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"Could not read cover from epub"

The other day, I added a new EPUB into my library, originally downloaded from Archive Of Our Own, with some edits made in Sigil because I'm finicky about formatting. This is a standard workflow for me, and usually it leads to Calibre generating a cover based on the book's first page of text. This time, though, instead of that, Calibre gave the book the Default Unmarked Blue Cover. When I went into the book's metadata and directly told Calibre to set the book cover from the EPUB format (the only...
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Merge an existing library with a backup from Dropbox

Somehow I have managed to lose a bunch of books from my Calibre library. I have a backup on dropbox I want to just merge the backup into my library (ignoring duplicates). My problem is that calibre does not recognize the backup as a library. Do I have to open every single folder on the backup to recover the ebooks, or is there a slick way of getting calibre to accept the dropbox ebooks as a library? I have read through everything I can find on here, but it all assumes 2 calibre libraries.
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How to I copy all settings, but not books?

Hi There, I have Calibre installed on one PC. It has my custom categories, icons, plugins, etc. On a second PC I have Calibre Portable. It's a work computer with a tiny hard drive and I don't have admin privileges. I want to copy all of my customizations over, but not over-write the 20 or so books that are already on my work computer. Is there a way export or "copy" all the settings and such, but not copy over the books?
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CLI catalog bib -> Values instance has no attribute 'bibfile_enc'

Hello Where is the syntax for the options of the BIB format when I use CLI? >calibredb catalog list.bib I want, for example, to restrict the fields used in the output. The doc and the online help only list the EPUB options. Also: if calibre is running, calibre says I need to use remote library, but 'catalog' is not compatible with remote library. Any suggestion?
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Adding PDFs with custom metadata properties

I have a largish collection of PDF reports (>8000) which contain custom properties in the documents' metadata dictionary (such as /Abstract and /Status). Is there some way I can get Calibre to automatically read the custom properties to user-defined fields when adding these documents to a library, or will I have to manually enter all the metadata?
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How do I create a custom 'price' column?

I'm not entirely new to calibre. Been using it for well over a year. However, I've just gotten into creating custom columns. I've heard about using calibre to organize books that you want and that you can make a column centered around price and such. I'm just not entirely sure on how to make it happen. I know that I need to set the new column to be integer, but then I'm confused beyond all belief and cannot find a way so then I can have it include decimals (because... you know... prices are gene...
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Keyboard shortcut for a specific virtual library

When I add new books to my library, they filter into my Intake virtual library. I use View Manager to switch to the columnset/VL associated with the book type (eBooks/paper books/fanfics) and then use Ctrl+Right to get to the Intake VL. Since I'm constantly miscounting how many times I need to hit Ctrl+Right I thought it'd be easier if I could just associate a specific keyboard shortcut with that VL. Is there any way to do this aside from View Manager view associated with a VL? (cue debates ab...
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Calibre automatic adding

Why can't calibre convert the .zip file to .cbz if there is a folder with images inside the .zip file when using automatic adding? It works when manually adding to calibre's libary
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Author sort: by first name please

Changing from last name to first name for sort is the goal (temporarily) to work with MS OneDrive's listing by first name. Then I want to change it back to before (by last name). This is not a question about fn ln vs. ln, fn. How do I do?
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Split Library up and have some regrets

I recently split up my library of approx. 4000 books in to different libraries because getting a good solid grasp on fixing the metadata was overwhelming. It worked wonders and I've got about 80% of the cataloging done. However, there have been a few times recently I ended up searching different libraries to make absolutely sure I didn't have a book I could have sworn I did. No biggie, but this led me to dive into options about searching multiple libraries at once. I discovered that virtual lib...
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Date a book was uploaded to device

Is there any way to check this from within Calibre? I considered setting up a custom column for it, but I'm not sure if there's any way to automatically populate that. Mostly for in-progress fanfics that I'm reading on my Kobo. Occasionally I forget to re-upload them when they update.
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"Send to Device" no longer available

I have the Calibre version 4.23 64 bit. Since I did the last 2 update I no longer have the "send to device" available. Now I can no longer transfer non Kobo ebooks to my ereader Kobo Aura version 2. What should I do to have the "send to device" back as a button ? In the preference screen the option is there ...
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Grid view scrolling issue 4.23

I just updated my MBP from High Sierra to Catalina and also Calibre from 3.xx to 4.23. I noticed that the grid view scrolling now stops abruptly and not the smooth stops before. I haven't seen it anywhere else, in Calibre nor Catalina, and it's quite annoying. Haven't found any settings relating to this either. Is this a new "feature" or what gives? Please advice.
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fastest way to get to library entry of title while in device view?

In Calibre, I click the "Show books in the main memory of the device" button on the toolbar. [With the monstre icon theme I'm using, this button appears as a red-outlined rectangle that contains a red-filled (grey-Xed) circle in the center.] The left-hand column is the "In Library" column. There's a green checkmark here if the book is also in my Calibre library. What's the fastest way to get to the Calibre-library entry of the same book? IIRC, in previous Calibre versions, I could simply click ...
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How to get the book on Kobo device to follow the cover in book on Calibre's library?

Let's say I have an ebook that I first add to my Calibre library. In excitement, I click "Send to Device" so that my Kobo Forma has a copy of the ebook. Weeks later, when the device is not connected to my Calibre laptop (by USB), I then update the cover of the book that is in my Calibre library. The book on the Kobo still has no cover at all (or a bad cover). What's the way to get the book on my Kobo to have the updated cover that is on the book in my Calibre? Right now, the fastest thing I c...
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How can I get the Cover Grid layout while viewing books on my device?

When, in the Calibre program, I'm viewing the books on my device (a Kobo Forma), I can't seem to change the layout from the "spreadsheet view" to any other layout (e.g., Cover grid). I want to see my device's books in Cover Grid layout because I want to easily spot those books that need to have updated covers.
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View Shelves created from Calibre-web in calibre desktop

Is there anyway to see the shelves created in Calibre-web (using create Shelves) for admin account in Calibre Desktop ?. I searched everywhere but couldn't find this. (Only reference I saw was create custom column "myshelves" but that doesn't match details to web)
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Computer Died...starting over.... questions

Hello, After finally getting my library in order my computer had a meltdown and I had to reinstall everything. Luckily, I have a backup of my Calibre folder containing the library of books. I would like to make this as painless as possible. After I install Calibre, what is the easiest way to get it to reconnect to my library and see all the associations I made in the past etc.? I believe I still have the actual installation folder from prior install as well so if there is a database source ...
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List of Books

I would like a list of all of the books in Calibre. Authors too if possible. Is there a way to do this in Calibre?
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How do I handle book supplements

I have a lot of programming books that come with code example supplements in a zip file. Can calibre link to these somehow in the book entry in any way, even if it's just showing a link to the zip file?
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Lost author and series index

Hi all. I am new to this forum so please be lenient with me. Today, after a big pc crash, i open calibre and i could see that the index of authors and de index of the series were replaced by numbers. Then i restore the last backup but nothing change. Does anyone know if these indices can be recovered ? Thanks in advance,
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Cover Brower Template

Hello, I would like to force a line break in the code for the cover browser to give me an extra line of text. Is there is a simple way to do this? Thanks in advance. The area I need to insert this would be in the "Preferences" "Look & Feel" "Cover Browser" "Template for caption:" It won't take HTML, uses the "Template language". I've scoured the docs a few times, but couldn't really glean the relevant info. Thank you for taking the time to assist me.
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set_metadata -f comment does mesup my HTML

Hello Thanks for calibre, great tool. I use "calibredb set_metadata -f comment" to update the comments (from a CSV, by hundreds in a loop, over linux) I give a specific valid HTML string in a doublequotes, that I want to go in the "comment" field, but in the end, the HTML is messed-up in the 'comment section. snipet: Code: calibredb --username=xxx --password=xxx --with-library=http://xxx:2525/#bibi set_metadata -f 'comments:0a.B' 4991 then I have this STDOUT: Code: Title ...
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Converting URL identifiers?

As mentioned in this post, I got stumped on a search-and-replace and corresponding regexes. I sort of know how to replace the identifier type, but I'm not sure how to proceed with this: I made two identifiers, ao3 and ffnet, for the respective fanfiction sites. Attachment 181789 For both of them, the {id} is a series of numbers. The number of digits can vary. Here's what I'd like to do: url: => ao3:00000000 url:
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What is Amazon Topaz?

I got a Kindle book for my child to learn to play recorder from. But I can't print out from it. Turns out that's a kindle standard. I didn't know that. So I try to use Calibre and it says it can't deal with the book because it is 'Amazon Topaz'. What is that and is there anything I can do about it or I've just wasted money and time and effort on this thing?
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How To Understand Kindle PC Devices?

I am trying to get my kindle books into an old version of kindle that i have just installed and I'm confused by amazon's listing of my 'kindle devices'. I thought that meant hardware devices - ie computers and/or smartphones. But i can't find any description of what it means. I just find 10 'devices' listed. And 'edit' devices just allows changing the name is all. I don't have 10 computers. I need to deregister some 'devices' because I've been told from time to time I can't download a boo...
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Template if -- then -- else

I am considering implementing classic if-then-else clauses in general program mode of the template language. They would look something like this, borrowed from Algol 68. Code: if func_or_var then     series of statements; [else     series of statements;] fi (The else part is optional.) The test would be an expression in the current template language that returns either an empty value or not. One can imagine using field(...), first_non_empty(...), and/or(), and strcmp, but all the ...
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New Library from Kindle - No Titles ?

I just bought a Kindle book. then I opened calibre and it wanted updating so I did that - to 4.23 then I tried to import my Kindle books to calibre. found a 'my kindle' dir and asked Calibre to import from there and judging by the number of books it imported it was doing fine. But now i find there's no titles in any of the books. What can i do about that? I had a system crash. this is a new win10 install. a new calibre folder. There's various other calibre folders on other disks ...
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How do I get a book back out of the recycle bin?

While doing some library management I deleted a book that I didn't intend to. It's still in the recycle bin thankfully but if I restore it that won't put it back in the database. My last database backup is a few days old so I'd rather not restore to that. How do I fix this (preferably preserving all the OPF information)? :thanks:
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add books from calibre library or from kindle lib?

I have been adding books from a laptop "kindle library" that I created by copying the azw file on the real kindle lib on the desktop; then go thru the motions to add the book(s) to the laptop calibre (win 10 home) & converting to epub. I wonder if just adding books directly from the desktop calibre library book list would be better & that "everything" would be copied to the laptop calibre library. This would mean all the metadata as well as both the azw & epub files will be copied? Would sav...
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