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We Will Miss You Arnold

I learned yesterday of the passing of Arnold Waldstein. Arnold was as regular a reader of this blog as there ever was or ever will be. His warmth is what I will remember most. He cared about people. Arnold was a born and bred NYer who went to Silicon Valley and built a career in marketing. He was an early employee at a number of well-known tech companies. Sometime in the 2000s, he relocated back to NYC and found his way to this blog where he became a regular commenter on tech, NYC, and pretty...
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Change Your Perception of the World and You Will Change Your Life

   [LSD] is “one of the two or three most important things I’ve done in my life” – Steve Jobs Steve Jobs once faulted Bill Gates for not taking LSD when younger: He’d be a broader guy if he had... By Harrison Barnes
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Some Thoughts On The Pandemic

When I go back and read my Jan 1st post on what would happen in the 2020s, I am reminded how hard it is to predict the future. The Covid Pandemic changed everything in 2020 and likely for years to come. And yet it was not one of my predictions, even though Covid was already spreading in China at the time I wrote it. We are nine months into the pandemic in the US and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have two vaccines that have reported fantastic results and will soon be approved for...
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From SoulCycle to the office: 10 brand-building lessons

When it comes to drive, resilience and brand power, there's a lot agents can learn from the fitness world. Here, two SoulCycle master instructors share their top tips for tapping into the athlete mindset.
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When I was 18-years old I started an asphalt sealing business. My second asphalt sealing job was for the Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 100 company. He lived on a giant hill in a tony suburb... By Harrison Barnes
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I am not working today. USV gave everyone the day off. It is Election Day in the US. I believe it should be a national holiday so everyone can have the day off and vote. I can’t think of many things more important than participating in the selection of our government. I saw that over 100mm people have already voted in the US. And I’ve read that another 50mm people are expected to vote today. That would mean that about 60% of eligible voters will have voted in the 2020 Presidential election. I...
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Removing The CEO

In almost thirty five years of working on boards, the hardest decisions I have had to make involve removing the CEO. It is an important decision and one that must be made from time to time. I am not a fan of removing the CEO until and unless it is abundantly clear that it must be done. But when the CEO has failed to manage numerous important challenges, when the senior leadership team has been a revolving door, when the CEO has messed up important relationships with customers, employees, and ...
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Extending And Improving Bluetooth On A Mac Mini

As I have written here a few times, I prefer to do video meetings from a couch (vs a desk). I find it allows me to stay present in the meeting and not get distracted by everything on my desk. I call these couch setups “Zoom Rooms” and I have been doing this long before the pandemic but this approach has been incredibly helpful to me during the pandemic. I use a Mac Mini powering two screens and a lot of bluetooth devices; a keyboard, a trackpad, a Jabra speakerphone, gamer style headphones, ...
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Appreciate Those Around You

It is important to appreciate the contributions of those around you. Many people do not appreciate the good things that others do around them. It is rare for people to offer help in any situation,... By Harrison Barnes
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My “Zoom Room” Keyboard and Trackpad Setup

I’ve written about the power of having a really great setup for doing long video meetings. I call it my “zoom room” because it rhymes. I use Google Meet and a bunch of other video services regularly in my Zoom Room so it’s not so much about the video service I use. One of the challenges of using a computer (in my case a Mac Mini) from a couch vs a desk is the keyboard and pointing device setup. My partner Nick suggested this trick and I use it in the office and at home. I buy an Apple Magi...
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Are You Managing Your Expectations?

One of the many beautiful things about working for PF has been all the life lessons I’ve absorbed just by being around Charlie and Angela, and the wisdom they put into the world through posts, podcasts, and coaching calls. From learning what a boundary even is to honoring and understanding my unique energy levels , I can say I’ve truly become a better person working here. But this post isn’t all about sucking up to the boss, nor is it to say that I’ve got it all figured out. I’m still...
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Courageous Is Vulnerable Is Courageous

To be vulnerable takes courage. You’ve probably heard something along these lines before. And, to be courageous takes vulnerability. This is likely something you’ve heard less often, but it is also true. What I love about this — and what is also challenging for many of us — is that these truths go against what many of us learned as we were growing up. While I know it’s not true for everyone, speaking broadly I learned and integrated very deeply that those who were courageous were strong and bol...
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Phony Accident Scenes, Internal Affairs, Racial Discrimination, and Your Career

Identify and uphold your values, and live your life in an ethical manner rather than trying short cuts to get ahead at any cost. A meaningful life and profitable career simply requires work, and lots... By Harrison Barnes
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Your Morning Joy Infusion

For much of my first 40 years, I had a habit of “holding joy” until I earned it. There were a lot of stories in my head about why that was necessary: That joy had to be earned. That it would be more joyful if I could just wait. That hard work and sacrifice come before joy. That it would feel better if I had been deprived and then felt joy. And, on and on it goes. About eight years ago I began to play with creating and experiencing joy whenever I felt like it. I wouldn’t say that before then I...
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You Don’t Find Your Purpose, You Make It

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Danielle LaSusa PhD. In this unsettling time, many of us are confronting huge questions about life’s purpose. Maybe you’ve been laid off or your business has dried up. Maybe you’re spending more time at home with your family, and your values and priorities have shifted. Maybe you’re realizing that the old status quo wasn’t working all that well for you — and for many people in your community — to begin with. As our usual routines and activities have become...
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Socrates and Your Job Search

In your job search you must question assumptions, find new ways of doing things, and consistently find new ways to search. You will be better off the more you seek out and adopt new job search... By Harrison Barnes
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Happiness, Desire, and the Key to Life

While everyone’s respective wishes motivate them, their fulfillment seldom brings anyone happiness. Don’t perpetually chase after the next goal, but instead learn to love what you do; when you reach... By Harrison Barnes
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Confront Problems and Do Not Be a Dabbler

Do not be a dabbler, or someone who turns away in the face of stress; the secret to long-term happiness is to instead confront and push through these stress factors. Do not be discouraged by... By Harrison Barnes
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Are You Structured or Free Spirited?

Understanding the environment in which you thrive, be it structured or free-spirited, can greatly influence your success or failure in work and life. Determine whether you are a structured or... By Harrison Barnes
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Five Gallons of Soup: Are You a Moving-Away-From or a Moving-Toward Sort of Person?

Avoiding problems, not challenging yourself, and giving up in the face of challenges are all forms of being a loser. Your reaction to any given situation is far more important than the situation... By Harrison Barnes
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Landline Phones

I know so many people who don’t have landline phones. They simply have their cell phone and use it for everything. But I also know a lot of people who are working from home (or a rented place, a vacation home, etc) right now and struggling with their cell phone reception and other issues. I grew up in a time before cell phones and have always had a landline phone. I still use a landline phone. But I have used the power of voice over IP (VOIP) and the cloud to make landline phones work bett...
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Work, Details, Your Surroundings and Your Mind

In this article Harrison discusses the importance of first tending to the smaller tasks in life in order to be able to focus on the real large ones. Harrison believes that the inability to keep small... By Harrison Barnes
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The Richest Man in Bay City

You cannot create alibis for your life and hope to achieve anything. Rather than spend your time creating alibis, use this time to address the reasons you haven’t yet reached your full potential.... By Harrison Barnes
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Do Not Blame the System or Others: Accept Responsibility

You must accept responsibility for your actions and their consequences, rather than blaming others. The system is rarely responsible for your problems, and much happiness and success will come from... By Harrison Barnes
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Reading On Paper

I’m staring at a pile of paper on my desk that is my stack of things I found on the Internet that I want to read. It’s a bit ironic to write this on a blog, but if I come across something on my computer or phone that is longer than a page or two, I print it out and read it on paper. I have found that when I read on a computer screen or phone, I tend to skim. That’s fine for a short email or a short blog post (as this will be). But it is not great for an eight page blog post, a white pa...
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Do Not Allow Others to Prey on Your Fantasies

People all around you prey on common fantasies of wealth, jobs, health, and other things; the prospect of instant gratification is naturally appealing to people frustrated with life’s difficulties.... By Harrison Barnes
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The Pygmalion Effect and Setting Incredible Expectations for Your Career and Life

You will come across both people who believe in you and those who do not in your life; it is vital that you surround yourself with those who believe in you and what you can achieve. The beliefs of... By Harrison Barnes
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What You Want, Do Not Want and Need to Be

When I was younger and less experienced in the ways of business, I made some huge mistakes. One of the most memorable mistakes I ever made was hiring someone to work for me for a healthy six-figure... By Harrison Barnes
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Avoid the Envy of Others

Avoid the envy of others. Successful individuals know envy can lead others to undermine them; in order to remain powerful, you must paradoxically minimize the appearance of power. Avoiding envy will... By Harrison Barnes
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Tell the Truth

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles years ago I’ve been hearing about a basketball coach named John Wooden. He’s everywhere.  An athletic club I’ve frequented has a John Wooden award.  Books have been... By Harrison Barnes
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