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Why It’s Ok Hamilton Isn’t Historically Accurate, According to Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda is glad fans have their eyes on the historical inaccuracies in Hamilton.
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We tabulated Jeffrey Epstein's notorious little black book, making its entries searchable for the first time

Hello! One-click checkout startup Fast raised $20 million from investors including Index Ventures and fintech Stripe in May. On Tuesday Fast's cofounder and CEO Domm Holland, and Jan Hammer, general partner at Index Ventures, will chat with Shannen Balogh about how to build a pitch deck, and what it takes to win over investors. Sign up for the digital event here: SIGN UP NOW: On Tuesday we're talking to Fast CEO Domm Holland about how he crafted the perfect pitch to raise $20 million from top i...
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How Broadway’s Hamilton contributes to the long history of small screen racial discourse

On 3 July 2020, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton—perhaps somewhat inadvertently—took its place alongside decades of Broadway shows and stars which had helped foster an awareness of American race relations via the small screen. When Disney won the $75 million bidding war for the global theatrical distribution rights of Hamilton, the filmed recording of the show’s original cast performing on the stage of the Richard Rodgers Theatre was just another feather in the media monolith’s cap. Disney soon ann...
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Original Content podcast: Yep, ‘Hamilton’ is still very good

With the release of “Hamilton” on Disney+, Jordan and Darrell finally got to watch the musical biography of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton — albeit in recorded form, rather than live on-stage. And as we discuss on the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, they were pretty delighted by what they found. Not that a Broadway hit that’s won virtually every award really needs defenders at this point — but the Disney+ version is beautifully filmed, and it’s nice to see that five years lat...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda jumps into the Goya boycott.

We learned to bake bread in this pandemic, we can learn to make our own adobo con pimienta. Bye.— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) July 10, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Looks Ahead at the Future of Broadway as an Opportunity for Change

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda opened up on his thoughts on the future of Broadway. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Debating ‘Hamilton’ as It Shifts From Stage to Screen

Five critics wade into the controversies (like its treatment of slavery) and examine the performances (especially Lin-Manuel Miranda’s) five years after the show debuted.
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Hip hop & AOL: Lin-Manuel Miranda shares his influences for Hamilton's 'My Shot'

The entire Rotten Tomatoes interview (above) with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is terrific and insightful. But I was especially struck by the part where he shares the songwriting process for "My Shot." His influences were hip hop and the AOL dialup chime: Lin-Manuel Miranda breaks down his process of writing the song, 'My Shot' for #Hamilton. — Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) July 7, 2020 "I'm grabbing from the influences and paying homage t...
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Another ‘Hamilton’ Special is Dropping on Disney+ Tomorrow

Before the filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Broadway hit Hamilton debuted on Disney+, The Walt Disney Company announced that a documentary about the show would also be premiering on the streaming service. Now, there’s news that a second Hamilton special, called Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You, will be dropping on Disney+ tomorrow. What, you didn’t think Disney was going to spend all that cash to acquire the rights to this property and not milk it for every last drop, did you? If y...
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Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey just announced he will be funding a universal basic income experiment that could affect up to 7 million people

On Thursday, Jack Dorsey, the billionaire CEO of Twitter, announced he is working with 14 American mayors to fund universal basic income (UBI) trials in their cities. The pilot programs will be run city by city and have not yet launched. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang helped bring the idea of universal basic income into the mainstream and is funding his own UBI pilot program. Proponents say guaranteed incomes could help close America's growing wealth gap, while others say they could...
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HBO, HBO Max & TBS Announce Lineup for [email protected]

HBO, HBO Max & TBS Announce Lineup for [email protected] HBO, HBO Max, and TBS have announced their lineup for San Diego Comic-Con’s first fully online virtual event [email protected], bringing the very best of fantasy, sci-fi, animation and more. The combined nine virtual panels will each be available to view for free at and via SDCC’s YouTube channel. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefre...
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VIDEO: On This Day, July 9- Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Ariana DeBose, and Leslie Odom, Jr. Say Goodbye to HAMILTON

On this day in 2016, original Hamilton cast members, Leslie Odom Jr.,Phillipa Soo, and Ariana DeBose along with themusical's star and composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, took their final bows in the hit musical. Check out Lin below, dishing on their final performance from his point of view [Author: BWW News Desk]
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/Filmcast Ep. 574 – Hamilton

Devindra praises the start-up Carvana while David trashes the app Quibi. For the feature review, the cast finally streams Hamilton, the sensational Broadway musical created by Lin Manuel Miranda, now available on Disney Plus. Read Christopher Nolan’s position on chairs on set here. Read Vulture’s feature about Quibi here. Thanks to our sponsor this week: Feals. Become a member today by going to and you will get 50% off your first order with free shipping. Tune in t...
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How Trump could help schools reopen in the fall

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "For the official audio record of that day to now turn up missing has every appearance of a coverup." — Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, who's leading the investigation into the June 1 assault on peaceful protestors in Lafayette Square, upon learning that the US Park Police did not record their audio transmissions during the raid. WHAT'S HAPPENING Supreme Court allows employers to opt out of contra...
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ICYMI: Catch Up with Lin-Manuel Miranda on THE CHAOS TWINS!

Tune in next Wednesday, July 15and every other Wednesday at 4pm EDT to watch the next episode right here at BroadwayWorld or on Facebook Live. And while you wait, catch up with last week's guest-the incomparable Lin-Manuel Mirandaas he chats with Nik and Sasha about their favorite Hamilton memories, how the show changed their lives, and raisea glass to the release of the musical on Disney [Author: The Chaos Twins]
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds To The Hamilton Slavery Debate

With Hamilton reaching a much wider audience thanks to a filmed stage production premiering on Disney+ last week, debate about creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's portrayal of Alexander Hamilton and his contemporaries is raging again. The show presents Hamilton as an orphaned immigrant whose stubborn will and impassioned commitment to his ideals helped him infiltrate the American … More »
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How Crazy Rich Asians Had A Big Impact On The In The Heights Movie, According To Lin-Manuel Miranda

On the heels of Hamilton's release on Disney+, Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about next summer's In the Heights.
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VIDEO: Lin-Manuel Miranda Breaks Down How He Created 'My Shot'

Check out the great Lin-Manuel Miranda as he breaks down the songwriting process behind Hamilton's I Want behemoth, 'My Shot' [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Lin-Manuel Miranda says renewed criticism of Disney+ musical 'Hamilton' is 'all fair game'

The arrival of Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' on Disney+ has spawned a new round of criticism about the musical's portrayal of the Founding Fathers.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Calls ‘Hamilton’ Slavery Criticism ‘Valid’

The "Hamilton" creator responds to critiques of the musical's take on slavery.
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The Frustrations Of How To Think About “Hamilton” In 2020

How can one story simultaneously broadcast a contemptible message of myopic reverence for America’s Founding Fathers to some, while others take from it an equally powerful repudiation of everything those founders represent? Unraveling this question requires understanding Hamilton as the messy, mutable product of two masters: its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the constantly roiling cultural context in which it’s been viewed, especially in 2020. – Vox
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The Disney+ Version of ‘Hamilton’ is Not Eligible for Oscars

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences know all about the filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton on Disney+, but when it comes to whether or not the movie will be eligible for Oscars at next year’s ceremony, the Academy rule-makers will, to quote one of the musical’s songs, say no to this. Looks like Miranda won’t be putting any Hamilton Oscars on his shelf next to the Grammys, Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Billboard Music Award, and other prizes the show has racked...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda responds to 'Hamilton' slavery criticism

Disney+ has scored a hit with the filmed version of "Hamilton," but that success has renewed discussion about how the musical deals with the slaveholders it portrays.
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How to Watch ‘Hamilton’ Online: Stream the Hit Musical on Disney+ Now

Fans hoping to catch the hit musical 'Hamilton' can stream it online now.
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HAMILTON Film Ineligible for Oscars; Emmy Consideration Possible

Despite its hugely popular launch on Disney this weekend, the film of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton will not be eligible for consideration at the Academy Awards. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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