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How Hard Is It To Be A Freelance Theatre Critic Under California’s New Gig Law? This Hard

Lily Janiak, the only theatre critic in the entire Bay Area to have a staff position, writes about her friend and colleague Sam Hurwitt, who was earning all too little money before the law AB5. Now, with the new cap of 35 submissions per year before an outlet is required to put a freelancer on staff (which outlets insist they cannot afford to do), Hurwitt thinks he may have to abandon criticism altogether. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Bay Area Theatre Folk Are, Well, Ambivalent About Little Clapping Man In SF Chronicle’s Reviews

One local company head says that the “wild ovation” man can be very helpful, as can the step below, but anything lower stops single-ticket sales dead. The Chronicle‘s arts editor grants that some critics and theatermakers have mixed (at best) feelings about it, but that many readers love it. Critic Lily Janiak worries that it can encourage readers to stop reading. And ACT artistic director Pam McKinnon says the little guy is “a white supremacist icon.” – American Theatre
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