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Lights, shadow and highlight – How I lit this dramatic portrait

Creating a dramatic portrait, moody ,emotional, edgy, dark, the subject/model, scene and clothing help portray all of those but one ingredient that remains constant to help achieve the drama is light, shadow and highlight, in this blog post I cover how I lit this image I will show you the position of the lights and […] The post Lights, shadow and highlight – How I lit this dramatic portrait appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A Lamp with a Post Box Motif

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring, and the Post Lamp is an excellent example of this. Its simplistic aesthetic references the iconic form of a traditional mailbox, where instead of holding a letter, it holds a light. A thin metal pole leads the viewer’s attention on a journey up towards the focal point at the top, the lampshade. It’s this that carries the distinctive form of the post box, as the shape is replicated by a thin sheet of curved metal.Subtle, muted colors separate it from the pr...
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YD Talks: With ‘Sam Does Design’ about designing The Weight lamp for Gantri

Sam Gwilt started his fledgling YouTube channel to capture his journey as a designer. Over time, that YouTube channel helped build a community that, along with Sam, ‘does design’. Sam’s channel ‘Sam Does Design’ hosts a variety of videos, from sketching and rendering tutorials, to Q&A’s to even portfolio reviews, and has helped Sam build a strong audience/community of designers and design students. Sam recently designed a lamp, titled The Weight, for Gantri, an online studio that partners with d...
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Dyson’s latest lamp uses algorithms to exactly reproduce sunlight

Known for creating some of the most technically sound products in the world, Dyson has extended their signature level of engineering to lighting too with the LightCycle, a lamp that A. is designed to near perfectly mimic natural sunlight, B. has the ability to automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day, and C. last for as long as 60 years, which is practically a decade shorter than the human average life expectancy! This is Dyson’s LightCycle, and it wa...
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Dyson's Daylight Tracking Lamp Matches the Light Outside So You Don't Feel Like Such a Shut-In

We’ve spent decades bathed in the glow of artificial light, but it’s only recently that we’ve started to realize our bodies are naturally tuned to the sun, and exposure to the fake stuff can throw off sleep schedules and even damage our eyes. Dyson, which has re-engineered everything from vacuums to hair dryers, is…Read more...
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Guy Spends Three Years Making an Ultra-Realistic LED Candle That Even Puffs Smoke When Blown Out

Candle technology hasn’t changed much in thousands of years—you add fire to a wax-soaked wick, and it provides light for hours. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it doesn’t need an upgrade. So of course someone on the internet spent three years redesigning the candle from the ground up with digital guts—while managing…Read more...
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Shape Up Collection by Roll & Hill

The Shape Up Collection of lighting by Roll & Hill was designed by Seattle-born, Brooklyn-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. The largest of the pieces is Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier, which perhaps does the best job of highlighting the geometric playfulness of the collection. A modular system of cords and hubs, Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier can be composed “in response to a space’s architecture and function.” The Cone and Hemisphere are available in three finishes: blackened steel, brushed brass, an...
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A Beautifully Minimalistic Rock Lamp

Sometimes it’s the strikingly beautiful properties of natural, raw materials that makes a product as desirable as it is, and this can certainly be said for the COTE Lamp. This minimal desk lamp takes jagged fragments of rocks, and encapsulates them within a cylindrical form that sits at the base of the lamp. The concave top makes for a useful dish for holding loose change and keys!The natural, uneven aesthetic of the base is juxtaposed with the clean, uniform lines of the rest of the metal lamp....
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The Accordion Touch Light can alternate between being a lantern and a table-lamp!

PÆR Design’s Accordion Touch light is as playful as it is inventive! It uses a light source and a collapsible accordion-style shade that can be used to convert the light from a focused table-lamp to a more diffused lantern. The light, aside from having a dual-arrangement, also features a wooden handle that also supplements as a stand!The Accordion Touch Light comes with a touch-sensitive switch on the back of the light-module and can be used to easily (and gently) switch the light on or off with...
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Top 6 tips to be much better with lighting

My name is Andrea Belluso and I used to define myself as a fashion and beauty photographer. To be great at lighting in photography is much e¬asier than you might think. I see most photographers making things way too complicated and spending way too much time thinking through their lighting and trying to achieve the […] The post Top 6 tips to be much better with lighting appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A lamp with a herb-garden? Yes please!

Providing a lovely dim light to your space as well as photons for a tiny kitchen-garden, the Brot is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package. The lamp provides nourishment to a tiny kitchen-garden that you can literally pick from and use in your meals. The upper half of the Brot lamp houses the light, while the lower half acts as a torus-shaped vessel for growing plants. A stainless steel tray sits inside the lower half, acting as a holder for the plant. You can sow a vari...
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Smart Lights Are the One Smart Home Gadget for Everyone

Expensive smart home gadgets are still niche and of limited use. Smart lights, on the other hand, are useful to just about everyone.
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Foscarini and Ferruccio Cast Some New Light

Much to the pleasure of Foscarini fans, Ferruccio Laviani has re-imagined five of that brands most iconic lightpieces for the new Be/Colour collection. The project involved experimenting with new mono-blocks of vivid colors: “exploring the game of chromatic color block and revealing the details and character unique to each model.” The approach is enlightening and enlivening. Check out Laviani’s take on Twiggy, for instance. Now adorned with bright shades in cherry red, midnight blue, and ivory...
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Use these two simple lighting tricks for delicious photos of food

Oftentimes, it’s only a small trick and a discrete detail that can make a big difference in a photo. Food photographer Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot has two lighting tricks that will add a new dimension to your shots. They are simple to pull off, yet they’re effective and can really make a difference. […] The post Use these two simple lighting tricks for delicious photos of food appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Sleep better with this humidifier and mood light in one

Humidifier2 aims to introduce a calming and tranquil environment by combining two atmosphere-creating functions! Packaged within the minimal, fuss-free exterior is both a soft mood light and gentle humidifier; the pairing of these two functions aims to enhance the user’s lifestyle by making their home a more comfortable place to be.The graceful curves are beautifully contrasted by the repetitive lines of the translucent base, which have been chosen as they elegantly diffuse the light while addin...
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Fringe Table Lamp

Adorned with three tiers of hand-dyed silk fringe, this brass table lamp from Huldra of Norway is opulent but playful. Undeniably glamorous, the fixture is available in three colorways—including an ombre purple and bold coral.
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Louis Poulsen Releases Silver Version of Popular Patera Pendant

It’s been almost four years since Louis Poulsen released its Patera pendant, a modern take on the chandelier. Now, the Danish lighting manufacturer has added a new silver foil version designed by Øivind Slaatto to its lighting collection. The update is a step away from minimalism, adding reflective properties to the pendant that catches the eye whether or not it’s illuminated. Similar to its white counterpart, it’s available in three diameters: 450 mm, 600 mm, and 900 mm. Patera is equipped to ...
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Lighting glossy metallic surfaces is tricky, but here’s how to nail it every time

Lighting glossy metal objects can be really tricky when you incorporate them in photos. They don’t only reflect light in a pretty harsh way, but they also reflect the scene. In this video, Jay P. Morgan teaches you how to light shiny metal objects so you make them look their best in your shots. He […] The post Lighting glossy metallic surfaces is tricky, but here’s how to nail it every time appeared first on DIY Photography.
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California Made: Industrial-Chic Pendant Lights from LA

Rule of thumb at Remodelista: when you come across really good lighting that is both affordable and made in the US, post about it immediately. When we first saw these pendant lamps from Los Angeles company Wrk-Shp a few years back, they were too good to keep to ourselves, and they’re as fresh-looking now as they were then. Founded by an architect (Ryan Upton) and an architect-turned-fashion designer (Airi Isoda) and based in Los Angeles, Wrk-Shp defines themselves as a multi-disciplinary studio ...
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Furniture For Food: A Lamp that Lights Your Home and Grows Your Veggies

Newly launched Benditas Studio recently debuted Brot, a multi-functional lamp and germinator at the Greenhouse category of Stockholm Furniture Fair. Designed to create a cozy, well-lit atmosphere while growing your own leafy greens, the lamp is made from terracotta and comes in two pieces. The bottom piece holds a tray of seeds, and the piece on top is designed to direct light towards the seeds and the surrounding room through the center gap. The instructions are simple: First, soak your see...
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Lighting The Audi A7 Sportback

The second-generation model boasts innovation from the LED headlights all the way back Audi‘s A7 Sportback set the new gold standard for a four-door coupe’s lines and proportions when it debuted as a concept car back in 2009. The following year it went into production and now, ten years later, a totally refreshed iteration is on the streets. The 2019 A7 makes extensive use of …
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Beautiful Vision: Nuura’s Miira Collection

It’s been a good season for manufacturer Nuura, as the company has benefitted from the particular quality of the light during a Scandinavian Winter. This is evidenced by the most recent accolades: a German Design Award 2019 for Excellent Product Design for the Nuura Miira Light. Miira is a testament to the name (translated as “beautiful vision”) and to the exquisite touch of Danish lighting designer, Sofie Refer. The idea is to begin with the sublime form of the perfect globe—fashioned in mou...
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The Gem-Like Splendor of Axolight’s Jewel Pendant

Jewel by Axolight is a Jewel of a pendant with a unique criss-cross cord that creates an unusually arresting aesthetic. Betwixt and at the intersection of the playfully conjoined cables is cradled Jewel’s diffuser, a conical aluminum element housing an energy efficient LED. Axolight’s Jewel Pendant is available in multiple configurations and various finishes: a single suspension provides pinpoint lighting and creates a stunning solitary statement. In assemblies of multiple lights, Jewel evoke...
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How the right lighting can get buyers in the mood (for a home)

Real estate agents could take a cue from Cupid, and learn how to set the mood for home buying using a simple, but effective lighting plan.
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An ambient-music-playing ambient light

Now this is a purely personal opinion so don’t @ me, but when I think of a good smart-light or a good smart-speaker, I’m thinking of a product that’s ingenious and creative, not internet-connected. I personally think Alexa-enabled speakers are great, but they’re not something I’d own. I don’t need myself a speaker or a camera in my house that spies on every single thing I do or say in the interest of ‘internet connectivity’ and convenience. I’m saying, if I want to play a song, I’ll play a son...
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Your Lighting Design Moodboard: Winning Lighting Projects from A’ Design 2018

Trust us, the guys in the business of curating design content, to put together a pretty neat list of products to watch out for! This is the Lighting Design Showcase from the A’ Design Award and Competition 2018, the Italy-based, international design award program that spans virtually every design category, country, and doesn’t just award design, but creates an environment for the design to grow from a concept to a product, or from a product to a well-known, profitable project.We look at the top ...
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UltrAspire Lumen 600R Waist Light Belt

Still in search of the “perfect” lamp for night running, I recently purchased the Lumen 600R waist light belt from UltrAspire. The Lumen 600R has the same power output as the Lumen 600 2.0 but features a more minimalist design. According to the UltrAspire website, the Lumen 600R “allows for significant increased running speeds due ... Read more UltrAspire Lumen 600R Waist Light Belt The post UltrAspire Lumen 600R Waist Light Belt appeared first on Run Bulldog Run.
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Suprematic by NOOM

Inspired by the geometric works of the late Kazimir Malevich, a Russian artist known for his avant-garde abstract art, Suprematic is a new line of pendant lighting by Ukraine-based lighting and design firm NOOM. Designed by NOOM’s Kateryna Sokolova, the collection is both functional and architectural in nature and is made of copper and painted steel. Suprematic comes in three variations with muted colors that work together in unison. In addition to the pendant lamps, the collection also featu...
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Float Away with the Molo Cloud Softlight Pendant

Recent Frame award winner for Trade Fair Design/Best Use of Material, the Molo Cloud Softlight Pendant is airy and effervescent, perfectly capturing the look of those soft, billowy phenomena of nature. Made from a nonwoven polyethylene textile with the look and texture of paper, Cloud (just like the namesake) has multiple personalities. The LEDs within may be dimmed or illumined to maximum output: “When dimmed, they conjure a stormy atmosphere… At full brightness, the luminaries provide gentle ...
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Some Light-Up Cacti to Make Your Winter a Little More Tolerable

The other day it was 6 degrees here in NYC, and today it's 59 degrees. These fluctuating temperatures combined with the crippling darkness of winter are starting to mess with my mood, so I've been doing a bit of lighting research to see if adding a little more cheer to my apartment might help. I'm also a notoriously bad plant parent, killing anything and everything in my path (I thought aloe plants were supposed to be indestructible?), so I quickly realized that these cacti lights I stumbled acr...
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