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Creating Beautifully Executed High-Key Photography

High Key photography is used extensively in fashion, portraiture and increasingly in product photography. Today we’re going to talk a little about what’s required for creating beautifully executed high key photography. Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash What Is High Key Photography Back in the early days of photography, film didn’t have a huge range. It couldn’t deal with the pure whites and heavy blacks that we can get today (At least, not in the same frame). Because of this, photographers and ...
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Roy J. Glauber, 93, Dies; Nobel Laureate Explored Behavior of Light

Dr. Glauber, the New York-born son of a traveling salesman, developed theories that helped lay the basis for quantum computers and quantum cryptography.
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How to make a DIY light support system on a budget

The system began a few years ago when I needed more light stands and, like most DIY types, didn’t want to pay a lot for them.  I happened to have a lot of 3/4″ PVC and 1/2″ metal conduit laying around so I started experimenting.  My goal was to come as close as I could […] The post How to make a DIY light support system on a budget appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Lighting That Won’t Ever Forget You

Not only beautiful to look at, the Lumia lamp mimics the user’s preference with each activation. The elegant design, rendered in brass and black, features a unique “illumination memory” system that readjusts to the setting used the previous time. Users can not only move the angle of illumination at the neck, but also the narrowness or width of the beam by adjusting its integrated handle. Usable in a variety of spaces — and available in floor and desk sizes — its adaptable light effect makes it i...
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Light & Resilience (a holiday or anytime prayer)

Here’s a gentle, inclusive prayer for our gatherings. (If you want something a little edgier to recite, you can also print out: Alleluia, What A F*cking Year.) If you’ve got a crew that sits down to eat and just dives in, maybe you could be the brave heart who says, “Hey… I thought we could start with a little blessing.” Breaking bread together is incredibly meaningful. And we need to come together more often to… just be together. And a little non-denominational prayer in advance not ...
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How to make a DIY camera lens desk light

If you’re a photographer, chances are that someone has bought you a lens mug so far. Or maybe you already have a few of those (I know I do). We all know more than one lens mug is just too much – so why not repurpose it? In this video, Dave Knop a.k.a. Knoptop will […] The post How to make a DIY camera lens desk light appeared first on DIY Photography.
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DIY Adorable Lighting!

Is there such thing as TOO cute? If so, this might be it. OWL papercraft lamps are an artistic interpretation of the animal kingdom that will light up your room day or night. Owls, elephants, penguins, hippos and more — there’s a family of creatures for everyone. Better yet, the geometric designs arrive flat-packed so you or the person you’re gifting can put them together and bring them to life.Designers: Hugo Formiga & Teresa AlmeidaClick here to Buy Now
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Here are five lighting tricks you can do with a smartphone flashlight

When it comes to lighting effects for photography, only your imagination is the limit. In this video, Derrick Freske will show you five tricks that require nothing but your smartphone flashlight as the light source. They’re simple and cheap, but they can give many creative effects to your images. 1. Disco ball I believe we’re […] The post Here are five lighting tricks you can do with a smartphone flashlight appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Trump administration released a dire new report on climate change that predicts hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses

A new report analyzes the impacts climate change is having in the US now, and what the country could look like by 2100. The findings are dire, predicting severe sea-level rise, more insect-borne disease, and big increases in precipitation. The report is mandated by a 1990 law, and some experts believe the Trump administration's decision to release it on Black Friday was an attempt to hide these stark realities. On Black Friday, as many Americans were shopping or spending time with family, the...
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The Super-light Superlight

Aptly named for both its barely-there form and superb functionality, the Superlight is a minimalistic take on the task light. Reduced to the essentials, its slim aesthetic is at once stark and playful with its signature loop design and colorful base platform that arrives in a variety of differing hues. With its 3-axis range of motion and unobtrusive footprint, it’s a flexible and versatile choice that’s ideal for tight workspaces.Designers: Peter Stathis & Matthew Boyko for Pablo DesignsSPECS:– ...
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I’m always hoping to get the window seat when we fly. I love to see what’s below as we take off and land. As we boarded the plane in Oakland-Southwest which has open seating-and, as we were in one of the first groups to board-I took a window seat standing in the aisle a minute trying to decide which to pick, the left side of the plane or the right. I finally chose the right side fingers crossed that I would be able to see the Golden Gate bridge as we took off. Up the plane went. If we went right...
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The 7 Secrets Of Getting Better Photos In Low Light

If you’re new to photography and you hear people talk about shooting in low light, it’s important to understand that low light photography doesn’t strictly refer to shooting at night. At the risk of oversimplifying the topic, low light photography is really just shooting when there isn’t much light available — whether day or night, indoors or outdoors. While photographing in poorly lit conditions can be intimidating at first, there are a number of strategies you can use to tackle the challenge h...
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This photo shows that owning gear is not enough to make you a photographer, you need to know how to use it

You may argue whether gear matters or not, but one thing’s for sure: owning fancy gear doesn’t make you a photographer. And this image captured by Detroit-based photographer Holly Romaya is a perfect example that proves this point. Holly spotted this scene at her local mall while she was shopping and looking at Christmas decor. […] The post This photo shows that owning gear is not enough to make you a photographer, you need to know how to use it appeared first on DIY Photography.
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What You Need to Know About Light for Better Landscape Photography

Understanding light is extremely important in landscape photography. If you can’t get it right, your photos will never look their best, no matter how beautiful is the landscape you’re trying to capture. Even the most breathtaking landscape is, at a technical level, nothing more than light falling on your camera sensor. Light is also one of the crucial factors when it comes to the emotional impact of your landscapes. If you want to emphasize the drama of a landscape, you need to look for high-con...
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How To Get Low-Key Lighting And Exposure Right Every Time

Low key lighting evokes feelings of noir, mystery, intimacy, and even sometimes fatalism. These images are obvious from their dramatic shadows and very dark, often black, backgrounds. Here we are going to look at how to achieve this technique with a low-key lighting setup and the camera settings you'll need. Artem Mizyuk What Is Low-Key Lighting? Low-key lighting is dark and moody and embraces the chiaroscuro technique made famous by 17th-century painters including Leonardo da Vinci, Caravag...
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Five innovative ways to isolate the subject in your photos

I have no idea where I first heard this, but it’s extremely true: “the main difference between painting and photography is that the painters need to work hard to put things into their images, whereas photographers have to work hard to take things out of their images.” Painters start with a blank canvas, and every […] The post Five innovative ways to isolate the subject in your photos appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Turning Old Tubes to Modern Treasure

Know what a CRT (cathode ray tube) television is? Didn’t think so! These relics have quickly been replaced by modern flat-screen TVs but for many of us, they hold nostalgia as we reflect on shared moments in front of the “tube” and how they introduced many firsts. This light (Afterimage of CRT) by h220430 studio, serves as a nod to these familiar fragments of entertainment history.The design uses glass masses created when the cathode ray tubes are demolished. It transforms the material into an i...
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Then and Now

Here are a group of photos I took before we went to Berlin and then after we arrived back in Paris: This little dog is almost always in front of this café a short distance from our apartment and I assume it belongs to the owner. I bet it is always on the lookout for other dogs. Seen in Montmartre. I have no idea what sort of entertainment is shown there but I sure did like the exterior. Autumn light always makes good photos. Also seen in Montmartre. Note that they use the window as part of t...
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Companionship On Demand

Designed with the elderly in mind, Google Mate is the first in a series of smart connected devices that aim to enhance the lives of elderly individuals. Not only useful as a light source, the base of the unit also serves a variety of interactive functions that are useful and uplifting for them.As a tabletop lamp, it can be activated by voice or a simple touch. The light source itself can also be removed entirely and used like a flashlight for navigating through rooms and hallways in the dark. Us...
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There is a great art exhibit going on in Paris at the Atelier des Lumières until January featuring works by Klimpt as well as a contemporary, Hundertwasser. The exhibit takes place in a huge building, perhaps an old warehouse, and images via a computer are put on the walls and the floors along with beautiful music and you feel enveloped by color. It’s a wonderful experience. This image slowly emerges from another. They are on huge walls. Klimpt often added gold leaf to his art. His father was...
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A Maker of Morning People

The latest in a history of collaborations between the designers at LAYER and tech brand nolii, the aptly named Rise lamp aims to make each day one you look forward to!First and foremost, it works wirelessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords while giving users the ability to take it from room to room, wherever dimmable LED light is needed. A battery located in the base provides up to 12 hours of light time and it can even supplement power to your smartphone and other devices with an inte...
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Lighting With No Limits

This unique tabletop luminaire challenges our preconceptions about how a lighting solution should look and behave. Called “Tessallate” for the mosaic-like plates from which it’s composed, users won’t find any bulbs or sockets. Instead, the modular design works by utilizing electricity-conducting magnets that also hold each plate and the end sections together. Any number of light units (plates) can be crisscrossed together to create more or less light, meaning users can assemble a large collectio...
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Shining a Light on Developing Countries

Created for those living in developing countries with limited access to power, the Bottle Pedestal Solar Lamp serves as a low-cost lighting solution with little environmental impact.The design features a small solar panel on one side and a light source on the other. These components are housed within a biodegradable cork shell. In addition to harnessing the sun’s energy and being at least partially composed of environmentally-friendly materials, it also encourages the reuse of plastic bottles wi...
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The Dragonfly proves that tactile switches aren’t going anywhere

While companies are investing in voice-assisted homes where you can simply control lights by talking to them, New Deal Design’s Dragonfly switches show that tactile controls can and will always provide an experience that’s much more relatable and fulfilling to a user. Deviating from the traditional concept of switches, the Dragonfly relies on touch-sensitive switchboards and a connected system that lets you intuitively control your lights.The switchboards feature a backlit display with different...
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Razer’s webcam makes you look cooler in your twitch streams

Whether you’re vlogging or just streaming yourself playing PUBG or Fortnite, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see… and a crystal clear webcam only does so much to make you look your best. That’s why Razer’s Kiyo comes with its own light-ring built right into it!Considered one of the best gaming hardware companies internationally, Razer’s latest product broadly caters to streamers (podcasters, vloggers, gamers). The Kiyo is a simple plug-and-use webcam that captures video at 3...
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Pop-up Privacy

Open floor plan offices have been all the rage for a while now but for anyone who’s even slightly introverted (or easily distracted), they can be a total energy suck. Designed to enhance the flexibility of the modern shared workspace, the Corner Office helps define personal space and create a sanctuary for concentration.Each unit can be placed on existing table layouts in a variety of positions to accommodate both large and small teams. They can be paired up or placed singularly in seconds, and ...
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This light sculpture plays like an instrument, escaped from Tron

Espills is a “solid light dynamic sculpture,” made of laser beams, laser scanners, and robotic mirrors. And it makes a real-life effect that would make Tron proud. The work, made public this month but part of ongoing research, is the creation of multidisciplinary Barcelona-based AV team Playmodes. And while large-scale laser projects are becoming more frequent in audiovisual performance and installation, this one is unique both in that it’s especially expressive and a heavily DIY project. S...
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A Very Basic Overview Of Light

One important thing to remember is that photography is, in essence, the capture of light – a photograph really is the recording of light and shade (and color!). So understanding how light behaves is essential. Have you ever needed to move people from one place to another because they appear too dark in your photographs? Well, if your answer is yes, you are already aware of light's direction, and that means you are part way there. Photo by Kristine Weilert on Unsplash The Very Basics Of Ligh...
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Light and Magnetism

The Enso light stuns with its one-of-a-kind way of adjusting the angle of the light source. The minimalistic floor lamp design consists of a just a base, neck, free-moving light unit, and mesmerizing magnetic ring. The light source can be moved manually by the user to any angle on the iron ring which doubles as a sort of shade. The resulting shadows and beams create dynamic arcs and shapes that are as captivating as the lamp itself. By engaging individuals to touch and change the illumination, i...
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How to Anticipate Light To Improve Your Photography

I still remember the first time I nailed a correct balanced exposure just by eye in my old DSLR camera. I was at a local graveyard celebrating the Day of the Dead with my parents, and as we were walking to our car, I saw this lonely road (which was very odd due to the holiday) and I took a photo by exposing with my eyes at first, without looking through the viewfinder. After making the adjustments, I took my camera to my eye, and I saw that the exposure metering was at the very center. The p...
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