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Calibre cannot locate my library

After this last update (3.40.1-64bit), Calibre cannot locate its library. I have tried uninstalling Calibre, including removing all traces of Calibre in the Program Files (x86), App Data folders, the registry, etc. I have tried switching to a new library then returning, which gives me the right library folder, but the only book there is John Schember Quick Start guide in epub format, and in the Calibre library I have set up, does not contain this epub title. I'm suspecting I have an issue with t...
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How to Organiuse Magazines

Is it possible to organize magazines as well and if so how. Plus is there a way to organize magazine based ebooks. I was wondering on how to organize ebooks and magazines if there is not much or any metadata at all. For example if the ebook is a cookbook from better homes and gardens and you want to organize them separately could you create a area called "Magazine>Ebook" and then ebooks such as "Ebook>Cookbooks", "Ebook>DIY" and so forth. I would need (3) categories (1) Ebook (2) Digital Magazin...
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How to Organise Magazines

Is it possible to organize magazines as well and if so how. Plus is there a way to organize magazine based ebooks. I was wondering on how to organize ebooks and magazines if there is not much or any metadata at all. For example if the ebook is a cookbook from better homes and gardens and you want to organize them separately could you create a area called "Magazine>Ebook" and then ebooks such as "Ebook>Cookbooks", "Ebook>DIY" and so forth. I would need (3) categories (1) Ebook (2) Digital Magazin...
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Messed up my library

My laptop (Windows 10) was running very slowly so i decided to restore it to factory settings. I saved, I thought, all my Calibre library onto a pendrive by 'sending' the file from the harddrive. When I came to reinstall it, a lot of the books were missing the content or their covers. I clicked on restore database which I think has worked but I think that the books are still on the pendrive as it flashes when I click on a book.. I'm now scared that if I try to move the books back onto the lapto...
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NookGlolight 3 BNRV 520 loses books from library

I had some 150 books in it, which represents about 5.5GB free out of 6.3GB total. I started reading books by one author wherein I had some 6 books by her, now I only see 2 of them. This is a chronic problem that's happened before. I thought it was that I had too many books, so I cut down the library from 500+ to 150. Everything was there when I began reading, now 4 of the 6 books are missing. Less books didn't help. 1) Is this a known problem of the Nook GL 3 , BNRV 520? Is there a fix? 2...
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How to Label personal documents such as books, and integration with goodreads?

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I am excited to be able to ask the experts.:2thumbsup I do not know if this is the right forum for my question, if not, please move it to the corresponding forum :smack: I use a kindle for books and personal documents and I have several doubts:blink:. :help: 1. How can I have my personal documents labeled as books? to share the extracts underlined on twitter with the name of the document and not generically. 2. How can I integrate books with goo...
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Adding custom metadata fields

Is is possible to add a custom metadata field to Calibre? While the Publisher field is available, it does not appear that the Publisher Location/Place is an available metadata field. Thanks
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Empty comment not identified by comment:false search

A comment:false search dosn't identified at least one book with an empty comment field. Now what?
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Right hand window pane disappeared with install

Release: 3.40.1 All of a sudden the right hand pane that gave all the book info like reviews and a picture of the front dust jacket has flown the coop. Anyway to get it back?
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Max number of Authors you're willing to cite?

I've played around with calibre a bit and know some of the basics. I know that you can have multiple authors for a book. But is there an effective limit for how many Authors you're willing to put into the author field on a book? Maybe 6 and after that you just cite "multiple authors" or something? I've got some anthologies, so they cite each of the authors. I'm not sure its a good idea to cite a dozen authors for one book. Oh, and there is no editor listed. Comments or suggestions?
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Saving books to disk

Hello everyone, I'm trying to organize my collection of comics on calibre and my results are not yet satisfaying. I'm trying to do something like that : {serie} {Total amount of book in this serie} / {serie}{series_index}{title}/ {Title} I don't know how to get this {Total amount of book in this serie} or if it is even possible. I also have a lot of books that don't belong in a serie, so it would be nice to find a template that doesn't show any weird brackets (or other) when there is no se...
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Library not loading

Every time I add books to my Calibre library, I back it up to a zip file and store it on Google Drive. A few months ago, I deleted my library to free up space. Today, I downloaded the zip file, unzipped it into the Calibre Library folder and started up Calibre. However, Calibre is showing 0 books. When I try to manually load the library from the appropriate folder, I get the message shown at this link (loading it as an IMG didn't work). What ...
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Trouble Saving to Disk Alphabetically

Hi. When I save Books to disk with a comma separated tag column the output isn't sorted alphabetically when there's more than one tag in the column. What's in the column in Calibre: Angel The Series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly What it becomes in the folder on my computer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel The Series This is my template for saving to disk. I know the tmp1 and tmp2 is the same one but I don't know how to remove one of the them and still keep the rest of it intact. ...
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Regenerate Covers

Hi, I appear to have lost over 3/4 of my eBook covers from Calibre. Any new books I add I get a cover. I realise that I can probably download a cover for each book individually but is there a way of regenerating the missing covers as a batch automated process? Thanks as always, jB :cool:
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Can't find the import/export all Calibre data function

Hi, I can't seem to find the "Can't find the import/export all Calibre data function" when I right click on the calibre library.. can some one help?
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Correct format for author name in metadata

Hi, I belong to a volunteer group who produces ebooks from public domain material and have done thousands. We have been using Calibre to convert to different formats. My question is to do with metadata. We have found that a number of volunteers are adding metadata for creator (the original author) in the format "firstname lastname" and a number in the format "lastname, firstname". And then some will be an organisation. We have realised that we don't actually know which is correct and works be...
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Batch importing doesn't import titles correctly

I'm importing several hundred books from kindle. I have the directory on my mac where the kindle files are saved, and I've tested it on one book, using Add books > Add books from a single directory. It works as expected. When I do Add books > Add books from directories, including sub-directories (one book per directory), Calibre finds all the books, but when they import the Title field is the nonsensical filename for the AZW files instead of the title from the metadata. All the other metadata f...
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Process Interrupt for Calibre Search Error ?

Whenever an error is made in the syntax for a Calibre library search (e.g. today I accidentally mistyped the "t" resulting in "yiyle:" when I was trying to search for a book by its title), the Calibre search process just hangs for an indefinite time period. My quick-fix has been to terminate and restart Calibre. Two questions: 1. Are there any keystroke shortcuts that can immediately abort a faulty search request ? 2. Just curious what Calibre is actually doing when the search syntax is in...
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How do I create different libraries for my books?

Hi, Since I managed to mess up my library once before, I thought I ask first. I want to have different libraries for my different books and magazines. For example a library for books on programming languages, for Computer hardware, for electronic magazines,... etc, all in separate directories. How can I do that? Or can I? Thanks.
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Moon reader pro page options

Hello I have been using MRP for a very long time and started using the Amazon Kindle and was wondering is there an option to MRP to have the pages flip like a book and not scroll? I cannot find an actual manual to using the app and prefer to have it that way. Thank you and thanks for letting me join
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Create Virtual Library with a sort?

Can I add a sort to an expression for a Virtual Library? If yes, what would the syntax be? I tried this below which is wrong and does not work but code example of what I'm trying to do: (series:"=Forbidden Bookshelf") and {series asc} I have been searching the forums and documentation for an example, but have not found any. Perhaps it is not possible.
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To create a column with size epub in Kb

Hello forum, I am trying to create a column showing the size of epub in Kb . I only found on the forum how to create a column with size in bits. Would someone have a solution? Thank you in advance, donpopo
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Regular Expression Request for Author Custom Field

Hello: I'd like some help with regular expressions. I'm attempting to create two custom fields: Calibre's Authors field may contain many authors, but I need to create a "First Author" custom field with the first Author of the Authors field Having that, I need a custom field that gives me the initial letter of the "First Author"'s name (not the first letter of the "First Author" last name ) Awaiting your kind reply, [INCANUS]
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Messed up database

I had my library of some 700 Photography e-books in perfect order and added my own tags, categories etc so that I could find any book on any topic. Unfortunately I had my e-book sub folder on my OneDrive (Microsoft) and wanted to access it from my desktop computer instead of my laptop where I had done all the hard work. I know appear to have messed up the metadata somewhat. In Calibre the book shows up with a Generic cover, and if I click on it I get a message saying that the book has no avai...
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Feature Request?

Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place for a feature request. (If it's not, could one of the moderators move it to the correct place? Thanks...) Anyway, I have several libraries in my Calibre installation and I switch between them constantly. I was wondering if there was some way of having an icon on the main toolbar for each library. It would make switching between them so much easier... :thanks: :iloveyou:
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building a genre custom column from tags

I'm trying to use the tags that get automatically imported to build my #genre column based on other columns (tags). It's slow going, but with over 8000 books and over a couple of dozen new ones added each week, worth it to figure out. But I'm stuck on a couple of things. First is a regex question at the bottom. Second, is there a known/better way for setting up a #genre column already? There was a plugin (DeriveGenre) that's no longer up. So my custom column is set up like this right now: ...
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Problem trying to restore database

Hi all! I've been using Calibre for years now, and really like the product. However, I have run into an issue where I'm stuck and am looking for any help that someone can provide. I have several thousand books in my database, and it was working so well for that, that I have also added in a few thousand "other" things (mostly .jpg's, some .mp3's etc.). This was all working very well until yesterday when I ran a "Check Library" and it found my database was corrupted. No problem, I said...
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Plugboards - per Libary? - "possible bug"

Hi all, just bought a new ebook reader (Kobo Form - decent device!) and was transferring some books. As explained in the wiki i created the required plugboards for - title changes (as similar to the setup for a kindle). And stumbled over the following behavior. Creating the Plugboards: as per {series:re(([^\s])[^\s]+(\s|$),\1)}{series_index:0>2s| - | - }{title} ---- switched to a second (already active library (quickswitch) transferred ...
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Creating a Catalog of Books Question

Please forgive me if this has been asked by others, I had asked this in another post and felt that perhaps it needed it's own topic to be seen by more experienced techies out there. I have gotten my settings where I get the author and title sorts the way I want them: Titles with the prefix on the end of the name such as The, A, An, etc.. And I have my Authors showing up First Name Last Name.. That's all fine.. What I can't figure out is how to have it output the SERIES name the same as the ti...
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Calibre to Kobo/Paperwhite no wires?

Calibre has a server. Both the Kobo Clara HD and the Kindle Paperwhite have experimental browsers which can connect to the server. You see the library. If you then download a book you seem to be able to view it in the browser. But, it does not appear in the e-reader library. Is there some extra step required? In short, do you have to use a usb cable to transfer books from Calibre to a Kobo Clara HD ( or a Kindle Paperwhite)? If not, then can anyone point me to a simple explanation on how to do ...
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