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Importing Books: Ignore tags in metadata

I have a very specific tagging structure, but once in a while I'll import an eBook that has about a hundred random tags embedded in its metadata, which messes it up quite a bit. Although not difficult to fix afterwards, it's an annoyance that I'd prefer not to deal with. However, I'm not sure how to go about disabling it. I don't want to completely disable reading metadata from the file contents (some of the eBooks I download have rather obtuse filenames) and the Tag Mapper doesn't seem to work...
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Nested tags flat display

My nested tags are not displaying how I would expect in the tag browser. I recently re-built my library and I suspect that's what caused this. Is there a way to fix this?
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Bulk Search & Replace: Title (Noob Alert)

I'm having difficulty coming up with the "Replace With" expression that would append a string to the existing Title. For example: "Title" becomes "Title Revised" where "Revised" is a static string. Any insight would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
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Ratings Custom Columns Created From other Columns

Hi. Can I create a Custom Column built from other columns based on the ratings column that's built-in in Calibre? And if yes, how would that go? Thanks
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added custom column icons render larger than original icons

I'm trying to use column icon rules to map some custom column text to icons: the columns already contains 'Yes' and 'No' and those are displayed as checkmark and cross, respectively, as they should. I'm using copies of those same two icons to create my new icons, and everything works, except that the new icons (which are being placed in the cc_icons directory by calibre, as expected) are being displayed at a slightly larger scale than the original ones. At a glance I'd say they're about 50% bi...
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Help! Library Disaster Management

Hi, by playing with a remote webdav access to my calibre library I damaged my main calibre database file. The library ist empty now, I get an empty screen everytime I open calibre. However, all my ebooks files are in place including the Calibre metadata. How can I integrate the existing books including the metadata files in my existing (but now empty) library? Using the import ebooks bunktion results in doublets and new metadata file for each ebook... Thanks for any help! :help:
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Automatically populating metadata for PDF files based on filename

Hi, I have lots of PDF files with messed up metadata, but their filenames all follow one of these forms: Authors (separated by commas) - Title.pdf Authors (separated by commas) - Series SeriesNumber - Title.pdf Is there a way to use this filename information to correct the metadata? Thanks, Bhuvanesh
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Custom Column - ePub version

Hi, everybody. Is it possibile to create a Custom Column with the ePub version (2.0 or 3.0)? I saw this old post (from 2011) where @Kovid said it was not possible to retrieve metadata from inside the book. Is this statement still true today? Also, the ePub version is not exactly metada, it's a package attribute.
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Wrong initial File Structure - Need to Backtrack!

Hi All, I am really new to Calibre, I made a major set up mistake. I made folders in folders to organize ALL my PDF books. I know know they should all be in one folder and let Calibre organize them. If I just cut and past each sub folder up the chain into the main folder, all the JPG folder titles will over right each other, maybe the meta data too!. So would it be best that I just coppied the main PDF, erase everything else, and just reset up in Calibre one by one? I know its a lot of work ...
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Folder naming frustrations...

Hi. i have a book with the author name Alan Kazdin, author sort is Kazdin, Alan. FIle naming template is {author_sort}/{title}/{title} - {authors} For some reason this book is filed under Alan Kazdin, not Kazdin, Alan. I have changed the author and author sort to just 'Kazdin' and the folder name changes, however, when I then change author name to A Kazdin, and author sort to Kazdin, A the folder name goes to A Kazdin. Any idea what could be happening? PS, just tried something else. If i ch...
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Calibre back-up through Total Commander synchronization

Hi, need your help. Searching through forums but still not sure, that I understand correctly specifics of Calibre back-up. I've got one library at Calibre; it contains over 30,000 of books. I didn't understand the system of backing up, so use simple copying of my library folder to the external drive. The number of my books is so huge because I send to Calibre all books collected through the years on different computers, phones, flash drives, cloud storages, etc. I'm looking through my books, de...
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Changing sideloaded cover

My apologies if I've missed this, I've sent the last 20 minutes looking for the issue here while trying to fix it myself on my device. I have updated a cover on a book in my Calibre library, one that is sideloaded as a kepub on my Aura H2O2. When I click on the book in my "device" library listing, it shows the updated cover, but when I eject the device, it still shows the old one. I've tried removing the cover, matching the book to the library, and countless "update metadata on device, the old...
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Metadata best practices and configuration tips?

Hi, I am wondering if you would share your configurations for metadata. Is it better to use all/most the services Amazon, BN, Goodreads, etc.. to get quality metadata? Is there a defacto gold standard way of doing this? Do you select comments or ratings from one, and remove them from another service? Does it make sense to just use Goodreads and ignore the rest? Covers - how do you prioritize to get the best and most consistent results? I feel like there must be a better/proven way of dialing ...
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Import odt (Libre Office)

Linux Mint, Libre Office and Calibre. When I am updating to a new version of a text I've written I've noticed that occasionally the cover image replaces the first image in the text. To keep all existing meta data and original "browsed for" cover image, I delete all book formats from an entry in Calibre after editing author on imported book (as that is my real, not pen name) and then Merge. This has always been occasionally happening since I switched to odt and Linux instead of save as LibreOff...
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Calibre/anti virus problem

Hi I have an odd problem and I am hoping there is a solution. A couple of days ago I changed anti virus s/w to Bitdefender. However this morning when opened Calibre it wanted to update which I did. When I opened Calibre after updating it, bitdefender jumped in and blocking it opening a file (I think library file #5), Bitd asked me if I wanted to set up an exemption, which I did. When I opened Calibre again it said that particular file was corrupted and went to backups. All appeared good un...
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Individual Metadata works - multiple does not?

Hi, I have been a happy user for a few years. I updated and added some books to today for the first time in about 8 months. I have updated all the plugins as well. When I update an individual book's metadata it seems to work fine pulling from Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc... it will pull the series, ISBN, ratings and more complete data. All is good. When I select up nothing changes... no rating or new cover is pulled. I do have my cover priority set up correctly I think - Amazon & goodread...
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Save to Disk Template

I would like to organize the books on my disk by Title, then Author. I have tried several save templates...none of which have worked. Can anyone give me the save template for this? I dont understand the template editor, and the tutorials are way above my head. So ive been forever searching the internet for this save template, and cant find one....I wouldnt think it would be so hard. lol.
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Question about managing tags

So I finally got around to setting up (some) of the tag manipulation rules when adding books. I have a ton of old tags that seem to keep showing up when I move books around in libraries and just using the tag manager doesn't seem to work. The rules I am working with right now are just removing the tags. Best first step I can think of since there are so many changes that need to be made. My question is, when are the rules applied? Does the book have to be imported through "add book" or can it...
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Open With (.bat): How does it work?

Dear Kovid, I would like to use a .cmd file (or .bat) to run script on the epub (basically to push it to Content Server (linux). Normally I can drag the file on to the .bat file and it runs fine. But when I use Openwith feature (not the plugin), it does nothing. This is a simple sample: Code: @echo off cls echo %1 timeout /t 5 exit
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Feature Request: Quick Swtich on Main Toolbar or Search Bar

I find that I change and bounce around between my various libraries quite frequently. The ability have direct access to "Quick Switch" either by adding an action button to the Main Toolbar or having a drop down built into the Search Bar would be extremely helpful. Thank you.
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Can no longer import books into calibre

Ever since a few updates ago, I can no longer import books into calibre. I don't really know what I did, but whenever i try and copy a book into the program, I get this error calibre, version 3.36.0 ERROR: Unhandled exception: ZipImportError:bad local file header: C:\Program Files\Calibre2\app\ Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\actions\", line 334, in files_dropped File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\actions\", line 437, in _add_books ZipIm...
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Add to index/contents list in Mobi?

Is it possible to add to the index in a mobi format book? (or I could convert it to azw3 I guess as it's to be read in a Kindle). There is a long contents list near the start of the book which is clickable, but none of the chapters appear in the 'go to' menu in the Kindle. That just lists other parts of the book like the introduction, main book and appendices. How can I get these chapters into that menu via Calibre?
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Custom Tags Disappearing

Hello! I spent a ton of time categorizing my library with custom tags but every time I update Calibre they revert to the downloaded metadata tags. To change/edit the tags I'm double clicking in the 'tag' column and typing my own. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a trick to getting tags to save? Do the tags always revert with updates and I should give up on organizing via tags? I searched the documentation and forums but I couldn't find an answer. Any help appreciated!
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calibre won't start after editing tweak

I've been using calibre on Windows for a few years to manage a 500+ book library for my Kindle. Today I was editing the tweak to change the initial sort order displayed and I apparently specified an invalid sort key name (series_sort). It saved my change with no error, but when I restarted calibre it died. It displays the splash screen and then shuts down. I'm running version 3.35. I ran a calibre-debug -g and the output is in the attached file. How do I fix this? The traceback looks like...
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Regenerate metadata from opf files

Hello, I’ve just got a large base of free epubs in Spanish, they were interned to work with calibre, but seems the author deleted/forgot to upload the metadata.db file. The good thing is that everything is well structured with folders following this pattern: Author/Book/Files - where files are ALWAYS three files: ePub, OPF, and cover. I tried to add the books with the add book option, but it took about 40 minutes to add 300 books. Is there any option to do not process books and just take ...
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Tracking E-Mailed Items

I send books from my Calibre to several friends. I have gotten the e-mail system setup and working. Is there a way I can keep track of what I have sent. I tried adding a column called "Sent" to my display but I don't think it's configured properly and I don't know how to get it show which items I HAVE sent. Is there anyway to keep a record of what has been sent out? Thank you. jp
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Automatically capitalise the first letter of tags when downloaded as metadata?

Is it possible to automatically capitalise the first letter of tags when they are downloaded as metadata? And also automatically capitalise the first letter of any tags in general? I thought you could do this through preferences and create rules to filter/transform tags, but not sure what to use for regex pattern. Preferences > Create rules to filter/transform tags > add rule > Upper-case the tag, if it does not match pattern: ? Thanks, Inukami
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Checking the kepub versions

Is there a way for Calibre to indicate when a kepub version in the device is older then the version of that kepub in the calibre library ?
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Sending multiple books to device : one error stops all

Hello, I have about 9000 books loaded in Calibre but sending them to my Kobo Aura HD takes an awful lot of time because each time an error occurs with one file, the whole "send" instruction is aborted and I have to repair the issue with that one file and redo the whole send. Until the next error ... Is there a way that the "send" instruction proceeds with the books that are OK and at the end gives a list of books that where not processed and need attention ? This way I could send all 9000 boo...
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Selected Columns on Content Server

Hi. Can I select which columns I would like to see when I connect to Content server? I've looked through "sharing over the net" but can't find anything about it. Can it be done? Thanks
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