/Insider Libby is a free app that lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. You can stream and download books for offline reading or listening, including on Kindle. Some libraries even let you get a library card through Libby, making it easier than ever to sign up. Like many people, I spent a lot of the past year reading and listening to audiobooks (and, yes, Mas...
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How to Overcome Reverse Mortgage Borrower ‘Pain Points’ in California

Reverse mortgage loans can be powerful tools for certain people in a particular financial situation, but many times borrowers have issues with getting to a loan’s closing based on a whole host of factors. These can include a predisposition to believing misinformation about the product category, issues related to their ability to qualify or even other financial or regulatory factors that could make getting to a loan’s closing a difficult task. To that end, RMD is seeking to shine a spotlight o...
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E-commerce investor Upper90 raises $55M for equity investments

It might be strange to hear this from a firm that just raised a $55 million equity fund, but the team at Upper90 would like to remind you that equity isn’t the only funding that’s available. Upper90 is led by CEO Billy Libby (former head of quantitative education sales at Goldman Sachs) and Chairman Jason Finger (co-founder of Seamless), and it was the first investor in both Thrasio and Clearbanc. The firm offers debt and equity funding, and it just closed a $195 million fund in December — but t...
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Zwischen Schwarz & Weiß: Warum ihr in der Familie über Hautfarbe sprechen solltet

Viele Menschen nehmen mittlerweile die Haltung, die Reni Eddo-Lodge in ihrem Bestseller Warum ich nicht länger mit Weißen über Hautfarbe spreche vertritt, ein. Schwarze Menschen auf der ganzen Welt haben sich vorgenommen, nicht länger die Last auf sich zu nehmen, anderen die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge ihrer Unterdrückung erklären zu müssen. Ihrer Meinung nach liegt es in der Verantwortung derjenigen, die von White Supremacy profitieren, sich Wissen anzueignen, um solche repressiven Systeme d...
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Overdrive books won't open on kobo

Hello, I am hoping someone can give me some insight into why Overdrive books are no longer opening on my Kobo Aura H2O edition 2. I recently did a factory reset on my Kobo and had to log back into all of my accounts. Now when I check out a book and sync my device, it downloads fine, but when I try to open it, I get a message that the file can't be opened. I've made sure that all of my devices are authorized to the same adobe ID and authorized my Kobo through Digital Editions on my computer. ...
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Missoula Man Drowns While Ice Fishing in Lincoln County

Officials in Lake County say a Missoula man drowned while ice fishing south of Libby earlier this week.
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How to read book from overdrive in Pocketbook

Considering to buy Pocketbook inkpad color. But I used to borrow book from overdrive , does any ease way to read books from overdrive in pocketbook? P. S. Existing using Libby app in tablet.
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Jessica Walter, actress who starred in ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Archer,’ dies at 80

French actor Yves Montand (R) meets US actress Jessica Walter before the filming of “Grand Prix” directed by John Frankenheimer (L) at the terrace of an hotel in Paris on April 9, 1966. / AFP PHOTO / – (Photo credit should read -/AFP via Getty Images) LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 13: (L to R) Cast members Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, Jessica Walter and Portia de Rossi pose at a cocktail party and script reading for FOX-TV’s “Arrested De...
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Amazon Withholds Its Ebooks From Libraries Because It Prefers You Pay it Instead

Amazon is withholding ebook and audiobook versions of works it publishes through its in-house publishing arms from US libraries, according to a new report from The Washington Post. The Verge: In fact, Amazon is the only major publisher that's doing this, the report states. It's doing so because the company thinks the terms involved with selling digital versions of books to libraries, which in turn make them available to local residents for free through ebook lending platforms like Libby, are unf...
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27 great non-fiction audiobooks that are perfect for listening to on long walks, from celebrity memoirs to self-help bestsellers

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Gilbert Espinoza/Insider Non-fiction audiobooks are an easy and flexible way to learn something new on the go.Plus, narration - especially when the text is read by the author themselves - adds emotion and passion to any story.We've rounded up readers' favorites, from humor and history to memoirs and self-help.As an avid reader, I was growing frustrated with my limited available free time ...
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Second Trailer for Possessed Pants Fashion Horror Comedy 'Slaxx'

"Are you afraid there's a killer… out there?" Shudder has unveiled a super bloody trailer for the Canadian horror comedy film titled Slaxx, about a possessed pair of jeans. This premiered at last year's Fantasia Film Festival, and we featured a promo trailer back then. "From the producers of Turbo Kid comes a new type of killer, a pair of jeans, in this raucous horror-comedy." When a possessed pair of jeans begins to kill the staff of a trendy clothing store, it is up to Libby, an idealistic...
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Clara HD Overdrive/Kobo feature updates?

I just noticed the other day that I could return books on my Kobo Clara HD from all the libraries connected to my Libby app (I’m running the most recent firmware). Until recently, only the main library linked to the Kobo store would allow me to return ebooks from my Kobo. I’d have to open the Libby app to return or renew books from the other libraries. It’s been this way for years, so I’m excited about the new development. For you people plugged into the details, when did this change occur, and...
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Comment on simple, essential bolognese by Libby

In reply to Anja. I also experience this with my cast iron pan but not with a cheap enameled pot I was working with (I was making a double batch and couldn’t fit it all into one). The cast iron bolog tasted strongly of iron but the other batch in the enameled was delightful. Same ingredients, cooking time, everything. I’m going to steer clear of prolonged tomatoes recipes in my cast irons from now on.
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Comment on rigatoni alla vodka by Libby

I just made the old recipe for the first time a couple of weeks ago and my main thoughts were: “that’s a lot of vodka,” “wow, Deb didn’t warn us about the giant column of flame” (my vodka flared!) and “huh I wonder why canned tomatoes instead of tomato paste.” So I feel quite validated by this update! (The original was still pretty good!)
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Audiobooks are the most underrated form of quarantine entertainment - these are the best apps for listening

Libby; Scribd; Audible; Alyssa Powell/Insider Audiobooks are an underrated form of entertainment. They're an easy way to soak up information, whether you're jogging, taking a bath, or doing the dishes.I listen to audiobooks using Scribd, Libby, and Audible, as well as the audio from classes. It's boosted my happiness by helping me stay productive without feeling burned out.Read more: The top 30 audiobooks on Audible right now, from the Obamas' memoirs to the newest installment of the Twi...
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