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Fans of ‘The Office’ Will Love Steve Carell’s New Netflix Show About Space Force

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels of 'The Office' are producing a new Netflix series based on Trump’s confusing space force project.
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You Can Now Buy a Boyfriend Pillow That Feels Like a Man, but Has None of the Drama

A lot of reviews on Amazon claimed it was a great gag gift, but ended up loving it way more than expected.
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This Is What It’s Really Like to Be Affected by the Government Shutdown

These are real people. Their livelihoods are at risk.
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This Is What Baby Boomers Don’t Understand About the Millennial Job Market

Baby Boomers think they've got all the answers when it comes to jobs, but we've got some info from Millennials that shows otherwise.
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I promised to share pictures of my completed shed, which I finished with Su’s help last Sunday (she did all the wood treatment varnish painting!), but even though I took the pictures on my iphone, that bastard icloud didn’t update them to my photostream. Ugh. So I brute-forced it old school style and just sent them by email. Here for your delectation:
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Experimental Treatment Helps Maryland Woman Beat Lymphoma

Our dear friend Dr. Pashna Munshi is part of the team that is working on this experimental treatment for Lymphoman. A Maryland woman who suffered a lengthy battle with stage-three non-Hodgkin lymphoma is now in complete remission after receiving a promising new treatment that uses a patient’s own cells to fight cancer. Daisy Diggs, 67, is the first patient to do the CAR-T cell procedure at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital as part of a clinical trial. Article By Aimee Cho, www.nbcwashingt...
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TV broadcaster Sinclair launches STIRR, a free streaming service with local news and sports

Local TV broadcasting company Sinclair Broadcast Group today announced the launch of a new streaming service called STIRR that aims to bring local TV news and other content to the growing number of cord cutters across the U.S. The company today owns over 190 TV stations, which it’s leveraging in order to create its own “skinny bundle.” However, unlike TV streaming services such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, or YouTube TV, for example – STIRR will be free and ad-supported in...
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Telenovela star splits with girlfriend amid bisexual rumors and after x-rated video leak

David Zepeda is a beloved telenovela star from Mexico with nearly 3 million Instagram and 1 million Facebook followers.
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University employee accused of filming unsuspecting man pleasuring himself in bathroom stall

An Oregon State University employee is facing criminal charges for allegedly recording several unsuspecting men.
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Gay party under fire over leaked doc banning “women, skinny boys, boys with bad skin”

Poof Doof is a popular gay circuit party in Melbourne that bills itself "a gay club for homos" and "Melbourne's favorite gay rave."
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As the Viaduct tumbles, a dynamic, carefully designed living landscape waits to emerge

Scheduled for completion in 2023, a lively ribbon of parks and growing spaces will unfurl along 26 blocks from Belltown to the stadiums.
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What’s new in France for 2019

New ticketing systems, apps, bus restaurants and more: French tourism has some shiny new updates for 2019. Here’s how to make the most of them.
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Away from Vietnam’s tourist circuit, a Pacific Northwest travel writer finds comfort and charm in Seattle’s sister city

Haiphong is rarely more than a stopover for tourists en route to the airport for flights south, but many visitors say the area feels the way Hanoi did before the influx of tourists.
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3 common barriers to wellness — and how to beat them

From sedentary jobs to diet culture, modern society often makes maintaining healthful habits the path of most resistance. Here's how to get past the challenges — and onto a more sustainable path.
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Mumbai’s Parsi Dairy milks modern retail, with nostalgia and social media

Once an iconic Mumbai landmark and cafe, the 102-year-old brand is reinventing itself Article by Amritha Pillay | Business Standard Parsi Dairy Farm, set up by Nariman Ardeshir in 1916 is redolent of an era when the city beat to a different tune. Set in the heart of what used to be Mumbai’s busy trade and market district, Kalbadevi, stories around the dairy are legion. Culinary anthropologist Kurush Dalal who is familiar with the history of the brand and the family that runs it recalls an anecdo...
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Shocking new details emerge in story involving gay couple caught having orgy on subway train

24-year-old Nicholas Mullan and his 35-year-old boyfriend George Mason pled guilty this week to one count each of "outraging public decency".
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Grindr lays off entire editorial staff six weeks after it criticized its CEO’s gay marriage stance

Grindr launched its editorial site barely 17 months ago and then got rid of everyone just yesterday.
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Harry Potter’s Scar Isn’t Actually A Lightning Bolt

Harry Potter's forehead scar is one of the most distinguishing featuers of the teenage wizard. But a fan site may have just revealed that his scar is not what fans have always thought it was.
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Podcast #474: The Surprises of Romantic Attraction

According to the popular, evolutionary theory of human attraction, people select romantic partners based on objective assessments of what’s called their “mate value” — the extent to which an individual possesses traits like good looks and status. But is that really all that’s behind the way people pair up? My guest today has done a series of studies which add greater nuance to the mysteries of romantic attraction. His name is Paul Eastwick and he’s a professor of psychology at USC Davis. We...
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When I make this pancake mix, my kid makes the pancakes

Whip up this healthy, whole-grain pancake mix to fuel easy Sunday brunch for weeks to come.
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Marie Kondo’ing my kitchen: What a food writer learned from a total pantry re-org with a food-waste expert

Seattle Times food writer Bethany Jean Clement's larder definitely needed tidying, but Marie Kondo doesn't deal with the issue of food waste. Here's what an expert says you should know before you throw — and why "use by" dates are pretty much useless.
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Samsung Release 219-Inch TV Called ‘The Wall’

Samsung has just released it's new TV and it's a monster. You have to see it to believe it.
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Rant & Rave: Fremont Troll cat is back home

Readers rant about dog at pharmacy, rave about rescued cat
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