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Why Venus Is Soon to Be the Most Exciting Place in the Solar System

It’s hot. It’s toxic. It spins backwards and is covered in volcanoes. And we’re headed there soon. Three Venus missions, recently announced by NASA and the European Space Agency, are going to reveal more than we’ve ever known about the scorcher of a planet, a place that many scientists describe as Earth’s evil twin. Read more...
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Hell Yeah, Another Venus Mission Just Got the Green Light

It’s been just a week since NASA announced its two Venus missions, and now there’s another one to look forward to. The European Space Agency today announced EnVision, its own Venus-bound spacecraft, slated to launch in the early 2030s.Read more...
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Natural Radio Signals Detected in Venus’s Atmosphere

During its third flyby of Venus, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe recorded natural radio emissions from within the Venusian atmosphere. The finding is confirmation that Venus’s upper atmosphere undergoes major changes in accordance with the Sun’s 11-year cycle, providing new insights into this enigmatic—and utterly…Read more...
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That indicator of life on Venus may just have been sulfur dioxide

A new study suggests the gas detected on Venus last year was not phosphine but sulfur dioxide, a much more common gas with no special relation to life.
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Intriguing 'Life' Signal on Venus Was Plain Old Sulphur Dioxide, New Research Suggests

Scientists stunned the world last year by claiming to have discovered traces of phosphine in the Venusian clouds. New research suggests this gas—which, excitingly, is produced by microbes—was not actually responsible for the signal they detected. Instead, it was likely sulfur dioxide, a not-so-thrilling chemical.Read more...
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Dark Splotches on Venus Could Be Signs of Life

Venus, with its crushing atmospheric pressure and scorching surface temperatures, seems an unlikely place for life to take hold. But while the surface of this planet remains completely inhospitable, Venus’ atmosphere may be capable of harboring microbial life, according to new research.Read more...
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