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Your Giant Pumpkin

One of my favorite business books is The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. It uses the analogy of growing giant pumpkins and applies it to building a business. The basic idea is to figure out who your best customers or clients are, so you can specifically tailor your business to serving them well. Then ideally you’ll attract more people like them and build a thriving business that’s also a joy to run. Here’s the key though: To grow a giant pumpkin, you need to pluck the smaller pumpkins of...
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'Breakfast' macaroni and cheese coming in 2021, says Kraft

Is 'breakfast' macaroni & cheese a thing? What? Kraft says it's a product coming in 2021, unless this is a grotesque food hoax I've somehow fallen for. “Yes please,” or “Just, no”? [ABC News] Excerpt: After hearing that parents would serve their brand of mac & cheese to their children for breakfast, Kraft got in on the act. Kraft is giving away limited-edition Kraft Mac & Cheese Breakfast boxes through Friday. The boxes have special packaging that has "breakfast" written over where it wou...
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4 home design trends sure to make potential homebuyers swoon

Design firm Dash Hudson's latest social media analytics report revealed homeowners' favorite design trends from velvet seats to neutral bedrooms.
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Consider What You Gain Before Spending Your Hard Earned Money

Part of good financial management is making decisions based on your priorities, and understanding how a purchase or a spending decision will benefit your life. Before you spend money on a product, service, or experience, it’s a good idea to consider what you will gain by making the spending decision. Spending money can be a positive experience when done with a focus on what you can gain as a result of your spending decision. Here are a few things to consider: Is It Something Your Family Values...
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Pre-Consent in Relationships

One of the most delicious phrases to hear in a sexual encounter is, “You can do whatever you want with me.” Mmmm! That’s a form of pre-consent. In that case it’s perhaps overly broad, and there may be some hidden boundaries to discover along the way, but it really opens the door to less constrained exploration together. Even when pre-consent is more limited, it can speed a connection along towards the more fun and interesting parts. When you’re beginning to explore a new connection with...
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Social media influencer drops $24.5M on flashy Miami mansion

Douglas Elliman agents Eloy Carmenate and Mick Duchon represented both the sellers and the buyer.
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Is It Unethical to Have Pets?

Sometimes people ask me about my stance on pets, so I’ll share that in this post. My family had a pet when I was growing up – a rabbit named Cinnamon. Sometimes it roamed freely around the backyard, while other times they kept it in a large cage. I wasn’t the rabbit’s main caregiver. At another time my first wife and I got a kitten. I don’t recall the exact year, but I think it was before we were married. We didn’t have the kitten long though. I found out that I was allergic to cats, so we...
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‘Devil’ in the details as haunted mansion hits the market for $2.9M

Loftus Hall, a 900-years-old property that regularly hosts ghost tours, is said to have been visited by Satan himself.
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Hedge fund billionaire sells Miami Beach penthouse for $22M

Billionaire hedge fund manager Cliff Asness sold a spacious Miami Beach penthouse for $22 million — a 15 percent drop from what he paid for it.
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‘Grit, integrity and work ethic’: Liz Bentley on real estate coaching now

The executive coach spent nearly a decade in the corporate world before taking a break to parent her young children before transitioning to coaching.
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Inviting Disappointment

If you’re active in online discussions, remember to invite discussions on topics that interest you. Don’t just post memes or trivial updates about your life. Don’t just read or respond to other people’s topics. Actually invite discussions to explore and advance what interests you. This may expose a weak social circle or a weak platform. You may feel resistance to inviting such discussions because you know a certain social circle isn’t up to the task. Maybe you’ve tested this a few times...
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Inman Handbook: Finding a coach and making breakthroughs

Experts and industry veterans alike believe coaching can help newer agents learn the ropes and industry veterans achieve even higher levels of success.
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Lesson Learned: Teamwork makes the dream work

In this column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week, find out how the brokers at Charleston’s Maison Real Estate put their collaborative approach to work for buyers and sellers.
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The Baseline of Order

I live in a gated community with fairly strict standards that all homes have to follow. Anyone who wants to live in the neighborhood must contractually agree to these standards. If anyone falls short of them, they’ll get a letter from the community management association with a request to bring their property up to standard. If they don’t comply, the community association has the authority to fine them and to seek other remedies. We’re not even allowed to park our own cars on the street, only...
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Sedona Food Dehydrator Vs Excalibur: Which is Best?

When it comes to the big-name dehydrator brands, it can seem like an ordeal trying to weigh the two machines against one another. Sedona and Excalibur food dehydrators are both top-quality home dehydrators, and while there are some similarities, there are just as many differences that may be a deciding factor one way or the... Read More » The post Sedona Food Dehydrator Vs Excalibur: Which is Best? appeared first on .
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Appreciation Density

In the past 11 weeks, I’ve lost an average of 1.15 pounds per week, mainly just by logging what I eat. This simple practice has helped me tweak and adjust my meal choices even though I’m still eating the same foods as I was previously. I’m eating less food in terms of calories, but my current diet is actually more satisfying than before. Since there’s no sense of restriction or deprivation, it’s frictionless to maintain this approach. Let’s say that the appreciation density of a meal is your ...
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‘May I refer you to my assistant?’ Kids learn the family business during pandemic

Some children of agents have become honorary members of their parents' business, learning the ropes while adopting a "We're all in it together" mentality.
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Are McMansions back? Pandemic spurs renewed interest in big homes

"They want larger pools, they want more bedrooms, they want multiple offices and they want an area for their kids," Dana Koch, a Corcoran Group broker in Palm Beach, told Inman.
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Want to buy a ghost town? An Arizona agent has one for sale

Real estate agent Justin Godsey is selling an Arizona ghost town complete with a dive bar, mercantile and a handful of homes for $1.25 million.
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Outdoor dining, summer travel, haircuts: How experts are assessing risk during the pandemic

Yahoo Life called on our four in-house medical experts and asked them to share the risk they will and will not take during a pandemic. 
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This Cat Litter Doesn't Just Prevent Stinky Odors, It Actually Makes My Bathroom Smell Good

When you love your cat, but not his mess.
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Honda trademarks 'Motocompacto' and we're hoping for a Motocompo revival

Fans of both Honda's four-wheeled and two-wheeled machines have reason to get excited (within reason), because the company may be reviving a beloved scooter from its past. Motorcycle news site discovered that Honda has trademarked the name "Motocompacto" in the United States. The notes show that the name is meant for an electric scooter, and the filing was made only a week from the time of writing.
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The challenges of selling a resort town during COVID-19

Team leader Marny Schlopy of Team Schlopy at Coldwell Banker in Park City, Utah, shares how her team and niche market have been impacted by the pandemic.
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Working At A Laptop All Day? How To Combat The Aches And Pains

Listen to our weekly podcast Am I Making You Uncomfortable.
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Kids Are Sexting Loads More In Lockdown. What Can Parents Do?

With so many of us resorting to screen-time to cope with social distancingduring the lockdown, not to mention all the online home-schooling and FaceTimechats with friends and relatives, it can be hard to keep track of everythingour kids are sending and receiving on their digital devices.
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10 of the UK's best family cycling trails: readers’ travel tips

10 of the UK's best family cycling trails: readers’ travel tipsOur readers’ favourite routes to tackle with bikes and kids include plenty of flat terrain – towpaths and old railway lines – from the Firth of Forth to the Cornish coast
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Hot dogs: what soaring puppy thefts tell us about Britain today

Hot dogs: what soaring puppy thefts tell us about Britain todayWith a single dog being sold for as much as £7,500, a dognapping crime wave has swept the country since the start of lockdown. It is a revealing insight into 2020’s great canine obsession
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Denis Thorpe's best photograph: a brave boy's vaccination

Denis Thorpe's best photograph: a brave boy's vaccination‘His stoic expression took me back to my own childhood when I had diphtheria. It made me weep’
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Best Dehydrated Food For Your Dog

The list of what foods you can dehydrate is as vast as your imagination. We continue our series on dehydration with the best dehydrated food for your dog. Get the most out of your journey into dehydration, especially if you just got one of the best dehydrators under $100. If you haven’t checked out the... Read More » The post Best Dehydrated Food For Your Dog appeared first on .
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Hauser Continues Streaming Perfomance Series: Alone, Together – Dubrovnik!

Hauser Continues Special Performance Series with “ALONE, TOGETHER – from Dubrovnik”! Streaming Worldwide on Hauser’s Official Youtube Channel– July 30, 2 PM ET!! Filmed by Medvid production Audio by Matterhorn Music #AloneTogether #HAUSER    HAUSER  announced today the third installment in his ‘Alone, Together’ concert series! This time he’s taking fans to the historic old […]
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