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Google funds Linux kernel developers to work exclusively on security

Linux is more secure than most operating systems, but that doesn[he]#039[/he]t mean it can take security for granted. So, Google and the Linux Foundation are funding a pair of top Linux kernel developers to focus on security.
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Google Sponsors 2 Full-Time Devs To Improve Linux Security

Worried about the security of Linux and open-source code, Google is sponsoring a pair of full-time developers to work on the kernel's security. From a report: The internet giant builds code from its own repositories rather than downloading outside binaries, though given the pace at which code is being added to Linux, this task is non-trivial. Google's open-source security team lead Dan Lorenc spoke to The Register about its approach, and why it will not use pre-built binaries despite their conve...
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IBM, Call for Code, and the Linux Foundation announce new open source projects to combat racism

The Linux Foundation last week announced it was hosting seven open source projects in partnership with IBM and David Clark Cause’s Call for Code for Racial Justice. Background: Call for Code for Racial Justice launched late last year to solicit solutions from the global coding community. The goal of the challenge is to come up with novel open source solutions backed by IBM and partner technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. There are currently seven “solution starters” ...
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Linux Foundation offers free Node.js class

Node.js is wildly popular, but it[he]#039[/he]s not that easy to learn. Now, the Linux Foundation wants to help you pick it up with a new free online class.
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The Linux Foundation Announces the Election of Renesas Hisao Munakata and GitLab's Eric Johnson to the Board of Directors

Today, the Linux Foundation announced that Renesas’ Hisao Munakata has been re-elected to its board, representing the Gold Member community. GitLab’s Eric Johnson has been elected to represent the Silver Member community. Linux Foundation elected board directors serve 2-year terms. Directors elected to the Linux Foundation’s board are committed to building sustainable ecosystems around open […]
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EdgeX Foundry based edge software adds AI support

IOTech announced v1.8 of its EdgeX Foundry “Hanoi” based “Edge Xpert” edge computing platform that adds OpenVINO support for computer vision and edge AI. Edinburgh, UK based IOTech has released an AI-focused v1.8 release of its Edge Xpert platform based on the latest Hanoi release of the Linux Foundation’s open source EdgeX Foundry IoT middleware. […]
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CHIPS Alliance hires new director to push open-source chips ecosystem into next gear

Over the past two decades, there has been a complete revolution in software engineering driven by the rise of open source. Proprietary tools and libraries have widely given way to open-source libraries and editors shared on sites like GitHub. The result has been an explosion of new software engineers who can both learn from and contribute to the most cutting-edge software in the world. That open model remains mostly a pipe dream in the silicon world. The pipeline and tooling for designing and en...
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The Open-Source Magma Project Will Become 5G's Linux

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Magma was developed by Facebook to help telecom operators deploy mobile networks quickly and easily. The project, which Facebook open-sourced in 2019, does this by providing a software-centric distributed mobile packet core and tools for automating network management. This containerized network function integrates with the existing back end of a mobile network and makes it easy to launch new services at the network edge. Magma operators can build a...
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Burning platform: Linux Foundation swallows Magma, open source software for mobile networking kit

Liquid hot Facebook project tucked under penguin's wing The Linux Foundation has said it will join forces with Facebook’s Magma project, with the intent of building an open source mobile core network platform based on the software project.…
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Path Forward: How COVID-19 ‘immunity certificates’ could restore our lives or divide us

Imagine a future when a single document determines whether you work, play or travel. That scenario – a system of “immunity certification” that grants privileges to those vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus – is now being deliberated by a growing number of global businesses and governments, anxious to control the disease and also restore the economy. The debate comes at a time when millions of people, slowly but surely, are getting vaccinated and are restless to return to their pre-pandemic liv...
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Interview with Shuah Khan, Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow

Jason Perlow, Director of Project Insights and Editorial Content at the Linux Foundation, had an opportunity to speak with Shuah Khan about her experiences as a woman in the technology industry. She discusses how mentorship can improve the overall diversity and makeup of open source projects, why software maintainers are important for the health of […]
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Zededa cloud/edge framework builds on Linux-based EVE-OS

Zededa has launched a cloud-native stack for orchestrating distributed edge computers based on the open source, Linux-based EVE-OS. Zededa supports Docker, Kubernetes, and VMs, and features an app store and zero trust security. In early 2019, Zededa promised to contribute its edge virtualization technology to the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge group to form the basis […]
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Open Source Management & Strategy Training Program Launched by The Linux Foundation

Program consists of seven modular courses, and can be tailored to suit the needs of different audiences within an organization  SAN FRANCISCO, January 12, 2021 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the availability of a new training program designed to introduce open source best practices to […]
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The Linux Foundation offers a suite of open-source management classes

Managing open-source projects is an art just as difficult as developing open-source programs, and now, there is a set of classes to help you master it.
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The Linux Foundation Now Offers a Suite of Open-Source Management Classes

The Linux Foundation has new courses to help you manage open-source projects and technical staff within your organization. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes via ZDNet: Previously, if you want to know how to run open-source well in your company, you had to work with OASIS Open or the TODO Group. Both are non-profit organizations supporting best open source and open standards practices. But, to work with either group, effectively, you already had to know a lot about open source. [...] This 7-module...
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Open Source Networking in 2020, Dent Gets First Release, OPNFV Gets its Last Release

As the value of open source networking continues to grow, the Linux Foundation is moving forward with new efforts for 2021.
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Google grants $3 million to the CNCF to help it run the Kubernetes infrastructure

Back in 2018, Google announced that it would provide $9 million in Google Cloud Platform credits — divided over three years — to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to help it run the development and distribution infrastructure for the Kubernetes project. Previously, Google owned and managed those resources for the community. Today, the two organizations announced that Google is adding on to this grant with another $3 million annual donation to the CNCF to “help ensure the long-term ...
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Open Source Developers Say Securing Their Code Is 'Insufferably Boring' and 'Soul-Withering'

"A new survey of the free and open-source software (FOSS) community conducted by the Linux Foundation suggests that contributors spend less than 3% of their time on security issues and have little desire to increase this," reports TechRepublic: Moreover, responses indicated that many respondents had little interest in increasing time and effort on security. One respondent commented that they "find the enterprise of security a soul-withering chore and a subject best left for the lawyers and proc...
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Linux Foundation debuts new, secure, open source cloud native access management software platform

Today (Dec. 8), the Linux Foundation announced a cloud-native identity and access management software platform that prioritizes security and performance, the Janssen Project, which is based on the Gluu server and features signing and encryption functionalities.
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FOSS developer survey: Mostly male, employed... and many don't care about 'soul-withering chore' of security

Developer: 'I find security an insufferably boring procedural hindrance.' Oh dear. Maybe Rust can help? A new survey of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) contributors, conducted by the Linux Foundation and academic researchers, reported that 91 per cent of respondents are male, the great majority has full-time paid employment, and that they spend on average under 3 per cent of their time on security issues, with little inclination to increase it.…
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Google, Amazon, IBM, and more major companies offer free or cheap online courses taught by their staff - gain entry-level skills and certificates from the best teachers in the field

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Major companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM offer instructional online courses for cheap or free. They help students prepare for industry exams, build skills companies are hiring for, or serve a public good. Some companies even use online courses to provide growth and career advancement to their current employees, and many are taught by longtime employee...
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Linux Foundation's entry-level IT administrator certification is open for enrollment

The Linux Foundation's first certification for entry-level system classes is ready to help you get started on your modern-day IT job hunt.
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Greg Kroah-Hartman: 'Don't Make Users Mad'

From a recent report: Greg Kroah-Hartman, the Linux Foundation fellow currently responsible for stable Linux kernel releases, shared the lessons he's learned as a kernel developer that are applicable to other developers at this year's Linux App Summit. He started by showing how he could succinctly distill the essence of the talk into a single four-word slide: "Don't make your users mad...." Kroah-Hartman explains that one of Linus Torvalds' most deeply-held convictions: don't break userspace...
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How to report security vulnerabilities to the Linux Foundation

We at The Linux Foundation (LF) work to develop secure software in our foundations and projects, and we also work to secure the infrastructure we use. But we’re all human, and mistakes can happen. So if you discover a security vulnerability in something we do, please tell us! If you find a security vulnerability in […]
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HTTPS-only mode arrives in Firefox 83 as Mozilla finds new home for Rust-y Servo engine

Another notch towards the SSL-only web Mozilla has released Firefox 83, including up to 15 per cent faster JavaScript and an optional HTTPS-only mode. The company has also found a new home for its Rust-based Servo project, which has been adopted by the Linux Foundation.…
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The Linux Foundation launches free online inclusivity training

A collaboration aimed at improving diversity in the open-source world, covering things like why diversity is good for business, how bias manifests itself, and what people can do to fight it.
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Apple tries to clear the air about its anti-malware software accused of collecting users’ IP addresses

Apple has denied claims that the company’s anti-malware software collects details of apps running on Mac devices, along with the devices’ IP addresses, which contain city and country identifiers. The clarification has come in light of a heated debate around privacy concerns within the Apple ecosystem, as alleged by German security researcher Jeffery Paul in a recent blog post. Paul, in a blog post titled “Your Computer Isn’t Yours”, had alleged that Apple’s Gatekeeper feature, which ensures that...
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Zilliz raises $43 million as investors rush to China’s open source software

For years, founders and investors in China had little interest in open source software because it did not seem like the most viable business model. Zilliz‘s latest financing round shows that attitude is changing. The three-year-old Chinese startup, which builds open source software for processing unstructured data, recently closed a Series B round of $43 million. The investment, which catapults Zilliz’s to-date raise to over $53 million, is a sizable amount for any open source business around th...
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How to report security vulnerabilities to the Linux Foundation

We at The Linux Foundation (LF) work to develop secure software in our foundations and projects, and we also work to secure the infrastructure we use. But we’re all human, and mistakes can happen. So if you discover a security vulnerability in something we do, please tell us! If you find a security vulnerability in […]
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DevOps Replaces Developers As Most Sought After Skill Set

The 2020 Open Source Jobs Report just came out so we took the opportunity to speak with Clyde Seepersad, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Training and Certification at the Linux Foundation, about the significance of the report and the insights it provides on the current open source landscape. He touched on the effects […]
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