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5 Hidden Dangers of The Wrong Lighting

When it comes to buying lights, you might think that it’s okay to go for cheap and cheerful options. The worst-case scenario is that it might be a little bit dim, right? However, this would be wrong.  As with any kind of electrical item, lighting comes with many obvious and hidden risks. To illustrate this, here are several hidden dangers of installing the wrong lighting. 1. Cheap lighting can result in electrical faults Buying lighting solutions from a company you are not famil...
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The 2 best smart light strips of 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Amazon If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.Smart light strips bring illumination and color to dim spots, like under kitchen cabinets.They also work as night lights or as mood lights.Smart light strips can be controlled from your phone and by voice-activated assistants like Alexa.Light strips can transform the look of your home. With adhesive backing that enables them to stick virtually anywhere the only l...
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10 Easy Pieces: Mod Bath Sconces

Add a note of modernity to your bath with the following sconces: Above: The Up Down Sconce comes in five finishes for $375 at In Common With. Above: Designed by Jasper Morrison for FLOS, the Mini Glo Ball White Light with glass diffuser is $275 at Hive. Above: The Rich Brilliant Willing Pastille 1 Collar is $335 at RBW. Above: The midcentury French Serge Mouille Saturnus Wall Sconce is $2,195 at Horne. Above: White porcelain Wall Sconce 125 C ALAM012CP with opal glass diffuser (also availab...
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2021 Guide to Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

Has your kitchen seen better days? Considering this room is one of the main focal points for any family home, an old, tired kitchen isn’t going to help raise the mood of you and your loved ones.  Transforming a kitchen with a renovation project is no easy task, admittedly. It’s one that many even try and put off due to the work and complexity involved. Yet, with the right amount of planning and a healthy budget, you can give your kitchen the overhaul it deserves.  Are you ready to ma...
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Simple interventions could cut violence against women

Measures such as better street lighting, training the police and enforcing gun control can effect real change The post Simple interventions could cut violence against women appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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‘Ethos’ and ‘Caryatis’ by George Tatakis reveal a rich tapestry of Greek tradition

As he travels the length and breadth of the country, George Tatakis uses a painterly approach to photography that breathes new life into the traditions and culture of rural Greece The post ‘Ethos’ and ‘Caryatis’ by George Tatakis reveal a rich tapestry of Greek tradition appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Object of Desire: Rebekah Miles Floral Ceramic Table Lamp

Lamps can be tricky. They’re capable of imparting both light and character to a room, so it seems odd that so many available options feel so . . . sterile. Enter Rebekah Miles—a longtime Remodelista favorite and ceramic artist based in Ojai, California—and her hand-painted floral ceramic table lamps. Miles conceives of her ceramic pieces as “functional paintings,” and it’s easy to see how these lamp bases, at once practical yet evocative of the long-standing tradition of decorative pottery, will...
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All At Sea or Just in Your Bathroom

Manufacturer Original BTC is known for their vast collection of Davey Lights—utilitarian lighting with a marine ethos (and seaside durability). The company’s latest is the All At Sea collection, an auspicious updating that brings this industrial style into the 21st Century. No longer only about chrome and steel, “a new warmth has crept in, with interior designers and homeowners creating sophisticated mix-and-match schemes incorporating colour, pattern and texture.” These unique...
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10 Easy Pieces: Retro Bath Sconces

One of the most daunting tasks in a bathroom remodel is choosing the lighting; it’s dismaying how few good choices exist. While you could opt for a modern version, there are many appealing retro/industrial choices to consider. Here are a few of our favorites. Above: The retro-looking Hannah Sconce in White or Black is $229 at Rejuvenation. Above: The Irvine Single Sconce comes in four different finishes; $199 at Schoolhouse. Above: The Original BTC Hector Medium Wall Light is $299 at Horne. ...
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This Bronze-Bedecked LED Illustrates an Artist’s Hand

The LIT Lighting Design Awards have announced that Artist’s Hand, a luminous sculptural piece by Dublin-based Niamh Barry Studio, is the lighting product design of the year. “Based on the concept of drawing with bronze in mid air,” Artist’s Hand has unmistakable echoes of the classic Picasso photo of the artist drawing with light. The output of the latter was an ethereal centaur. For this innovative LED, it’s an even more abstract shape, an undulating and curvaceous form celebr...
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Philips wireless dimmer switch – hassle free lighting

We got a Philips Hue wireless dimmer switch and bulb for our bedroom in 2017 and it has not failed us once. It's not an Internet of Things gadget that requires using your smartphone to turn on a light bulb. It's just a wireless switch that you stick to your wall. — Read the rest
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Object of Desire: Handmade Cast Iron Candle Holders from Sweden

As a California transplant living on the East Coast, I’m still charmed by the concept of “winter.” Yes, the endless gray days and biting winds occasionally get old, and I might secretly wish for a freak-weather event that creates a 70 degree day in Brooklyn—during February—but the promise of a lazy afternoon on the couch or a dusting of snow on a tree bough continues to maintain its magic. One particular activity holds endless fascination for me: decorating the hearth. This can look different fo...
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Figure Out Which Direction Your Home Faces When Deciding How to Decorate a Room

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment, or are taking advantage of another winter cooped up at home to make some improvements to your place, there are plenty of things to consider when coming up with a decorating plan. Along with factors like your budget and how the room is going to be used,…Read more...
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Projection artists recreated the world's oldest sundial on the winter solstice

On the eve of the 2020 winter solstice, creative production studio brought new life to a stone carving believed to be the world's oldest sundial. As part of Ireland's "Shine Your Light" program, organized by Creative Ireland and Raidió Teilifís Éireann, the company used projections and lighting design to illuminate the ancient Kerbstone at the Knowth Stone Age Passage Tomb at the historic Brú na Bóinne neolithic monument. — Read the rest
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Object of Desire: The Up Down Sconce from a Brooklyn Design Studio

We’re currently admiring the Up Down Sconce from In Common With, a Brooklyn design studio. Founded by Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung in 2018, the studio assembles everything by hand, using “materials come from all over the place,” as they say. “We search and search and search for the very best partners, and that’s who we work with, even if that person is halfway around the world. Everything passes through our studio in Brooklyn to be assembled, finished, and perfected by us before it’s sent to you...
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wht.wal from Impact Architectural Lighting

Readers will recall our feature in 2019 about Impact Architectural Lighting, focusing on an ethereal circular pendant lamp best described as a “luminous donut of light.” Some two years hence we’ve got wht.wal redux, as the fine fixture was recently featured in an inspired installation at CCSD JM Ullom Elementary School in Las Vegas. The pendant does have a bit of an upscale Vegas vibe. It’s eye-catching yet elegant, showy without being ostentatious. It also provides appealing a...
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28 for 2021

Omar Arbel’s 28 Table Lamp is just one of the many incarnations of this inventive and illuminating blown glass fixture for Bocci. At first glance, 28 appears to be a flawless spheroid, but closer inspection reveals slight imperfections —spontaneous distortions intended and achieved via subtle manipulations in temperature and direction of air flow during manufacture. The shade thus manifests an otherworldly aesthetic, with “an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an...
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Lumiere Turns 30!

It’s been 30 years since Rodolfo Dordoni and Foscarini collaborated on Lumiere, a lovely table lamp whose synthesis of elegance and subtlety has made it a living icon. The designer and manufacturer are paying tribute with Lumiere 30, an updating that introduces dual incarnations of the lamp, both of which exemplify classic glass blowing techniques that create decorative elements on the diffuser’s exterior. For Bulles (loosely translated as “bubbles”) the glass was blown into ...
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Steal This Look: A Luxurious Bath in Shades of Pale

When a project includes on its roster an architect, interior designer, art consultant, and lighting expert, you know it has to be a special home. And when the client says it’s the main bathroom (and bedroom) that’s her favorite part of the project, you know that bath must be beyond. “The sun floods into the white marble bathroom and…into the bedroom in the mornings—it’s such a beautiful piece of design and feels so serene,” says owner Reema Stanbury, of the space. “I love it.” We do, too—so much...
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How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Every Room

The lighting in a room isn’t just part of the decor; it can affect everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power. So it’s understandable that you want your home, the place you presumably spend a big chunk of your life, to be lit nicely. But there are so many different options to choose from!Read more...
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Tigermoth’s Bronze Fold Linear Chandelier

A bird of prey’s beak, open wide and plunging down toward its unsuspecting quarry; an agglomeration of abstract Origami; a talismanic wooden puzzle, primed to unseal the secrets of the universe… Tigermoth’s Bronze Fold Linear Chandelier has an extravagant aesthetic lending it to fanciful comparisons. In contrast to its intricate architecture, the pendant lamp sheathes a surprisingly simple concept—folded panels of brass concealing a brightly shining bulb suspended from a slick strand of...
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Redesigned Solar Panels Could One Day Charge Your Gadgets From a Lamp

Despite being excellent tools for harvesting the free energy the sun is blasting towards our planet all day long, the solar panels you see dotting roofs and blanketing fields don’t really work with artificial light. But as researchers sought out new materials to improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaics, they also…Read more...
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Before & After: A 2,500-Square-Foot Pre-War Brooklyn Apartment Opens Up by Relocating the Kitchen

Dubbed “Brooklyn’s Champs-Élysées” by the New York Times, Eastern Parkway in Prospect Heights is a grand thoroughfare that counts among its architectural gems Grand Army Plaza, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum—all within a half mile of each other. Nestled among these landmarks are elegant pre-war apartment buildings, like Turner Towers, Brooklyn’s first residential high-rise and where we discovered this impressive renovation by Frederick Tang Architecture. Like many pre-war a...
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Axolight’s DoDot Does it Well

Axolight’s DoDot, by Simone Micheli, is a compact wall and ceiling lamp that packs an aesthetic and architectural punch. With a simple double-hemisphere form, DoDot fits into small spaces with panache. One half of this dynamic duo tracks up or down the other, achieving a +/- 46-degree variance for directing light. DoDot’s 17.6 W LED light source offers a penetrating brightness of two thousand lumens. And it’s dimmable—for those times when you’d like to tone it down a bit. ...
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Juganu begins selling its tunable lighting system for pathogen disinfection and deactivation in the US

Juganu, the venture-backed Israeli company that makes lighting systems capable of emitting light at specified wavelengths, is now selling a product that it claims can disinfect surfaces and deactivate pathogens in an attempt to provide buildings with new safety technologies that can prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The company claims that its J.Protect product was clinically validated through a study conducted by Dr. Meital Gal-Tanamy at the Bar-Ilan University Facu...
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Home Office Ideas to Make Your Space Actually Livable

For the last six or so months, I have been slowly chipping away at improving a home office space that desperately needed an overhaul—and I mean real bad. My back ached, my tush was sore, my concentration was constantly interrupted, and the toll of staring at a comparatively smaller computer screen than the one I’d…Read more...
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Luxxbox Motif for a new Look in Acoustical Lighting

Dampen sound and brighten the surroundings with Luxxobx Motif—a new acoustical lighting line that features an engaging geometric aesthetic. The collection features three patterns. Moon is a creative rendering of circles and semi-circles shot through with stripes and solid colors. Dazzle features a profusion of thin intersecting lines for a panoply of shapes against a solid background. Lastly, Lines offers ribbons of juxtaposed diagonal lines, evoking a 70s psychedelic ...
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New Directions: The Workstead + Schumacher Lighting Collection

New from NY-based designers Workstead, known for their craft-oriented and monochromatic take on interiors: a line of architectural sconces featuring exuberantly patterned fabric from venerable textile house Schumacher. Here’s a look: Above: In Workstead’s words: “The Schumacher Woodland Silhouette print conjures an arched allée of trees, a gathering of flora and fauna in relief.” Above: The Shaded Vault  features a shade made from Schumacher’s Woodland Silhouette print; $1,150. (The fixture is...
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The Exquisitely Fine-Tuned Keglen Pendant

BIG is Bjarke Ingels Group; BIG Ideas is BIG’s product development division; and the Keglen Pendant is BIG Ideas’ contribution to Louis Poulsen’s 2020 lighting line. BIG Ideas is managed by architect Jakob Lange—one more formidable force among many contributing to the tech-forward Keglen collection, a series of different-size pendants featuring an elegant glass insert, curved and customized to the dimensions of the surrounding shade. Lange elaborates: “the main feature is the o...
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