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Guy’s Adorable Twitter Thread Goes Viral After His Neighbor’s Pets Break Into His House

He heard a knock at the door. When he opened it, his life got a lot more interesting.
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The Jones Sisters from ‘Queer Eye’ Sold Over $75,000-Worth Of BBQ Sauce This Weekend

The Jones sisters are doing VERY well post-episode. BBQ sauce, anyone?
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Instagrammers Have Ruined the California Superbloom by Stomping All Over the Flowers

Spring has officially sprung in Los Angeles...
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That Time the Crew Working on ‘Titanic’ Was Poisoned With PCP-Laced Clam Chowder

This is a totally true and completely insane story.
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Podcast #492: How to Survive a Secret Syrian Terrorist Prison

Matthew Schrier was on his way home from Syria after spending months photographing the war going on there, when, just 45 minutes from the safety of the Turkish border, he was taken prisoner by the Al-Nusra Front — a branch of Al-Qaeda in Syria. For the next seven months he was starved and tortured in six different prison camps. Yet he survived, becoming the first Westerner to escape Al-Qaeda. Today he teaches the military about what he learned through his experience. Today on the show, I talk...
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Going to a Mariners game at T-Mobile Park this season? Enjoy gourmet burgers by chefs from Canlis and other big names

The Mariners unveiled the new food options they'll have at T-Mobile Park this season. Here's a look at what's new, what's back and what's been left off the menu.
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Japan has a law requiring sterilization of transgender citizens

"Japan should uphold the rights of transgender people and stop forcing them to undergo surgery to be legally recognized," said Kanae Doi of Human Rights Watch Japan.
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YouTuber Shane Dawson denies he had sex with cat, announces engagement to human man

It's been a week of extreme ups and downs for bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson.
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YouTuber Shane Dawson announces engagement amid bizarre bestiality scandal

It's been a week of extreme ups and downs for bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson.
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Here’s what to do next time you experience ‘intense spiritual hunger’

Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist's Way," practices spirituality through paper and pen, with a daily exercise called Morning Pages.
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The abundant alders and maples at Discovery Park speak to an ecological succession worth discovering

You can really see the forest through the trees at Seattle’s largest park, a prime site for natural history and plant-watching.
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Giving up on dieting could be good for your health

Though we often associate going on a diet with improved wellness, the reality is more complicated, and initiatives like Health at Every Size are introducing a new paradigm — one that separates health from weight.
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For sunshine, spiky-cool trees, and some of the best hiking and camping you’ll find, head to Joshua Tree

The subject of celebrity legend and climbers' enthusiasm, Joshua Tree is a worthy destination for outdoor activities at any speed you'd like, campsites adjacent to dramatic rock formations and nature at its surreal best.
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Weekend getaways: Bainbridge Island makes a ferry good escape plan for families

Want a kid-friendly day trip or weekend getaway that mixes history and adventure, beaches and books? Bainbridge Island, almost forgettably close, is your ticket.
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Zinc solved a stinky feet problem

Q: When I was a child, I had sweaty feet. Taking off my shoes would clear the room. All through high school, I wore closed-toe sandals most of the year. In the 1970s, I worked in downtown Chicago and commuted by train from a western suburb. Most of the winter, snow or slush on the […]
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Pro boxer Adrien Broner threatens to shoot gay people over rumors he likes having his “booty eaten”

"If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you in the f*cking face, and that’s on God and them."
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Channing Tatum Dyed His Hair Blonde and People Don’t Know What to Think

Channing Tatum is one of the most thirsted after celebrities of the moment. His recent new hair-do has split opinion - but whichever side they're on, fans feel very strongly about the look.
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Chick-fil-A has increased its funding of anti-LGBTQ groups

In case you were wondering, Chick-fil-A is still very much anti-gay.
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Why food sticks to your pans, and what you can do about it

Why do burned eggs stick to your pans? Why do well-seasoned cast-iron pans have a nonstick quality? This book attempts to explain the science behind food and cooking.
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The 4 latest Seattle restaurant closures — plus 3 switcheroos

Ballard Pizza Company in South Lake Union, Aoki, Kanak and Elysian Tangletown are no more — but plenty of new places are opening, while other spots undergo reinvention.
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A famous Korean fried chicken chain hits Seattle — with long lines. Can’t wait? Here are 43 other new openings to check out

The hot new restaurant opening this month is a Korean fried chicken chain on First Hill. Expect long lines. Plus, an all-you-can-eat-sushi spot opens in the northend.
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Millennials Are Re-Watching ‘White Chicks’ and Calling It Super Offensive

A sequel has just been announced but people have a huge problem with the original . . .
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Rant & Rave: Keep cookies apolitical

Readers rant about political cookies, rave about Kent Police
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Disney Officially Buy 20th Century Fox as Another ‘Simpsons’ Prediction Comes True

The Simpsons has always been a spookily forward looking TV show. But, as Disney purchase 20th Century Fox, fans are noticing this is just the latest in a long line of super-weird coincidences that the show has seen coming.
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Library Love Notes | Gather a Few Girlfriends and Spread Love!

All that you hold in your heart, all that you wish and dream and long for, it is all beautiful. I believe in you. Rachel Awes Unexpected surprises. Random acts of kindness. Things that brighten someone’s day. All wonderful blessings. Especially when you needed just that. Girlfriend Guru (and fabulous artist) RACHEL AWES and her friends shared this surprise blessing with book lovers in their home town. (Maybe you and your friends could do something like this …) I recently gathered a few girlfrie...
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Our true nature lies within us, waiting for us to awaken to its existence. Once we wake up, it’s impossible to look at life the same way.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting Our true nature lies within us, waiting for us to awaken to its existence. Once we wake up, it’s impossible to look at life the same way..
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