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Failed to export Data on 64 bit - help please.

Hi I'm running 64 bit (v4.23) on Windows 10 Home laptop. Export got to about 75% then I got the error below. My backup folder has 14 parts (same number as the previous folder that I deleted although the part files sizes are smaller (I did delete a few books). Can anyone interpret the error below and tell me how I can get a 100% export/backup please. Many thanks in advance. :thanks: Error: calibre, version 4.23.0 ERROR: Failed: Failed to export data. Click "Show Details" for more informa...
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calibre does not find books in subsubfolders of device

On my Kobo Libra H2O I am running KOreader. Since I do not want to clutter the main folder I created a folder called "Books" and send my Calibre Library to this folder by editing the "save template" of the device. This works like a charm. The problem is that the next time I connect my device, Calibre thinks my device is empty, I guess because it does not scan the subsubfolders of the main memory ? This is annoying because I cannot see which books are already on the device, update metadata etc...
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Are Covers Stored in Metadata or in the Formats?

I'm thinking of removing the various old formats of my Amazon books in my Calibre library (Remove Books > Remove All Formats From Selected Books) and then adding the latest format back from Amazon. Just about all of my book covers in my Library have been updated/changed over the years. If I remove all the old formats (leaving the metadata), do those updated covers go away, too? Or are they stored someplace in the metadata and will be the covers used once the new formats are in place? I'm esp...
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Keeping old catalog cover when re-generating?

When I first used the catalog feature, I designed my own cover for the catalog. But every time I regenerate the catalog after acquiring new books, that cover gets wiped out and I have to extract it from a prior backup version. Is there a way to somehow preserve the existing catalog cover when re-generating the catalog or else adding it to the generate cover list? Thanks.
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Amazon Books on Kindle Not Matching Books in Calibre

I re-downloaded all my Amazon books from Amazon to one of my Kindles. When I plug it in, Calibre says the vast majority of them don't match anything in my library. I'm pretty sure why: Amazon includes series/book# information in a set of trailing parentheses in the title. Over the years, I've removed those trailing parentheses. So, as far as Calibre is concerned (correctly), the titles don't match. I'm trying to come up with some way to get these things to match. I know (now) that I shoul...
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Collections not showing on Kobo Touch

Afternoon peeps - please be gentle with me. I've followed the Wiki page about shelves/collections but the custom shelves from calibre do not show on my Kobo. I note from the logs that two plug-ins 'fail to initialise', but have no idea what difference that makes. (The metadata 'manage automatically' option is checked, as stipulated.) Any help would be much appreciated. :p Thanks, Chris Attached Files calibre.txt (3.7 KB)
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Standalone Books: Leave Series Blank or Fill with Something?

If you have standalone books in your Calibre Library, do you leave the series field blank or do you fill it with some kind of stub (i.e., something like "No Series" or "Standalone")?
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exporting book library list

Hi, is it possible export the library book list? (in order to save it in excel, word etc) Thanks in advance Marco G
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exporting CALIBRE book library list

Hi, is it possible export the CALIBRE library book list? (in order to save it in excel, word etc) Thanks in advance Marco G
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Bulk Delete All But the Very First Format Added?

Over the years, I've used various book formats in Calibre. In some cases, I've got five different formats saved: MOBI, ORIGINAL_AZW3, AZW3, ORIGINAL_EPUB, and now EPUB. Is there any way to bulk delete all but the original format added to Calibre? My searches here aren't giving me a good feeling about being able to do that. I've found references to: Edit Metadata > Edit Metadata in Bulk > Basic Metadata > Restore Pre Conversion Originals, If Available. But, I'm not sure what the result wil...
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Why do marked books sometimes sort to the bottom?

Sometimes when a plugin puts a mark on a book, it ends up sorting to the very bottom of the list. This persists even when I resort or do a new search. Removing the mark and resorting resolves it. I don't even think there's a way to sort by mark. I also have maximum_resort_levels = 12 if that matters. Is this some intended feature, or a bug? :blink:
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Review downloaded metadata has no "Previous" button

I frequently use the Download Metadata featrue on multiple books at a time to cleanup my metadata data. One issue I have when stepping through each book in the "Review downloaded metadata" dialog is the lack of a "Previous" button. Sometimes after clicking "Next" I realize there was something I didn't check on the previous book (usually the tags as I don't want my custom tags overwritten). But there seems to be no way to get back to the previous book other than cancelling updates to all books an...
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Gestion Bibliothèque

Bonjour, Ma bibliothèque comprend plus de 25000 livres/documents. Chaque fois que je veux ajouter des livres cela prend beaucoup de temps. Est-il préférable de diviser sa bibliothèque? Cela me fera t-il gagner du temps? Que faire pour gagner en vitesse quand je veux ajouter des livres? Merci à tous pour votre aide
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Can't add book / can't open database

I ran into this when trying to add a book to my library. The same error happens when I try to open an existing book in my library, but then the book does open. calibre, version 5.21.0 ERROR: Errors while adding: Failed to add any books, click "Show details" for more information ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to add the book: An Introduction to Machine Learning D:/username/Desktop/Kubat2017_Book_AnIntroductionToMachineLearnin.epub With error: ...
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Is there a way to add a boolean value to a User Category?

Saved search for #bool didn't show up in the item list. :( Context: I combined Kobo collections and reading lists into a user category. I also want to add #onkobo:yes .
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list of ISBNs in text file; add OR set metadata via calibredb?

Ugh. I have a library reconciliation problem, and I'm not sure how to approach it. (Environment is Windows 10; only one calibre library is in play.) (Background: I am giving away about 3,000 paper books; I have previously recorded some of them into Calibre rows, but I'm not sure I've caught all of them, and I'd like to track what I've given away. I can barcode scan them as I box them.) Scanning them in batches yields a text file of ISBN13s. (I can batch convert these to ISBN10s if needed.) 1)...
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"Save as" Skip Existed Files

Hello , im using a "Save as" feature to export my books to a hard drive, but i have already a book in the folder that are the same as in my lib, how can i tell calibre to overwrite a books, but just skip already exited. thanks
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Can't remove ratings

Hello, I'm cleaning up my entire library and I had many books having rating I did not apply. These came from the retrieved metadata from multiple sources. I've decided to remove all of them and form now on I will be in charge for those ratings. So I edited the metadata in bulk and chose 'Not Rated' option and checked the 'Apply rating' checkbox. This worked for my entire library, except 3 books :| I've tried to manually edit the metadata of these 3 books but I can't get rid of those rating...
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Shortcut for logic AND operator

Hello, When I select a user category I can click CMD (on mac) on a second category and the the search box will apply a OR logic operator. I have tried every possible combination of special keys (Shift, Ctrl, Opt, Cmd) to apply instead the logic AND but I was not able to find any useful key combination. The only way to obtain this it to manually focus on the search bar and change each 'or' occurrences with 'and'. Is there any way to apply the AND with the keyboard special keys? If not would...
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What is the best way to collect all libraries together?

I have many libraries spread across many disks. What's the best way to collect them all together into one library? p.s. the same book will appear in a number of libraries. p.p.s. and another question: I've never really understood that bit about 'assume all ebook in a single folder are the same book in different formats'. I always say no. When would it apply?
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Move a user Sub-Category into another Category

Hello! I've been working for quite a while on building my custom user categories, containing many nested sub-categories. During this process I've realized some sub-categories did not logically belonged to a particular parent category. So I tough it would just as simple as to drag and drop a sub-category into another parent category but that was not the case. Not only this seems impossible with drag and drop but it seems impossible at all. So unless I couldn't find how to do it I'm stuck t...
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SQL error when trying to delete a book

I get this error and can't fix it. SQLError:SQLError: no such module: fts5 I've run all three selections in Library Maintenance to no avail. I am running Calibre 2.85.1 on Big Sur on an iMac. Can anyone help fix this? Thanks.
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Change library location?

Hi all. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search (I promise!) but so many results returned that I couldn't possibly go through them all, and I found nothing promising-looking in the first few pages of results. Anyway, recently got a new computer, and as I was setting it up I accidentally pointed my main library (Calibre Library) to the copy on One Drive, not the local copy. Can this be fixed, or do I need to back up my db, uninstall, reinstall, and get it right this time? :rolle...
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Calibre - ReMarkable 2 import issue w/ library

I believe the DRM removal plug in is correctly installed in Calibre. I'm able to add to ReMarkable all of the books that were in the library when I installed the plug in. However! If I borrow a new book from the public library and add it from ADE to Calibre, it shows up along with a view of the cover in the main Calibre GUI - making me believe it's in the library. The I open the ReMarkable app and go to 'Import' and the Calibre library shows up as a list of all of the authors each with a folde...
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screen interface

When I started with Calibre, the short discription and cover of a selected book where shown on the right off the scree. Somewhere I lost this functionality and I can't find how to restore it. Thanks
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Math functions in GPM

Is there any way to import python math functions for use in general program mode? eg log()
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Problems loading existing library into new Calibre installtion

I have a quite large collection of books (>100gb) that I manage through Calibre. After a problem with my boot-SSD, I had to reformat it and re-install Calibre. I pointed the Install wizard to the folder (on another drive) that still has my entire folder structure. The program then says that it will use an existing library automatically, but it did not do so. Instead it created a new metadata.db. Since I wanted to add some new books I bought, I did so - they are now in that library. But so what...
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Can't get half-stars using rating_to_stars function

My plugboard places various items at the beginning of the Comments in the Details on a Kobo Clara. The part of the template I'm having trouble with is this: {#gr1:rating_to_stars(value,1)|Rating: |} No half-stars show up, only whole stars. The rating comes from a custom column of floating point numbers. The ratings are from Goodreads and show up in the format x.xx in the custom column. I must have something wrong, but I'm baffled, so I hope someone here can help. Thanks!
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Can I create bookmark in PDF?

I use Calibre on a Win 10 laptop. Can I create a bookmark with a pdf file?
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Calibre can't access DB from Standard User, but does from Admin User (Win10)

I hadn't used Calibre for a while, opened it successfully, saw there was an update so I installed that. It appeared to install successfully but on first launch it said the DB was corrupt, and when I followed the prompts to repair/restore the db these failed (both the Yes and No options failed). I uninstalled, restarted Windows, and reinstalled from an Admin-type User Account, which then worked fine. But I want to use Calibre from my usual Standard-type User so I switched back to that. It has t...
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