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The CEO of a scooter startup owned by Ford explains why it's a good thing that his employees are unionizing — and how it could help Spin get a leg up on Bird and Lime

Forty workers who manage Spin's fleet of scooters in December voted to unionize.  Even before the decision, the Ford-owned startup had classified the workers as employees instead of independent contractors, giving them access to the associated benefits that come with employment.  In an interview, Spin's founder explained why the investments in training and benefits may help the company win in the long fight against competitors Bird, Lime and more.  Click here for more BI Prime stories. Contra...
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Lyft confirms 90 layoffs as it targets profitability

Shares of popular American ride-hailing giant Lyft are off 1.5% today in regular trading after The New York Times reported that the company would cut some staff. TechCrunch confirmed with the company that 90 individuals are expected to be impacted by the changes. The company’s shares dipped as far as 3% before recovering. In a statement, the company said that it has “carefully evaluated the resources we need to achieve our 2020 business goals, and the restructuring of some of our teams reflec...
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Get off the sidewalk! Lime’s new scooter aims to make you ride on the road

Lime is testing a novel way to gently persuade its riders to stick to the street and stay off the sidewalk.
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As Bird buys Circ, a rewind of scooter VC, M&A and financial reporting

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. While the IPO cycle reprices former unicorns and concern imbues the private market with profit warnings, it turns out that there is still appetite for scooter startups. Even more, there’s hunger for both combinations in the space (not a surprise), and for scooter startup shares (which may be). As TechCrunch reported yesterday, Bird, an American scooter startup worth several bill...
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Bird confirms acquisition of Berlin scooter rival Circ

If you didn’t see this coming, then clearly you didn’t have your eyes on the road. Bird, the LA-founded e-scooter giant, has confirmed that it is acquiring European competitor Circ, the micromobilty company founded by Lukasz Gadowski of Delivery Hero fame. The deal, for which terms remain undisclosed, was first reported by the FT late last week. Meanwhile, TechCrunch revealed late November that Circ was facing difficulties and had issued a round of layoffs following so-called “operational learni...
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German neobank N26 is thinking about a subscription service for US users after topping 250,000 customers in the market

Digital banking is a crowded space, with US-based players like neobank Chime and online-only bank Ally, and European players like Monzo and N26 growing in other markets.  Germany's N26 said it just hit 250,000 customers five months after its US go-live. Last week, the neobank announced it hit 5 million customers globally. We talked to N26's US CEO Nicolas Kopp about how he plans to grow revenue from an expanding US customer base. He's focused on launching similar products to N26's European off...
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Inside Skip’s plan to appeal San Francisco’s scooter permit decision

Electric scooter operator Skip is gearing up to appeal San Francisco’s decision to not grant it a permit to operate in the city. When the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) announced the permit grantees in September, it came as a surprise to Skip, which had previously received a permit to operate as part of the city’s pilot program. Ahead of the appeal hearing last Thursday, TechCrunch caught up with Skip CEO Sanjay Dastoor to learn about the company’s game plan and why he thinks it ...
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How scooter charging startups want to make the industry more profitable

In an industry where unit economics are low, operators are seeking ways to improve margins while also maintaining fleet reliability and low prices for riders. Charging stations may be part of the solution. Already, there are a handful of companies, other than the operators themselves, looking to address this issue by deploying charging stations. The latest one that has come onto our radar is called Charge, which just launched charging hubs in Los Angeles for both bikes and scooters. “Charge came...
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Wear your helmet, concludes new study showing electronic scooter injuries have nearly tripled in the last four years

Taking a ride on an electronic scooter soon? Wear your helmet! According to a recent study published in JAMA Surgery, not wearing headgear or taking other precautions while riding is increasingly sending young people to the hospital — leading to over 40,000 broken bones, head wounds and other injuries. Unfortunately, less than 5% of riders in the study were found to be wearing their helmet, leading to nearly one-third of patients having a head injury. That’s more than double the rate of head inj...
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Faux-Pork, Feral Camels, Police Dogs, and Sex Tech: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

This week saw the comings and goings of another Consumer Electronics Show along with every oddity and wonder we’ve grown to expect therein. Amid checking out the event’s scores of other gadgets, Gizmodo’s folks on the floor got to build a vibrator, munch on some I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Pork, and scratch their heads…Read more...
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Startups Weekly: In a crowded field of unicorns, ClassPass becomes another unicorn

I hope you’ve all had a good week. Normally I’m behind the scenes (where I’m most comfortable), but I’ll be managing the Startups Weekly newsletter until I assign it to someone else. More on that in a few weeks. Want it in your inbox? Sign up here for this and other great newsletters we have to offer, including ones on space and transportation. For now, let’s get on with it, shall we? A unicorn workout Working out never did a body so good as it did for ClassPass this week. The popular start...
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Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the U.S.

Electric scooter company Lime is laying off more than 10 percent of its workforce and pulling its scooters from roughly a dozen major global cities as its competitor Bolt, too, has yanked its e-scooters from city streets in multiple U.S. markets, Gizmodo has learned.Read more...
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Layoffs at Lime and Getaround herald rise of profit-hungry unicorns

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Positive adjusted EBITDA, or something close to it. That’s the message from scooter unicorn Lime, which announced this week that it was cutting about 14% of its staff and closing a dozen markets. The staff reductions, numbering about 100, come as the company has touted efforts to improve its profitability — going as far as sett...
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Scooter startup Lime exits 12 cities and lays off workers in profit push

The pressure is continuing to show in the increasingly saturated scootersharing market. Lime is the latest operator to announce it's exiting some cities and laying off a number of workers.
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E-Scooter Startup Lime Shuts In 12 Markets, Lays Off Around 100

Scooter company Lime is laying off about 14% of its workforce (roughly 100 employees) and shuttering operations in 12 markets as it seeks to become profitable this year, the company tells Axios. From the report: After two years of explosive growth, scooter companies have entered a new phase -- survival of the fittest in a capital-intensive, money-losing industry. "We're very confident that in 2020, Lime will be the first next-generation mobility company to be profitable," Lime president Joe Krau...
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Lime is laying off about 100 people and ceasing operations in 12 markets

Lime is hoping to achieve profitability this year by laying off about 14% of its workforce and ceasing operations in 12 markets, Axios first reported. “Financial independence is our goal for 2020, and we are confident that Lime will be the first next-generation mobility company to reach profitability,” Lime CEO Brad Bao said in a statement to TechCrunch. “We are immensely grateful for our team members, riders, Juicers and cities who supported us, and we hope to reintroduce Lime back into these c...
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I rode electric scooters from Bird, Uber, Lyft, and Lime. Lyft was by far my favorite brand, but there were 2 I'd never ride again.

Four electric scooter companies dominate the scene in Los Angeles: Lime, Uber, Lyft, and Bird. On a trip to Los Angeles in December, I rode scooters from all four companies to compare the rider experience of each. Of the scooters I tried, Lyft's provided by far the best experience. However, I'd probably never ride scooters from Lime or Bird again. Here's why. Sign up for Business Insider's retail newsletter, The Drive-Thru, to get more stories like this in your inbox. Visit Business Insider's ...
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Here are 9 answers to some of the internet's questions about Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is now a household name, representing technology, innovation and wealth.  But despite all the buzz around the Silicon Valley name, it turns out the internet has some basic questions about the Northern California region. Here are 9 answers to some of the top questions people are asking online about Silicon Valley. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Silicon Valley has become much more than simply a nickname for a Northern California region. It's come to represent...
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Electric Bikes and Scooters Will Stay Illegal In New York Thanks To Governor Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has vetoed a bill that would have made electric scooters and bikes legal in the state, citing the lack of a mandatory helmet requirement and other safety concerns. The veto means e-bikes and e-scooters will continue to remain technically illegal across the state, and will further delay any adoption of popular (if polarizing) shared mobility services like Lime or Bird. The Verge reports: The bill to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters was passed in June with overwhelmin...
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Google insiders have a weird reaction to executive changes, and FedEx's war with Amazon rages on (AMZN, GOOGL)

Hello!  Welcome to your weekly fix of Business Insider's Prime stories. I'm Cadie Thompson, Business Insider's deputy executive editor, and I'm helping fill in while Matt Turner is on paternity leave.  This will be our last newsletter for 2019, as we will be taking next Sunday off. With that in mind, we'd just like to say thank you for being a loyal Prime member and we can't wait to do 2020 with you.  Bracing for 2020 The year is coming to a close, which means it's time to start planning for ...
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Lime has lost another communications executive amid continued management turnover at the scooter startup

Lime has lost yet another executive amid a year marked by C-suite shakeups.  Paloma Castro Martinez, formerly the startup's head of international communications, left this month, according to her LinkedIn profile. She joined the company during its massive expansion of 2018.  Other departures this year have included Lime's founding CEO, other communications managers, and human resources leaders.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A high-profile communications executive at Lim...
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Photos of San Francisco taken 10 years apart show how much the city has changed

San Francisco has visibly changed in the last decade as tech companies and workers have continuously made themselves more comfortable in the city. Luxury glass high-rises and tech offices have gone up, and new tech sprouting up on city streets has become so common that an office devoted to regulating emerging technologies is set to launch. Here's how some parts of the city have transformed since 2010. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A lot has changed in San Francisco since...
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Lime lets you skip the unlock fee with new LimePass subscription

If you're looking for a more cost-effective way of using rentable bikes and scooters, then Lime's new LimePass subscription program may be the answer.
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Uber doubles down on micromobility

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the grey space in between. Today we’re looking into Uber’s bike bet and what the push could mean for Lime and other micromobility companies working to find a sustainable business model. As profitability comes back into vogue among investors at the expense of growth, both Uber and a cadre of mobility-focused startups are hoping that electric- and pedal-powered transport pay off. Let’s take a look. Uber’s ...
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Lime now offers weekly subscriptions

Following in the footsteps of Lyft and its partner Uber, Lime is launching a subscription plan for its shared electric scooters. Called LimePass, riders who subscribe get access to unlimited free scooter unlocks, instead of paying $1/€1 per unlock, for a week at a time. LimePass is now available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Lime plans to roll out the pass to additional markets early next month. The cost of LimePass varies by market but Lime says most U.S. cities will cost $4.99. That ...
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Lime is launching electric scooters in Cape Town

Lime will become the first major micromobility operator to launch scooters in Africa. Early next year, Lime will roll out electric scooters in Cape Town, South Africa. Unlike its model in the U.S. and Europe where it deploys scooters on public sidewalks, Lime will deploy its initial fleet of scooters at privately-owned locations throughout the city. “Cape Town is helping lead the way forward on technology and innovation in Africa, and we’re excited to be a part of that story,” Lime Global Hea...
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Scooters, self-driving cars, and bots: San Francisco is finally launching an office to regulate new tech before it enters public areas

San Francisco has become a testing ground for new tech in recent years as electric scooters, delivery robots, and ride-sharing cars have entered the city's ecosystem. But some side effects have included sidewalk and street congestion and negative public sentiment as tech companies have unabashedly dropped new products into public areas without permission. The city's new Office of Emerging Technology will help regulate new tech before it hits the city's streets and sidewalks. Visit Business Ins...
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Bird will give free scooter rentals to riders who prove they're wearing a helmet by taking 'helmet selfies'

Electric scooter startup Bird announced Tuesday that it was rolling out a new initiative to encourage riders to start wearing helmets.  By taking a 'helmet selfie,' scooter users are eligible for 'ride-centric incentives' including credit for free rides in the future.  Safety has long been a barrier for scooter rental companies. Cities like San Francisco and Washington have restricted or banned access to scooters, in part due to safety concerns.  Bird said it previously tried giving away close...
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Segwey-Ninebot now has an electric dirt bike

Segway-Ninebot introduced Tuesday an electric dirt bike that marks the company’s expansion into the powersports market. The Chinese scooter company launched two versions of its new “Dirt eBike” at the automotive specialty products show SEMA in Las Vegas. Segwey’s first foray into powersports products combines aspects of a mountain bike with the get-up-and-go of a dirt bike. And it’s all electric. These days, Segwey is known for its micromobility products, namely scooters. For instance, Segwey un...
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Segway-Ninebot now has an electric dirt bike

Segway-Ninebot introduced Tuesday an electric dirt bike that marks the company’s expansion into the powersports market. The Chinese scooter company launched two versions of its new “Dirt eBike” at the automotive specialty products show SEMA in Las Vegas. Segway’s first foray into powersports products combines aspects of a mountain bike with the get-up-and-go of a dirt bike. And it’s all electric. These days, Segway is known for its micromobility products, namely scooters. For instance, Segwey un...
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