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The Easiest Way to Poach an Egg

To some, poaching an egg may seem like a maneuver best left to the professionals, which is why the internet is brimming with tips and tricks to make the task “easier.” But the easiest egg-poaching method is also the simplest. There’s no need for vinegar or a whirling, swirling water vortex—all you need is fridge-cold…Read more...
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Arcade1up Plexiglass Replacement Washers

This Instructable is for those who ordered have received the "Deck Protector" from Arcade1up. The "Dec Protector" is to prevent the graphics from rubbing off the control deck from normal game play. Arcade1up understands this is an issue and are giving free replacement graphics and a plexiglass deck ...By: BeavisChristContinue Reading » [Author: BeavisChrist]
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Do You Really Need to Eat Breakfast? 

What matters most in nutrition is that you eat (1) at all, (2) a reasonable amount, and (3) food that is at least healthy-ish. The exact timing of your meals is not a huge deal, and there is no galactic scoreboard on which you’ll be made to reckon with the number of times you skipped breakfast. Read more...
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The Concourse Don’t Doubt What You Saw With Your Own Eyes | The A.V.

The Concourse  | The A.V. Club Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez tells rich guy Stephen Colbert why her 70 percent tax isn’t scary | Splinter AOC: A Society With Billionaires Cannot Be Moral | The Muse Here Are Your 2019 Oscar Nominees | The Grapevine In the Clapback Heard Around…Read more...
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Interfacing Any Arduino With a Cellphone

When using an Arduino, it may result quite annoying to not be able to use it just because you do not have a computer available. Maybe the Windows or Mac OS isn't compatible, you don't have any computer at all or you just want more freedom for interfacing your board. The solution: a simple OTG (On Th...By: Pedro CastelaniContinue Reading » [Author: Pedro Castelani]
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Check the Weather for Your Daily Routine With This App

iOS: There are plenty of apps you can use to check the weather in the morning, including whatever tools are already baked into your smartphone by default. If you’re on an iPhone, I recommend looking at A Weather Way, a cute little app that lets you see the effects of the weather on your typical daily routines.Read more...
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Tuesday's Best Deals: iPad Pro, Smart Scale, Uggs, Samsung TV, and More

Samsung’s 65" QLED TV, Amazon Fire HD 8, and a pressure washer lead off Tuesday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
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Give Kids a Portable Breakfast in the Morning

My son has a big appetite and is almost always ready for the next meal, so in my home, the breakfast battle tends to center more around what to eat rather than whether to eat. But over the years, I’ve watched several of my friends fight the please just eat SOMETHING battle over and over again. Read more...
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Build a Smart Gomoku Playing Robot with Hexbot

In this Instructable project, we will build a smart Gomoku playing robot with the Hexbot desktop robot arm. The Hexbot robot arm is a high precision desktop robot arm with 0.05mm high repeatability and modular design. It comes with 5 end effectors includes a pen holder, laser engraver module, 3D pri...By: Hexbot_RoboticsContinue Reading » [Author: Hexbot_Robotics]
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Scrap Material Scotty Dog

Hi instructablers!In this instructable I am going to show you how to make a lovely Scrap material Scotty dog. Its a quick and easy instructable that can be done with all ages and uses materials that are cheap/free and readily available or if you want to spend a bit of money on it and buy in some nic...By: Barry NeesonContinue Reading » [Author: Barry Neeson]
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Ease Up on Your Morning Routine

Until about a few months ago, I was that person who rushes around in the morning, trying to get ready as quickly as possible to ensure I arrived to work early. Once there, I would get a jump on my day, before starting the actual full work day, too nervous about arriving or filing a piece late to stop for a cup of…Read more...
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Wake Up With Our Two New Morning Playlists

Goood morning Lifehacker! I hope you’re fired up and ready to go, cause we’ve got a high-energy morning playlist to get you out the door and into your work! And if you dry-heaved at the words “fired up,” we also have a low-energy playlist to ease you into your day. And we’re taking suggestions for both.Read more...
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3 Home Business Ideas to Help You Start Making Money from Home

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of making money from the comfort of your own home? While it might seem too good to be true, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online. Before getting started, you should first think about how you might want to start making money online. You also need to consider how much money you need in order to stick with it. In most cases, you will want to aim low in reference to the expected money you can make online, at least when first starting ...
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Hyrule Castle Replica W/ Secret Compartment

All throughout the land of Hyrule are buildings of all different shapes and sizes. One stands out from the rest. With its wooden gate, strong walls, and high towers, Hyrule Castle is the most significant. You can own that castle with a secret compartment built in! Well, it’s a castle. This instruc...By: TedtheFluffyContinue Reading » [Author: TedtheFluffy]
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Cute DIY Alphabet & Bee Wall Art

At A Makers’ Studio, we believe in creating DIY projects that use tools and accessories you can use over and over again, which is why we love stencils and stamps. Stencils and stamps are some of the most enjoyable — and easiest — ways to create DIY décor for your home or to make beautiful, handmade ...By: amakersstudioContinue Reading » [Author: amakersstudio]
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Homemade Bocce Court

This Instructable explains how we built a bocce court in our side yard. There's a complete article with additional details on github. We turned an overgrown, unused driveway into a fun place to spend time with family and friends. Here are the steps:Should you build a bocce court? (Yes!)Choose materi...By: jasonlutherContinue Reading » [Author: jasonluther]
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Valentine Chocolate Bear

Homemade sweets for your sweetie are ALWAYS a great idea and a box of handmade goodies can score you some extra points on February 14th. Even if it doesn't look store bought quality, it is the thought that counts. 3D Printer 3D Filament Sandpaper Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty (or other food...By: twiesnerContinue Reading » [Author: twiesner]
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Portal 2 Turret Gun

Portal Turret gun from Portal 2This Christmas, I decided to design and build a working Portal turret gun from the game Portal 2. For me, this was an exercise of properly modelling the entire assembly in Fusion 360 first, before building anything. This design uses an Arduino Nano, an MP3 player chi...By: ChrisN219Continue Reading » [Author: ChrisN219]
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12 Signs it’s Time for You to Let Go

The renowned psychologist Carl Rogers noted that people are often unhappy because of a lack of congruence in their lives, which is another way of saying momentary complexity blinds us to the simple solutions of life.  For Rogers, simply sitting with a patient and having them talk through their problems, without the therapist leading them or making judgments or giving advice, was the best way for them to let go of their problems.  Rogers determined that when you give a person a safe and supporti...
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Old-school Modular Door Securement - Reinvented (+Fusion 360 How To)

The flat I live in has a rather weak door lock. As I wanted to reinforce the locks without changing something permanently, I came up with a 3D printed lock securement and a 3D printed door handle safer. Please be aware that this is not supposed to be permanent solution and cannot guarantee you’re ho...By: marlin_makerContinue Reading » [Author: marlin_maker]
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Clapper LED Candle

A few years ago I saw "My New Flame" by MORITZ WALDEMEYER, INGO MAURER UND TEAM 2012 at the museum gift shop, and feel in love with the idea. I hoped to recreate something enjoyable, functional and interesting to watch, but with a slight twist. I certainly couldn't make anything comparable to the b...By: sbkirbyContinue Reading » [Author: sbkirby]
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Pencil Safe

When I saw the Safe and Secure Challenge I thought for quite some time on what would be cool and what would stand out enough to enter in it. So.. I made this pencil "safe". You can roll up money in it or use it to pass secret messages:) This is quite an easy, quick and fun project to make and use. ...By: plendlContinue Reading » [Author: plendl]
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Upgrade Your CNC

CNC machines are more accessible than ever, with the large range of cheap CNC machine kits from China. The most common type are the 1610, 2416 or 3018 types, referring to the dimension of their machine bed. While they are great machines for their price, their performance is not that terrific. With a...By: ThomasVDDContinue Reading » [Author: ThomasVDD]
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Check Your Stock Portfolio Every Morning With These Sites

Lifehacker finance Jedi Alicia Adamczyk would warn against the practice—and it’s good advice—but it can be tough to resist the temptation to check the stock market every day. You don’t have to do anything with this information; sometimes it’s just nice to watch the world burn, as it were, because someone said or did…Read more...
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All of Our Favorite Ways to Cook an Egg

The versatility of the humble egg is almost mind-blowing. While eggs are perfectly delicious with nothing more than a sprinkle of salt, they also glow up remarkably easily, bringing rich, flavorful yolk and hunger-fighting substance to whatever dish you plop ‘em into. They are a breakfast workhorse, and we have…Read more...
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Creating a Broadway-themed ZAZU Puppet

OverviewThe Lion King Jr. and Zazu were my gateway into theatre and entertainment projects creating puppets, props, costumes, and traditional and digital sets. I actually took on way more than I should have by creating most of the characters in the production. I have over 33 years in multimedia and ...By: ShckByteContinue Reading » [Author: ShckByte]
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Can You Change What You Like?

Is it possible to change the things you like to do? The ambitions you have and the hobbies you’re interested in? Or are these things fixed and you just need to work around your likes and dislikes? I think this is an important question. If your likes are changeable, perhaps you can make the things you have to do more enjoyable, so you’ll be more likely to achieve other goals. Imagine your an introvert, you hate social events. Yet, you need to network for your career and meet people to find a part...
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Tapioca Pudding: Old Fashioned

Tapioca pudding from the store is great but have you ever tried making it at home? Homemade tapioca pudding is simply the best and I got the perfect recipe for you, this classic old fashioned tapioca pudding that will leave you wanting more! If you want to make your own tapioca pudding at home then ...By: FOOD by LydsContinue Reading » [Author: FOOD by Lyds]
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Ask The Salty Waitress: What should I consider before proposing in a restaurant?

Dear Salty: As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m preparing to propose to my long-time girlfriend. But I’m stuck trying to figure out where to pop the question. We’re both kind of foodies, and I splurged for our first date, at a nice restaurant that has since become our go-to place for birthday dinners. It would the…Read more...
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Sockies: DIY Tip-Toeing Prevention Socks

Sockies are a unique and simple solution that allows for children who may tip-toe walk due to cerebral palsy, autism, or by habit, to be able to create a new mind to muscle connection through playful tactics. You can make them at home, as an accessible option for tip-toe walking exercises! You can d...By: tbloemenContinue Reading » [Author: tbloemen]
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