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Netflix Castlevania Ending Explained: Directors & EP Talk Series Finale

There is a lot to talk about in the final season of Castlevania. With surprising returns, shocking deaths, and some significant life-changing events, all of the main characters leave the season different than how they entered it. If you need the Netflix Castlevania ending explained, then there is nobody better to do it than creative director Sam Deats, associate director Adam Deats, and executive producer Kevin. ComingSoon was able to speak with all three of the creatives about the final season...
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Zach Wilson's mom makes Instagram private after Disney World rant

In a lengthy rant on Instagram stories, Lisa appeared to complain about COVID-19 mask policies at Disney World parks, calling the...
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27 fast-paced books you can finish in one day

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. PIC SNIPE/Shutterstock Finishing a book in a single day can be extremely satisfying. These books are either short, fast-paced reads or captivating page-turners. We also included audiobooks to help you fit in a quick read during a commute or run. It is undeniably satisfying to start and finish a whole book in one day. When I haven't read a book in a while and want to feel like I accomplished somethin...
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Castlevania's Final Season Gets There, in the End

There’s a moment roughly halfway through Castlevania’s final season when, at the height of an arduous, suitably bloody, and rather fantastic fight sequence, one character yells at another “This is about Dracula, isn’t it!?” And... that’s it. That’s the show, for better and worse, as Netflix’s Castlevania cracks its…Read more...
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Comment on charred cauliflower quesadillas by Lisa

My kids love cauliflower and I am always looking for a new way to eat it. These are amazing and quite tasty!
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Comment on twisty cinnamon buns by Lisa

In reply to Judy Mintz. @Judy Mintz in my experience, the proofing button has varied in temp between my ovens. My current one runs a bit warmer than the number would indicate so I keep a closer eye on it when I’m proofing things so I don’t over-proof. If you can temperature test the oven or know it is true to temp, go for it!
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30 best tech gifts for women that she'll love this summer

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. The Fitbit Versa 3 makes a great gift for women who want a fitness tracker that doubles as a smartwatch. Fitbit Tech makes a great gift for anyone and everyone - no matter what time of year it is. Ahead of the summer, we've found some incredibly useful tech gifts that will best fit her life and style. Shopping for more gifts? Read all of our gift ideas in this helpful roundup of all our gift guides. ...
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Dr. Oz and wife Lisa look so in love on tropical beach vacation

Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, have been happily married since 1985 and it looks like...
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May 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the May 2021 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication John Stoker of DialogueWORKS contributed Are Your Assumptions Getting the Best of You? John writes: “ Sometimes we are consciously unconscious about what we are thinking. When this happens, sometimes our thinking gets the best of us. H...
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Bobby Unser, 3-time Indy 500 champ in legendary racing family, dies at 87

By Jenna Fryer | Associated Press Bobby Unser, a three-time Indianapolis 500 winner and part of the only pair of brothers to win “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” has died. He was 87. He died Sunday at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico of natural causes, Indianapolis Motor Speedway said Monday. Unser won the Indy 500 in 1968, 1975 and 1981. His younger brother, Al, is one of only three four-time Indy 500 winners in race history. Al Unser won the race in 1970, 1971, 1978 and 1987. The Unser fa...
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Comment on quick, easy salsa by Lisa

In reply to Balabusta mama. I would just leave it out. I’ve made salsa when I didn’t have any cilantro in the house. It doesn’t have any herby freshness, but you don’t have to have that. Most of the jarred salsa I buy doesn’t taste very cilantro-y either!
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Vamp or Not? The Darkness

The Darkness is a 2020 film directed and written by Tharun Mohan and truth be told I am looking at it by accident. You see I had seen the trailer and there is a moment that looked as though a character was in a coffin, throat slit and staked. Now, although the trailer was clear that there were themes of witchcraft and changelings, I thought that at the very least there would have been a use of tropes with the stake used to hold a character in the earth. I was offered access to a screener and ac...
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Comment on sheet pan chow mein by Sarah T

In reply to Lisa. I highly recommend this cookbook – one of the best I have ever used. Every recipe I have tried has been wonderful. The whole-roasted cauliflower and the peppery bean sprouts with tofu and two favourites but I don’t think you can go wrong!
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CS Score Interviews Fargo Composer Jeff Russo

Welcome to a special edition of CS Score, soundtrack lovers! This week we’re jumping right to the chase to get to our amazing interviews with Jeff Russo, composer of hit shows such as Fargo, Star Trek: Picard, Lucifer, For All Mankind and Clarice, among many others. We also got a chance to speak with composer Osei Essed, who has worked on the documentaries Accept the Call, True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality and the recently release Amend: Fight for America. Let’s get to it! NEW...
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by deb

In reply to Lisa. Absolutely. It will make about 18 and they should bake between 22 and 25 minutes.
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PowerSite Pro Profile: A Burlington, Connecticut Single Property Website

We are excited to present this PowerSite Pro single property Website: Marketed by Keller Williams REALTORS® Sandie Terenzi and Lisa Gillette the Website highlights new construction townhomes on Chippens Hill, Bristol, Connecticut. The homes are built by Nova Developers. Using our new PowerSite Pro platform, Sandie and Lisa have added: lots of high definition photos a detailed description office info a property map amenities list a bio including contact information....
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10 Things in Politics: DOJ treads lightly on Trump

Donald Trump. Oliver Contreras/Getty Images Good morning! Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics, your weekday look at the biggest stories in DC and beyond. Sign up here to receive this newsletter.Send tips to [email protected] or tweet me at @BrentGriffiths.Here's what we're talking about:All signs point to DOJ Trump investigation taking a backseat to Georgia and New York probesBiden's climate pledge faces an enormous challenge5 experts who will vote on the fate of J&J&#...
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Comment on strawberry summer cake by Lisa

I’ve made this recipe twice in two weeks — once the sheet cake version, and then today a VERY similar recipe shared by a Google campus chef. The main differences in the Google version were 1) only 3/4 cup sugar, 2) turbinado sugar, a whole 1/4 cup of it, as the topping, 3) written for a 9×9 square pan, for which I instead used an 8×8 square brownie pan and it worked fine if thicker than my first sheet cake attempt. So next time I’ll just make this recipe and bake it in an 8×8 pan, with reduced s...
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HBO Max Signs Lisa Ling Docuseries About Asian Restaurants

HBO Max has secured yet another documentary series for air on their platform. Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling will reteam with Part2 Pictures for Take Out, a six-part show about the lives of people behind the counter at some of the more than 45,000 Asian restaurants that do the United States. Ling, who previously worked with Part2 on This is Life with Lisa Ling, stated that she cannot wait to learn about people who share the same American origin story as her own. “It is time that we learn ab...
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Comment on salted peanut butter cookies by Lisa

I made these again today. Perfection! I make this cookie recipe more than any other, and I’ll never make another peanut butter cookie. They come out amazing every time.
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Comment on spring asparagus galette by Lisa

In reply to Sarah in NF CT. If you’re referring to their Bada Bing Cherries, I totally agree!
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Lisa

In reply to LindaB. Hello Smitten Kitchen! Can I make this recipe as muffins instead of a bread loaf? If so, how long would baking time be? I live alone so it would be better for me to bake and freeze some for later. Thanks!! : – )
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Omonomono Newsletter, Apr. 19 Update

Sign up for these as emails here. It ain’t vintage Outer without these sex track names. Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-04-19 I forgot to update the dates in the post last week in the newsletter. Just saying I noticed this lol. Also…yeah it’s still 4/19 in the USA somewhere, right? This Past Week Last week a seiyuu couple got married and I missed it. Both seiyuu are still active. Congratulations! The final Evangelion film keeps on raking up the box office, but when t...
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Morrissey is mad about how The Simpsons parodied him

Last night on The Simpsons, Lisa made an imaginary friend named Quilloughby, "a depressed British singer from the 1980s" who wrote songs like "How Late is Then" and "What Difference Do I Make?" for his band The Snuffs. The show went on to mock Morrissey's asinine anti-immigrant stance of recent years. — Read the rest
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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Channel Morrissey in This Exclusive ‘Simpsons’ Clip

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before: Benedict Cumberbatch guest stars as a moody 80s-era UK crooner who becomes Lisa’s imaginary friend on this Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons.” Variety has a first look at this Fauxissey as he gives his take on the citizens of Springfield; scroll down to watch. In […]
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The 5 best shower curtains in 2021

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Quiet Town Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky A shower curtain that keeps water where it belongs and also looks great is a surprisingly tall order. We spoke with Donna McMahon, an award-winning bath designer, about how to choose stylish and functional shower curtains.These are the best shower curtains that blend longevity with washability and versatility.A good shower curtain looks great, dries quickly,...
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April 13 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

April 13 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases Welcome to’s April 13 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!  New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD Shadow in the Cloud A female WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight. Leap of Faith – William Friedkin on the Exorcist A cin...
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Comment on sheet pan chow mein by Lisa

This was delicious! I used whole wheat capellini since that’s what I had on hand and it crisped up nicely. I added chicken for more protein. Tasted great leftover fur lunch today. This will be in our regular rotation!
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Comment on sheet pan chow mein by Lisa

In reply to Taryn Hall. For frozen roasted veg, do NOT thaw. Your big concern is the frozen stuff being soggy – don’t crowd it and use high heat, like 450. I’ve done broccoli and brussels sprouts, and both turn out well. The best is to heat the pan in the oven, then add the frozen veg to the hot pan and then back to the oven. I wouldn’t mix them with the noodles on the tray though, I’d be afraid the noodles would prevent them browning. I’d roast the veg, then roast the noodles after lowering the...
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April 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the April 2021 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication Liz Weber of Weber Business Services provided Your Silence Speaks Volumes: Speak and Lead Proactively . Liz writes: “ Do you find yourself reserving your input in meetings until after your team has shared or brainstormed? Are you allo...
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